Monday, September 15, 2008

Bloom Day-September 2008

This month's GBBD pictures show many late bloomers. These along with the mature and ripe foliage make the garden a very lush and verdant place.

Helianthus 'Maximillian'. This is a prolific self seeder and perennial sunflower. It does great in a prairie style garden or wild garden. If you are the type who likes a nice and tidy garden, be prepared to weed it out. Friends of mine love it and Judie and Phil have it growing to about 10 feet tall! It tolerates shade but will be shorter and is very reliable. I snip mine to keep them short and the shade helps too.
Wild goldenrod. Love this stuff in certain places. I also snip mine to make it bushier.

Dahlia 'Lavender Perfection'.
Unknown and confused azalea. Several of these are blooming. I had issues with them this time last year and added Bayer Systemic Tree and Shrub Care in the fall. I think it has worked wonders as the foliage is nice and healthy.
'Mystic Spires' Salvia and Coneflowers. You can see the verbena bonarienis stems growing up through the flowers. This self seeder planted itself there; which is fine with me since it is such a light and airy plant.
Night blooming Jimsonweed in the same garden as pictured above, just a further away picture.
Sweet alyssum, again in the same garden as pictured in the above two pictures.
'Goldsturm', going by but still blooming in some areas. Mostly the shady areas.
'Matrona' Sedum (Thank you Frances!)

'Cape May' fuschia. Also known as Devils Tears in Maine; where I purchased this plant. It is not hardy in Tennessee.
Jewelweed (A post forthcoming on this super terrific and fun wildflower in my garden).
'Miss Huff' lantana. A reputed hardy lantana for here in my zone 6/7 garden. I have cuttings just in case it does not return.
Pink Hibiscus.
Hardy cyclamen. I should have taken off the flash as white does not photograph so well with the flash.

Angel Wing begonia.
Angel Trumpets.
'Fireball' hibiscus. Note the red/maroon color foliage. I am liking the hardy hibiscuses so far. I should really add some more.
Impatiens. These were markdown purchases stuck in some hanging pots. They are doing so well.
Russian Sage with coneflowers.
Canna (Thanks Phil and Judie!)
Azalea again. Still confused.
Cushion mums started from cuttings last summer. They have been in the ground all year and will be stunning.

Also Blooming but not pictured:

Ornamental grasses, Toad lilies, Marigolds, Pinks, Catmint, Salvia, Summer Snowflake Viburnum, Zinnias, Melampodium, Toad flax, Baby's Breath,a few Hollyhocks, Cosmos, Caster Beans, Torenia, Chocolate Eupatorium, Butterfly bushes, some Crepe Myrtles, crocosmia, Japanese anemones, the Fairy rose, coreopsis, 4 O'Clocks.

Bloomed but gone by:
Sweet Autumn Clematis.
Veronica 'Sunny Border Blue', Daylilies, Dill, Parsley, Agastache, Joe Pye weed,

in the garden....


  1. Nice blooms! We do not have that many, sedem, hydrangea, asters, and lots of golden rod, (i did not know pinching bushes it up)
    What is nice is a occasional rose I'm getting.

  2. Lots of beautiful bloom Tina. The Rudbeckia and coneflower sure show us that fall is on the way! I like a confused azalea...there bloom is sweet. There are some fall bloomering azaleas, maybe yours want to be one! Have a lovely day,

  3. You still have a lot blooming. I especially love that yellow angel trumpet. What a graceful plant.

  4. You have so much blooming, Tina--your garden looks as though it's mid-summer! I like the verbena, too, not only for its own sake, but because it tends to hide the dying coneflowers in my garden as well as yours.
    Sorry I've missed your last couple posts---I just saw your butterfly video and loved it. The butterflies are putting on quite the show this year. Great poems, too!

  5. Dawn, Roses are nice. Is your blue one blooming? Pinching helps my goldenrod. Try it out.

    Gail, I wish I knew what kind of azalea these are. Actually there are two different types blooming. Confused I think. Your asters are great. I think I have some wild ones. Will you post a pic of your ragweed? I have no idea what it looks like:(

    Marnie, Thanks! The Angel trumpets are so easy and drought tolerant. They root easily from cuttings. I hope you find some as I think I remember you asking where to get them. It is graceful and paired with cannas looks very tropical.

    Rose, Thanks! Lots still blooming I guess. More coming in too. I just love late summer and fall for the plants.

  6. Your fall garden is still looking quite lush with all your wonderful blooms Tina. I really like the Jimsonweed and the hardy Cyclamen. I have Mystic Spires Salvia too, and it has been a wonderful long time bloomer in the garden. Couldn't get a great shot of it today. :) I'm using my real name Racquel now. :)

  7. Racquel is a beautiful name. I will switch to it. But you still posted under PGL? Do you grow the hardy cyclamen? This is the first year I have had such big blooms. I think it pretty cool. Moonflower is nice too. I can send you some seeds if you'd like to try it. Just scatter them on the ground in the fall and they will germinate next year scattered here and there.

  8. Very nice Tina! We have an azalea that is blooming very much like yours. I'll have to go look up the name since I can't remember it! It was one of the discount plants I picked up a while back.

  9. Could your azalea be one of the Encore variety? I have some in my garden blooming right now in pink and white. I will have to post some pictures soon.

  10. Such pretty flowers Tina. Love the colour of the azalea and the other pinks as well.Your 'Also Blooming but not Pictured' list is an enviable one!!

  11. Walk2write beat me to the punch with the Encore. I see them advertised in the garden centers here in GA. They refer to them as repeat Azaleas which bloom more then once throughout the year...

  12. Oh my, so many pretty flowers. Love the angel wing. As you know I have always had one but only in the house. I thought they were such delicate plants that I never thought to put it outside. Is it right in the soil or in a pot? I must do that next summer. The chusiom mum sure will be stunning with all those buds.

  13. Hi, Tina--I said I was going to work for a while before I started looking at everyone's Bloom Day postings, but I HAD to come see yours. Yeah, I was going to ask why you thought your azaleas were confused--mine bloom twice a year, in spring and fall. Anyway, another lovely walk through your garden. I'll get to work eventually . . . Best, Cosmo

  14. Stacy, Thanks!

    Dave, Do let me know the name of your azaleas please.

    Walk2write, Nope, I am pretty sure it is not Encore. I purchased these in 2001. While Encore were probably out then, this was not labeled as one. This is the first year it has done this. Can't figure it out. Would love to see yours.

    Kanak, Thanks! There is a bit blooming still. I sure like plants and it is a bit of an overboard addiction. Is that like a double pun? lol

    Skeeter, Pretty sure it is not Encore. I do have some and those are NOT blooming right now. They were labeled "pink azaleas" and purchased discount at Lowes seven years ago. Before Encore were well known. But I suppose it could be. Would be nice but this is the only year it has done this. The Hinos rebloom but they have always done this and they are not Encore. I think some azaleas do rebloom. Confused maybe?

    Mom, Yes, I know you have always loved Angel wing. I bought this one at that trusty Ft. Campbell thrift shop. Get lots of good plants there. It is in a pot on the deck. It has done wonderfully! They like it outside-in shade. Many folks in Evansville put them in their yards and they make a lovely display. I was surprised by how stunning this one. When I bought it it was not labeled. The lady asked if I knew what it was. I said Angel wing begonia (due to the leaves). I have enjoyed it as it does not drop leaves in the house like most of my other houseplants. Normally I would not buy a houseplant but thought of yours and growing up with one. So there it is. Can't wait for my mum to bloom! This one is a nice form, the others are too gangly and will go into the compost after bloom. Too big. Gotta thin and be discriminating.

    Cosmo, Great you can take a bit of time to come on here. You always make my head swell a bit with your VERY nice comments on here and Blotanical. Thanks so much! I do appreciate it. And I am looking forward to learning more about Norway. My husband and I would LOVE to go back to Europe, but I don't think it is going to happen. He doesn't have much time left in the Army (yahoo) and we are set here. I do think many azaleas bloom more than once per year but these never have and they just keep coming; which is surprising to me. Do you know the variety of yours? Would love to see them too. They are a favored flower as they remind me of North Carolina. Very nice in the spring and I know Virginia is the same as your area is only about 5 hours from where I lived in Fayetteville and I think even closer to Wilmington. Anyhow, got to cut the grass and clean the house. ttyal

  15. Tina you have so much blooming this time of yr. It is all lovely. Wish my garden looked a third what yours does. I only have canna blooming, a few morning glories that came up suddenly from 2 yrs ago. My brother just brought me a Begonia {don't know the name}. He rooted it from mother plant. I shall treasure it.

  16. Hi Skeeter, I just posted my GBBD photos and was going to tell you that I put up the brugmansia photo's I was tell you about. Then I noticed you have one, the yellow angels trumpet.

    I really like your lantana, I always see them trained into standards but never have the patients to grow one myself.

  17. Lola, I know your garden is lovely! Do treasure the begonia. They are passalong plants it seems and can stay in families for generations. Your brother sounds like quite the gardener. How are your roses doing? Those cannas are hard to beat too?

    Dan, How are you? It is a bit confusing on here since three of us post on here. This is Tina. I love the brugs and lantana too. I don't have any patience to train anything into a standard. I wish I did. Lantana grows so fast and these were started from cuttings last summer. Great annuals but this one is reputed to be hardy. I think you are zone 5 maybe? So it might not do well with you. Your brug is lovely! I took cuttings of mine and am looking forward to even more next summer. Skeeter surely will get one! And I think my sister Dawn if she makes room for it. Thanks for commenting.

  18. Hi Tina, sorry I'm late, lots to do today. I was waiting to see a photo of maximillian, I have no buds on the one you brought but the foliage looks great, even with the drought. It was planted in an out of the way place since you said it seeded and got so tall that got no extra water and still looks good. Glad to see matrona is performing for you, you are most welcome. I have an unknown plant that looks kind of like the tall roadside plants with the small white button flowers blooming now. It is about four feet tall and the foliage looks like cornflower foliage. That is what I thought it was until the blooms were white and small but numerous. Did you give me something like that? If so, thank you. ;-> Your garden still looks very much alive and doing well. Especially those angel trumpets!

  19. Tina - yes I was a little confused, I noticed the three names under contributors but was not totally sure but now I know. I grow my brug in a large pot so it is really easy to pull in, in the fall. I think I might try some cutting this year because it is getting really large. The base stem is about 9" dia/3" across if anything it will need a really good whack back this fall.

    I am zone 5, close to the new york border. Lantana would defiantly not overwinter here but the brug might if protected, I have had dahlia's overwinter one year.

  20. Frances, You are never late! It is not a job and I appreciate whenever you come by so do not worry yourself. The maximillian I brought you will probably bloom a bit later. Only are few of mine are blooming but most don't have any buds. Very strange. I think the ones with no buds is because I cut them back and yours may also have been cut back, but with the transplant it set it back a bit for sure. You will like it. I don't mind pulling the seedlings but like to warn folks. I have no idea what your tall plant is at all but would love to have been the one to give it you so I can say you're welcomed:) I gave you the maximillian, feverfew, powis castle and I think that might be all I think. The memory goes quickly. I might pull up that post and check and see. You should post a picture of your mystery plant though. Sounds nice. My sheffield has tons of buds on it. I am so excited! And some pineapple sage. They are close to one another so it will be nice.

    Dan, It is very easy to get confused so don't even worry. I had my angel in a pot for a few years but it would NEVER bloom. Finally I planted it out and it bloomed. Go figure. You must be doing something very right to get so many blooms. Holy smokes your is SO large that even in a pot how do you manage to pull it back and forth?? Do try the cuttings they are SO easy to root and then if you lose one or two if you put them in the ground it is not a big deal. But I wouldn't put my big one in the ground. If you have dahlias come back maybe the brugs can too and even the lantana. This Miss Huff is the only one I know that can be hardy so it would have to be that type. I like your area of Canada. I guess I did not realize you were so close to the border. The weather is unique in that area and the gardens beautiful. But I think gardens up north are so beautiful anyhow. Love your area.

  21. Tina, I knew I could count on you for a spectacular show. Such diversity in one garden! It's truly amazing and impressive.

  22. Sarah, Thanks so much! I've worked pretty hard for the diversity and hopefully year round interest. Can you email me when you get the chance? I saw I could contact you on your webpage but this way would probably be easier. Thanks!

  23. Oh the Dahlia---it is beautiful!! I did not know they bloomed in fall. Everything is pretty, but that was the favorite!

  24. Hi Meadowview Thymes, I am glad to hear you fared Ike well. The dahlias are great plants, I just wish I did not have to dig them each year. They actually bloom all season right up to first frost from about June. A bit of fertilizer helps them though as they are heavy feeders with all that blooming. Glad you like it best.

  25. I wish it was my blue rose but no such luck....rugosa type and a mini rose called mother's day. I post in 2 Saturdays on them, trying to spread my flowers/sewing out!
    Frost later this week, summer's gone, sigh...

  26. Wow, your garden is a very busy and beautiful place. My garden doesn't have nearly so much going on. Do you do a lot of deadheading to keep things blooming longer or is it just that much colder here than it is there?

  27. Dawn, I will be looking to see those roses.

    Cinj, Yes, I deadhead dahlias, gladiolus, irises, occasionally the salvias, catmint, coreopsis, and daylilies, and that is about it. The dahlias mainly so they'll continue blooming, plus the old ones don't look good. You are much colder than us here in Tennessee. Our growing season is six months long and we don't expect frost until mid October. But even in the winter here I can usually grow things. Love Tennessee for that. I am from Maine and like your weather, it is too cold there to garden all the time. My sister just said frost this week in her neck of Maine. Seems early to me but normal for up there.

  28. what a lot of lovely blooms. the mums are just waiting to burst forth. i have always loved alyssum.
    that deep coloured hibiscus, gorgeous!

  29. Marmee, Thanks! That hibiscus is out in all Lowes right now. It is supposed to be hardy. I love it so far. The alyssum is good since it selfseeds itself each year. Once you have it, you have it for life. Loved your trip to the mountains.

  30. Tina the roses are ok. They are blooming again. Was afraid that their poor little feet would stay too wet. I hope they will be ok.
    Yes, my brother does garden some. I think he belonged to a garden club there in Atlanta. He helped we weed a garden that was over grown. I just have to fine tune it. My asparagus is growing in that bed. We were a pair out in the garden. Him with metal in his back & neck & me with my rods in my leg.LOL Can get things done if you put your mind {back} to it. I sure hate that my hedge is dieing. Oh well, may have a chance to put something else there that will not require trimming.

  31. Wow! Your angels trumpets are stunningly beautiful! The plants look healthy. That lantana is really nice, too.

  32. Lola, Yes, you and brother must make quite a pair! I would definitely replace the hedge with something you won't feel like you have to trim. Hate that myself.

    Parsec, Thanks! They have all done well this year.

  33. I must get me some of "Miss Huff" Lantana. It is so pretty. I have the yellow {name not known to me}. Your canna looks like the one I have blooming. Do you know the name of it. I have eureka {light yellow}, then the other yellow that brother sent me. It's more of a lemon yellow with the red spots down in the throat of the bloom like yours. Would you believe all my cannas are in bloom again now.!!!!