Friday, October 17, 2008

Georgia Flower Garden pt 2

Today is the second part to my 2 part series on what I like to call my Semi-Formal Flower Garden. Yesterday, I told you about Levels 1 and 2 so today we will go into Level 3 or the main level of the Garden...

You know the white fencing was the first thing to start the garden by hiding that ugly gas tank. The second thing was the formation of this round planter. I had some free bricks that needed a home so I dug them into the ground to form a half circle around the circle planter. This was fine for the first year but with the addition to the Levels, I no longer thought it worked in my garden. Time for a change.

I got my shovel and little red wagon and went to work! I broke up the half circle into two separate planters. As you can see the black-eyed Susan's were already popping up from the ground inside the planters. See the clay brick's that form a planter to the left in this picture? Well, those bricks were taken from the planters and I dug them into the ground to form a border to a walkway. Many bags of pea gravel made for a perfect path for the feet. My only regret was not using landscaping cloth under the pea gravel. Pulling weeds from the gravel was not fun this summer. Argggg, live and learn...

Wow, did I pound a lot of bricks into the soil. Did I mention I had a tonsillectomy a few weeks prior to taking on this task? Yep, I love to play in the garden in the spring and surgery will not keep me out for long!
I put in stepping stones to the garden bench. Ah, the fun of playing with a hand shovel, rubber mallet, sand and a level...
You can see the 3 levels from this view. The main garden, then up one level to the upper level, then up one more level to the boat shed.
Boat Shed, what boat shed? I don't see a boat shed, do you?
I have accomplished my goal. I don't really notice the Metal Monster any more. There are too many other things for my eyes to see.
Things started out growing slowly but once the warm summer was here to stay things started to take off like weeds. The picture below was snapped on May 9, 2008.

This picture below was snapped on June 19, 2008. What a difference 6 weeks can make in the garden!
In this picture below, you can see both Castle Rock planters that now replace the clay brick planters. The planters look so much nicer with the Castle Rocks to replace the brick. I am bad about taking away from one project to create another project. Does anyone else do this?
This picture below was snapped on July 30, 2008. Another 6 weeks of growth makes a bigger difference. Notice how the circle planter filled with Periwinkle has grown. I will show you that planter in a close up sometime in the future.

This picture below, was snapped on Sept. 8, 2008. I had to finally cut the golden Lantana from the pathway. Snakes like to hide under such fun stuff and I like my ankles without holes in them!

Just look at the upper level on Sept. 8, 2008. The Verbena has grown like crazy and the Periwinkle has reseeded itself from last year and jumped the planter! You can no longer see the Castle Rock planter. Everything is getting into the grass of the yard now. We must take control...This is the view from the upper level into the main garden. The elephant ears give such a tropical feel to the garden. The main level has Lavender, Lantana, Yarrow, Verbena, Cosmos, Marigold, Begonia, Black-eyed Susan, Periwinkle, Coreopsis, Mexican Heather, Trumpet Vine, Cleyera, Loquat and Plum trees.
Here is a view from standing behind the white picket fence. I can see the entire Flower garden, the Butterfly Island and also my blooming Crepe Myrtle! Ah, what a view!

So there you have it. A Semi-Formal Flower Garden all because of an ugly Boat Shed! Who would have thought something so pretty could have come from something so ugly?

Spring is my favorite time of year as everything wakes up from a long winters nap and is ready to take on the world. I am kind of like that also. I take off into the garden and have so much fun creating things such as this GEORGIA FLOWER GARDEN while the birds sing high above me as I play, In the Garden...

*Note: I want to give Tina a big Thank You for allowing me to post this week. I knew getting a posting up every day was a challenge but had no idea how much work is involved! I enjoyed my week but am looking forward to taking off for the next week for a bit of R&R myself. So see you all in about a week or so! Okay Tina, back to work for you! lol


  1. nice work in the garden,i don't see the metal monster either.

  2. Your formal garden looks wonderful, it really shows alot of work and it looks professional. Have a lovely week off.

  3. Skeeter, Wow! You have created a fantastic formal garden. Who cares about the metal monster, you really are drawn to the flowers and bones you have created. The pea gravel does look good!

  4. Skeeter, you have a beautiful garden. I can see you really love to work outdoors. You have an enormous amount of time and effort invested in it. I've used brick to edge several of my beds. Every few years it has to be pulled up and reset because the earth swallows it;) Maybe the freeze thaw cycles.

    I see the verbena again, which really makes an impact. I like the idea of small island beds that can be seen from all sides.

  5. Skeeter - That is such a lovely garden you can be proud (and it hid the metal monster).
    I love seeing the photos progressing through the months. It's amazing the changes that occur in such a short time.

  6. You've shown some very pretty pics of all your hard work. What a beautiful job. You have a very lovely garden. One that you can be very proud of.
    Super great job Skeeter, both in your garden & giving Tina a much needed rest.
    You have a great R&R.

  7. Your semi-formal garden is gorgeous Skeeter. All your hard work has really paid off. I love the brick edging & gravel paths. Next year it will be even more full & lush as the perennials fill in with maturity. Great job! :)

  8. It all looks so great and I know you will keep it that way with much more hard work. Can't wait to see what comes out of next spring!!

    Good week Skeeter and thanks so much. Been a good week, on and off the blog!!! LOL

  9. What a wonderful tutorial through the building of your garden! The results are fabulous (understatement)! As for using landscape fabric...many weed seeds will still grow in the gravel, but at least they are easier to pluck out if the rock is over the fabric. Cameron

  10. Marmee, Thank you so much for not seeing the metal monster! I must have accomplished my goal! yeah... now to figure out how to hid it during the winter months. Sigh…

    Dawn,it was a lot of fun creating this little piece of paradise in the yard. Thanks and I need to get off here and get us packed so we can leave. One must have clean underwear for a trip ya know. lol

    Gail, Thank you for not seeing that metal monster! lol I think the pea gravel adds a bit of cleanliness to the look. Natural but yet clean. Strange how rocks can give the clean feeling.

    Marnie, thanks and working outdoors is a wonderful thing to my soul. Our stepping stones from the house to the shed have to be raised every two years also! We have natural run off with rain water in that area so the rain probably washes the dirt from underneath. I must add fresh pea gravel every few years also as it seems to settle down. I will show that pathway some time in the future. Pea gravel with stepping stones together. I hope the gravel in the garden does not have to be renewed but if so, I will do it. I got the idea of this small planter garden from visiting public gardens. Theirs are much larger scale then mine though. lol

    Cindy, Thank you for not seeing the metal monster! My ultimate goal... I like to snap pictures throughout the year to see the progress. When you look at it each day you dont seem to notice how quickly things change. With progress pictures, it gets the Wow factor going...

    Lola, thanks. It was a lot of hard work but fun work to me as I was so full of energy and ready to rumble in the garden. And yes, Tina needed a break. I am proud of her for not getting on her more often then she did. :) Now I am ready to take off as well.

    Racquel, Thank you for the kind words on my little garden. I am excited to think about how full the garden will be in time. I just wish we did not have such drought conditions so I could add more beauty's to the decor.

    Jean, I just knew you would have a great week! :) I already have plans for next spring project or will it occur this fall? Hum, the planter that was taken over by periwinkle on the second level will be moved near the other twin planter. That will be project one for sure... I will allow the periwinkle to reseed in the area and take over as I love the stuff...

    Cameron, Your wonderful comments put a smile on my face today! :) I do wish I had the fabric down as it would make for easier weed plucking! Next year will be an issue with the Periwinkle reseeding in the area. Love the stuff but only where I want it to be... lol...

  11. Another great series. I love what you did with the space. The garden looks great.

  12. Sarah, thank you! it was a bit of work but so much fun creating it. Before this garden, it was a dreary dark spot filled with sad looking trees! now bright and cheery!

  13. Skeeter, Whew! I am worn out just reading about all the work you did! Your garden is absolutely beautiful; I hope you get to sit on that bench and just enjoy it once in awhile.
    I planted some Homestead purple verbena this year for the first time, and am really impressed with it, too. And thanks for all the tips--if I decide to create the garden path I'm thinking about, I'll remember to put landscape fabric down before the pea gravel.
    What shed are you talking about?? (Just kidding; I did read the previous post, too.)

  14. Rose, you are so sweet to not notice the shed... tee hee... I do recomend the fabric but as Cameron says, you will still get some weed but easy to pull weed.... I do get to sit for a few minutes on the bench but as all garden lovers, until I spot something else the needs tending...

    We are headed out for our week adventures so everyone have a good weekend.



  15. I'm ready Skeeter! You did an outstanding job and I want to tell everyone thanks for allowing me some time off and supporting Skeeter and all of us! I will be back blogging tomorrow for sure!

  16. Welcome back, Tina. We've missed you but your partner in crime has done an excellent job. She has kept us entertained & gave us history lessons also.

  17. She has DONE an excellent job Lola! I am so glad you all have fun. Now back to work for me and a rest for Skeeter.

  18. Skeeter have a great week off with lotsa family and fun. Since I know how much you love TN, I know you will!!! Then you can tell us all about it.

  19. Those elephant ears are huge! Wow!

  20. Skeeter,
    I LOVE the garden pictures. Nothing thrills me more than a peek into someone elses garden and you have done a fabulous job. I really love the semi-circle. You've given me some ideas for our garden. :-)-Randy

  21. Hi Skeeter, you are to commended not only for helping Tina but also for creating a wonderful cottage style bench area. I love seeing the time lapse of the same place as the summer progresses, well done. I have to add that having landscape fabric under the gravel does not help at all with the weeds. Most weeds are air borne seeds and land above the fabric then grow roots into it that are even harder to get out than in soil. You did it right no matter what others might say. I have gravel everywhere, some with and some without that fabric. I will never waste the time and money again by using that. Just wanted to say..;->

  22. Your garden is so beautiful! You have quite an eye for design. Great job!

  23. WOw that is beautiful! That is a lot of work and with healing from a tonsillectomy too? I have pea gravel in my walk ways too. It took a few years but the weeds quit growing in it. I didn't put down the weed cloth either. I have had to add to the pea gravel over the years though. I like it because I like to walk bare feet in the yard and the pea gravel doesn't hurt to walk on(-: