Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Sights

*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for nightmares one may occur from going beyond this line.

Since Halloween is creeping up on us, I thought I would spend today getting into the spirit of things.
I have not crafted in some time so it was a bit fun to get some supplies and create this garland for my front door.

The front porch is Halloween festive all ready for Trick Or Treaters to arrive. Too bad we live out in the country and don't have any one come to our door! This year we should have two little girls ring our door bell. They are the daughters to our new neighbor which happens to be a co-worker of the Saints and our friend. I am looking forward to their visit and already have them gift bags ready!

The porch is decorated with original items that I picked up while working in a Craft Store while in Germany. The military community is full of very talented people. We were fortunate to have an outlet for crafters to sell their wares to earn a little money and to keep them busy while the spouse was in the field.
Now things start to turn a bit scary so beware! Boo, just kidding... How does that story start... Hummmm, It was a dark and stormy night......

Oh my, is that Blackbeard's ship along the coast of Jekyll Island looking for trouble?
Do I see Blackbeard's dagger sticking in one of these eerie looking oak trees?

I think I see arms on those trees! Are they moving?
I am starting to get a bit scared now. No more trees please...

Oh my! What is that big black thing on the top of a chimney? Is it one of those fake crow birds that people put out for Halloween to scare people? ha ha, look at the fake bird....
Oh my, it is not fake at all. That thing is real and look at those wings open up! Get me out of here...
I see dead trees! Those poor old trees had died, fallen and they can't get up!

This must be that scary place called Driftwood beach on Jekyll Island. What happened to all those trees?
Poor trees, laying there all piled up with no one to untangle them. I can feel the room spinning now....
Egads, an alien is hanging on the side of my house! Get your finger back Saint, it may get you...
Poor little baby bat fell out of his bat home. Mommy should come get her baby but I reckon mommy is scared a snake may get her if she goes to the ground. Keep those gloves on Saint, this thing may have rabies!
Why are all you silly bats hanging around in my attic vent when I have a great home installed nearby for you?
I like that you eat mosquitoes in my yard but please go into the nice new house we installed for you. Get out of my attic vents...
Oh you poor little things. Now the vent was replaced and you no longer can fit into your old home. I wish you had not all flown off because we did enjoy having you stay with us. Please come back my little Brown Southern friends... Now you can tell your buzzard friends to go elsewhere as I don't really like them. I know they are the highway sweepers but they give me the creeps! Why did that car have to kill my favorite deer we named Redd? I guess the buzzards needed a meal. I don't like this part of the story. It makes me sad so Lets move on now....
Hey little Black Fur Ball, what do you have there? It looks like a piece of string. May I have a better look?
Yikes, a snake has done gone and stripped down to his naked self in my yard! Neighbor's Beware, there is a snake Streaking around the neighborhood...
Ahhh, everyone is safe now as the Queen of Sheba and Monkey Girl Cheetah are on patrol....

Wow, such HALLOWEEN SIGHTS, to be seen In the Garden....

Everyone have a fun and safe Halloween!


  1. Wow ... it makes me almost pleased i only have a balcony .... almost.

  2. (From under the blanket) Hi Skeeter, that was the scariest post ever, bats, vultures, snakes! I know bats are good guys, but having them in my attic would be a little disturbing, no a lot disturbing! Thanks for getting us into the proper mood for the big day, er night, on friday. What beautiful guardians of the house you have! I am petting them on the photo. Purrrr.


  3. Cute posting. Your front porch looks so festive.

    Always Growing

  4. Yikes! Yup, I'm in the mood too. Love the scary pics. Especially the birds on the roof and the dead trees. OOOOOOOOO!

  5. Skeeter !
    What a great Halloween post : )
    It had all the fantastic thrills and chills and cuteness required for me .. haha
    The bats ... eeekkkkk ! .. along with the snake skin eeeekkkk !!
    I love those trees .. they are the best Halloween trees I have ever seen !
    We went to some awesome craft shows at the US military bases in Germany .. we were with a very small Canadian unit in Holland.
    I bought some great stuff at those shows too !
    Perfect post !!!!

  6. Creepy Skeeter!

    Those trees with the moss would make an excellent haunted forest. I wish we had a few more bats around, but not in the attic!

  7. Great Halloween post, Skeeter. I love bats and snakes (the non-poisonous kind, anyway)--I've tired bathouses but they never move in--guess I don't furnish them properly (I put little chairs on the ceiling for them and everything!) But they live around here anyway--I love to see them flying around in the early evening. Great scary photos!

  8. You are really in the spirit! Great images for Halloween!

    We'll have no little visitors here in the country either.


  9. Skeeter,

    You have the best critters, bats, crows, snakes and kitties. Perfect for Halloween!

    I would love to have the bats come stay at Clay and Limestone! They are probably here in the trees but they have never moved into the bat house we provided! Boy was it fun placing it high in the tree!

    Have a wonderful week.


  10. Good Morning everyone! We had a late night (early morning)at the Humane Society Fur Ball and hopefully we raised lots of money for the needy fur babies of Clarksville! No table dnacing Frances. tee hee. The Saint continues to sleep off his good time from the Enchanted Gypsy Forrest. Was it the ale or is he dreaming of all the skin he saw on the gypsy women running around? hummmm, I may never know... Soon we should be headed down I-75 back to Georgia and I will get my life back to the normal ho-hum routine.

    I will chat a minute about the bats in the attic before I run and start paking our bags though...

    The bats were in the attic vent and not in the attic. Bats in the vents are one thing but bats in the attic, I could not allow. We had about a dozen that would nap during the day then fly out at night and munch on pesky bugs and after a bit of research, we decided they were fine in the vents. We did a home renovation and had the vents replaced with new ones and then the bats left us never to return! :( About 3 live near by as I see them in the early evening hours flying around our security light. The babies would fall out of the vents on occasion and the Saint would scoop them up and climb the ladder and place them back into the vents when they did live there...

    Hope everyone had a great weekend and now off I go on my 6 hour journey to the Deep South.....

  11. I don't understand people's fear of bats. They are mammels, cute, and eat mosquitoes. What more can you ask of any animal? LOL

  12. Great spooky post Skeeter. Love your front door.
    Boy, those trees sure look ominous. Couldn't be a better view for this time of yr. Young'un will have to get his stuff ready for the fateful night.
    Bats---never saw any around here but wish they did reside. Some times I wonder about those houses.
    Now I'm all shook up--what with all the spooky things you have around your home.

  13. Once I was picking up a fallen leafy branch after a storm, and a bat flew out of it. I seem to notice the crows a lot more around this time of year. I love your post.

  14. Cute post Skeeter, Your porch is wonderful.
    Bats, ahhhh, they travel in pairs and freguently come in our house with the dog (I imagine he carries bugs since he is warm). It's real fun to try and catch them, they zig and zag awful.
    Nikki, on the top bunk, thought one was a giant bug on the ceiling! Perfect way to get awake!

  15. Your tale is a fun one! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Poor baby bat. How come I never see bats? Did you have to get a bat house? Maybe that's what I need. I know they eat their weight in gold in bugs.

  16. Nice Halloween decor on your porch Skeeter. I love your spooky little story and the bats are quite creepy. I'm sure they are wonderful predators to have in your garden with the amount of insects they eat though.

  17. Skeeter - Very cute decorations and a great scary post! Love the pictures of the scary trees.

  18. 9 days, 2000 miles later and less money in the purse and we are back home with our furry girls! Bad storm while we were gone and had to remove limbs from the driveway in order to get the car to the front door! 1 and half inches of rain in the gauge which is a good thing but the yard will need some TLC from me and soon....

    I have some beautiful pics of Skyline Drive to share from the Blue Ridge mountains in Shenandoah park in VA along with a little surprise so be looking for that next weekend....

    Tina, the berry sapling made it home safe! Thanks and I will get you that address tomorrow.

    Glad you all enjoyed the Scary tale to get in the mood for Halloween! I am really tired and need to get things unpacked so signing off for now.

    Night all...

  19. What a cute and original idea. I just like I had read through a little child's story book. With all of the pictures and little narratives. How cute!


  20. WELCOME HOME SKEETER. Glad you & the Saint are safely tucked back into your little garden of eden. Hope you 2 had a lovely experience. Anxious to see some of your travels.

  21. Hi Skeeter- I am back!

    Your cats look so cute looking out the window with their puffy tails. Anyway, your Halloween decorations are a hoot! You are all decked out and very Halloweeny.

  22. Wow it all looks amazing, excellent crafting! I think it would be so much fun to celebrate Halloween. It is not celebrated at all here in Australia. I think it would be fun for the kids!

  23. Sowing the Seeds, No Halloween in Australia? I think that might mean Australia is more advanced then America-but shhhh! We'll keep our little holiday I think. Skeeter will be on here later, just wanted to say hello.

  24. Skeeter, Where in the world did you find the pumpkins in your lovely decoration on you porch? I love those. Are they made from wood?

  25. This was so much fun, Skeeter! Great, scary photos! I know bats are our friends, but I don't think I would have been brave enough to pick up that baby:)

    Your front door looks so inviting--maybe you'll have a few unexpected visitors, after all.

  26. Zach, funny you should say that as I use to be a Day Care teacher and would make up stories for the kids to enjoy. I would take them to a nearby cave during the summer months and set them near the door and tell them made up stories. They loved it and it was so much fun for me too....

    Lola, One of our crafters at the store in Germany made those pumpkins. And yes they are made out of wood. She created them by using up some of her scrap wood. They were such a hit in the store that she made them each year for Fall and Halloween. They sold like hotcakes as did the BOO sign on the wall.... Another crafter made that... Some real talent in the military community I tell ya....

    DP. Hey long time no see! Welcome back and I will check in with you soon as I get back on a normal Schedule! The kitty tails looks so puffy as the girls have had their fur clipped recently... tee hee...

    Sowing the seeds, no Halloween in Australia? How sad for the kids. No Halloween for the kids in Germany either as they celebrate Nov 1 being All Saints day. The American Military community celebrated on post housing and Germans took notice so they learned a bit of American culture with us...

    Tina, we will ignore that. lol...shhhh...

    Rose, we made sure to have the gloves on when picking up the bats. We carefully place them back into the vents when they would fall out. We bought a bat house for them but they never took it up as a home. House still hanging though just in case they return.... We have lived here for 6 years and no trick or treaters yet. We live too far off the street and on a wooded lot so no one can really see our house from the street. When we lived in an apartment or rental house, we had at least 50 kids knock on the door. I would keep count....