Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perennial Plant Society's October Meeting

This month's meeting of the Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee meets tonight at 7:00 pm in the Cheekwood Botanic Hall, refreshments are served at 6:30 pm. The speaker this month is Troy Marden of Moore and Moore Nurseries in Nashville. The title of his program is "Gardening on the Edge" and you can expect some treats. Troy is one of the hosts of Tennessee's very own gardening show called The Volunteer Gardener. I took a chance and Googled Troy and guess what??? He also has a garden blog and it can be found here. Do stop by and tell him hello when you get the chance. Hope to see you at the meeting.

The hibiscus pictured above grows in my father's garden in Maine. My dad is NOT a gardener but rescued this poor dead thing from a pot that was on a relatives grave site in Maine. He brought it home and stuck it in some dirt in front of his house and walah! The plant has truly blossomed and my father adores it. Each time I visit he INSISTS I take a bit of it with me and I will one day soon, but this trip it did not work out.

See ya tonight and in the garden....


  1. Anyone who rescues plants HAS to be a gardener :)
    That is a lovely hibiscus. Have fun at your meeting tonight! I'm going to go check out that blog.

  2. Good Morning All,
    How nice that your dad rescued this lovely plant. I really like the hibiscus. Mine is red & blooms in the winter.
    Took a trip to that blog. Very nice. He must be a great speaker. Interesting to listen to.
    Ran across a saying I thought was true. "Hope Never Dies Within a Real Gardeners Heart". It was printed on a concrete rock & of course I just had to have it for my garden. I will place it in the right place.
    I hope all have a very pleasant day.

  3. They were in Tn. Dawn. Of course it get much colder in Maine.

  4. Tina,

    Hello! I so wanted to hear Troy speak, but I have work until 6 and then last minute stuff for my trip to Fairegarden! I will try to pop over for a bit of his talk.

    Maybe there are more gardenbloggers in our area then we think!

    Thanks for the reminder and I hope I get some time
    to say hello to you!

    Btw, that is good reuse and recycling from your dad with the hibiscus!


  5. Troy's talk sounds interesting--wondering what "gardening on the edge" is?

    My Dad is not a gardener, either, Tina, but he has taken to Gerbera daisies. Last year my mother bought a couple, and Dad nursed it along all summer and even kept it over the winter! He keeps giving me advice on how to keep mine which seem to die in the first heatwave of summer:) Your dad's hibiscus looks lovely.

  6. Hi Tina, thanks for the tip on Troy Marden's blog. I took a peek and it looks very interesting. Nursery owners get a lot of feedback from customers and vendors. I'll bet he gives a good talk.

  7. Sounds like a fun meeting...one of these days I'll get there! Grace has a dance meeting and I get to tackle the lawn. I am curious what "Gardening on the Edge" means. Slopes and rock gardens maybe? Thanks for the link to Troy's blog.

  8. Thanks for the link to Troy's blog. I will have stop over & take a peek. :) That is a beautiful rescued Hibiscus. The lavender edges are pretty.

  9. Morning everyone! Talking of Troy's talk tonight-I'm giving one this morning and don't have much time so a quick morning this morning.

    Cindy, Yes, perhaps my father has a bit of gardener hiding him waiting to pop out after 68 years! It is a surprise to us all but all he talks about is his hibiscus. He is quite proud of my gardening too. My mother will be stunned when she comes on.

    Dawn, Yes! Some are and this one obviously is. It even has tons more buds which are very pretty with pink. You have to get hardy hibiscus. Dad will give you some of his-just let him know and go visit and bring your shovel. He has honeysuckle too he is proud of.

    Lola, Yes, Troy's blog is very nice and informative on plants. Working in the nursery trade he is most knowledgeable. My father must've had hope in his heart for this hibiscus.

    Gail, I was SHOCKED to find a Nashville blogger. Some do it for their business and maybe don't visit other blogs. This must be the case with Troy. You will be missing a treat-I am very excited. Four of us are carpooling tonight and looking so forward to it, so much I am-uh hum-missing my college class. Ouch!

    Rose, He will be talking of new and exciting plants. He just came back from a conference in Philadelphia and other places and learned about a bunch of new plants he'll be sharing. I hope he brings a new plant door prize too:) Your dad sounds like he is a gardener waiting to bloom just like mine. Gerberas are lovely. It seems dads like a certain plant that needs rescuing and then it is a passion. It is a good thing for dads.

    Marnie, I think it will be a good talk for sure. I am most excited because on Volunteer Gardener he is in my humble opinion, one of the most knowledgeable people on there about the plants I love-outside plants. I think it is his specialty more so than the others-not sure. I always enjoy all the info on the show, but his for sure as I learn so much from him. Plus, he is local! Most of the speakers we have are from all over the country. They pay pretty well so they can do that-great to have a local guy though. ttyl

  10. Dave, This is a good time to get at the lawn with rain expected Friday. Yeah! Sorry you can't make the meeting but have fun with Grace. Gardening on the Edge is about new plants.

    Racquel, Glad you noticed those edges. There were more buds also tinged with the pretty color. It is a unique hibiscus. My father is so proud of it. Do say hi to Troy. A very informative blog about plants.

  11. Wow, good for your father!!! It is so pretty. I planted 2 of them this year and they grew pretty good but did not have one single bloom. I have them on the deck to bring in the basement and hope they bloom next year. I had them in the cement planters by the front door but think next year I will put them in the garden.

  12. Mom, Can you believe his gardening? I'll get you a piece sometime as you would like this hibiscus. I think these plants-most-do better in the ground so do plant yours out next year.

  13. Such a beautiful specimen of a hibiscus! I bookmarked your Troy to check out. (Oh, and people around here don't think my tree is a magnolia. Don't know what on earth it is! That's what I thought too.)

  14. Hi Tina, I am jealous of the talks you get to hear with that group. That is what living near a large city can do for you. Maybe if and when we ever move to Knoxville, there will be lots of things like that to attend. I am not much of a joiner though. ;-> The hibiscus is beautiful and special, a great combination.

  15. Brenda, Thank you and for your nice email too. I hope I helped.

    Frances, It is so fun being a part of this group. They are such sweet people. I picked up a Miss Moon pulmonaria tonight I am very excited about. You have one right? Was it you? I can't remember. I just got back from the program. Long night. Sometimes it is better to do your own thing. I wanted to say Troy talked about colchium NOT to be confused with saffron. He tried explaining it to everyone but I was smiling to myself since I already knew what saffron was and what it looked like from your fine post on it.

  16. How great you found out Troy Marden has a blog. I think he used to be one of the frequenters of the Fine Gardening online forum back before I discovered blogging. He always had great advice & good ideas.

  17. Hi MMD, How are you? I hope not too awfully busy organizing the spring fling. Can't imagine the work involved. Good thing you, Monaca, Linda and everyone up there are working together.

    I was shocked to find this speaker had a blog. I bet he was one of the Fine Gardening people, though I don't know him or his history at all. I do love that magazine but don't do the forums. They get so overwhelming to me, like on Dave's Garden. They have SO many. It is not like blogging at all but sometimes the info is okay. It is ever so nice talking with you and please enjoy the lull the coming winter will surely bring all of us. I am going to plan to come to the spring fling-so I hope to meet you then!