Friday, October 24, 2008

Pennsylvania Bloggers on My Mind....

The sun was shining bright (maybe a bit too bright-hence the shadows), but this fall day was a very pleasant day made even more glorious by getting to meet two blogging friends in Pennsylvania! Can you guess who my two Pennsylvania blogging friends are? Don't peek ahead. Many of you read the same blogs I do and we have gotten to know one another through blogging so if you just think for a minute, you will know these folks pictured with me above.

Have you guessed them yet? If you guessed TC of The Write Gardener then you are right!

And you will for sure recognize Cindy from Walk Down the Garden Path and her best bloom-Lillian!

You might not recognize Cindy's husband John, but here he is sharing dinner with us all. So glad you came along John! You all might not know this but both John and Cindy garden. John's specialty is the tropicals.

You might wonder how a Tennessee blogger came to meet up with two Pennsylvania bloggers. It is a simple story really, and all owing to Cindy. Back in July when Cindy and I began talking I posted about our July trip to Maine. At some point Cindy mentioned that we must've passed very near her home in Pennsylvania if we came on I79. Cindy invited us to stop in if we ever passed her way again. I was so touched by that invite that I knew we just had to stop by if the opportunity arose again. Trips to Maine are not a common thing for us, but we just happened to have one in the works for this October. Once I knew for sure the trip was a go I emailed Cindy and asked if the invite was still a go. She said YES! I was thrilled. I also emailed TC to see if he would like to meet up with us and he said YES too! It was on. Now how do we all meet up?

Again, Cindy to the rescue as she figured out a spot convenient for all so we could meet for dinner. TC and Cindy's location was about 10 hours from our home. We timed our departure time to allow us the travel time to meet them at about 6 pm at a local restaurant (Bob Evans as I love this place) and it all worked out perfectly! Cell phone numbers were exchanged and plans were finalized.

I tell you the 10 hours could not pass fast enough for me because I was SO excited to meet these folks on the trip! It really made a long trip very bearable and we had such a good time that the next time we head up north you can be sure we'll be planning to stop in for a visit again. Mr. Fix-it and the Jimster are all for it too.

I want to say meeting bloggers has been such a neat and fun thing. I find that of the eight bloggers I have met (Gail, Frances, Dave, Donna, DP, Cindy, TC, and Sarah) all have been delightful and very much like their blogs. I have also met many some commenters who I met because of the blog. Skeeter is one you all know, and Nina is the other. It is great meeting and making new friends however one does it. I have said it before and it bears saying again, meeting someone for the first time usually means a bit of conversing and getting to know one another through small talk. With blogging friends it is NOT like this. Complete strangers and even your own friends don't know as much as blogging friends know so never does it seem like you are meeting a stranger. You both already have common interests and have TONS of stuff to talk about; and I am not even including the blog itself!

So thanks Cindy and TC for a delightful visit and my Pennsylvania blogging friends are on my mind....

in the garden....


  1. What a fun time! I love meeting the people we already feel we know too.

  2. Good morning, Aren't you lucky! It is just the best fun to meet gardenbloggers~~I always enjoy talking with Cindy (isn't Lillian adorable) and now I have to check out Jim's blog. Thank you for sharing your visit with us.

    Enjoy the rain~~don't we need it.


  3. Hi Tina ~ It was great meeting you and TC and I love your post about it.
    Anytime you're passing through you are welcome to stop and visit :)

  4. Hi Tina, it is the greatest thing to be able to meet other garden bloggers in person. You are such a friendly outgoing person, I can see you traveling the country going from blog to blog in real life like we do on the computer. How fun!


  5. How much fun to meet blogging buddies! I have only been blogging since March, but have already meet so many nice people online--I've thought many times how I would like to meet them in person.
    So, if you are ever in Dallas--let me know. I'll take you to the Arboretum! :)

  6. How exciting Tina! Thanks for sharing your visit!

  7. How nice that you were able to meet up with two fellow blogging buddies. I would love to meet some of the great people I've met online (including you). ;)

  8. Were you ever voted Miss Congeniality, Tina? There should be an award for that on Blotanical. You would have my vote for sure. Since you are so gifted in bringing people together, maybe the diplomats in Washington should take notice and hire you for some work overseas. If it can work in a garden, it should work anywhere. I'm looking forward to our meeting. Don't forget your camera! The name of the restaurant I was talking about is Kaylor's, by the way.

  9. how wonderful to meet up with your two friends. it must be fun to talk, talk talk gardens.

  10. That must have been neat! I would love to take a trip to PA, although I would have to have some tickets for a Steelers game handy. ;) It looks like you had a good time! We'll have to have another TN Valley Bloggers Conference again sometime!

  11. What fun! Nice to see faces to put with the names, but I did recognize Lillian right away.

    My one regret this summer is that Beckie and I never got to make our trip to Chicago and meet up with some Chicagoland bloggers as we had planned. But then there is the Spring Fling coming up! I've told Beckie that Tennessee is another place I'd like to go--maybe next summer we'll actually get to make a couple of these road trips:)

  12. How wonderful!

    I understand the fun of finally getting to meet our "virtual" gardening friends. I had the pleasure of meeting 4 garden forum friends in September. I've never met a gardener that I didn't like...that was our conclusion! :-) Cameron

  13. Jillybean, It is amazing knowing folks without having ever meeting them isn't it? I'd love to meet you someday as Skeeter enjoyed her meeting with you very much. So if you come here-let me know.

    Gail, I got all my fall planting done yesterday-including Penstemon X finally!! The rain is great for it all. I am very happy. Nearly two inches so far. Cindy is SO nice in person AND on the blog. It was a very enjoyable meeting with both.

    Frances, You are not so far from the truth. I WILL travel to meet close by folks or if it works out with another trip. I don't know why other bloggers don't seem to do it as much, or maybe they don't post about it (which I do understand) Being a traveler all those years in the military makes me pretty comfortable driving around and the meetings are all a bonus, as you know when we stopped by your place in May. Quite enjoyable for all of us. Cindy and TC were the best and we did talk straight for two hours. After about 5 minutes there really was not any awkwardness at all.

    Linda (MT), I have never had the opportunity to travel or visit Texas but I expect someday I will for sure get there. Thanks for the wonderful invite and you can be assured I will email you a head of time for that tour if I come. Meeting other bloggers has really never frightened me at all (and I need to add several other bloggers/commenters such as Skeeter to the list too as she is also one I met thru blogging. Garden bloggers just seem to be who they are on their blogs and meeting them is putting a voice to the blog itself. Probably most are like this. I don't like huge crowds so the one on one thing is best for me. Pretty neat meeting others. Enough on my book!

    Linda, It was great fun for sure.

    Racquel, I wish I had known you just two summers ago. We spent some time in your area when hubby was at Eustis for training. Love this area. If I ever get there I'll give you a buzz.

    Walk2Write, I am looking forward to our meeting too. Very much. No, never been voted Miss Congeniality. People keep telling me I am a people person but family members would be shocked. I have changed a bit I guess. Don't know. Life is good. I'll for sure have my camera and google the restaurant. tty tomorrow.

    Marmee, Yup, garden talk, blog talk, book talk, life name it. Much talk.

    Dave, We really do need to set something up for us Tennessee bloggers. We have so much going on here and so many bloggers too. I bet regional folks would come visit as well. Any suggestions? Opryland sounds good to me. Love their conservancy. PA is not so far from here. I bet you visit occasionally since you are from there. Very pretty state, especially this time of year.

    Rose, You and Beckie have an open invitation anytime. I can even drive to meet you somewhere. I see you are way up there near Chicago so it is a long drive but I bet we could work something out sometimes. Road trips are fun.

  14. I thought it so neat and fun to meet Sarah with you that meeting 2 more in the same week has to be really great.

  15. Cameron, We just missed each other. Yes, I have not met a gardener I didn't like too. It is great meeting others. Your forum is online? That is neat.

    Mom, It was a good week. Also great to see you all, my grandbaby and enjoy some time off. Mr. Fix-it got his ORDERS!!!!!!!!! YAHOO! It is as we expected!!!!

  16. That's great. I'm glad yall all had a good time.

  17. Yup, we all change as we grow and I almost said LOL about the Miss Congeniality remark but figured I'd keep my big mouth shut for a change. But since you remarked about it the way you did, I now have to say, Oh they did'nt know you when you were growing up but I loved you then as much as I do now!! BTW, I did LOL when I read it!!

  18. Tina-I do believe you were "born to blog". Your love of gardening and people seem to make you perfect for it. Loved your program at our garden club meeting this week. I spent the afternoon outside from your inspiration. Are you doing a happy dance with the rain today?

  19. Sarah, We did and you and I should get together sometime too!

    I know Mom, but really, people do change. Can't figure it out though. Yes, I did figure it out actually. I realized everyone is human and just as shy as the next person and most are just waiting for someone to make the first move. Never been one to be afraid, I take the dive and start talking and before you know you have a new friend. Yes, that is it now. Mr. Fix-it is having a hard time believing it too, hence the story of how we met to Sarah L.

    Hi Anonymous! Is this my blogging friend J? If so (and even if not) hello! I do love to blog. It is fun. I am so glad you spent the afternoon outside and enjoyed my program. I enjoyed giving it to you all. Will post on it sometime too. So great to garden. Yes! A happy dance indeed-yeah the rain! Just wish it would come in quantities of 1.5 inches every single Tuesday or Wednesday at exacty 2 am and stop by 5 am. :) But I'll take any I can get.

  20. Hi All,
    Tina I think it's great that you got to meet 2 more of the bloggers. The more the merrier. It is nice to put a face to a name. You do after a fashion get to know them. All have a common thread---gardening. I do hope you get to meet more bloggers. You are just right for the part.

  21. Hi guys,
    It's nice to meet people you write with everyday! Glad you all had a nice time.

  22. Oh when I saw anonymous I was all fuzzy happy as I thought it was your friend C from Clarksville. I do miss her and wonder is she is reading the blog. I especially thought it was her as I think she is from Pennsylvania.

    I also forgot to say a couple of other things before.

    How great is it that Cindy's hubby also gardens. You guys must have a lot of fun doing it together.

    Also, Skeeter must be having fun as not one word from her. She is doing real good taking a real vacation!!

  23. Lola, You do feel like you know them after awhile. Just like I do with you after nearly a year!

    Dawn, It really was and makes blogging even more personal. Or maybe just a bit personal? Not sure which since many are very leery about the Internet.

    Mom, C has been busy with the kids. I emailed her recently and she is still going strong. As is Nina. I saw Skeeter for just a few minutes today when she dropped something off for me. I also met her parents and was thrilled to do that. I owe the Saint some brownies but did not have the time this morning. Though, they all got to taste chocolate covered blueberries-in person! She is taking a REAL vacation for sure but she picks up posting this weekend. I wasn't sure so I checked the scheduled posts and she took care of that before she left. She's a good girl to 'work' with.

  24. Well, how fun! I'm going to meet my blogger friend next month. You find common interests, email one another, then the phone calls back and forth. Then finally, I will meet her. I'm so excited!

  25. W2W mentioned Miss Congeniality, I second that! I loved meeting you and Ms. Cindy and wouldn't have missed it for the world. Mr Fix-it, John, the Jimmster, and sweet little Lillian made it all the more special.

    "Complete strangers and even your own friends don't know as much as blogging friends know so never does it seem like you are meeting a stranger."

    That is so true!

    I can only hope a future meeting is not far off!

    Much warmth,


  26. Brenda, You'll have so much fun!

    TC, It was great meeting you and I liked it you never even hesitated and said SURE-I'm in! Thanks for taking the time to spend a few hours with us all. I REALLY want to see that I79 picture as hubby and I are still laughing about it!

  27. Forgot to say TC, I'll be looking for a visit from you when you come to Kentucky.

  28. Tina, totally agree with W2W. Sounds so wonderful, meeting other bloggers. Will keep in mind...whatever you've written. I might just get a chance too!!

  29. Kanak, I'd love to meet you and so if you ever come this way, let me know!

  30. stumbled here searching Pennsylvania... so I went to your fiends blogs... Thanks. However, I had been to Cindy's and she sold me on that 10 year journal and it arrived yesterday. very cool.

  31. Glad you visited Cindy Wayne. She is a wonderful blogger, person and friend. She will be happy to hear you sold you on a journal. Hope your New Year is off to a bright start-like ours-with lots of sun.