Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Heady Fragrance of Angel Trumpets

There is no way a picture can do an Angel Trumpet justice when the Angel Trumpet is in full bloom.
No matter how good the photographer, the lighting, the zoom, the angle, it will never compare to the real thing.
Angel Trumpets are magical and must be experienced in person.

Because you see, without the heady aroma of the heavenly scent calling the angels to the garden to play, you cannot possibly understand the allure of an Angel Trumpet. The Jimster understands the magical allure of the Angel Trumpets.

Thank you Gerianne for giving me this beautiful, alluring, sweet, plant.

in the garden....


  1. Hi Tina, I agree completely, the hue and aroma cannot be accurately captured, by me anyway. I am impressed by the size of yours, are you going to try and leave some in the ground ala Mickey? Nice to see Jimmy too, hi J.

  2. Good Morning All,
    Tina that is a magnificent trumpet. I didn't realize they got that big that far north. I've only seen one around here that might be that big. It looks to be yellow, is it? Mine is purple & I also have a dwarf dbl white. I've had mine 2 yrs. now & they aren't anywhere that big. I can also leave mine outside in winter as long as I put it somewhere so it's protected. Most around here cut theirs down. My purple just dropped a bloom so I don't know when to cut it back. I could make cuttings if I knew how & when.
    Hope all have a lovely day.

  3. They're a couple of these at the garden center just past the top. fair mall, it's beautiful! dripping with blooms! and if my mine serves me right, bloomed x2 this year. The garden place must get it out of the ground before the snow flies. They are yellow.

  4. Tina,

    Absolutely beautiful! Your photos are perfect, I love the close-ups of the Trumpets. I don't have this plant but have long admired its fragrance and beautiful flowers! If it were able to survive outside I would grow it...but the cat doesn't need to chew on this plant!


  5. Until I started seeing them on your blog and others, I didn't know much about them--except they aren't hardy. Now I see different lovely pastel colors and find out they are fragrant. Next year...

  6. Good morning Tina, I just LOVE angel's trumpets. I'd never seen one until about 15 years ago when my mom bought her home in Wisconsin. The previous owner was a gardener and must have had them growing outside. They must have self-seeded, because they came up all over Mom's vegetable garden the first year they lived there.

    I absolutely HAD to learn what that mystery plant was after seeing it bloom and smelling its beautiful fragrance.

    Once I figured out what it was, I was amazed that it had self-seeded in Mom's zone 4 garden.

    Yours is so nice and large, and so beautiful with it's gorgeous dripping blooms! I can practically smell it from here!

  7. Good morning all!

    Frances, I think I will cut this one down and move it as it is not in the right spot. Otherwise I would try to leave it out. This is one year's growth and I find they are so not picky I just love it! I'll tell J you said hey.

    Dawn, Mine is on its second bloom. I have one just for you if you like. Let me know as I have cuttings going. Skeeter gets one too. You will have to dig it.

    Gail, I store mine either in the garage or under the house. It goes dormant pretty quickly once we are very cold. They grow fast and are so worth the digging but it might winter over. I plan to try next year, not this one.

    Marnie, These are a must have! I don't know how I survived without this and night blooming jimsonweed (moonflower) for so long. Do get you one as you will love it.

    Garden Girl, You are way ahead of me! I was only introduced to them about 5 years ago. My friend here in our little town has a multitude and she gave me my first. Hers also self seeded. Mine haven't yet;( I am amazed they self seeded in your mother's Zone 4 garden. They must be very happy! I love your purple one-I think it was yours? The smell is best-glad you can smell it!

  8. It is gorgeous and that is a lotta growth for one year. Akeeper for sure.

  9. How ironic, Tina, that I was just looking at a gardening magazine this morning and reading about how easy it was to take cuttings of this plant for next year. This would make a magnificent specimen in my garden.

  10. I used to be a huge contributor and a very active member of Dave's Garden, before he sold it. Regardless, it was there that I first learned about brugs.

    I wish I could visit the very sweet lady who sent me my very first angel trumpet from across the miles, way over there in California. I met her, and lots of other wonderful folks, on DG. The brugs she sent were probably as aromatic as any rose (excluding my Gertrude Jekyll) and I grew them in a, are you sitting?, tire planter.

    Of course they're not hardy to zone 5, and unfortunately, I wasn't able to keep them but for one very sweet season. I owe my California DG friend a huge thank-you for introducing me to brugmansias. And I'll give you a BIG THANKS!! too Ms. Tina for this post because it brought back some very special memories.

  11. They are very pretty, I have never seen one before.

  12. i am not sure if i have ever experienced the headiness of angel trumpets. they do look beautiful and i love the way they droop down as if to take a bow for their own loviness.
    thanks for thinking of me when you had a cosmos blooming. it's funny how gardening and blogging friends are now forever entwined.

  13. ps.
    is that your boy, jim? what a cutie. i have three boys 21, 18, and 16. one grandson, 1. all joys!

  14. Such pretty blooms Tina.Loved the close-ups--I don't think I've ever seen Angel's trumpets except on Blotanical.

  15. Hi Tina, your Angel Trumpets are gorgeous & the blooms are massive. I've never grown this plant before so thanks for sharing some information about it. :)

  16. Oh, they are very pretty. I wish we could smell them through the computer.

  17. Mom, Thanks, this is ONE plant that totally awes me.

    Rose, If I ever see you or you come this way, I'll be sure to have a cutting for you:) They are easy, easy from cuttings and it would look great in your garden.

    TC, I love Dave's Garden! You used to write for it? That is too cool. You're welcomed for the memory. They are great.

    Sarah, A few gardeners around have them. The President of Master Gardeners has several, as they are his specialty. I am not sure why more don't have these. My friend on Lake Road gave me my first and I had never heard of them prior to that. But they are in all the catalogs.

    Marmee, If you get the chance you really must stick your head in an Angel Trumpet, especially at night. Not quite like 4 O'Clocks but not far off either. Yup, that is my youngest. He just turned 14. I have two 27 year old girls, one 23 year old son, a daughter in law and 1 1/2 year old grandson. I see some similarities here. You can certainly understand what it is like having a teen boy or two in the house-whew!

    Kanak, Gee, we need to get you some Angel Trumpets in India. I believe they are native to South America, but would grow well in your area.

    Racquel, You must get some for your garden. They should be planted by a patio or something so you can enjoy them up close and smell them at night. Easy to grow too.

    Cindy, It has been said so many times before, the person who invents a scratch and sniff for the computer will be revered forever! They are heavenly.

  18. OH man, those are wonderful and to think they also smell good!

    I just got a start of these from my SIL. It is growing like wildfire in my laundry room. I guess I need to get it planted outside so it can get rooted well before our first freeze, assuming we have one. I forgot to ask what color it is. I hope it is the color of yours.

  19. My neighbor gave a couple of these to me. But they're too small to bloom yet. Hers are always so lovely. I took pics of hers this year. You're right: hard to explain their true beauty.

  20. Wow, 7:15pm Georgia time and I am just now turning on the computer for the first time today! Thats not normal for me.. lol....

    Dr apt this morning, lunch with the Saint then running all over town collecting items for my Fall Display... Lab took blood for thyroid test…

    Sprayed 4 gallons of Round-up on the county right of way and getting ready to pick up a load of pine straw to spread up there. Looking a bit icky with neglect from me this year...

    Tina, I was just telling you recently how I had seen the Angels for the first time at the GA Botanical gardens in Athens! I was captured by their beauty and huge blooms! I think your pictures are great and love the colors... The GA Gardener on PBS Television was talking about them a week ago and saying how easy they are to root just in water like a Philly plant so this is a plant for me! He ended his show by saying no Southern Garden is complete without a Angel Trumpet so I really do need a clipping from you to be a true Southern Gardener.. lol....

    My arms are really sore from clipping that darn hedge yesterday! No electric clippers for me I did it the old fashioned way with hand clippers… Guess my arms and boobs will be in pain in sequence tomorrow as I go for a yearly mammogram.. Oh boy, cant wait for that fun. Well, at least it aint the OB-GYN… lol…

  21. Tina, remember when the neighbors tree fell on our fence back in July? We repaired the damage and he never offered to help or pay us for his tree causing us heartache... He is just now getting it off his kids trampolines. The tree has laid there for all us neighbors to enjoy for 3 months!

  22. Eve, Yup, gotta plant it out soon. They are so gorgeous, you will like it very much once it blooms. I hope it is peachy too!

    Brenda, These plants are outstanding as you know. Quite a showstopper. You have a nice neighbor to share with you. I sure wish my neighbors even gardened, but to each their own. I'll be looking forward to seeing yours bloom.

    Skeeter, I knew there was a reason I was still on here! You were missing today! Lola was on early and you late! 7:15 is very late. Hope all was fine at the doctors. Your neighbor just kind of does his own thing. Maybe he was hoping you and the Saint would come over to clear the tree off his trampoline too? Skeeter, I would've long ago got the electric trimmers out. I can imagine the pain. We are getting older ya know, might want to slow down, then again, good for the muscles.

  23. Tina,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments. I love gardening and have really enjoyed meeting gardeners from all over.
    I have Angel Trumpets for the first time this year and you are so right, you just can't appreciate their beauty unless you are actually standing before them, the fragrance is wonderful. Have your ever grown moonvine? It is one of my favorites.

  24. Hi Machelle! Love the name and welcome to our little blog. Glad you have the trumpets-they are so fabulous! I have grown both moonvine (ipomoea) and the night blooming jimsonweed (datura). Both are super. Do you grow them both? Their fragrances are heavenly and they are easy to grow too. Thanks for dropping by. Survivor is on-gotta run-that is my night time TV viewing.

  25. Beautiful blooms. I love my double purple.

  26. Aunt Debbi/Kurts Mom, I bet your double purple Angel is awesome! I have seen a few purple ones but a double one would set the bar way high! I bet it smells great too.

  27. That's allot of blooms, reminds me of all the photos you see of this plant in plants books showing huge plants full of blooms.

  28. I think the manual clippers do a better job. Was not too bad with no humidity in the air. lol...