Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jefferson Davis Memorial

I have a lot of postings ready and Tina is being a kind soul and letting me post this entire week. She will take advantage of this little break to enjoy her family and not be on here as often. Thanks Tina...

Last week, I told you how we had visited the Trail of Tears park. That same day we went a few miles deeper into Christian County, Kentucky to see the Jefferson Davis Monument. (click on the underlined to see more on the monument)

As the marker states, Jefferson Davis was the only President of the Confederate States. Not many people know he was born in this KY town near the TN border. How ironic that 8 months after his birth, 100 miles away, Abraham Lincoln was born!

Does this monument look familiar? It should as it resembles the Washington monument in Washington, DC. The obelisk stands 351 feet tall and sits on a foundation of solid Kentucky Limestone. The walls are 7 feet thick at the base and taper to 2 feet thick where the points gather. Construction began in 1917.

The Washington monument is over 555 feet tall and is made from Marble, Granite and Sandstone and started construction in 1848.

An elevator takes you up to the top for some long distant views of the land below. A whopping $3.00 charge I believe! Can we say bargain? I wish it had been a totally clear day as you can see for miles away to include the state of Tennessee.

There is a huge farm that can be viewed from above.
I just love blue skies and the green color of land together. They just seem to suit each other.
Some of the fields were freshly plowed for winter crops. And what could that golden crop be? Hum, lets zoom in a bit...
Ah, I think I know that sight. I have seen this sight in many farms in Tennessee and Kentucky. Tobacco fields can be found all over the area that I call home. I grew up next to a Snuff Company so the fresh smell of tobacco is in my mind forever. Beats the smell of the Paper Mills down here in Georgia! giggle Lets zoom a bit more shall we...
The two types of tobacco grown in our area are Dark and Burly. My dad was not so sure this was Burly but rather a hybrid the farmers are toying with now.

I no longer smoke tobacco but I do enjoy the aromas to my nose when driving past a smoking barn during the fall months.

This was a nice little visit we had and if you are ever in the area, hop on over the border into Kentucky and check out the JEFFERSON DAVIS MEMORIAL. It is worth a visit away from being In the Garden...


  1. I did not know that such a monument even existed. Was it deliberately modeled on the Washington's? What a great view. I lived in Richmond for a good part of my life, and at one point rented an apartment on Monument Ave. in the shadow of Jefferson Davis' ornate memorial. Beside Davis the avenue has statues of Stonewall Jackson, JEB Stewart, Lee, and Maury. I call it "the avenue of second place trophies". If the wind was blowing from the right direction you could smell fresh tobacco coming from the warehouses and cigarette plants. It is ironic that in this apartment I had my last cigarette.

  2. So cool! I saw this one day when driving and never knew you could actually visit it! What a view. Guess you would NOT want to be afraid of heights.

    P.S. Just had a minute to pop in here to say good morning! Won't be on much though.

  3. What a neat place to visit! I would be afaid of the height! Never smelt tobacco in the fields, good for you quitting esp with the smell around!

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  5. my bad....slow 'puter this a.m.

  6. What a neat place, I didn't realize they had built a duplicate monument to the one in DC to honor Jefferson Davis. Those tobacco fields are kind of pretty in their shades of autumn.

  7. Les, good question, I did not think to ask that one though. This monument is the tallest unreinforced concrete structures in the world. No steel was used. It is also the 5th tallest monument in the US...

    Tina, no fear of heights here unless no fencing or walls to protect me. lol. The Jimster and Mr. Fixit would enjoy this place so you should take them there some time…

    Dawn, the great smell is when it is being dried out in the barns with smoldering sawdust. Now that is a wonderful smell to me. But burning cigarettes is not a good smell to my nose. Used to be but not any more.. lol Sometimes, I am a little slow too so dont worry.. tee hee..

    PerennialGardener, Looks just like the one in DC to my eyes but much shorter. The fields below were really neat to see from a birds eye view!

  8. love to see fields of farms. the different shads of green make it so interesting.
    i never realized there was another monument like the washington m.
    old grave sights are so lovely. they used to put a lot of thought into them.

  9. Great pics Skeeter and sounds like a good place to visit. I really do not like to be up high but do love the view from the Washington Monument and the Effiel Tower. Just something about those birds eye view. The tobacco fields are very pretty and do smell good. Too bad the cigarettes did'nt smell as good.

  10. Marmee, I also like old cemeteries. I find the statues so intriguing and yes, lots of thought went into the plots unlike today...

    Jean, I was on the Eiffel Tower for that Paris view! With all my DC visits, I am yet to get on the Washington Monument. Maybe by years end...

    Drizzle rain today so a great time to work on my Halloween costume...

  11. It's great to see these articles of history show up in the blogs. Wonderful photos and information! Cameron

  12. How funny it is that a person doesn't know what is so near. I too did not know that a monument had been that close to where I was born & raised. I only thought DC. Lovely views Skeeter. Thanks for the history lesson. I really enjoyed it. The pics are fantastic. I also have smelled the "smokin barns". The fields do have a pretty color to them.

  13. LES ZONE 8, Asked a question that I could not answer earlier. The Saint has assisted me with the answer to the question of Was the Jefferson Davis Monument modeled after the Washington Monument?

    Drum roll please... The Saint asked a park ranger this question. The answer is YES it was modeled after the Washington monument. The Park Ranger went on to say that George Washington was the first President of America and Jefferson Davis was the first and only president of the Confederacy hence, the same Obelisk style...

  14. Defining your home, I believe it is important to know some of our countries history. Some history should never be repeated but must be out there to educate.

    Lola, it is amazing how many things we have past over in our life thinking, we will check it out some day, then never do before we move on to the next state. Smokin Bacy barns are a great scent ever reminding me of my TN homelands...

  15. How neat to find a new travel spot. Those views from the top are very scenic.

  16. Skeeter and Everyone, I am REALLY going to for sure not be around much and I can tell you I appreciate the break and am glad you had so many posts ready! I will occasionally check in but will be busy.

    I am going to try to go to this memorial soon. It makes quite a presence out there in the middle of farm fields but I've seen it only once. So glad I know now.

  17. Cindy, I had been to this monument before but the Saint had not so a new experience for him. I had never been inside the monument so a new experience for me too! Wish it had been a clear day because you could tell it would have been much nicer even though we were happy with what we did see....

    Tina,You stay off here and take care of business and relax a bit if possible for you.. lol... I know the garden is calling your name so go get it girl....