Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where Do Bees Go To Sleep?

in the garden....


  1. Isn't that the life...I've eaten so much I think I'll just go to sleep right here on this nice pretty bed.

  2. Too funny....Almost a Thanksgiving day!

  3. I find the bumble bees sleeping on my flowers too. I can usually touch them if I'm out very, very early and they are still to cold and sleepy to move away. Bees are fascinating.

  4. Hey, Tina, I'm traveling (to AZ) so my commenting will be sporadic. I loved your video. I find the bees zoned out in the black and blue salvia and in the butterfly bushes--as Rose said, I can even touch them sometimes.

    Skeeter (if you're reading), I enjoyed your posts on the vinca and on the Trail of Tears--I'd love to see that someday.

  5. Oops, sorry, I meant as MARNIE said . . . I've been up since 3 am and I probably should be making public appearances in my present state . . .

  6. Good morning all!

    Cindy, All I could think of was they were like little fairies laying down in the flowers. So many of them too.

    Dawn, Yup, they probably overate.

    Marnie, I thought about touching them. Now I will for sure try it. They look so fuzzy.

    Cosmo, You have a super great trip and don't worry about commenting! See ya when you get back. Get some sleep and have fun!

  7. They sure look full & lazy. It's getting time for them to Fall into bed.

  8. Tina, I don't have any cosmos, so I'm wondering where DO bees sleep in my garden?:)

  9. They are fascinating creatures! Like Marnie and Cosmo, I just want to pet them and do...when they are sleeping!

    Nice video, I love this feature!


  10. Kinda makes you sleepy too just thinking about it! It's sort of like the aftermath of a Thanksgiving Day dinner, everyone just looks for a place to nap!

  11. that is just too cute. it looked like the fat and full bees were being rocked to sleep in their cosmos cradles. go to sleep, go to sleep, hush little babies go to sleep. thank you for sharing it was cool to hear your voice too.

  12. Hey everyone, IT'S RAINING! After one month-finally!

    Lola, They were content. Like we all should be at night. (In a perfect world)

    Rose, They might sleep on those pretty coneflowers or sedums? Anywhere but where the mantis are though if they are smart:)

    Gail, I love the video too. It is fun. I was going to do pictures then said-why not really show them. Hence the video.

    Dave, That is just what Dawn said! Thanksgiving nap for sure.

    Donna, I thought it was too cute myself. There were about a dozen or so sleeping bees and it wasn't even late!

    Marmee, There was a bit of a wind to rock the bees. Do you suppose that helped? Yes, I bravely put my voice on there too. Wasn't sure if I would, but sometimes we picture voices of bloggers completely different from what they really are, so this is less of a shock if I meet some more bloggers. Thanks.

  13. First off CONGRATULATIONS on your rain! I always wondered where bees went to sleep too...but I've seen them lingering on the underside of flowers in the garden at night. Very cute video. :)

  14. I concur Donna, That is really cute.
    When I was a kid we use to catch bees and put them into jars, kinda like lighting bugs.

  15. I'm glad you're not afraid to let your voice be heard. Maybe the bees have found some harmony on the cosmos. This site I found might explain why:


    We finally are getting some rain too! Now I can cross brush fires off my daily worry list.

  16. Dawn shows us turkeys and we are now thinking of eating at Thanksgiving! lol...

    I hear you Cosmos, thanks and do get there some day. A nice place to visit...

    I have never been compelled to touch a bee but now after all the talk of petting them, well, if I get stung, I know who to blame! lol

    Off to find stuff to make a Fall Garland for the front door! Beautiful sunny skies and warm breeze with rain expected the next two days! Yeh, come on rain...

  17. Looks like a nice bed to me, lots less crowded than any hive might be too. I haven't seen many bees up here lately, too cold I suppose.

    Nice to put a voice to the words typed on the page! I agree the video tells the story more than a still shot could any day.

  18. Wow, I have never seen a sleeping bee. Great video and I must try and find a sleeping bee as I would love to try petting it.

  19. I guess they get drunk and just doze off.

  20. CONGRATULATIONS on getting some rain. Hope it will help bunches. It is getting a little dry here altho we did get a brief shower today. Barely enough to wet pavement.

  21. Racquel, Thanks! There were so many sleeping-and early too. Like me.

    Sarah, Now how did you catch bees without getting stung?? That must've been fun!

    Walk2write, I checked out that website on cosmos and really found it interesting. VERY nice of you to send it to me. I did not know the history of cosmos and that they are a member of the compositae family. (Need to learn more from Gail for sure on families). Glad you can cross off brush fires. That's funny. We are still getting rain-yahoo! Off and on all day.

    Skeeter, Yahoo for the rain! Everything is breathing a sigh of relief, including me and all humans here. The out of towners here for the debate can't understand why we are so excited to get rain but it has been a month! Yes, if you get stung-blame us all at in the garden! But wouldn't it be fun if you didn't get stung? Have fun decorating for fall. Are you going to do a post on it?

    Cinj, Very nice bed for a bee I think. And thanks the video did work out well-now you have my voice with all this talk I type. I can talk alot too:)

    Mom, If you pet a sleeping bee, let us know. I don't mind when they are very cold and very sound asleep but haven't been brave enough as yet.

    Brenda, Yup, just like after Thanksgiving they are too full to move far.

    Lola, It is coming down!!! It is so great. I have to plant a ton of stuff in my garden and my friend's garden and I am under a deadline so I am much relieved. Hopefully you'll get more rain. Walk2write is in Florida too and has gotten some so maybe it is coming.

    Deb, Thanks! Are you on for the 21st?

  22. Yep I do plan to do a posting. Since most of the stuff is Halloween, I will post it closer to Halloween....

  23. Actually, I'm in Illinois right now, but my daughter in NW Florida said yesterday it was pouring there too for the first time in a few weeks. I'm glad because I had just planted some things before I left, and she was getting annoyed having to water them. Rain brings peace!

  24. I knew that Walk2write, what was I thinking? Glad your daughter doesn't have to water so much! Hopefully Lola will get some of that rain on the west coast of Florida.

  25. O how did we catch bees?
    We had these big bushes in our yard that had flowers on them that mostly would partialy open. The bees would go in the flower and we would close up the open end and put it into the jar, spin the flower and the bees would come out into the jar. Never got stung doing this. The bees loved those bushes.

  26. Yea, we're getting a nice little shower. Just gentle enough that it won't beat the plants to death.