Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vinca with time

My all time favorite Annual in this Georgia garden is Periwinkle (Vinca). This plant is a profuse self seeder, therefore a Perennial, drought tolerant and blooms from late spring until the first frost! What more could you ask from this plant? I planted the red and white slips you see below but look at the seedlings popping up on their own.

This is the round planter I have as the focal point in my Flower Garden. St. Francis is centered as we love the animals in our life also. Well, not the Moles and Voles so much these days.

Lets sit back and watch these little beauty's grow shall we....

The Above picture was snapped on June 4, 2008.

June 19, 2008 and starting to fill in a bit.

July 5, 2008 and now the self seeders are starting to bloom for us.

July 14, 2008 and really showing color with Susan in the background.

Aug. 7, 2008 and now starting to get tall beside St. Francis.

Aug. 27, 2008 and now making the planter sides disappear with hanging stems.

Sept. 8, 2008 and Susan is starting to fade but not the Periwinkle.

October 14, 2008 and still blooming strong with color but about to take over St. Francis!

I hope you enjoyed watching my VINCA WITH TIME, In The Garden...


  1. What a sweet little garden of vincas! I didn't plant that this year. But tis on my list for next season. I'm amazed at the lushness it's achieved.

  2. I like this vinca so much better then the perennial type! I used to plant this one before my garden was filled with native plants...I forgot how nice and easy it is. It fills a bed and is good in a container. Gail

  3. Good Morning Garden Buddies! I am back to computer world after a weeks break to enjoy the Fall colors in VA. The Saint and I are currently in TN for a Humane Society Event and enjoying color here as well, i will pop in here when possible today then back on the road tomorrow...

    Brenda, The Vinca in the yard was lush as always this year! They are the most colorfull blooms in my drought garden this year. I really do enjoy them...

    Gail, this is the most simple plant and bloomer in the garden! I like color and Periwinkle gives me color for the longest period of time. I love the stuff....

  4. Wow! I am impressed with the Vinca nad your garden.


  5. What a great plant! St. Francis will be okay. This is really pretty and looks great in your garden Skeeter. I really like the progression photos.

    Good morning all! Busy day visiting haunted houses so I'll talk to you all later!

  6. I love this self-seeding annual in my garden too Skeeter. Thanks for sharing the progression of your planting bed over the months. It looks really full & lush at the moment.

  7. Great progression of a plant that blooms so long. Can't beat that!!
    Missed you so am glad you are back but also glad you got a good vacation.

  8. I love the sequence of bloom photos. Very inspiring for folks to see how plants fill out a garden spot. Beautiful vignette! Cameron

  9. These remind me of being a little girl. My Mother always grew them and they were beautiful. Then we went through the years of them getting that fungus--and dying from the bottom up. This year Mother bought the new kind that is advertised as disease resistant--and guess what?? They have been!! Vinca's are such great flowers, I am so glad they came up with one that doesn't die.
    (Is this fungus a Texas thing?)

  10. Good Afternoon All,
    Skeeter that is a great post. I like the progression series. You can really tell how fast things grow. I will put this on my list for next Spring. I will need some fillers in my new gardens & I think these will fit the bill. I never thought about putting them in hanging baskets. What a great idea.
    Do hope you & the Saint are having a glorious time on your travels. Have a safe journey. And welcome back when you arrive home.

  11. i used to plant these in florida all the time, you just don't have to do to much to them and they look great. i have a few here in tn. i love the progression of yours getting taller and wider.

  12. Wow, the progression pictures are beautiful Skeeter. I like the little round garden esp with St Francis.

  13. Hey all, just popping in here to say hey. I am knee deep in family activities then the Fur Ball tonight so no time to chat much.

    Meadowview, I have no experience with the fungus of the periwinkle and hopefully never do as i love my pretties. Tina, do you know about this fungus in Texas? Glad you had luck with them again after missing them....

    Must run now....

  14. Tina !! .. that was great to see .. now you have me thinking for next year to be more exact with a special planting that I know will show like yours has.
    I haven't thought of vinca in that way .. I know I have planted some .. some where .. but it must have left home (not happy with me ?) .. or maybe .. this was another gnome incident ? LOL
    Great sequence of plant pictures and a lovely planting area with St. Francis : )

  15. Meadowview Thymes, Not sure about a fungus on vinca as I don't grow any vinca since I don't have any sun but is it possible it is powdery mildew? I think I have read somewhere they may be susceptible to the mildew. Not sure. If it is, then good air circulation is key. But disease resistant is even better.

    P.S. I mailed seeds out today to: Frances, MT, Cosmo, and Cindy. Gail, you should send me your mailing address or we can get together sometime. Also, Dave is talking of a Tennessee Blogger/Gardener Seed Exchange? Is there interest in this for all of here in the area? I am up for it. Just throwing it out there for something for all to mull over since I sent these seeds out.

    You all, don't forget to check out TC's blog for his take on our sweet visit a few weeks ago. He is a funny guy and we all like to smile don't we? I am still smiling as is Mr. Fix-it about a picture he took. Go see it.

    Skeeter, Have fun at the ball. We are hitting some HAUNTED houses tonight with the Jimster plus getting him a costume. Yes, even teenagers want to still trick or treat. Gee whiz. Isn't he too old??

  16. Those are awsome. Do they need full sun?

  17. loved seeing your vinca and periwinkle mature over time!!

    Happy Saturday blessings
    kari & kijsa

  18. Skeeter - I always love your progression photos and this is no different. St. Francis is in a jungle, but it looks great!

    Tina - TC's post on our visit was real sweet I thought. I can't believe it's already been a couple of weeks. Time is sure flying by! What is Jimmy dressing up as ? Lillian is being a pumpkin with a spider headband (if she keeps it on). I can't wait.

  19. Sarah, Hi there! Yes, most definitely need full sun (at least in my garden), not sure about Skeeter's.

    Kari and Kijsa, Thanks for dropping by our blog and welcome.

    Cindy, Hi there! Yes, I loved all both of you all's posts and thought they were both (mine too) very representative of us all in many ways. Funny you ask about the Jimster. We just bought him a Lucifer costume, and wouldn't you know it is missing a major part? Back to Wal-Mart we go. Urrrrr! I would be surprised if Lillian kept a headband on her head but a pumpkin outfit will be fun. This is her first real Halloween? She will have a ball, as will Mom and Dad. Dress her warm. I can tell you are excited for it. Take lots of pictures, time flies too fast.

  20. Tina ~ yes her first real Halloween (last year we were still in the hospital). I hope you were able to get Jimmy's costume together, annoying to have to return to Walmart.

  21. Yup! Got a chest for the he man Devil Jimster. Went to a haunted house last night so we are in the mood. I remember last fall when your bloom was born. How quickly time flies! But how great is life??