Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a Day...A Fall Day

How much more perfect can it get then sitting back in a chair, watching the clouds go by and thinking about the garden? Low humidity, some rainfall, happy plants, and crystal clear days make fall the perfect time to garden.

How goes your fall? Great I hope! Mine is a bit hectic since we just returned from a long trip, but more on that later.
For now I have to get....

in the garden....


  1. October so far has been terrific, clear blue sky, not a lot of rain and no frost! Thank you mother nature. / LOL Tyra in Vaxholm Sweden

  2. The sky here looks the same today. Clear blue with scattered fleece. I hope you had a wonderful trip.

  3. Pretty sky. Off to the maine state ballet for practice, ugh.

  4. Welcome back, Tina. Hope you had a great break. Nice to sit back & relax & just let the clouds roll by. And I hope you had a lovely trip.

  5. Good morning all! Today is voting day for us in early voting. What fun. NOT!

    Tyra, Thanks for dropping by! I love your blog and sure wish I was rich too on this fall morning. Glad your October is going great!

    Kanak, Yup, good trip with some gardening involved. Thanks! I will do a post a bit later. I got tons of pictures and haven't even downloaded them yet. Enjoy your day.

    Dawn, Have a great trip! Hope you have some crafts.

    Lola, Thanks! I really enjoyed sitting on this day. Not something I do often in the garden, but it was so nice I had to share it and see how other's days are going. Hope yours are great.

  6. My fall is crazy busy! I've barely had time to think, between working on behalf of a referendum, taking my daughter to a Feis, and trying to lay the groundwork for Spring Fling. At least I'm getting things done in the garden. Lovely photo of a lovely October sky. The color at this time of year is just fantastic.

  7. Tina, welcome home! The marker looks great, thank you. I sent you the photo that your husband took via e-mail.

    Skeeter, well done on holding down the blogging fort.

  8. It's NC State Fair time here...still very agricultural among all the 'rides'. My current blog topics are on the agri side. Tomorrow, I've got some fantastic chickens to show gardeners! LOL

    We've had 80s, but finally turned chilly yesterday. Colors are just starting to show a tiny bit on the trees. Lovely time of year! Cameron

  9. Welcome Back Tina! Hope you had a great trip. Skeeter did a great job while you were away. I enjoyed her posts. :) We are having a rainy, cool & breezy fall day in my neck of the woods. Needed the rain so that's okay with me.

  10. hey tina welcome back,
    hope you had a great trip!
    today here looks perfect cool, breezy, sunny.
    i hope we have a repeat tomorrow we are having an outdoor party here at the farm.

  11. Glad to have you back on the blog but miss you here :( but Skeeter did a great job as always. Don't hold me to that date I gave you. Pappa thinks it said the 16th so I will check on it. I sent the letters next door for them to read so will check later today.

    The sky looks great!! The sky here has lots of pretty clouds but not as deep blue as yours. It is COLD. Up to 60 right now but went in the high 30's during the night.

    A real big thanks for all the work you both did. It will be enjoyed by all of us. Can't wait for spring and next summer but the door will help all winter and I am sure Jason is happy he got out of a project at our house as he gets stuck with most of it.

  12. Mr. McGregor's Daughter, I don't envy you with setting up the spring fling. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I am so looking forward to meeting everyone-with the same likes as me. So great! The gardens and tours (if that is what we do) will be a bonus. Do take time to enjoy the fall. I need to get in my garden!

    Sarah, So glad you like the marker. I hope it will mark your mailbox no problem for that walking postman. I love the picture and will use it on my Berry Maine post. Skeeter for sure did a good job, she is a very excellent blogging friend. It was super fun meeting you!

    Cameron, I will be looking for the posts. I like state fairs but we don't attend often. My sister recently went to the Fryeburg Fair in Maine. A big famous one and on the trip down here we heard folks in Massachusetts talking about attending it. Small world. I do miss NC so post away-chickens and all!

    Racquel, Thanks! Good to be back! We need rain again but it is one of those lovely fall days. That is okay-gotta cut the grass after the 3 inches of rain we had last week. Skeeter is pretty awesome to help me out for sure. I wasn't going to post but she convinced me otherwise. We think the regular posting is important and now it is such a habit.

    Marmee, Thanks! A very good trip, but long. I think tomorrow's weather will be even better than today's so you have an awesome party! Good time to do it.

    Mom, It is okay on the date. We like Bella but it is more than we thought so we'll be happy when she is back with her mommy. As will she:) You are welcomed on the door. Wish we had more time but leave is so short. The garden should be great. I think it looks super now. I took so many pictures and have not downloaded them yet. We go to vote this morning then have to clean up the yard. TONS of leaves. Kind of cold here too but we like it. No heat required. My date to finally turn on the heat is never before November 1st. This year it seems to be no problem as it has been a warm October everywhere.

  13. What a beautiful sky to welcome you home. I've been enjoying the big skies out here--not many trees grow tall (mostly palms), so the vistas are wonderful. Still, it was nice to see your pine peeking into the picture--and I can't wait to hear about your trip.

  14. Hi Cosmo, Are you back yet? I am still getting situated here. Lots going on. I just had to put the pine in the picture. It is my one and only and what I was sitting under enjoying the gardens. Which reminds me-I need to rake those pine needles. Looking forward to hearing of your trip too!

  15. I love fall. But the falling leaves are getting to me. Rake them up, go back out, and you might as well not have bothered, it seems. Worst of all in the pond! Otherwise, I'm thoroughly enjoying cooler weather!

  16. We're having a great day here in California. It's about 80 degrees outside right now and sunny, with light breezes. The garden is still growing, the peppers still producing, and the morning glories blooming.

    Glad to hear it's beautiful there, too!

  17. Hi Tina, what a beautiful day you came home to! I hope you had a wonderful trip.

    I've been busy bringing in plants the last week or so. We are past our first average frost day, but no frost yet this year. Last year I did it all in one day, this year I'm taking my time!

  18. Brenda, I am with you-love to rake but it seems pointless for sure. I equate it to doing dishes, they just get dirty again and still you have to wash. I'd much rather rake! Do enjoy the cool weather-it is great to rake in it. Gee if the leaves fell in the summer they would never get raked at my house.

    Parsec, California sound like a dream and I am so glad your garden is growing. Those morning glories are something.

    Linda, We had a great trip-met some other bloggers-gardened a bit-and just enjoyed life. I will post on it soon. I am bringing in plants too. Seems when I get one thing done I turn around and there are others. Dig the dahlias, replant cuttings, move houseplants, cover trumpets, pull annuals, plant-it never ends! I do a bit at a time and soon it is over. Glad to hear you are taking your time too. We too are past our first frost date and no frost. A very unusual October, but one I am enjoying now that we had a few inches of rain.

  19. Hi Tina, welcome back from me too. Skeeter was a trooper and worked hard on every post, not a slacker post among them! I'm sure you are happy to be home, even with those gorgeous blue skies and your family far away again. The garden missed you as did we.

  20. Hey there! Glad you had a good vacation and welcome back! The sky shot is beautiful! I went to the Growild sale, bought a few shrubs and a few more wildflowers that I had to have..Star Grass and a Penstemon that was blooming...P smallii. Then planted them all! What a great way to spend a pretty fall day!


  21. Frances and Gail, Thanks so much! I am happy to be home. The garden did miss me indeed. Skeeter is quite the trooper and took up the slack wonderfully. I just need to learn to REALLY stay off the computer;) and she let me know too! It is a hard thing! Gail, I am out there planting too, but nothing as exciting as what you have. Can't wait to hear about your new purchases from Growild. I learn so much from you two.