Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bald Cypress Tree

Look at this huge Bald Cypress tree (Fall, Rust Colored) that my dad planted in his Tennessee yard. Compare the size of the tree to the sun room of their house to the left! Yep, it is a big tree. When dad planted the tree, the Saint joked and told my dad that he would never see it grow as they are very slow growers. To this day my parents call this the Saints tree due to that little mistake on the Saints part!

Cypress trees do grow slowly if standing in the water but the cypress in the ground without constant water, grow quickly such as my dads tree.
The Saint now has his own Cypress tree here in our Georgia garden. My dad found this sapling popping up in his yard and gave it to the Saint. We planted it in April of 2006 in the Butterfly Island on the west side of the yard.

Here is the Saint next to his Cypress tree 4 months later!
In one more month, it was taller then the Saint which stands 5 foot 9...
Here is the tree in June of 2007 being 14 months old! It really does seem to like where we planted it. Now we fast forward to this past summer. The fast growing cypress in June of 2008.
By July of this year, we knew we had made a mistake to plant the tree so closely to the butterfly bushes. I will have to keep the butterfly bushes trimmed and may have to move them at some point. Look at the size of the trunk! I like the way the trunk looks on a cypress tree. You can easily identify them by their neat trunks and bark.
We had a pesky visitor to the Cypress this summer. Lets move in closer shall we...
Darn pesky tent worms! We plucked them off the tree and remove the small damaged branch. Luckily, no more returned this year.
This picture was taken on Nov 12, 2008 showing you the rust color of the cypress during fall time. Now she stands all naked with no leaves on her branches.

I cant wait to see how large the CYPRESS TREE will get, In the Garden....


  1. Wow, that sure is a tall tree. I like the color in the fall pictures. Another cold one up here --today is a race and the parade downtown. A fun and busy day for all the kiddos. They are all running --Sidekick is running the Fun Run --should be interesting:) Have a great day everyone!

  2. Holy cow, that tree is out of control! I had no idea they could grow so quickly. But don't you think it should be the other way around--faster in water? Wonder why it's slower there and taking off like a rocket on terra firma?

  3. If it shows any knees, Skeeter, you will have your very own homegrown gnomes to show off for next Halloween. That growth is amazing! Since the presence of water slows down the growth rate, then maybe living in FL will slow down the aging process? Hmmm. There may be hope for me yet.

  4. I had no idea his was such a fast growing tree. And it's so pretty. Alas, I don't think they grow in our 5b area. I like the name your parents gave their tree. They must get a chuckle every time they say it. :}

  5. They have three cypress trees where I work and they are beautiful trees. I particularly like them in the springtime when they first start putting out leaves. The green is such a wonderful color.

    Always Growing

  6. Skeeter, The Musician used to be a forester. Bald Cypress is one of his favorite trees, though he's amazed that yours have grown so quickly without standing in water!

    The wood is quite rot resistant -- The Musician says you must have an improved (faster-growing) variety that is grown for harvesting the wood.

    I love the shape and color of the cypress. Yours looks beautiful.


  7. It is a beautiful tree. One many, many love so much. It has really grown fast too. Is someone sneaking out there at night giving it Miracle Gro? Ha!

    Snowing here-and cold. You all have a great day!

  8. Fast progress! Pretty in all seasons, and in fall--more so!

  9. Skeeter,

    I love this tree! It has always captured my attention in the landscape and the fall color is wonderful. Who knew it was such a fast grower....I just assumed the ones I had seen were planted many years ago~~


  10. Wow...I too never knew they grew so fast. This is why I love blogging....You learn some thing new every day. Thanks for sharing or this may really come in handy some day.

    Do stop by and check out our contest going on right now..hope to see ya there.


  11. I don't have one, but bald cypress grow really well in Oklahoma. I see a stand of them every morning as I take the children to school. I've watched them grow from tiny saplings, and they always make me smile.~~Dee

  12. A beautiful tree. I wonder why they call it "bald" cypress. Looks far from bald to me!

  13. I think the Saint is going to be biting his tongue for years to come, lol. That is one beautiful tree and fast growing! I love how beautiful it looks in all seasons Skeeter. It's a lovely addition to your garden.

  14. Hello Tina..thanks for stopping by my blog....dont forget the pink saturday post at that is where the contest is.


  15. Anonymous, We have lots of Christmas activities going on this weekend also. Two parades in our area alone! Good luck to the racing kiddos! And mom keeping up with them... tee hee....

    Susan, I am not sure why this tree does not grow as quickly in the water, You would think it to be the other way around. Hum, I think we may have a monster on our hands soon....

    Walk2write, hey, maybe we are on to something with the water, you know people do move to Florida when they retire. :) I think only the water ones have knees as my dads does not have any, or he may cut them with the mower when he mows since he mows about every 5 days or so. So maybe he whacks them before they have a chance to grow. I will have to ask him about his knees, he is always in the mood to talk about his hips so he should oblige....

    Beckie, It is a funny story with the Saint and dads tree. I think he fell in love with cypress trees when he first went to Louisiana to visit. It is a fast mover!

    Jan, I too like the tree when it starts to show the green color in the spring time! The leaves are like soft feathers also and fun to stroke with your hands. In fall with the rust, it looks dead...

    Cameron, I did not research this tree too much as I was busy trying to get the house all situated for company today so I dont really know too much about it other then from what I have seen with my own eyes with dads tree and now ours. I did not know there were different varieties, I just assumed a Bald was a Bald and all the same. Hum, interesting. I do like how quickly this one is growing as I like instant gratification...

    Tina, snowing already? It may be a long winter for yall in TN. I see lots of cypress in the landscaping of business here in GA. They all seem to grow quickly as ours do so I reckon they like it down here. Stay warm!

    Kanak, This is a fast growing tree for sure! In the fall it looks like it is dead with the rust colored leaves but it is still pretty but now she is naked with no leaves and looks a bit sad :(...

    Gail, I see them all over the place down here in GA. Lots of business seem to use them in their landscaping. I like the ones standing in the water as they look so peaceful to my eyes...

    Sondra, Blogging is a fun way to learn! I learn something new every day it seems! This is a great tree if you have the room for it so keep that in mind if you ever get one...

    Dee, I did not know they were in Oklahoma! I thought they were more of a deep south tree. Now I just learned something else new today! I have not done much research on this tree just going by experience which is the way to go for me. Not much time for research. I will check in on the contest...

    Brenda, It is bald as can be now with no leaves on the branches! lol. The leaves falling off make it a Bald, but not sure why as other trees with falling leaves are not called Bald. ??? Maybe some research needed by me after all....

  16. Great tree and a great story. I never even knew there was a cypress that lost its leaves.

  17. Racquel, Yep, the Saint will have to eat those words for years to come! lol The thing is taking off like a rocket shooting to the sky! I just hope I dont have to remove a butterfly bush and then loose it to the move. The tree does have character with each season...

    Sondra, Skeeter chatting today as Master Gardener, Tina has the weekend off but she will see the contest for sure....

  18. Sheila, There are a lot of these type cypress trees in the Deep South. They are quit popular with the landscapers here in GA. They remind me of California’s redwood trees which I am sure you see a lot of…

  19. Everyone have a good day!

    Another busy one for me and I will be popping in here when I can but company will soon arrive then I must play Hostess which I love to do....

  20. Sondra, Interesting contest! That one looks like so much fun. Happy Pink Saturday!

    gotta run now bye...

  21. that's funny the story of your saint not thinking ya'll would get to see the slow growing tree get gianormous. your looks like it is doing well too.

  22. What a beautiful tree, I'm with Sheila, I never knew a kind that lost it's leaves yearly. Very lovely looking in the spot you have it, judging from your Dads, it will the area outgrow big time!

  23. I love bald cypress. Ours haven't grown that fast--you must be feeding yours right!--but they're doing well in our heavy clay soil (I DO hope they don't get quite as big as your dad's did . . .)

  24. Your dad's tree is amaizing! I was always afraid of them being told since they are water trees that it will hunt for your water and sewer pipes.

  25. I love bald cypress trees. They are so beautiful in the autumn, especially. Great photos!

  26. I am sneaking away for a minute. Am I a bad hostess? tee hee....

    Marmee, Just as my dads tree, this one will be a giant soon and maybe we can climb it and look for the Golden Egg! :-)

    Dawn, I do fear for my beloved butterfly bushes but at least I will not loose all 5 of them but only two may have to be moved in time....

    Cosmo, The way this one is growing, I assume it really likes where it is located. Maybe full sun is the trick as I dont do anything but put fresh pine straw mulch on it each spring. Some water during really bad drought times. Amazing how things can grow in clay soil....

    My little family, I have heard about Willow trees hunting for water and pipes being harmed but never the cypress tree. Hum, I think our septic tank is in that area, maybe that is the fertilizer making it grow...

    Giraffe, I really do like them also. The autumn color (rust) is not my favorite but my dads sure does stand out in the fall...

    Off I go now. Will be back some time later in the day tomorrow!

  27. That's a wonderful tree, and it's growing SO FAST!
    It must like the place you have planted it... perhaps it enjoys the company of the butterfly bushes.
    Love the texture of the treetrunk!

  28. That sure is one fast growing tree, especially for a tree that sheds it pretty leaves, as they usually are the slow growing. But then again, the willows are also pretty fast growers so it may be worth researching to make sure your lovely tree will not search for water.

    Have fun being the hostess!!

  29. Great post Skeeter. I've noticed the cypress here have turned their rust color for the fall. Here they do loose their leaves.

  30. I believe it was the willowm not the cypress. My mistake!

  31. I like that tree, and it looks like it has room there. I wouldn't have room for something like that.

  32. A beautiful tree, and wonderful following! Happy Saturday!
    kari & kijsa

  33. Sir,

    Your dispatch has reminded me that I must engage in the planting of some fine trees of my own. As a result, various birds may find a resting place during their migratory travels & I might have also the opportunity firsthand to observe their behaviour. I feel p'haps though, on reflection, that I may have left it a little late at this cold time of year, being as there is, a severe white frost covering the length of my garden this December morn, here in Hampshire, England. You published fine plates of the trees, I must say, & most admirable views!

    With all due deference & regard,
    Colonel Brandon.
    Nature Diary

  34. Shammickite, Jean, Lola, my little family, Sue, Kari & Kijsa and Colonel Brandon, Hello to you all. I am still playing hostess but got a chance to jump on here for a minute or two. I have seen your comments and appreciate them each....

    Have a Good Day...

  35. Wow, that cypress does grow really fast.

    It looks similar to a hemlock which is also a beautiful tree.

  36. Hemlicks are beauties also Dan. I think all trees are beauties except for the pesky sweet gums in my yard... lol

  37. Skeeter, I wouldn't be so quick to "diss" the sweet gum trees. According to one of the books in my library, the sweet gum tree, Liquidambar styraciflua, exudes an "aromatic balsam called storax or styrax important in medicine and perfumery." You have a veritable pharmacy at your fingertips! Maybe we can learn to love those pests, as long as they make us some money.

  38. Walk2write, I will remember this the next time I am picking up the darn gum ball pods off of my grass! lol, And also while buying that new mower blade next spring....