Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Catching Up With the Commenters

A few of the alma mater (original commenters) of the In the Garden blog met for lunch and fellowship recently. It was a fun day and a great day to catch up with everyone in person. Those in attendance were (from left to right): Nina, Tina, Skeeter, and Anonymous. We were sad my mother (Jean), sister (Dawn), and friend Lola could not attend due to their living out of way out of state. We all hope that sometime soon all seven of us will be together to talk, talk, talk!

I want to say a personal thanks to Skeeter for taking time out of her Thanksgiving weekend to meet up with us all, to Nina for traveling all the way from the big city of Erin, and to Anonymous for allowing me to publish her picture-finally after more than one year! I think that as of last week all of my commenters have been officially published and photographed and posted on the blog. All of the commenters have become friends, and were very instrumental in getting In the Garden blog going.

It has been most rewarding making new friends through the virtual world. Through the virtual world of blogging we can learn that we really do have lots in common with one another and can really get to know one another. I thank all of you who comment on our little blog and enjoy getting to know you all.

Also, we really enjoyed having Anonymous's husband (THE Hunter), Boy #1 and #2, the Girl model, and the Sidekick join us for lunch! It was great seeing everyone and I hope we can do it again soon. The Front Page Deli was a perfect place to hang out and talk. The staff was kind and food delicious. Note the really cool mural on the wall behind us. Thanks Mr. Hunter for snapping the picture of us.

in the garden....


  1. What a great picture. It's nice you were able to get together. I bet the time just flew by!

  2. Hi Tina and all. I love seeing the real yous! I know it was super fun getting together and chatting it up. I bet the talking was nonstop. :-)

  3. Tina,

    Good morning! Isn't it great fun to hang out with garden blogging friends! Did you talk more about blogging or gardens! Love the photo of you all!


  4. Sounds like lotsa fun Tina! Thanks for sharing your visit.

  5. How nice to bring the original team together. I love your optical illusion photo below. It makes me think of snow blown across the beach.

  6. I'm glad you were able to get together for lunch and some conversation. How fun!

  7. Hello ladies. It's always good to put a face to the bloggers. I bet each of you are just as sweet as Ms. Tina, who I've had the pleasure of meeting in person.

    And I love the backdrop too Ms. Tina. (And Ms. Anonymous' leggings, hope I didn't embarrass her by sayin that.)

  8. What a great way to spend the afternoon! I'm enjoying seeing all the photos of bloggers; it really does help to put a face to a name.

  9. Aw, maybe someday.
    I'm glad you all got to spend some time together, nice backdrop. Was the food good?

  10. What a great photo to have for years to come.Everyone looks great and I sure wish I was there also. Be quite a job to get all 7 of us there at the same time but oh boy, would'nt that be something. Then to add Gail, Frances and Dave. Could'nt get any better than that!!!

    How did Bella girl react to seeing Christy? She must have really been excited.

  11. Cindy, Oh yes!

    Frances, Nonstop but we fit in many conversations with all being able to relate. This is good in smaller crowds I think.

    Gail, We actually did NOT talk blogging at all that I can recall. We talked of our families, a bit of gardening and each other. Just regular conversations. I often wonder what the bloggers talk of when they get together-I hope not all blogging!

    Linda, Thanks.

    Sarah, That field was way cool. I still can't see that it is not furrows.

    Racquel, It was fun and a long time coming for all of us to get together. Thanks!

    TC, Anonymous is quite stylish I am betting she will be flattered. I too thought she looked great. We all had a good time.

    Rose, Those pictures can throw one off. I think when you read a blog and get to know the blogger, you have a certain picture of the blogger-then comes the picture and it can be a shock. That is one reason to post them periodically. Glad you like seeing the faces.

    Dawn, Oh yes! Food very good. Atmosphere as well. One of my favorite places though I am not in the party crowd we do go when the situation presents itself (this is a bit of a nightclub I think). If you come, We'll go visit.

  12. Pretty excited Mom. She slept downstairs with Christine so I was pretty excited too. I think BJ and Link were happy. We got back at 2330. My neighbor came over to let the dogs out this morning and we about scared each other to death! I should've stayed in bed-ha! They canceled school here yesterday so the Jimster only missed one day. Exams for him this week. Break time next. We'll get together sometime. Lola is talking coming up here possibly.

  13. The picture brings back the fun day in my memory bank! My favorite bank these days. ha. We had so much fun and yes, the couple of hours flew by as quickly as the wind! I found out that Nina knew some of my moms family and we had a great conversation bringing up lots of fun memories of my past on Uncle Dewey’s Farm which was my great-great uncle! I learned all about cows, cow pies, creeks, crawdads, snakes, chickens and more on that farm as a child! Anonymous’ has a great family and I wanted to take Sidekick and the rest of the kiddos home with me as they were so well behaved! At that age, me and my 3 brothers were into everything! And I wonder if hubby got a new camera after seeing all the little boxes? Hum….

    Am glad all made it back safely and Christine rocks with her accomplishments! I bet Bella girl was sooooo happy to see mommy. Funny with you and neighbor scaring each other. One time while we were on the Sheriffs watch list so they would come by the house and check in on things while we were away. Once we returned, we forgot to call and report we were back home. We were sitting in the living room watching TV with our kitties when a flashlight came shining in the window! Talk about freaking out. We freaked out the cop and he us! We had to prove who we were to him. Nice to know they keep an eye on things when we are away from home…

    Enjoy Christie while you have her Tina!

  14. Great fun! You gals look wonderful!

    It's nice to "meet" the folks behind the blogs.


  15. Thanks for the photos. I never realized it, but you do get mental pictures of certain bloggers if you've never "seen" them; how funny, they seldom match their real photos. I'll take that lesson and try to remember to squeeze a current photo of myself in every once in a while. It's difficult to do when I'm the one holding the camera!

  16. Good Afternoon All,
    Great pic of all you gardening cyberspace friends. Nice to finally meet you, Anonymous. I just know a great fun time was had by all. It would be a special meeting if we all could get together one day.
    Congrats to the grad. I know mommy is very proud. I bet it was a nice "meeting" for Bella.

  17. Skeeter, It is really something to find out just how small this world is, especially the Tennessee area. Too funny indeed. It was nice getting together and we so thoroughly enjoyed our visit to sunny Georgia and South Carolina this weekend. Bella is quite happy to see her mom. She will not be so happy today when she goes to the vet to get her nails clipped. Ha! Glad it is her and not me! Orkin is getting adjusted to her too. A good thing as I want the cat to come inside finally. I can imagine flashlights shining in my house!0 Scary indeed. It was too funny with her but I wasn't scared. Just surprised and she took it well too. What a super great neighbor I now have!

    Cameron, Thanks! We had fun.

    Nola, So I am guessing we look nothing like you envisioned? That is okay as it is a common thing. I think pictures are good occasionally. I mean yes, it is a garden blog but isn't the gardener part of that too? I'll look forward to seeing your picture. Some bloggers will absolutely not do it, but it's never been a problem for us.

    Lola, Finally! Anonymous let me put her picture up there. We all had a good time. Sure wished our other alma mater could've visited too. Sometime. Christine is having fun. Doing laundry-what else? Taking long solo HOT showers. Funny the things we appreciate in life.

  18. That's a neat building behind you.... the windows are PAINTED ON!

  19. Hi Tina --I am so not a camera person, hahah. But, I had such a great time meeting up with some awesome garden gals:) The kiddos had a great time too and I am so happy that they were able to put a face with the names since I talk about the gardeing blog all the time. The kiddos keep me busy but I always manage time to get in a quick read:) Tonight I was baking for some classroom parties --and while I was baking I pulled out some garden pictures to remind me of the beauty I have awaiting me after this cold dreary day. Yes, I looked at my lilac pictures --the pretty colored tulips and some gorgeous iris and roses. Ah, it was sweet! I hope to meet more of you when you come up this way --Jean and Lola you know I HAVE to meet you girls.
    Oh Skeeter --the hubby did love that camera but he will have to wait --hehehe. Mine works just fine and so does his, hahaha. He loves all the newest and greatest in electronics --good thing Boy 1 gets all these new gadgets --then hubby has fun without me having to buy two:0) Sidekick had a Christmas program today --he sang and played these lummie stick things --very cute. Girl model --earned her Accelerated Reader t-shirt and Boy 1 --ah yes taking finals this week. I hope you all are well and getting ready for the holidays --I can't keep up with my little cookies monsters and parties. I bake and they disappear. Nighty-night y'all!

  20. Shammickite, Painted on windows are pretty cool-no cleaning!:0

    Anonymous, You stay so busy! It is great. I was glad we could all get together and thanks so much for letting me post the picture. We'll have to do it again sometime. Tell Boy 1 good luck with finals. The Jimster is working on his too. But it will be over soon enough-yeah! ttyl

  21. Hi Tina, it's nice for me to be able to read about many of your meetings with other bloggers, and to see photos. I have found it helpful to see photos of bloggers. I still haven't met anyone in person. Perhaps someday that will happen...there are many garden bloggers who live right around me! Maybe in the spring, when our gardens are beginning to come to life again:) Have a wonderful holiday! Jan

  22. Tina, it's always wonderful to know about you meeting other bloggers. Meeting people you already 'know' and share so many common interests must be an experience you'll remember for a long, long time. Loved your post!

  23. Ah, nothing says Christmas like the smell of fresh baked cookies in the house!

  24. Hi Jan, It is pretty fun meeting bloggers and making new friends. I don't meet up with just anyone though, only with folks I have come to 'know', just like Kanak said. It is quite a rewarding experience and I recommend it to anyone who has some good blogging friends. If either of you ever come to my neck of the woods-do look me up.

    Skeeter, Wonder if Anonymous will come bake me some?:)