Sunday, December 14, 2008

Georgia Drought you say?

Do you think I am going to whine about the Georgia drought today? Just the opposite. I am going to whine about too much rain fall! Ha, I should be happy we had over 3 inches of rain fall this week but...
why did this rainfall have to come now? And just look at those leaves after I spent two days raking and mulching the yard! The yard was so pretty. You see, I am expecting a visit from a Garden friend and her family today and this is what I woke up to Friday morning! Sigh...
I don't believe with our mild Georgia temps we will be grilling out while my visitor's are here. Just look at the puddle by the grill and in the small planter. If we tour the yard and gardens, I hope they bring some flippers or rubber booties as it will be one soggy mess for sure!
Maybe I can show her the garden shed as this water my run on down into our low lake! Arg, as of Saturday, the puddle remains. Our 2 foot deep burn pit is full of water also. At least we burned all the debris before the rains. Hey, maybe I can stock the pond with fish for their arrival as I hear hubby likes to fish! Anyone have a water pump I can borrow? Oh, I should not complain as we have been in a 3 year drought here in Georgia but why oh why did Mother Nature chose now to get us out of this years rain deficit? GEORGIA DROUGHT YOU SAY? Not In the Garden...


  1. Rain is good Skeeter! It will go away. Do not worry, your garden friend will be fine and I bet she is used to rain. Have a great day all!

  2. No worries! Your garden friend is probably appreciative of the rain, too.

    Happy a wonderful day!

  3. Don't worry Skeeter --I know your garden friend is a fan of rain. It doesn't always come when you need it but in the end it will all work out:) Have a great visit and enjoy your day. Off to church with the kiddos soon. Ciao!

  4. Morning, Skeeter. I know we should be thankful for the rain--but it hit here on the same day the temps went up, and it rained so hard gardening was totally out of the question. But then your Gardening Friend has probably been through lots of puddles. Have a wonderful time--December showers, January flowers? Who knows?

  5. Good morning everyone and thank you so much for your encouragement that we will have a nice soggy stroll through the gardens. I guess we all know about the rains and timing with being in our yards so often....

    Tina, You sure are up early this morning. You must not have gotten all those bulbs in the ground and cant sleep with worry. Have a good day! :)

    Cameron, I know rain is good for the gardens as all gardeners know but too much of a good thing right now is a bummer. I have warned of rubber booties or flippers so to be expected when they arrive. You have a wonderful day also...

    Anonymous, On the bright side, they "were" calling for sun shine the rest of the week. As of last night, they are calling for more rain by tonight. Arg, I hope I am not posting about a washed out planed hayride tonight with our guest's! Say a little dry prayer for me and enjoy your day with hubby and the kiddos...

    Cosmo, there you go being so positive. Thanks for the words but as I look out the window while typing, I see clouds and no sunshine in the sky. Arg, I hope Mother Nature is kind and holds out on the rain until our surprise hayride for our guest. But we are all flexible and can go with the flow. I am sure a soggy ground will not stop us from getting out and playing...

  6. Skeeter,
    If your friend is a gardener, she will definitely understand the rain! We need some rain here, too! Have fun with your friend.
    Merry Christmas,

  7. I would think with the drought it would soak into the ground really quick. Puddles are a headache, we always have one at the bus stop! Grrr.

  8. Poor you, what bad timing. Still, it will be good for the garden in the end.

  9. The weather doesn't always have perfect timing Skeeter. I'm sure your garden visitor will understand. :)

  10. Good Afternoon All,
    Skeeter don't worry I'm sure your guest will understand. Rain can be inconvenient at times but it is essential for all living things. Just enjoy your company. I'm sure they will enjoy you.

  11. Lorilee, Yes, a Gardener and friend will understand. I am sure she has been sloshing in a wet garden before now. :) Merry Christmas to you and your family also!

    Dawn, oooh, puddles at the bus stop must be icky! The problem is that the ground is so dry that it is taking too long to soak in. Plus with the massive amounts we have had lately, it is just taking time to soak in. But being out of our deficit for the year is a good thing plus we have a creek again....

    Lindab, I just can’t seem to be happy with the rain. Not enough and now too much. The yard does need the wetness so I should not complain. I am sure we will still find a way to the garden. Maybe our hubby’s will give us piggy back ride's to the garden. tee hee...

    Racquel, I guess I am a bit spoiled as we usually seem to have good weather when we have house guest. Oh well, we are garden people and we will adapt and get to the yard some how...

    Lola, I too think it will be alright. We are adaptable and neither of us will melt. lol How much rain did you end up with in Florida? They are calling for more here and probably tonight. I hope it does not interfere with our surprise hayride for our guest. Have a good day!

  12. Dear Skeeter,

    It's like that when garden friends are visiting...the rain comes, or there's ice or the deer ate the phlox you wanted to show off! I find it hard not to stress a little when a fellow gardener is visiting! Frances came to see me in the middle of the drought! The garden was in terrible shape...I gave her instructions...where she could or couldn't! look. Ask her if she looked anyway!

    We got hit with the same was a mess and then...2 days later the ground was perfect to work!

    Have a good visit...

  13. Gail, I reckon that is just life for a gardener huh?... I am not so worried as there is not really too much to see now any way. A lot of brown stuff and some green but nothing blooming or really standing out. I have an item or two my friend has never seen before like the loquat so that will be the focal point. I bet France did not peek. tee hee. We will have fun just the same, soggy yard or not. From drought to floods, we are never happy it seems… :-)

  14. Company arriving within the next 30 minutes so signing off for now.

    Everyone have a great remainder of the day!

  15. You will all have a good time no matter what. You 2 could talk for days anyway so all you need is each other. Just block out the rest of the people, haha. But I do hope you get your hay ride in. If not, just more time for talking!!

  16. Great post! Glad to see you are finally getting some rain...too bad it has to be now.

  17. What's that saying I've heard before? Oh yeah. If it weren't for bad luck, we'd have no luck at all. Throw on the galoshes, get out there, and kick up your heels! Or better yet, walk like an Egyptian! Hope you have fun with your friends.

  18. I know just what you mean! I go outside and clean up all the leaves and debris. Then in an hour or so it's back. I just cleaned the pond this morning. And then the wind started blowing. And leaves started blowing right back in!

  19. This just goes to show you can't control Mother Nature. I know the timing was wrong, but eventually I'm sure you'll be thankful to have had the rain.

  20. Skeeter, I don't know how many inches we got but it was flowing down the ditches. At least I could walk in the back yard. So it didn't get that wet. Just a good drink for all things. I must get a rain gauge.

  21. Jean, oh you know the talking was like heaven to us both. Poor hubby's could hardly get a word out :) Hayride was a first for the teenager and the Christmas lights along the trail were great as were the hot chocolate and hot apple cider! Highlight was the Saint and teenager playing guitar together. Both of them were on Cloud Nine and I have never seen Teenager smile that big before! He is a quick learner and the Saint was impressed with his skills. This kid may go somewhere with that talent if he chooses so....

    Parsec, We are happy to see the rain deficit disappear for the year but why now. Oh well, it did not slow us down too much as we saw the entire yard soggy and all! I only fell in one mud hole but unfortunately, I did not have my old shoes on so had to clean shoes before we headed to town. Too funny...

    Walk2Write, we did not walk like an Egyptian but rather splashed more so like Donald Duck! But the soggy never slowed us down! We walked the entire yard and even into the front woods to see the wild bushes which my Master Garden bud could not really identify! I have stumped the gardener! Love doing that to her... tee hee.... We had a blast and hope they return soon, well maybe when I have something blooming to show her but she did want to take my loquat home with her and it was still blooming so she got a snoot full of the sweet scent...

    Brenda, it just seems like I deal with the leaves from early Oct until Jan every year! The rain has most of them staying in place but the oak trees just will not drop them all as they must play games with me and drop some one day then the next and then stop for a few days then drop more. Drives me crazy but I do love those great shade trees in the summer. The Saint will not let me put in a pool or pond due to the leaf issue and I think he is correct on that one. Would just be a loosing battle...

    Rose, I am ever so grateful for the much needed rainfall. I just wish Mother Nature would have been a wee bit nicer but the soggy did not slow us down too much and I guess it could have been worse so all is well that ends well. I know the yard and gardens love it...

    Lola, I love my rain gauge and keep track on a calendar from the gauge. That way, I know when I need to water the plants. Without the gauge, I would not know when it rains during the night. Some times we wake up and all is dry then I see rain in the gauge! Amazing how it can rain in the night and not wake me up...

  22. We had had lots of snow already this season, which I'm A-OK with. Only last night and this morning it rained. And rained. RAIN!!! It's just wrong in Michigan in December. That's all I'm sayin'.
    ~ Monica

  23. Garden Faerie, We have had about a dozen freezing nights and that is so wrong this time of year here also. Calling for 70's tomorrow, now that is more like it this time of year but do wish for snow on Christmas...

  24. I grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland, but I've leaved on the left coast for most of my life now. I blogged today some pics of Poinsettias growing in my neighbors' yards.

  25. Hi Skeeter, I was out of town and missed this. How about that rain? We made up five inches over the weekend in our deficit too, that is great news for the plants, but some people are having flooding problems. It is still raining, but not as hard as before. When I go visit gardening friends, I always bring my boots for I want to tour their gardens! :-)

  26. Weeping Sore, I just love Poinsettias. I cannot have real ones due to inside cats but I do have an artificial one that looks real and I enjoy it in the sunroom this time of year...

    Frances, that was some rain we had! We really did need it but not so darn much at one time! Made for a mess around town and especially poor drainage areas like my backyard. But you know a little wetness will not stop a true gardener so we splish splashed our way through the entire yard! I was so excited that I forgot to put my old shoes on and I fell through a mud hole with my good tennis on. lol. I have a faucet and they washed fine. :-). Yesterday we broke a record temp of 79 degrees and expecting more of the same today! Funny going out Christmas shopping and seeing people in shorts when we were all wearing sweaters and wooly coats last month! Strange stuff I tell ya….

  27. I am whining about the same thing right now here in TN! Haha. Of course, we had nothing in the summer and now, we're getting so much that the backyard is literally a mud hole and I can't get anything done! (I did pick me up a pair of rubber boots the other day though, which are already much improving my situation).
    I collected a bunch of leaves I wanted to mulch, but it has been so wet and muddy that I have not been able to even do it.

  28. Hi Skeeter,
    I don't know if this would work for you, but Cameron has an awesome rain catching garden that catches rain water, then leads it away the direction she wants it to go. It's on her blog somewhere. (I see she posted a comment here.)

  29. Lindsey, That seems to be the way it goes with us. No rain or too much rain. Arrgggg, what is a gardener to do? I reckon take your advice and buy rubber boots! I need some...

    Sue, I will have to give Cameron a check in on the Rain Catching Garden. That sounds very interesting to me! I am really busy these days and not much time for blogging but once the New Year begins, I should be back at it again. I will put a note on the desk to check for Rain Catching Garden with Cameron. Thanks :-)