Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Louisville on My Mind

What do you think of when you hear the word Louisville? As in Louisville, Kentucky, though I am not sure there are many other Louisvilles.

Well for me I think of my daughter and the city she lives in. Louisville is an awesome city. Each time I have visited there I have been very impressed by the gardens, the cleanliness of the city, and the friendliness of the residents. Oh yes, there is the Louisville Cardinals and the Kentucky Derby. Maybe even you might think of the Louisville slugger or Six Flags Over Kentucky?

All of those items might be high on your list when contemplating Louisville. But back to my daughter and to blogging and what I think of when I think Louisville.

We traveled to Louisville recently to visit my daughter and her fiance's brand spanking new house, the five dogs, the cat, and of course the daughter and her fiance:)

There we go, that is a pretty good view of the new house. It is quite a house in a very neat subdivision. The house truly suits both my daughter and the fiance well. It has tons of room for all sorts of critters.

On the side of the house in a vacant field I spy something that truly has my attention. What can it be? Rocks! LOTS of rocks! Can I possibly abscond with some rocks for the garden and still get my gardening fix while visiting with my daughter and her fiance? I was so totally NOT allowed to blog while visiting Louisville, but no one ever said anything about rock collecting. We were a bit busy playing WII Fit (a truly fun game for the whole family), traveling to reception halls in the artsy section of Louisville, looking at the Cardinal Stadium and touring gardens (from the car) to be blogging. Okay, I confess, I could've fit it in but the daughter said no!

She did kindly agree to help me load a trailer full of heavy rock and even heavier broken concrete. This is the same rock I placed around my driveway garden back in May. The developers of my daughter's and her fiance's new house and subdivision have no problem with folks taking the rock, as long as they are safe and don't damage the area. I sure love this rock as I am one of those rare gardeners in Tennessee that DOESN'T have rocks in my yard. I can surely use the rock in the garden somewhere, but look at what else this mother duo had the opportunity to do.

Can you guess what is in the future? A wedding for the new homeowners and happily engaged couple? It will be a big deal and a pretty big wedding since it is taking a long time to plan. I have already been informed grandchildren will not be far off after the wedding. The happy couple will have a lovely home and great garden to start out in. I am looking for some more Louisville trips in the future but until then I will keep my daughter on my mind in Louisville, and enjoy those rocks from her subdivision in my yard every day.

in the garden....placing all that heavy rock somewhere!


  1. That was nice of the developers to let you have all that although somehow I think you did them a favor. Liz looks happy.

  2. Oh Tina, I am so happy for you. Having your daughter and baby to be close enough for driving in a day will be so wonderful. I see many many trips to Louisville coming up in the future between wedding planning and babies. I have to laugh at your rock collecting too, no blogging allowed but rock harvesting is not only permitted but she helped you. A magical moment for your relationship! Congrats!

  3. This must be so exciting for you, Tina! Your daughter and her fiance's new house and the wedding that's coming up. And the trailerful of rocks!
    I checked out your older post and the rocks look great in your garden. Lucky you!!

  4. You do have to jump on an opportunity like free rocks when it comes along! Congratulations to your daughter and future son-in-law! Is that THE dress or just one in the search process. I think she looks gorgeous in it!

  5. How exciting for you! That dress is beautiful! And the gardener rock lover in me thinks the rocks are pretty too. I love stone, rocks--hardscape stuff, all of it! What fun plans to look forward to!

  6. Tina,

    What a great bit of news! As the M-O-T-B are you going to be a big part of the planning? Your daughter has chosen a lovely dress; since you are posting a photo...I take that to mean here fiance won't be reading the blog today? It's going to be an exciting few months until the wedding!

    Lucky find those rocks...I have rocks in my TN yard but still look at rocks and try to figure out how to get them home!

    Enjoy the day, I hear it will be in the sixties!


  7. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding Tina. Your daughter's house looks like it's in a beautiful, natural setting.

    How great that you were able to gather all those rocks. I'm sure they'll make a nice addition at your place.

  8. Tina,

    I just love happy beginnings! Your daughter is beautiful in her gown. The wedding will be glorious.

    That's quite a haul of nice rocks! We'll expect photos of the resulting hardscape project.

    I've been to Louisville once. Back when I was an Arabian horse breeder, I went to the Arabian National Championship Show there. Long, long, time ago when I was in my mid-20s.


  9. Congratulations to the couple! Tina, I'm right there with you with no rocks in the yard. All of mine are imported! It looks like there are some good ones there.

  10. Good morning all!

    Dawn, Yup, I think I was helping the developers out a bit too. It was mutual though. Liz and I had fun looking for dresses. I was glad I was able to go with her. She has not chosen THE dress yet though.

    Frances, It will be a bit of driving-like you for sure. Those rocks were just too good to pass up and I was glad we all got out there. You know blogging is kind of a solitary affair at home:(

    Kanak, Thanks! Liz is very excited and it will be such a special day in her life. Once she is married we have her twin left to be married, though she says no marriage for her. We'll see♦

    Cindy, Liz tried on 5 dresses on this day, not sure if this is the dress but it is the one she photographed in nicely. It was fun!

    Linda, Thanks! We had fun and I managed to fit in a bit of rock collecting. It was so hard placing them all when I came home though so I thought being at her house relaxing was the better deal!

    Gail, I am going to help as much as I am able to with planning. That was one reason why our overnight visit was so nice. They are having the wedding and reception in an old meat packing turned artsy area and we were able to tour that, as well as try on dresses. It is a long time away but will be so special. Rain is here. Sigh. I wanted to rake my neighbor's pine needles to spread but not today. Oh well-you have a great day!

    Linda (GG), Thanks! The house is great and I am so happy for Liz. Those rocks lined a total of four fairly large beds. They look great too as they add a finishing touch. I may have to visit again soon to get some more though. Once I recover!

    Cameron, Thanks! Louisville is a nice city. I am always impressed by their culture, the kindness of folks up there and the way they live as compared to the place I live. They have so much to do and it is a very well established city as you know. I think it cool you used to breed Arabians. Walter Farley's books are some of my most favorite, even to this day. I'll for sure post pictures of the rocks one day.

    Dave, Driving to Louisville is not such a bad drive. Probably easier for you since you are probably close to I65. If you want some let me know and I'll hook you up. I know how frustrating it is not having rocks. Thanks on the wedding too.

  11. Louisville means equestrian things to me. Stables, the Derby, cross country...

    The brides dress is beautiful!

    I always go out in the fall and pick up rocks from the fields around me. The farmers certainly don't want them;)

  12. Glad you had a nice visit with your daughter. Congrats to the happy couple on their upcoming nuptials! Her dress is gorgeous! What a great haul of rocks you found, they will really be an asset in the garden. :)

  13. Thank you for calling by my blog....a lovely post and I can totally understand the rock thing.....they are wonderful to add to a garden....lucky you.....

    Hope all goes well with the wedding plans.....and the forthcoming grandchildren........

  14. Sounds like a lot to do in such a beautiful and friendly place. And what a beauty of a bride to be in that gorgeous dress! I think that should be the pick as it is so perfectly fitted.

    Ah, no blogging but rock taking is fine. That is some kid ya got there Tina... lol....

    There is rock all around us but not much in our yard unless I bring it in such as you and Dave. No such luck with rock for me but I did get free bricks from a construction sight a while back which I have mentioned before. A lot of contractors will gladly let you haul off left over bricks, rocks or what ever if you ask and dont destroy the property. Great asset to all but the future homeowner that paid for them and would probably like to have them. tee hee...

    Not raining yet so another day in the yard for me. I am still dealing with leaves and I will continue to work those 20 bales of pine straw...

  15. Ahhh! The city of my birth. And I'm sure you use the correct pronunciation when saying "Louisville." It's not "LOUIEville," or "LOO-UHville," or even "LULLville." It is simply Louisville. (I have a digital voice recorder and if I had time, I'd record me sayin it and post it on my blog. I still might do that in the near future.)

    Oh, one other thing: You best take care of those Kentucky rocks! They're mighty special because they're embedded with Kentucky bluegrass. ;~)


  16. Congratulations, Tina... on the upcoming wedding and the rocks! Your daughter looks lovely, the house spacious and the yard full of potential. Happy to hear about the pet family of five, as well (4 cats, 1 dog, here). Sounds like they're off to a great start.

    Happy rocks! ~ Deb

  17. Marnie, Isn't Louisville nice? I always think horses too. I am so happy my daughter has settled close by. You are lucky to have fields to pick up rocks!

    Racquel, Those rocks make a great addition. A piece of Louisville in my yard and my daughter too:)

    Cheryl, Thanks for stopping by! And for you nice comment. The wedding will be great and the rocks already add so much.

    Skeeter, The rock thing was funny. She kicked me off her computer but we all got together to collect some rocks. Mr. Fix-it and I sure could've used help downloading it all afterwards. It is POURING here. I am a bit miffed since I did not get all the bulbs planted or pine needles picked up from my neighbor's yard. I do hope you got yours all done.

    TC, Thanks so much. I did not know you were born in LOO-AH-VILLE. I like that pronunciation so much better and use it, though you know most folks call it the other way. I promise I'll take great care of the rocks. Now just how does one do that?:)

    Deb, Thanks! They do have a menagerie full of animals. It happens with his and hers and blending of families sometimes. Can't wait until the wedding. I hope all is well up there in New England. Rainy as all get out down here today.

  18. Hi, Tina--

    I really like the dress your daughter was trying on--I guess you'll have to keep her actual pick a secret, huh?

    I love Louisville, and for me it's absolutely definitively synonymous with the Kentucky Derby. We've been to Churchill Downs several times, but never for the Derby or the Oaks--that's one of our dreams (our BIG dream is to have a horse in, but that seems pretty unlikely . . . ). But yes, I love Louisville, love the downtown area, love the horse farms and the bluegrass, and love the food. You're lucky you'll be visiting so often!

  19. Hi Cosmo, Yup, she actually hasn't settled on a dress yet. It will be interesting to see with the wide variety she tried on today. Louisville is great! If and when you get back there, let me know and I'll schedule a visit and maybe we can meet up. I would love to go to the horse races, not sure if I'd want to race a horse though. Some day (hopefully-but you know how that is). Some day always. Good luck with your big very big dream.

  20. Tina, I was not able to spread all the pine straw I have as the wind was blowing more leaves from the trees like crazy so I figured what was the point with leaves messing up my pretty straw today! Decided to get up some more leaves instead but I did get the front planters all pretty and full of fresh straw.

    My dad just emailed me and said "Raining like crazy" there so I reckon all of your area is getting a good soaking today. Sorry you did not get all your bulbs in the ground but now the ground will be soft for the remainder of bulb planting. Ya gotta be positive ya know…:-)

  21. I keep telling myself that Skeeter, but I am so darned late this year and no end in sight to getting it all done. Tomorrow is a garden day though. We'll see if I can finish in that soft ground. I'll see you soon and looking forward to seeing all that pine straw!

  22. Sounds like a good day to me, wish I had been there:( Being the beauty that Liz is, she will make a lovely bride. Since her fiance is no slouch, it will be gorgeous all the way around. The way she has always wanted kids, I know they will come soon. And don't bet on her twin sister ever getting married!!!

  23. Oh, Tina, you made my day with this post. So much joy! Marriage rocks! At least that's what geologist hubbies claim. Best wishes to you and your family from ours in FL.

  24. That wedding dress ROCKS!! Congratulations to your daughter -- sounds like lots of exciting things are happening in her life right now. Hope you'll share all the details of the wedding planning with us :-))

  25. Hi Tina,
    I know I'm late.
    A beautiful bride to be. Gorgeous dress. It fits her perfect. I'm glad you had a great visit with your daughter & her fiance.

    Boy, those rocks were a great bonus. I know it was a big job but worth it. I hauled some down from N.C. They were my favorite's from there. A lot of meaning as they relate to dec H.

    I tried to do some things in the garden but there was so much pain I had to quit. I did get my Cannas cut off. Hopefully I didn't kill them. I sure would have liked to move a couple of them. I also have some bulbs that need to be in the ground. BUT. Maybe tomorrow.

  26. Mom, I was very happy Liz allowed me to post this so you could see a bit of what we were up to. This is not the dress but a pretty one.

    Walk2Write, Now you and I and all the ladies know the men get the most out of marriage so of course geologist hubby would agree! Ha! Thanks so much for your nice comment and best wishes to you and your family too.

    JGH, It is a nice wedding dress for sure. We are more than one year out so as time goes on I'll post a bit about the whole thing. Should be fun as it will be my first big wedding in many many years. So many I can't count!

    Lola, Never late. That is the beauty of blogging. No one keeps track. But I do worry if I don't hear from you for a few days or so. Hope you don't mind! Thanks for your nice comments. Those rocks are great. Can't imagine carrying them from NC to Fl but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Hopefully you'll get some planting done today. I too have planting and raking and...and btw, the teenager is sick and home in bed. Fun!

  27. Hi Tina,
    No, I don't mind.
    So sorry that the teenager is sick. Sure hope he gets well fast. That virus that is going around is no fun {I had it}.

  28. Weddings are wonderful, Tina, and so are free rocks ... having both daughter & the rock pile within driving distance should keep you smiling!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  29. Thanks Lola!

    Annie, Yup-smiling lots!

  30. So they had you on blogging sabbatical, eh? You turned it to your advantage- fabulous rock collection there!

    Your daughter looks so happy in her beautiful dress :)

  31. Hey everyone- Mom needed to be away from the computer. I know if I had let her on it she'd be there forever. During my Thanksgiving visit she was mostly on it!!!

    Thank you for all the compliments on the dress. I think that I will be wearing one very similar to the one pictured. The wedding is 16 months away so we have lots of time.

    Thanks mom for the visit and the blog.

  32. Ilona, Thanks! It was actually nice to stay off the computer for a change. Ha!

    Now Liz, tell the whole truth, I was on the computer because you were perming my hair so what else was I going to so? Anyhow, enjoyed our visit up there and yours down here too. See ya soonest!