Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Annual New Year's Eve Post

I thought I would recap my hopes and dreams for 2008 as published in last year's New Year's Eve post. It is a time for me to reassess and look forward to the new year. The sunsets have been outstanding of late. I captured this one off my back deck recently, it is symbolic of the sun setting on 2008. I guess it would make sense that I then post a picture of the sun rising tomorrow we shall see.....

Things I had hoped for this year that did not fully happen: I had hoped for world peace (hasn't happened), the Jimster to find high school cool (he did) and to get all As (he hasn't), a new job (not yet but I am not looking either), and that it would rain between 1-2" each week this year (heck no! can you say drought?).

Some things I had hoped for that came to pass: My family and friends have continued good health, the voles have pretty much left my garden alone (probably owing to one orange tabby cat in the garden), my children are continuing to grow and prosper, (they have seen many changes this year and have all fared well), the adjacent property owner sold his house and I now have super terrific neighbors, my husband's workweek has slowed down remarkably, and lastly this blog has continued and I have met some really wonderful folks. Thanks all for the good things in 2008; which was a pretty good year.

Now on to 2009 and wishes:

1) World Peace.

2) Mr. Fix-it's job of recruiting finally ends.

3) My children will continue to grow and prosper.

4) Friends and family will continue to have good health.

5) It WILL rain between 1-2" per week and no droughts!

6) The garden will be the best it has ever been!

7) I will continue this blog to the best of my ability and have a great time meeting new friends.

My best to you all and I hope all your dreams come true next year!

in the garden....

Thank you all who voted on the Christmas light preferences. For the record, 47 voted, 23 for white (49%), 13 for multi lights (28%), and 11 for a combination of colors(23%). We'll for sure do it again next year.

I really liked hearing everyone's views on the lights. Honestly blogging is about getting views-different ones from our own. All of the comments (views) have made me think I might need a really big grant and some heavy thinkers on how to put together the north/south and white/multi-colored lights correlation for next year. Or maybe it is just all for fun and to get those different views and perspectives on different aspects of everyday life.

in the garden....again.


  1. Hello my friend, such good wishes for the upcoming new year, health and happiness are always at the top of any list. Your blogging has brought us all together and it was so great to meet you in person and strengthen our friendship even more. Here's to friends and gardens and blogs! Clink!

  2. So I am reading and I read "week" and I say surely she means month, but that doesn't seem quite right either. Then I read "week" again. Now I know droughts can mess with our minds, but do you really want 50-100 inches of rain this year? I have lived through three rainy seasons (and dry seasons) in the pacific north west and I wouldn't wish a year round rainy season on anyone. anyway...

    may you and your garden have all the moisture it needs this year.

  3. Good morning all!


    Wayne, Yes I DO so want this much rainfall. Already Tennessee's average rainfall is over 50 inches per year. Normally we would get about 4 inches or so per month. However, that rain will usually come all at once and cause problems. Then the rest of the month will be bone dry. I'll keep the rain-just once a week at around 2 am on Wednesdays:) Yes, I know, a bit unrealistic but I can only hope. Never been to the northwest but I hear it rains ALL the time there, this is not what I want. Thanks for the good wishes and I do so hope the rains come this year. Tennessee trees and plants may not be too happy if it doesn't. Happy New Year!

  4. All and all, sounds like you had a good year in the "it really matters" departments. Have a Happy New Year.

    Always Growing

  5. Tina,


    May all of your wishes come true.

    You and Mr. Fix-It will have so much when he retires. The Musician and I find that our days are so full of activity that we wonder how we ever found time to go to work.


  6. Hi Tina,
    I enjoyed reading your latest posts, as well as some you gave the links for. You have some good hopes and dreams there, and a lovely sunset. I hope you capture the sun rise in the morning.

    Now, I hope winter goes by quickly so I can enjoy another garden season.

    Happy New Year,

  7. I hope all of your wishes come true. Drought is not anything we want around here either. The loads of snow help us, so I guess I'll have to take it. Hopefully it won't all melt at the same time like it did last year, it was not pleasurable getting stuck in my driveway!

  8. Tina,

    I hope that 2009 makes all your dreams come true & then some. Happy New Year!


  9. Best wishes for the new year Tina!

    It looks like all those wishes are attainable, except perhaps the first one, not yet anyway. But we can always, and should always hope!

  10. Hi Tina --great picture and best wishes for a fabulous NEW YEAR!!! Ciao!

  11. Good Morning All,
    Tina you have some great wishes for 2009. I truly hope they come true. 2008 seemed to be good for you minus a couple. Like enough rain. We all need so much rain as water is the substance of all life. Without it there wouldn't be anything.
    I hope all have a great prosperous day.

  12. Haapy New Year to you Tina. I am so glad 2008 gave me blogging and meeting such wonderful friends as you. Reading about your garden, and Skeeter's, Dawn's and Lola's, has truly inspired me. Thanks to all of you for sharing with us.
    I pray for peace, health,happiness and lots of blooms in 2009.
    Happy Gardening!

  13. Would you add one more to your list for '09, Tina? Get down to FL to visit some former Illinoisans who miss the company of a TN Master Gardener and her family.

  14. Hi guys,
    I think your list is pretty good, I wanted peace for awhile but then decided to wish for "looking forward to everyday in 2009 and to live everyday to it's fullest grabbing all the goodness." If we all resolve to that goal=maybe world peace? Happy New Year.

  15. Tina, the photo of the sunset is beautiful and so appropriate for the ending of the year. I hope all your goals come true, especially world peace. I would have to say that the highlight of 2008 for me has been joining Blog Land and meeting such wonderful bloggers like you. I hope that you will be able to come to the Spring Fling in Chicago. If not, I see a possible trip to Tennessee in my summer plans:)

  16. Tina, beautiful sunset! All in all it sounds like a good year. I’m so pleased to be part of it. Happy New Year! Good luck waking up for dawn....

  17. Jan, That is a wonderful way to look at it! Happy New Year to you-may it bring you many good things.

    You too Cameron! Yes, I can hardly believe I used to work-not sure if I ever really want to again-maybe garden coaching? Right up my alley. How did we ever do it then??

    Sue, It will pass before you know and we'll be doing this again next year. Such is life. Happy New Year too ya! I very much enjoy your blog too.

    Cinj, Happy New Year to you and may it bring you many many good things!

    Racquel, You too!

    Dave, Someday perhaps world peace shall come, in the meantime I guess I can dream. You and the family be safe and have a great one!

    Anonymous, You too my friend! And family too!

    Lola, Ditto to you too!

    Linda, Thank you very much. It has been wonderful getting to know all my blogging friends. Many happy wishes to you this evening and in the coming year-may it be your best!

    Walk2Write, Hubby and I are saving that bottle of wine so when we do get together with our friends in Florida (you) we can have a sip and share some memories. You take care this evening with the family and be safe! Many good wishes and a new job are sent your way!

    Dawn, This is such a good thought and oh how so many wish it could come true. One day at a time-a good mantra for sure. Be safe this evening.

  18. Rose, You are welcomed in my home anytime-though I warn you-I am much more the gardener than housekeeper, though we are comfortable here. Do call me and let me know when you are coming. Not so sure with Spring Fling, we have free time then but it is so far away that I am just not sure at this point. Happy New Year and it has been great getting to know you too!

    Sarah, Nope, don't think I'll be up at dawn, though the dogs usually get me there pretty close. It is just too cold and dark to want to get out of bed anymore in the wintertime. You have a great and sunny New Years this evening and stay safe-especially on the slopes!:)

  19. Wonderful sunset and if you just look at the sunset it would seem like world peace is at hand but look away and realailty sets in. Great wishes form all and I have great hope that all will be healthy and happy and safe in the coming new year.

    Frances stay off the tables with the clinking!!

  20. Tina,

    Happy New Year! I do hope that 2009 brings all your wishes...especially health, happiness and world peace! With world peace many would experience happiness and improved health! ...and changes in jobs!

    My friend, it's been a delight to meet you and get to know you! I do hope that you get to visit my garden sometime (and see yours). Isn't it amazing that 60 miles is so close and yet so far away! Thank you for encouraging me in my early blogging days and for always, always being a supporter. You are a dear dear person.


  21. hello Tina, what more can we wish for and how well put! All the best to you and your family in 2009. Glad to have met you in blogosphere. Andrea

  22. Happy New Year to you also Tina! A beautiful sunset indeed… We dont have plans as of yet but I am working on something fun and simple for the Saint and I being the simple people we are. tee hee....

    I think we all wish for World Peace and pray that in my lifetime I see it. :-) Until then, I will live each day praying for good health for family and friends. And maybe this will be the year I get my address book and photo albums in order too! Been working on those for about 4 years now with little luck. Sigh…

    Eat those Black-eyed Peas and Ham tomorrow and of course dont forget the Cornbread! lol....

  23. Mom, Very best wishes to you for the New Year! Sunsets and sunrises say it all.

    Gail, It has been a delight meeting you each and every time. You are such a fun lady! You and Frances both! Do come and visit me anytime. I will try to come by whenever is best for you-just tell me when as I can usually work in a trip to Nashville. And I know Geri would love to see your garden too. She is QUITE the gardener though she plays it down very much. You have the best new year my dear blogging friend!

    Andrea, The very best comes back to you! Glucklisches Neues Jahre! And it has been super getting to know you too!

    Skeeter, This has been the best year getting to know you and your family. You are a very dear person and friend to all. What a gem! You have the best for the New Year-whatever you all do it will be great. We are staying home-the safest place I think. A nice hot tub will be calling our names...Clink!!

  24. So you want world peace and rain and convenient times. hmmm--- marula jelly may have been more realistic.

  25. Happy New Year, Tina (and Skeeter and Dawn and Lola and Anonymous)! What a great year it's been--and I've only been blogging since June--so 2009 already promises to be better. Cheers to world peace and rain and Mr. F's retirement and your kids' continued success and everything else on your list. I know 2009 will be great.

  26. Tina .. Happy New Year girl !!
    I hope all of your check list will come true this coming year : )
    We can always dream can't we ? LOL

  27. May all your wishes come true, and if that does not work, I hope you will at least get enough rain.

  28. Happy New Year!!! I hope all your wishes come true this year!!!! I have never made the peanut butter balls before so I was happy they turned out(-:

  29. Tina ~ Enjoyed your '08 review and forward-looking hopes and goals. May we all be blessed with fruitful gardens, awe-inspiring sunrises and spectacular sunsets... here's to 2009!

  30. Wayne, I totally agree!

    Cosmo, Thanks so much and many, many good wishes to you my dear blogging friend. If you ever come this way-do let me know!

    Joy, Yup, that is it totally-some dreams!

    Les, My fingers are crossed-and for you too. Happy New Year!

    Cindee, You did an awesome job and enjoy this evening eating those delicious balls!

    Deb, That is my wish for everyone and wouldn't it be great if it came true? Just to dream...Happy New Year!

  31. Tina, I'm so glad to have found you during my year of blogging! I love reading whatever you have to write that day. I love your wit and your garden knowledge. And on top of that I consider you a blogging friend! Here's hoping this time next year there's an end to war...

  32. Happy new year. Ditto on the 1 - 2" a week and no drought!

  33. You have a very nice blog! I have enjoyed my visit. You take care and hope you and your family have a wonderul New Year!!!

  34. Hi there Brenda, I have enjoyed getting to know you and following your dining room 'open up' and all very much, you sure are a good blogging friend. I am honored you consider me your blogging friend too. You have a great evening and the best New Year!

    Helen, Thanks! And you too-we can only hope and pray and dream for that rain and of course each year it will be perfect. Ha! This is the year for sure...

    Sara G, Hello and welcome! Thanks for visiting and you too have a nice blog-several of them I see. I hope you and your family have a super great year 2009! Hard to believe!!

  35. Happy New Year everyone!!! Just a little while longer and 2009 will be here. Boy 1 and Boy 2 are patiently awaiting the new year. While Sidekick and Girl Model have been asleep for hours, lol. The daddy is working tonight, but it's okay we typically don't do anything special except watch that ball drop on TV, hahaha. Have a great evening everyone --I really enjoy the blog and all the lively conversation --I've learned so much and I'm sure will learn alot more this spring --always something new to learn with gardening. Thanks to all of you:)

  36. Mom- I was up everyday when the rose and set in South Carolina and they were all very beautiful. It was very surprising to me the clearness of the sky and amazing colors, different than what we have here in Maine.

    For my New Year I hope to just make it through AIT successfully, my family to remain healthy and happy and for my kids to continue to be loved by those taking care of them and for them to behave for their care givers. Oh yeah, get a duty station that I will love.

    Skeeter- I know because Mimi (Jean) told me that you had posted a comment to me and I have not been able to find it on here. Alot to go through since I have been out of the loop for so long. Thank you for the thoughts whatever they might have been!

  37. Happy New Year, Tina - and good luck with having your wish list fulfilled!

    With Central Texas still in exceptional drought, a nice soaking rain would be on my wish list for sure!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    PS I didn't vote on the lights although I read the posts. We lived in various suburbs of Chicago and two neighborhoods in Austin Texas and saw both white and multicolor lights wherever we lived.

  38. Anonymous, Have great fun at the recital. I know you are SO proud and your heart is just huge with love for those kids. He will do well! Staying is on New Years is what we did too and that is fine with us. You guys have the best this year!

    Christinelynn, You will treasure you boot camp days forever. You may not believe me but you will and being up prior to the sun coming up and seeing it set each day is just one of those memories. Have a great time in AIT in Texas; you'll do great! You have many changes coming this year and it will be ever so exciting for you. Lots of love, mom.

    Annie, Thanks so much! I am always very optimistic each new year and feel sure this is the year for rain and everyone's gardens-fingers crossed for Texas. Thanks for your comments on the lights too. I find it an interesting subject for some reason, probably because there are so many varied ideas of decorating that you can't help but wonder the motivation for what folks choose. Have a great day today!

  39. Christine, just letting you know how proud we all are of you for your accomplishment :-) You Go Girl!!!