Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cedar Tree

My dad has real luck with saplings popping up in his Tennessee yard. One such sapling was the Cypress tree I showed you a few weeks ago. It is now too tall to measure. Another tree that he gave us from his yard is a Cedar. The red clay colored pot is that sapling. The other cedar is one I took out of the woods behind our house here in Georgia. The Holly is another tree I dug from the woods but the holly did not survive being moved. Sorry Holly... sniff sniff...

*note, I am showing you the vent that the Saint replaced since that first picture. What an ugly eyesore the old crawl space vents were. Always a home renovation going on around here!
Here is the little cedar I took from the woods growing strong today. It was difficult to get a good picture so I am going to show you two angles.
I am a "learn as you go" kind of gardener and one thing I have learned from this little cedar is, they sure do grow slow!
Here is the cedar my dad gave us. The mother plant to this cedar was not wild but a nursery purchase. This one seems to grow faster and with a prettier shape as well.
I keep pine straw as a mulch under the cedar and give it a drink during really dry times. This little CEDAR TREE is a great gift from my dad, In the Garden...


  1. Skeeter, it's so wonderful that you're planting trees from your dad's garden and yard. The cedar is really great -- love the fragrance of the foliage.


  2. Hi Skeeter,

    Let me echo what Cameron fortunate that you and your dad share gardening! Does he have plants from your woods and garden.

    I have a little red cedar/juniperus virginiania forest going in my wayback! It's a good thing I like them!..The Cedar Wax Wings love the seeds~~They give me the evergreen that Middle Tennessee needs in winter since it is nearly impossible for us to grow azaleas and rhodos.


  3. Hi Skeeter, what great little trees they are --cedar:) Tina told me last year how nice they were and I picked up several little saplings in the nearby woods. They are now growing in my backyard and seem to be doing quite well. They've come a long way from the little scrawny fellas they used to be. Hope everyone has a great day --off to church soon. Girl Model is raring to go --her brothers aren't so enthusiastic, hahaha.

  4. Your little cedars seem to be doing just fine! I kind of like the looseness of the wild one, but how nice to have both.

  5. This is one of my favorite shrubs/trees, such a nice scent and the bark is wonderful!

  6. Can't beat those little cedar trees at all for winter color and wildlife habitat. I love em in the garden too and yes, a nice gift from your Dad's garden. The vent looks way better-tell the Saint go go go!

    Gail, I ditto you on the color. I did not know the waxwings like them so I will be on the look out this spring!

  7. Anonymous, forgot to say-glad yours are going well and they will make a good backdrop for your yard. Have fun at church.

  8. Good morning everyone! Was nice to wake up in our own bed with two furry girls by our side this morning!

    Cameron, It is great that dad and I share. Makes the plants more special. The scent is great!

    Gail, I pass along seeds and saplings to my dad. We trade back and forth and enjoy this hobby of flowers and plants. Another trait we have in common. The Cedar Waxwings are real beautiful birds. We see them in the fall and spring on their journey migrating as they stop by for a few hours to rest or get a drink from the creek.

    Anonymous, How nice that you found wild cedars in the woods and moved them to your yard! A great way to keep the wild alive and wonderful of Tina for the suggestions! Tina is so full of fun info. :-) Hope you got those boys up and at em this morning! Girl model was probably anxious to wear one of her pretty dresses :-)

    Cosmo, I do like them both even though so differently. I fear I planted the wild one too close to the suet pole though. A squirrel may climb it to the suet one day. For now the suet is squirrel proofed...

    Dawn, Cedars are great trees and shrubs as well. A bit sticky to the touch though. I love the smell of cedar wood and once had a cedar lined closet in a rental home we lived in. Loved that closet to keep the coats in for freshness...

    Tina, Great advice to give Anonymous on the cedars! They are great trees to have in the yard. They do brighten up the dreary winter dullness with their beautiful green color. I love the new house vents, they are so much nicer then the old ones. The Saint does Rock!

  9. Tina, I am catching up on the missed topics the past week and wanted to chime in here on the Multi color verses White lights topic in case you miss my comment... I still have some strings of clear egg shaped bulbs from the 80's. And my grandmother’s neighbors had solid blue almost purple looking lights all over his house every year for Christmas back in the 60's. I also remember seeing all Red and all Green egg shaped bulbs and even White not the clear as I have. So yes, they did have more then just the multi colored large egg shaped bulbs back then.... the candles in the windows had yellow bulbs in them and not white as you see today….

  10. You know Skeeter, I still really love the candles with red bulbs in them. I may have to add that to our home next year. Times do change. You know you don't have to catch up on the posts. You are busy enough as it is. Have a great day!

  11. Another echo here with what all has said but I am surprised they are slow groweres. Maybe it is a northern thing but up here everyone says if you want a wind screen or a screen to block out something, they say to plant cedars as they fill in nice and grow fast.

  12. I love the scent of cedars, especially after a good rain!


  13. One year around 1990 I got what we refer to around here as "cedar fever." At the end of that, I had adult-onset asthma. Beautiful trees if you can breathe around them!

  14. I'm a "learn as you go" gardener, too, Skeeter. Your cedar trees seem to be thriving, so you must be doing something right! How nice to get free tree saplings, and doubly nice that the one came from your Dad.

  15. We used cedar a lot down in Tucker Holler; for kindlin, fence posts, and I even tried to make a cedar chest once.

    You don't see them up here much, sadly.

  16. After reading this post, my mom emailed me to let me know I was incorrect. The cedar in their yard was not from a nursery but just popped up voluntarily! Plus they have a holly tree that is full of berries and no other holly for miles around to pollinate it either! So she says that kills the must have both male and female theory for us. She sent me some pictures of her holly just full of berries. I will have to share those some time soon…

    Tina, I had to see what I had missed... :-)

    Jean, I reckon they are different types of trees since the slow growth. Or maybe they prefer the cool temps. Hum, something to think about. I am enjoying my 73 degrees right now with the windows open....

    Amy, Cedar does have a wonderful smell to it. I would like to have all my closets cedar lined. That would be nice to the nose...

    Brenda, sorry for the allergies with cedar. The Saint had allergies in Texas with cedar trees but this one does not seem to bother him thus far...

    Rose, It is nice to get saplings from my dad. I give him seeds and we trade things back and forth. Makes gardening a bit more special dont you think....

    TC, I like split rail fences made from cedar! We see lots of fence post made from cedar around here in GA. I dont have a cedar chest but the Saints mom does and it was in our room while there this past week so we got to enjoy it a bit...

  17. Hi Skeekter,
    I don't know much about trees, but you have some good looking ones! I'm sorry your holly isn't blooming, and the one you dug didn't live. I hope your other ones do well.

  18. Good Evening All,
    Skeeter I love your cedars & holly trees. I think both are pretty trees. I love the smell of cedar. As a child I use to use wild holly with berries to make wreaths. I used a coat hanger to make the form.
    I hope you enjoyed your vacation.
    Seems you & your dad are on the same track. That's good.

  19. Sue, I think the reason the one died was die to cutting too much of the root off while digging it out of the ground. I was sad I lost it as maybe I should have left it be and then it would be okay now. Oh well, live and learn I reckon...

    Lola, Your coat hanger wreath sounds much nicer with berries then the ones we made many moons ago. We cut strips of white or green plastic trash bags and tied them on the coat hangers! Then put big red bow on them. They were weather proof and would last forever. I had forgotten about them until you mentioned the coat hangers formed into a circle. Thanks for bringing back that fun memory for me this evening....

  20. Now that is a cool idea Skeeter! We too made wreaths from coat hangers, but with fresh evergreens tied on them with string. I like the trash bag idea! You could even put candy on it too. My grandmother used to make the candy ones.

  21. Such pretty little trees Tina! They're especially appreciated this time of year around here when so many other trees are bare.

  22. Sorry Skeeter, I should have paid more attention to who wrote this post!

    How wonderful to share your love of gardening with your dad.

    I hope you had a very merry Christmas!

  23. Cedars are, without question, my favorite conifer - and yours is a little beauty!

  24. The place I am staying at up north is surrounded by cedars. I think they are pretty much the only thing that will grow in the rock.

    What a great gift a cedar would be!

  25. Tina, the coat hanger wreath ideas are endless. So many things one can do with them...

    Garden Girl, tee hee, we like keeping you on your toes at In the Garden with whom is writing next :-) It is fun to share plants with my dad. We check out each others new items each time with visit each others home. It is great to see green during the winter months...

    Nancy, Thank you for calling my little cedar a beauty! I too think she is a beauty. Especially during the dull winter months, she brightens up the bare spots of life...

    Dan, Cedars popping out of rocks are great aren’t they? I think the wood and rock make a good combination together. Cedar has such a wonderful smell as well as beauty. I wish we had more around us but we have mostly pine trees which are pretty also with year round green...

  26. Those cedars can definitely get big. We have an enormous one in the front yard that dominates our landscape. Because they grow so slowly like you said, I'm sure it's been here for many years and probably will outlive us. It's not exactly the prettiest of trees but still one of my favorites, mainly because of that wonderful smell! Tell the Saint he's doing a great job of improving the house.

  27. Walk2write, Hi there! Sorry about your hubbys job and all but I know you like being back in Florida. :-)I will get caught up on your blog at some point but just cannot seem to stop running these days! But I did peek at it to see about the job. What a shocker that must have been. :-(

    I do love the smell of cedar trees too! My dads tree is really big now and I should have had them send me a pic of it to show y'all but forgot to ask for one. Duh on my part...