Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bloom Day April 2010

From In the Garden
Bloom Day this month sees the garden popping out all over. I can hardly keep up with all the blooms and will not post all pictures here, but I'll hopefully post all names-where is my memory when I need it:) The above picture shows old fashioned bleeding hearts with tulips in the background. Also blooming are Dicentra formosa 'Luxuriant' and white old fashioned bleeding hearts. I love these bleeding hearts. They are very reliable and grow well just about anywhere. They go dormant during the summer so are not a problem when the inevitable droughts come to the garden. I just have to remember where I planted them so I don't over plant them with something else.

Primroses. Each year I add a few seasonal primroses to the hydrangea garden. They are all coming back reliably now! I am very excited about their return.

'Herman's Pride' Lamium-This is a great groundcover-it will spread aggressively but is able to be eradicated should the gardener change her mind. It grows under a camelia in the Woodland Garden.

Blueberry blooms-it looks to be a fabulous year for blueberries! My two shrubs grow in a very dry area with partial sun.

Pulmonarias are in full bloom (the blue in the above picture) alongside the path between the Woodland Garden and Greenhouse Garden. I grow three cultivars: Diane Clare, Trevi Fountain, and Sissinghurst White. All three are outstanding.

Crabapple underplanted with red azaleas in the Crabapple Garden in the side yard.

'Forest Pansy' Redbud (Note the red leaf-this is the difference between normal redbuds and 'Forest Pansy'. The foliage will turn to dark green as the season progresses.


Celandine Poppy (
Stylophorum diphyllium)


Old Fashioned Bridal Wreath Spiraea (
Spiraea prunifolia)


Also blooming but not pictured: 'Golden Guinea' kerria (single flowering), 'Plenifora' kerria (double flowering), 'Mountain Top' kerria (a variegated variety), 'Emerald Triumph' viburnum, dwarf bearded irises, bearded irises, lilacs, silene, alyssum, saxifrage, fothergilla 'Mt. Airy', corydalis, hellebores, geraniums, angel trumpet (wintered over cuttings), J. maples, oak trees, columbines, Virginia bluebells (you'll hear more about wildflowers at the end of the month so I am saving those photos for later), woodland phlox, moss phlox, glory of the snow, muscari, Canadian ginger, brunnera, dogwoods, iris cristata, camelias, Carolina jessimine, Vanhoutte spirea, foam flower, candytuft, and quince.

What's blooming in your garden this wonderful month of spring?

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  1. how beautyful spring time !!! very nice time for you all and warm regards from Germany, Bremen, Kathrin
    at May we goes at USA for four weeks, we are so happy, we love to stay there at holidays

  2. Tina ~ Ooooohhhh, I just love seeing your gardens. The bleeding hearts and the pink tulips really caught my eye. What a treat it must be to walk around your lovely bit of paradise.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  3. Love them -Spring is beautiful in your garden!!! Ciao

  4. Beautiful blooms Tina. It is so exciting, isn't it? I have some pretty blooms, but my favorite are still the bluebonnets--they are blooming like crazy. A few Indian Paintbrush have joined in, as have coreopsis, and salvias. The Indian Hawthorne has started to bloom and the bees are loving it. So many good things to see and sniff right now! :)

  5. Good morning Tina, what a nice collection of blooms. I haven't heard of/seen variegated Kerria, will have to look into that. I just got a picture of a Celadine Poppy in the Learning Garden...and a Forest Pansy!
    In my garden yesterday I had Clematis blooming as well as Columbine and really early Tradescantia!!
    I think this month and May are the best bloom day months!!

  6. Beautiful blooms! This makes me want to grow more bleeding hearts.

  7. Good morning all!

    Kathrin, If you come by Tennessee give me a head's up and we'll try to get together. Have a safe trip!

    Dawn, Yikes!

    Flowerlady, I am happy every single day when I look out my window or walk outside. Life is good-great! The artist's post was wonderful this morning.

    Anonymous, Thanks!

    Linda, My bluebonnets are coming a long s-l-o-w-l-y, but they are growing. It'll be a race to see if they bloom. Yeah for blooms to smell!

    Janet, I got the 'Mountain Top' from Dr. Matthews (I've posted on his garden). It is quite splendid but has a tendency to revert. I am having to prune the green shoots. It is a lovely frosted shrub. Isn't spring beautiful? I'm still waiting on my spiderworts. Everything seems early to me.

    Phillip, I just love the bleeding hearts. They bloom for so long then go dormant and require not care and are easy to divide. Can't beat them.

  8. Your garden is looking great! I'm a fan of the Forest Pansy. Lots of color on that tree. There's too much blooming here right now to mention, isn't it great?

  9. Good Morning everyone! Another beautiful day but I think I will take a day off from the Garden. The back feels mighty sore from all the fun lately, sighs...

    Dogwood, Azalea, Verbena, Vinca, Coral Bells, Phlox, Catchfly, Bridal Wreath, Carolina Jessamine, Dandelion and other blooming Weeds.

  10. Wonderful blooms! I planted a bunch of dug-up bleeding hearts from my mom's garden last fall, many have come up and will bloom soon. I also planted a ton of bergenia last fall which I've never grown before, but they're not up yet. Also love primroses, but realized this spring that a creeping sedum as all but squeezed one of mine out. No matter, after its three blooms die back, I'll move the cute little thing!

  11. Your garden is a mass of gorgeous blooms this spring Tina. I envy your tulips, never had much luck with them myself. :)

  12. Tina, I am lovin' it, too! My pulmonaria are a little behind yours, but are starting to bloom. I love them! Tulips and daffodils are starting to appear. However, the roses still need a trim, but the temps dropped again over here and it's been raining, so they'll have to wait a bit. Best wishes from Germany, Andrea

  13. Beautiful bloom day! You have so much going on in the garden. I love the old fashioned plants too like bleeding hearts and bridal wreath.

  14. Tina,
    What lovely, lovely blooms you have my dear!

    The pulmonaria varieties are now a real lure for me. The ones that I wrote about are STILL BLOOMING!

    Unfortunately, I still don't have sufficient shade and just dug up and moved the ones from beneath my sweetbay magnolia. The afternoon sun came over the house. I planted two in containers on my front porch and put the other two with Japanese painted fern beside my pieris.

  15. Beautiful! I have that same lamium in "the forest." It doesn't spread too far because it is contained and doesn't leave the shade. I wish it would fill in more! It's getting ready to bloom. A neighbor in a little town we used to live in gave it to me for my new garden when we bought our house.

  16. Okay, I already don't want to be at work today. Now after seeing all your blooms I just want to be at home working in the garden! The winter seems so long compared to the time we get to grow and enjoy our gardens. I wish I was rich so all my time could be spent buying plants and gardening!-- Randy

  17. Funny Dawn but don't you have Daffy's blooming yet?

    That Bridal Wreath is stunning Tina. I have always loved them and never have had one but have bought one this year.

    I have Daffodils, Tulips and Forsythias in bloom and that is it for me. However there are many plants that have started to come alive. My Bleeding Heart that Christy bought me is up about a foot so I may miss that when it blooms.

  18. Spring really is popping out all over the place there Tina. We aren't as far along as you but things are slowly starting here as well. It's such a great time of year. Your garden looks incredible.

  19. My mom tells me that my daffs and tulips are starting to open! I hope I don't miss the show. I am heading a back to MI in three weeks!

  20. Look at all your beauties in bloom! And you've got a forest pansy doing well - I've heard they're picky trees. Good job, gardener.

  21. It is hard to keep up with everything opening at once, especially this year! Your flowers are beautiful. I especially love your daffodils, so romantic-looking.

  22. Your bleeding heart is so pretty. I don't have the white yet but I may add it this spring.

    Those blueberry blooms sure are pretty. My brother just added several to his garden and I'm thinking about getting a couple too.

  23. Happy bloom day! Your bleeding hearts are so healthy. Primroses make me think of England. Your garden is just lovely!

    We only have forsythia and naturally reseeded pansies blooming. I did see some daffs and magnolias out early in our neighborhood.

  24. Such lovely flowers. The only blooms in my garden are the snow crocuses the bunnies didn't eat.

  25. My goodness...

    There are so many beautiful blooms to choose from that I gave up mentioning all of my favorites....I have too many :-)

  26. I love the azaleas planted under the crabapple, Tina--that is quite a show! Thanks for showing the 'Forest Pansy' redbud; we heard about this in MG class, but I didn't know the leaves were red. No wonder it's such a recommended variety. So much blooming in your garden! But for once, I won't complain, because there is a lot blooming in mine, too. It's as if someone pushed the accelerator all the way to the floor for Spring:)

  27. How wonderful it'd be to walk across your garden! I wish...
    Not much is blooming in my garden as I am repotting everything. Everything is sending out buds so I hope they start blooming in few weeks... Have a wonderful bloomy day!

  28. Happy Bloom Day Tina. Now I know for sure spring is ahead of time since we have the same stuff blooming in Chicago at pretty much the same stage of bloom as you have in Tennessee! We're about a month ahead of usual here.

  29. I wish more people would plant Blueberries right in their beds along with the ornamentals. Good looking, good to eat, good for you. Have a great weekend!