Thursday, April 8, 2010

Master's Mess and a Contest

By Skeeter
The Saint and I decided to go to Virginia to visit with his family during Easter weekend. While there, we went to downtown Washington DC to see the Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin. I snapped over 100 picture's and have yet to weed through them. Here is a sample of what is to come once I sort through them.

All eyes are on us here in Augusta, GA this week due to the Master's Golf Tournament. I showed you a peek into this beautiful Garden Paradise in the past. If you would like to see it, Click HERE for an abundance of Azalea's. And Click HERE for more Masters treasures. And Click HERE to see some of the maintenance of the Masters Grounds. There are 3 things visitors to our city during the Masters never forget.
One; the many Azalea's.
Two; those famous Pimento Cheese Sandwiches.
And Three; Yellow Pollen.

We returned to a big pollen mess after our 4-day get-away. We knew to expect this as we saw the clouds of yellow flying in the air as we headed out of town. I know some of you may have thought I was referring to a mess about a Tiger but that is a mess for another kind of blog and Not a Garden blog. Oh boy, what a mess we had on the front porch! As if it has snowed yellow.
No sitting on the rocking chairs!
Look how deep the pollen is on the truck's hood.
The window is hanging onto pollen like glue.
And the fender is full of the yellow dust! We laugh at visitors washing their automobiles right now. We locals know not to bother until the pollen is gone. Washing is a waste of time as the pollen is back within minutes of a good scrubbing.
The guilty party you ask? Those tall Georgia Pine Trees! We have not had rain as of yet, therefore, everything is covered in a yellow dust of pine pollen. Rain is expected by this evening so hopefully, it will be washed away.
I have only seen it this bad one other time in the 10 years we have lived in Georgia. You can actually see clouds of dust flying off the trees. It looks as though someone is mowing a yellow dirt yard or the smoke of a fire! It IS that bad this year. I am not sure why it is worse some years then others but I suspect the quick 90 degree temperatures we had after such a cold winter, may have brought the trees to life at a quicker rate then normal. We broke 2 record high temps of 93 this past week and were in the upper 80's the remainder of the week. Once this front and rain come through today, we should be back to normal temps of mid 70's. Spring is always fun here in the Deep South as we go from winter straight to Summer at times. I just hope we do not go back to winter as things would be damaged as they are busting out. The Crepe Myrtles and Cypress are showing green and they never show green this soon. On the other hand, the azaleas are late to pop open as are the dogwoods but starting to move along now.
Ah, now here is one yellow we enjoy seeing this time of year! The Carolina Jessamine growing wild along the fence in the back of the Semi-Formal Garden. Soon the Yellow Pollen will be only a memory but for visitors to our city, This is a MASTER'S MESS to remember, In the Garden...

I mentioned on Tuesdays post how it was my 2 year Blogging Anniversary. I have a gift for two lucky Bloggers which comment with us here at In the Garden. I wish I were rich and could bless each of you with a little gift but rich, I am not. Just rich with the joy of gardening. I love Rain gauges and have found one that would look perfect in any garden.
I also found this cute little painted can that I think someone will enjoy.

This contest will be open to all commenter's from Tuesdays (April 06, 2010) post as well as today's (April 08, 2010) post. A name will be drawn from the Saints Magic Hat on Sunday (April 11, 2010) and announced on Tuesday April 13, 2010.

Due to difficulties with Customs at the Post Office, these prizes can only be mailed to a United States Postal Address. All Commenter's are appreciated here at In the Garden and we hope you understand.

Winner must provide their mailing address to Tina at

Thank you to all blogger's and commenter's for another year filled with your knowledge and added to my garden!

Words and Photos Property of In the Garden Blog Team,

In the Garden


  1. Our vehicles and porches look just like yours..I hope we do get a rain shower today. It appears our weather forecast is also like yours...I would love to be entered into your contest, cut give a ways..(glad this post wasn't about Tiger Woods, enough already)

  2. Wow! That's alot of pollen! Allergies must be running rampant. Love the froggie.

  3. I can't imagine that much pollen. Wow. A yellow haze covering everything. Hope you get that rain. We could use some down here, not to wash away the pollen, but for a good watering.

    Your temp is hotter than ours, which really surprises me.

    That rain frog is really cute. I usually gauge the water just by how much some container, bird bath or whatever, fills up with water.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  4. Skeeter girl ... hehehehehehehehe !
    Sorry ... I couldn't help myself .. Joy : )

  5. I've never seen pollen like that before. Wow! Does it stain things like clothes if you sit on your garden chairs? Can't wait to see more photos from your trip!

  6. Skeeter, I thought we had bad pollen when I cleaned the tops of the outdoor tables, but wow, you win! :)
    Thanks for the picture of the cherry blossoms. My daughter said they were beautiful this year.
    Happy Anniversay! I look forward to many more posts of yours in the future!

  7. We don't have pines, but in another week the oak trees will be doing the same thing to us and we will not only have the yellow snow, we will have falling oak flowers all over everything! And the garden club is coming next week. Boo!

  8. Love it! Someone must have been thinking in the garden or get me the heck out of this pollen rain. Too cute! Hopefully you'll get some nice rain and wash it all away-except keep In the Garden:) The cherry blossom looks fantastic! Good luck to everyone on the prizes!

  9. P.S. Forgot to say how much I adore your jessamine.

  10. I look forward to seeing your DC photos!

    Your weather, your pollen...just like here. It's the worst pollen in years. As you say, you can see the clouds of yellow blowing through the air like smoke.

    We desperately need rain tonight! My porch is full of plants "waiting for frost to pass" but instead they are waiting for the 90 degrees to pass and rain to arrive!

    I've not been taking photos for fear of what the pollen will do to my camera if I stand still too long!

  11. Achooo! I mean..hello!
    I feel terrible for those people with allergies right now. It will get better soon. And then we'll all have a mess of flower petals to deal with!

  12. Tina,

    That is a lovely can, Meg would flip over it! Pretty sick of the pollen, oak pollen catkins are just starting to fall here, nothing like last year hopefully.

  13. Good Morning everyone! I am so waiting for the rains this afternoon! Then we get to see the yellow puddles in the streets of the city…

    Darla, I think the entire southeast is dealing with this mess right now. Soon the rains will fall and it will be gone. Yep, living here, we get our share of Tiger Woods for sure…

    Dawn, Oh yes, the allergies are worse then ever here. Thank goodness we don’t have allergies…

    Flowerlady, the pollen is messy each year but usually not this bad. We too need some rain as it has been missing lately. And with those 90 degree days, everything is drying out quickly. I will cross my fingers for you to win the rain gauge, every gardener needs one as they are so helpful…

    Joy, You Crack Me Up! I knew you would enjoy that one and I was not so brave to mention the other reasons… lol…Go have a sip of coffee :-)

    Sherlock, I would not know about staining as I don’t sit on anything outside until this mess is out of the air! It is more like powder at this stage with little moisture in the air. I had the hose out spraying down all the planters and furniture as it looked so bad to me. Ick, it is a mess…

    Meadowview, Thanks! Yes, the DC blossoms were spectacular to say the least. I snapped so many pictures that I have not had time to look at them. I will find the best of the crop and share them Tuesday…

    Sandy, We are dealing with the oak mess as well. It is just not as bad as the pollen. The oak stays near the tree areas when the pollen flies all over the place. The two together make a really bad mess. You are brave having the Garden Club over during this blooming mess…

    Tina, I thought you would get a kick out of that finger painting on the truck. The pollen was not showing up on the gray color so I had to do something to let you all see the depth of the mess. It is everywhere and I cannot open the windows to the house as it gets through the screens of the windows. I have that Jessamine in several spots on the chain link fence. It grows wild here and I see it everywhere but a yellow we like in the spring verses the pollen…

    Cameron, As we drove through SC and NC the temp in the car was reading 93 degrees on the way up and 91 on the way down. We went two different routes to keep the drive interesting and hot and pollen everywhere both ways! It was hot in VA and we were seeing the pollen creeping in there as well. I had to rush to get my plants into the ground before we left for fear they would die in the dried out pots! Our yard was still soggy so it was perfect for me to plant, I just had to rush as this VA trip was not planned until the last minute…

    JGH, The Saint and I both are thankful to not have allergies. His mom has to deal with the mess each spring and it is not fun for her...

    Randy, Skeeter posting today :-) Hopefully your name will be pulled from the hat so you can pass along the can to Meg! Now the tree worms (as I call them) are falling to the ground. More mess to deal with...

  14. Hi Skeeter, with my allergies, I'd be in a lot of trouble if I was there now.

    We had lovely 70/80 degree weather last week, but my how things have changed. Temps in the 20's here tonite. Brrr.

  15. And I thought we had the pollen bad in Virginia...I have to clean green dust off of my desk each morning before I go to work, and my driveway has a green tint to it.

    Enter me in the drawing please :) I'd have commented anyway but I love that green painted can!

    Enjoy the weather - Jeanne (Seven Oaks)

  16. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures! We are in the same boat with the pollen. I knew we were in trouble on Monday when clouds of pollen were blowing across the sky. We are hoping for that same front with rain. Until then, I won't wash the cars or the outdoor furniture. The prizes are great! I love them both. Carla

  17. This pollen has coated nearly every thing here too. I think the rain washed away most of it during the night - hopefully anyway!

  18. Rain, who said rain. We need a shower to remove the pollen & the Oak blooms. They are coming down like rain. I don't believe I've seen it this bad.
    Thank goodness I don't have allergies, but sadly Young'un does. Mostly I hear achoooo from him.
    Your pics of DC are great. Can't wait to see some more.
    I thought I was the only one who finger painted. lol
    I've been busy as a beaver in the garden trying to catch up. Boy, once the temps turned, it turned.
    Your prize offering are such cuties.
    Have a great day all.

  19. Skeeter, I've only recently heard of clouds of pollen, but I really didn't know what they were talking about. Now I understand! Wow, that must be difficult for anyone with allergies or hayfever.

    The Cherry Festival must have been beautiful, but I think your show of Macon must rival anything seen in D.C. Love the little milk can!

  20. Wow, that is some kinda pollen but I love the fingerpainting and wish my printing looked like that. My sinuses are driving me nuts already so do not look forward to things down south.

    Your goodies look like a fun thing to have so to make it easy, you both already have my address, LOL.

  21. Marnie, Burrrr, I do not want that cold stuff. I will keep my pollen if you keep your cold :-) They claim we will get to 38 during the night but nothing freezing. I will not be a happy camper if I loose anything…

    Jeanne, When in VA, my mother in law was complaining about the pollen and we had to laugh at her. I told her that I would show her some real pollen if she came to GA.. I really do like that can as well. I was thinking about keeping it for myself then decided that would not be hospitable of me, lol. Good Luck with the contest….

    Carla, Oh yes, as we drove through SC and NC, we saw the same clouds of yellow dust and hot abnormal temps! Worse this year for sure. Good Luck with the drawing on Sunday!

    Dave, I am sitting her waiting for the rain to arrive. Usually we have enough rain to keep it to a tolerable amount but this year, wow, we have a mess…

    Lola, I am crossing my fingers and toes for that rain! As you can see, we need it in the worse way! The trees are dropping all the worms and spaghetti (as I call them) and with the pollen, we have one heck of a mess. Ha, you liked my finger painting did ya? hee hee. We are lucky with no allergies and we feel so sorry for those that must deal with this mess. I am keeping the windows closed to the house as it gets inside as well. What a mess….

    Rose, Now you know what a cloud of pollen looks like when it lands. I was going to try and snap a pic of it flying off the trees but was afraid it would mess up my camera so I refrained. I already messed up a video camera with salt air at the beach. Saint would be so made at me for breaking my not so old camera over pollen. Everyone seems to like that milk can. Good Luck on the Sunday Drawing! I can hardly wait to see who the lucky winters will be. I love a contest…

  22. Jean, maybe the pollen will be washed out by the time you head south. And yes, you silly goose, we have your address. lol....

  23. I never have seen so much pollen! We normally see quite a bit from our Pine but I think with all the rain it hasn't been as bad. I guess even with the nice warm weather it probably wouldn't be too enjoyable with all the pollen outside.

  24. Catherine, I tell you it is bad this year. I am still looking for the rain but so far, not even a sprinkle...

  25. My eyes are watering just looking at those mess. WOW... I don't think I have ever seen it that bad and I live in the middle of the woods in the country.

    Wonderful blog you share - I look forward to seeing more of your spring this season.

  26. Wow, does that pollen get tracked in the house too? I don't have allergies but I feel sorry for anyone down there who does. That little can is a cutie, as is the rain guage.
    Happy blogging anniversary. This is about my 1 month anniversary :)

  27. Finally getting a bit of rain! I only hope for more to wash all the yellow away....

    Bren, luckily, the pine pollen does not mess with too many in the allergy department. Although, the oak and other stuff makes up for it and we are at an all time high in the pollen count right now. Stay tuned for more pretties here at In the Garden...

    Bonnie, we must keep the windows to the house closed during this time or it will be inside as well. We do track it in on our shoes but we try to take them off as soon as we enter the house. That helps. Once all this yellow is gone, we change all filters in the autos and house vents. Congrats on one month of blogging with many more to come!!!

  28. It's fixing to rain here so hopefully my car will look better tomorrow.

    Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  29. I have never ever encountered this sight before & never knew that it happens to such an extent that literally gets messy.... OMG! that was a sight for me... to remember & share too....

    Oh! I would have loved to receive those cute giveaways..... They look really good..... KUDOS & Hugs )))


  30. That's a lot of pollen and what a mess it is making! As a reader of your blog from Canada I'm upset you wont be sending any gifts outside the USA. Just Kidding :)

  31. Dot, We had some of that rain and things looks so much nicer today! Cooler and back to normal as well...

    AshKuku, Spring is messy here in Georgia and the pine trees are the worse by far. We had some really abnormal warms temps that woke up many things at the same time verses a staggering awakening as the temps slowly rise. A real mess indeed. Hugs going back to you….

    Melanie, I am so sorry I cannot send a gift to everyone that visits us here at In the Garden, sigh. After sending one gift to Canada, my hubby put a stop to that one as it was very expensive. If I ever hit the big lottery, I will send a gift to everyone that visits us as well as save lots of homeless animals from being destroyed. Oh, I can dream :-)

  32. I understand, believe me I do, the pollen here is absolutely awful! We have been having pollen fog lately!!

  33. Ulrike, Pollen Fog, that is a good thing to call it! We had 1/2 inch of rain fall so now things look beautiful once again...

  34. Hi Skeeter, i am back here, hopefully. I've been on a detour for a month now. I laughed at the yellow pollens, maybe many asthmatics suffered from it. I was at my former university 2 wks ago and the orange-carpeted walks in some areas look great, courtesy of falling small flowers of Narra trees, our national tree (Dipterocarp spp). Then a city here had yellow walks courtesy of the Acasia spp or golden shower. In the university also, the already brown grasses are covered with white, we call LB snow, that is courtesy of dehiscing kapok pods. Those are really very bad for asthmatics and with allergies.

    I love those photos of your car with your title on them. Yes you just have to wait before the onetime cleaning.

  35. Andrea, I sent you an email a while back. Did you receive it as I have not heard back from you......

  36. I am very sorry Skeeter, aside from the only one private email from you in March, i have not received any again. I replied to that email. I went to a Backpack Photography Workshop, followed by a series of hectic office activities. I will try to retrieve my reply and re-send it. I am so sorry, and thank you so much.