Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wildflower Wednesday

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Instead of highlighting just one wildflower in my garden, I thought I'd try to get snapshots of several of the natives/wildflowers in my garden as they bloom during this month. Spring seems to be the best time for wildflowers so here goes with some wildflowers growing in Tiger Gardens. The first picture highlights Two Winged Silverbell (Halesia diptera 'Magniflora'). It is a new addition just this past fall. I purchased it from GroWild in Fairview and really did not expect it to bloom this spring. I am overjoyed it is blooming and doing well. Note the striped bark, an interesting feature of these trees. In addition to the two winged silverbell and bloodroot I showcased last month here are a few other natives/wildflowers blooming in my gardens...Phlox divaricata 'May Breeze', aka Woodland Phlox, also blooming is a purple variety. I love these more than any other wildflower in my garden! The fragrance, ease of growth and big show they put on more than earn their keep.

Waterleaf (
Hydrophyllum virginianum). I had an awful hard time identifying this wildflower. The rosettes of leaves are somewhat variegated when the plant is young. These leaves completely change when the plant is ready to bloom. It was not until it bloomed that I could figure it out. I enjoy this plant as it is a survivor. It grows well with the bloodroot and trout lilies.

Sweet Shrub (Calycanthus floridus)

Crested Iris 'Tennessee White' (Iris cristata 'Tennessee White')

Woodland Phlox (Phlox divaricata)

Leucothoe 'Rainbow' (Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Rainbow')

Green and Gold (Chrsyogonum virginianum)

Mayapples (Podophylum peltatum)

Variegated Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum odoratum var. thunbergii)

Wild Ginger (Asarum canadense)

Native Columbine (Columbine canadense)

Pussytoes (Antennaria ?)

Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum)

Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica)

Trillium (Trillium sessile?)

Please join Gail at Clay and Limestone for more Wildflower Wednesday posts.

I will also be posting wildflowers this Friday to showcase some wildflowers located at Clarksville Base, Fort Campbell, Kentucky....

in the garden....

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  1. Hi Tina, you have so many lovely wildflowers! I am new to this type of gardening and still learning the names and what it native and what is exotic. The trilliums are wonderful, as they all are. Lucky on the blooming silverbell the first year! :-)

  2. Tina girl I have some of these in my garden .. they are true beauties and I am happy to see them prosper and multiply : )
    The large white Trillium is our provincial flower and I would feel "lacking" as an Ontario gardener if I didn't have a few spread around ? LOL
    All of them are gorgeous girl : )
    Very nice post to read first thing in the morning : )

  3. Oh my gosh! Those are all very pretty!

  4. Nice selection of wildflowers. I really like Virginia Bluebells...such a sweet shade of blue. Did you see that I had the Silverbells in my last post? What a nice tree!!

  5. Lots of wonderful wildflowers in your spring garden Tina! I brought a few pussytoes home from my mom's forest (along with some other natives.)

    While researching pussytoes, I found they release a toxin into the soil that can inhibit the growth of other plants. I didn't realize this - just saw them, identified them, thought they were cute, (the blooms and the name!)and brought some home. After reading about their allelopathic nature, I left them where I planted them here in our garden, but am curious if you've found them to stunt the growth of anything else in your garden.

  6. Tina you have so many wonderful wildflowers growing in your gardens. What a great variety!

  7. You have so many wildflowers. I can't even try to pick a favorite. Pretty! Carla

  8. Love the bluebells! We see them in Colorado in the mountains in summer.

  9. I am drooling over the halesia, calycanthus and waterleaf. MUST find space for the tree and shrub and a good spot for the waterleaf! A delightful post my dear, I love that you shared! ...I will add your link to my post! xxgail

  10. Lovely May Blooms.... I have the may be the may breeze.... they are lavender colored small flowers.... your pic looks like I guess they are them.... I love them they are beautiful... And your garden is forever blooming.... so be your LIFE FOREVER... :-) Hugs)))


  11. Nice color! There's just so much happening right now it' shard to keep up. I really like that iris.

  12. Hey Tina, thank you so much for those kind comments you left on my blog. In the best of worlds our little group of bloggers would live close together and spend the mornings in each other's gardens sipping coffee and debating the merits of different plants. But, since that's not possible, I guess sharing photos and thoughts via the blogs is the next best thing. Getting ideas and prospectives from bloggers all over the country from Florida to Canada, Maine to California is very appealing..

    You have a much more diverse selection of plants than I do and I've gotten so many ideas from your site. You're one of the first good friends I made when I began blogging. Thanks.

  13. You have a bevy of wildflower beauties, Tina! The silverbell is just gorgeous! I'm impressed with your identification of all of these, too. I bought a book of native Illinois wildflowers last year to help me, but even then I find it difficult to identify many of them.

  14. Calycanthus is a sweet memory from my childhood. One of the first native shrubs that I learned about from my grandmother.

    All of your wildflowers are so lovely.

  15. Good beautiful morning everyone. Woo! Insomnia got to me last night so I slept in this morning so late on getting started. Not good when company is expected.

    Frances, That silverbell was on my list and I'm so happy it bloomed indeed.

    Joy, I did not know that about the trillium. So glad you have them then! They are most easy to grow too so a bonus.

    Dawn, Thanks! I'd love to see yours! Perhaps you could do it on the last Tuesday then post a link to Gail's?

    Janet, I did! I was excited to see it too. You don't see it highlighted a lot and I'm not sure why. I bought it more for the fall color-this two winged is a brilliant yellow.

    Linda, That is SO good to know! I hope these pussytoes keep down all the grass and weeds. They are actually growing on the roadside ditch hill in front of my home. About a straight drop off so I try to encourage these fellas once I realized they were not a weed. I'm not sure if the grass and Queen Anne's is going to win or not but the allepathic properties will help slant the odds in their favor. A good thing. Thanks so much as I had no idea.

    Linda, Thanks!

    Carla, If you were here I bet you'd say the woodland phlox-it is so sweet! But we can like them all too.

    Linda, They sure are pretty. I bet Colorado is awesome!

    Gail, Thanks! I figured I didn't need to leave the link since you always come by. I am learning so much from you and wildflowers are growing on me for sure.

    Ashkuku, So cool we share the May Breeze! Brings the world right to our own backyards.

    Dave, I'm with you! If that iris ever gets going I'll be happy to share. I got it from Don Shadows. It is slow where I hear from others iris cristata goes fast. Something wicked this way comes. I must move it-perhaps today and see if it grows better.

    Marnie, My pleasure. I meant it all.

    Rose, The identifications are SO hard for me. That waterleaf took forever because the rosette is blotched with white. I happened to see in a wildflower book and eureka! The light went on. When I googled it the site said they presume the 'waterleaf' name is due to the white blotches on the leaves. Funny thing is the grown up leaves have no white. We live and learn from one another for sure and sometimes we get lucky. I learn so much from you with your wildflower work. It is not an easy thing.

    Cameron, I have a story about sweetshrub that I've been meaning to post for over two years. Sigh. Things get in the way. Maybe soon. I like it too and was fortunate to find this one marked way down at a nursery in Indiana. It's been here a few years and this is the first time it's bloomed. Geez, talk about settling in. I keep thinking you'd be the definitive designer should you choose to make a woodland garden.

  16. Wildflowers don't stand a chance around here, due to the nibbling rabbits. sighhhh!

  17. I loved seeing all your wildflowers at once. I love your bluebells best of all. We have violets blooming wild now.

  18. Good morning, Tina! Good that you took interest in growing wildflowers in your garden. Ahh! The Phlox looks sweet and so does Sweet Shrub.

  19. I've really been enjoying these wildflower posts. They've been inspiring me and now I need to try and eventually put a post together to join in.
    You have a lot of really pretty wildflowers there, that Silverbell is really pretty!

  20. WOW, wild flowers are so charming. I just love the silverbell !

  21. The waterleaf in my garden is also blooming. We must be in the same zone. I am zone 6b. You have so many things I wish I had shrub and tree-wise. That Silverbell is a beauty.

  22. So pretty and such a large variety! Can't wait to see you girl! Lil Bundle helped me in the garden today -rofl. He sat and watched me pull weeds and trim the low branches on the trees. It was nice to be outside in such great weather -so much more to do but at least he left me get a bit done:) Ciao

  23. Very pretty, all. I just found variegated solomon's seal at my local nursery after looking for it all last summer. Everyone raves about it, so I'm happy to finally have a specimen growing in my garden.

  24. Great verity Tina. I've never heard of or seen the waterleaf. Love the Sweet Shrub too.

  25. I am home in TN. Yippeeeeeeee...

    On the drive up, I kept noticing some type of tree with purple blooms hanging down as if Lilac but the lilac is long gone. I was wondering what those beautiful trees could be.....

    You really have a lot of wild flowers in your gardens and I cannot wait to see them today!

  26. I just love the tiny, prehistoric blooms of ginger... am not familiar with silverbells or Leucothoe, though I like both a lot!

  27. Glad to see that I recognise a few of the names here - Leucothoe grows really well for me in my scottish garden. I thought that I didn't have too many wildflowers in the garden but now that I have done a tiny bit of research there is more in there than I expected. The phlox divaricata is beautiful - I'm sure my local garden centre is selling something like that just now. :) Rosie

  28. Hi Tina, i am a bit late here. I envy your skill in memorizing all those plants, how clever. I specifically love the first one. The habit of the flowers are beautiful, resembling our yellow 'golden shower' or Casia. But of course the others are all beautiful.

  29. You have a great collection of natives! A couple are new to me -- I hadn't heard of Waterleaf before or seen Leucothoe 'Rainbow'. The Silverbell is such a beautiful flowering tree; I've seen it at Niche Gardens and really admire it.

  30. All so pretty, don't know how anyone could pick just one.