Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where are the Bushes?

By Skeeter
As you know, we left our Georgia Garden during Easter to partake in the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. While visiting with the Saints family, his mother told us a horrifying story. She awoke one morning to find a stick where the Plum Tree we gave her once stood! As you can see, it has survived the jaws of death and is making a comeback.
She also found a bush missing in her landscaped yard! I cannot recall what this bush was but it was standing next to an Maple Leaf Hydrangea which was intact. Thank goodness.
This Pussy-willow was caught in the jaws of death as well. What remains of the willow is now securely behind wire.

What should be a bush full of fluff, is skimpy this year.
Who or what destroyed these plants?

She looked across the yard and into the neighbors lawn to find missing bushes there as well.
Bushes with no bush!
Mere sticks were large healthy bushes once stood tall.
What is going on here?
An entire row of hedge now gone. Figure this one out yet? Hint, the Saints parents live on a lake. Where there is water, there are beavers! And here I complain about the pesky squirrels when a pair of beaver destroyed many plants in one night. The beavers were caught by a professional and are now living elsewhere. Hopefully not near any gardeners.

I am so happy I don't have to deal with Beavers. No waking up and asking WHERE ARE THE BUSHES, In the Garden...

Note: I am still out and about but will pop in when time allows. Have a great weekend!

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  1. oh your poor mother~in~law. she must have been heartsick. well maybe with the beavers relocated some of those things will make a comeback.
    hopefully she will be able to laugh about it one day.
    happy april.

  2. I never knew there were nastier creatures than squirrels (though I curse them, I can't help but smile when I sight them munching their food in their teeny lil' hands - look so cute). God! Thank you for giving me with a problem that milder! I just hope all the bushes in your in-laws recover and flourish this year!

  3. Skeeter,
    I read your headline and immediately thought.
    We sent them back to Texas!

    Yup the signs of beavers no question. What a head ache.

  4. Oh gosh! That is awful! I'd be very heartbroken if that happened here so I can imagine your mother in law and her neighbors feelings. So glad they relocated the offender.

    Randy's comment is TOO funny.

  5. OMGoodness! How irritating!

  6. We ahve beaver on our lake, have seen the damage to large trees on our lot. Had to have the ones with the most damage taken down. Hoping that the dogs will 'scare' them off. Hoping your mother's shrubs come back.

  7. Wow, I was thinking about what could have done that. Ruled out deer and rabbits and couldn't figure it out. I started thinking of runaway mowers and powertools. I'm glad I don't have beavers near us!

  8. I first thought deer but then they can't chew off that size of shrub. Soooo I thought beaver, they have a beaver problem. I hope with the removal of the varmints their shrubs will be ok.

  9. Good morning everyone! I am a happy girl as i am home in TN right now! I must be quick as I have a visit planned at Tiger Gardens. I will be able to see all those beautiful wild flowers from yesterdays post with my own eyes plus a Meet and Greet!

    I had a nice uneventful drive up yesterday and enjoyed the wild flowers along the road and the beautiful purple blooming trees which I am yet to identify. Would have been a nicer drive if I were co-piolet and not the piolet of the car, sigh. My Saint did not accompany me this go round.....

    Randy, that was too funny indeed....

    Yep, MIL can only laugh about this mess now as there is nothing more she can do. She as us do hope the Beavers are in a happy place now with babys on the way as we all love our animals.

    Oh, and I did forget to mention this, they had just had the professionals remove Muskrats a few months prior to this so living on the lake is nice, but has its drawbacks too....

    I will pop in here when I get the chance but for now must get going...

    I am in heaven being with my family and getting to see the 3 new babys in the family......

    Everyone have a wonderful day and weekend.

  10. Lola, We will miss you and Dawn today, sigh.....

    Deer pulled leaves with their lips rather then use teeth. I learned that recently on another blog but should have known that from observation in my back yard! lol...

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I hope they all grow back prettier than ever. The beavers must have thought, "wow, a buffet!"

  12. Wow! How devastating. I'm a huge shrub gardener and guess I should be lucky no one takes those out. And I haven't even seen the groundhog yet this year. ?????

  13. And we all complain about rabbits and squirrels:) Thank goodness I don't live anywhere near a lake or river! I'd be heartsick to come out one morning and find this kind of damage.

  14. OMG! It's scary! I remember living at the small lake; beavers were destroying trees one after another til they got trapped and moved somewhere.

  15. I think that is why people made them into hats. Ferocious little garden destroyers.
    But they sure work hard at destruction, don't they?

  16. My friend was complaining about the ground hogs digging holes in the yard, I just told to be glad they weren't beavers. I would have never quessed the answer. Glad you didn't make us come back to see but told us in this post.

  17. They sure did a lot of damage in one night! I guess you're right squirrels aren't so bad once you see what happened to your MIL's yard.

  18. Wow, they really had a chomping festival on those poor trees and plants:(
    Hi Lola -thinking of you today and hoping you had a great day -we missed you!
    Hi Dawn -I'm certain you are busy with your kiddos and one of these days we will all be able to meet at the same time:)
    It was great to see all the garden gals today -and Tina's mom is beautiful and I felt like I've known her my entire life -my Lil Bundle pretty much jumped to her and enjoyed being held. He had a fabulous day -even skipped his nap:0) So many gardens and flowers to see -thanks for a great memorable day!! Ciao

  19. Wow what a day! 5 hours spent at Tiger Gardens with great lunch, whoopie pies and wonderful conversations! Little Bundle was a joy jumping from arms to arms and crusing with the ladies! He is a Chick magnet for sure, hee hee...

    Ran by the Humane Society Yard Sale and found some bargains for the garden...

    Dinner with my brother and his family and met my new Great Nephew for the first time! Sweet angel with eyes that never stop looking around...

    Ended the day with sad news from my Saint. A wonderful young man which we adored like family was shot and killed in a hold up outside a bowling alley last night. He was 22 years old and he and I loved talking about flowers as he worked at a nursery. He was engaged to our best friends daughter. They had just signed papers on getting their first house and now taken away by thugs. Please keep this family in your prayers as they will need the strength to move forward with their life.....

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  21. Hi Skeeter, i am very sorry about your plants and about your friend. Plants destroyed can easily come back with vengeance, but a young man like your friend is such a waste. I am so sorry. God bless you, the kids, your garden, your saint, etc, etc. Have a wonderful bonding weekend.

  22. Hi Skeeter, gardening seems so easy here...we don't have anything that runs off with the garden in tow!

    Very sorry to hear of the senseless loss of your young friend.

  23. It was a pleasure seeing everyone! We all had a great time!

    Skeeter, sorry about your friend. It is such a tragedy seeing young folks die in such senseless ways.

  24. Thanks y'all. I hope to make the funeral in Atlanta so will probably cut my TN visit a bit short.... Such a sad loss :-(

  25. Just read about the senseless loss of your friend Skeeter. My prayers will be with all.
    So glad you all had a good time. I know I missed a lot.

  26. I am headed to Atlanta around noon tomorrow after meeting my new Great niece. Rain forecasted so everyone please pray for my safe arrival in Atlanta. Funeral is monday morning so we will stay in Atlanta a few days to help our friends cope with life.....

  27. I guessed what the animal was after the first couple of photos. They can sure be destructive critters! Our community had a big family of them down by the lake, where there are a lot of houses. A professional was brought in for that situation as well...but not before there was a neighborhood 'war' over the issue of letting them stay vs. making them go. Thankfully we don't live by the lake so I didn't need to be part of that. Sorry for your mother-in-law's losses;-(

  28. OMG Skeeter, that sure was a lot of damage in only one night. Just have to hope they will recover. Not sure I could have relocated them like that. I think I would have had killing on my mind. However, I then read about your friend losing his life in such a senseless way and know why I do not like guns and could not even pick one up. So sorry. After reading about that I hate to be so happy but....You guys are all just as awesome as I knew you were and it was a GREAT day, one I will never forget. Thank you so much ladies. I knew it would be a good day but it was even better than I had expected. Lil Bundle is a doll and so happy but then I knew he would be with the Mommy he has. Anonymous, thanks so very much but you give me too much credit!!!! What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!