Thursday, April 22, 2010

Walk on the wild side

By Skeeter
Aw, Isn't Zip the Rat Terrier the cutest little snuggle bunny? He has been our house guest since Saturday and will remain so until Friday. His human parents are out of town so we jumped in to help out in their absence. We could not think of Zip being left in a kennel so we made them cancel his kennel stay. We are also watching OJ the cat as well as the horse's while they are away. But Zip is the lucky one that gets to stay inside with us. Our girls (the cats) are taking his visit fairly well. The Saint and I are doing everything we can to make sure all fur babies are getting equal quality time from us. Anyone with cats knows if you don't strike a good balance, there can be heck to pay from an irritated cat! As I type, the Saint is downstairs with Zip and the girls are both upstairs with me on top of the desk sniffing fresh air from the open window. At night we trade off as to whom sleeps with whom. I will sleep in the guest room with Zip while the Saint sleeps in our room with the girls then we trade off after a couple of nights. During the day, I take Zip outside and put him on a lead with me while I play in the Garden. Gee, the things we do to keep harmony with the animals in our life! If not in the Garden, in the house!
I recently talked about the Saint and I taking a walk through the Georgia Woods beyond our backyard. I took my Easter Bucket and collected rocks during this walk. We spotted a few other things as well on that walk. This was early spring when the wild pears were in bloom so about a month ago. Here you see some little wild flowers popping up from beneath the floor of the woods.
Here is a close up of the little purple pretties. So sweet and put such a smile on my face that day.
Here is something else we spotted. Not one but two of these were in the woods just behind our house! They are both over 5 feet tall. Are they Yucca Plants maybe?
We have never walked in these woods before as this area is not our property. These plants are a short distance from our backyard but we have never seen them as the woods are fairly dense.
We do not know if they are wild or were planted some time ago. We suspect they were planted. We live in what use to be the rural part of the county and we suspect that maybe a house trailer once stood in this area. It kind of looks as though these were planted at either end of the trailer so that is our guess. But in reality, who knows as this will remain a mystery to us.

One never knows what they will come across while taking a WALK ON THE WILD SIDE, In the Garden...

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  1. I love walks in the woods. You never know what you are going to find. I think that is one lucky little dog there. He is much happier with you than in a kennel. Your friends are lucky to have you to help out. Carla

  2. Skeeter,

    Pretty sure that is a yucca, a very old one. Hope you got a bit of rain we did. I got drenched yesterday, had just hand dug footers for a deck in Durham and it rained so hard everything got soaked before I could cover it up.

  3. Those purple wildflowers are sooo pretty! I would've loved to have them growing in my garden.
    And Zip is cute! But maybe the girls don't really think so but are doing good-hostess-y thing and being polite?

  4. Awww, Zip is so cute!! I love ratties. Love those little purple wildflowers too, I've never seen those before. Those yucca-looking plants remind me of Pandan, an asain plant that's used for weaving and also used to flavor pandan rice, of course there are different types for different uses which I have no clue about, but pandan my guess.

  5. Wow you all are super friends ---to sleep in different rooms to accomodate the animals.
    I agree with Randy, I believe it is a very old Yucca in the woods.

  6. Where do we find pet sitters like you and the Saint? :-) Lucky animals!

    Definitely yucca. I think they last for centuries, right?

  7. Neat find Skeeter! You'll have to see if it blooms then collect the seed. I hope all the furry friends have a good time!

  8. Zip is too cute! Is he hiding from the cats or being downright naughty in the bed!?
    I love the purple flowers, so dainty.
    I'm not sure about the yucca but whatever it sure is pretty.

  9. I love the little purple/blue flowers. You sure don't know what you will find in the woods. Use to walk in the woods all the time. Loved it.
    The plant in question does look like a very old yucca.
    I know the fur babies are having a ball with you guys.
    Have a great day all.

  10. You guys are really going the extra mile to make the little dog feel welcome. That is really sweet of you and your husband.

    We never, ever see yuccas that size around here, I'm kind of surprised they survive our winters at all.

  11. Awww, he is a cutie. You are too nice to accommodate him so! I agree the plants are yuccas. I wonder if the purple flower is some kind of violet? I am so bad with wildflowers. Sure is pretty! My son is here, more company later then wedding this weekend. Everyone have a great day! Just wanted to say hey!

  12. Good Morning Everyone! Another day in furry paradise for me, lol...

    Carla, Yes, I could not imagine little Zip being locked up in a cage at night at the Kennel. We had to let him stay with us and he is not that much trouble. He is a good boy…

    Randy, Nope we did not get but a few sprinkles in our area. Downtown had a bit to measure but we were not so lucky. Sorry you had a mess on your hands. I was watching TV last night and saw a show on Durham Barbecue! The Saint and I were thinking yummy!

    Sunita, I believe the girls are just being patient as they know he will go home soon. I spend a lot of time with them so they are pretty good girls but as any cats, can be temperamental if pushed too far. Hee hee…

    Lzyjo, I do think these are old Yucca as they are so large! I can only wonder how they got located where they are today. I have never done any research on the Yucca so wonder if anything can be made from it. Hummmm…

    Janet, We do love our animals so we do what we must to keep them all happy. What is a little sacrifice for a few days for a life time of happiness from our fur babies?

    Cameron, move next door and you too will have a fur baby sitter! We love Greyhounds as well! Although, the girls may have an issue with something that large, lol…

    Dave, Am afraid I will not see it bloom as we do not go into the woods in the hot months as the snakes are there too. Yikes!

    Dawn, Zip was just waking up from his long happy nights sleep! He sleeps under the covers and thinks he is human! What a cute boy he is and a joy to have visit…

    Lola, Howdy Stranger! Am glad you are feeling better. The weather is too nice to be sick so get out and enjoy it while you can. Soon the humid nasty stuff will fill the air and that will be the end to my garden fun but for now, I am eating it up each day….

    Marnie, I was surprised to see Yucca plants here as I think of them in warmer places such as Texas. But then again, we have alligators here so warm enough for them, warm enough for a yucca. Zip is a well behaved boy and gets along with the girls so all is good in the house. Although, I know the girls will be happy to have things back to normal again…

    Tina, I bet you are so happy to have the family all trickling in! What a nice weekend you will have! How did Bella react to seeing mommy? Have a great weekend and dont worry about the blog, it will be here when you get to it :-)

  13. Bella is very excited about her mom being home. Now the old dog, Link, aka Stinky, he is not much here so he didn't have much reaction seeing his boy-Brian. Brian is most happy to see him though. Is 15 years old for a small dog?

  14. He's soooo cute and looks mighty comfy there. We doggie sat for my Mother a while back but as we don't have any animals at the moment (and I miss them) he got all the attention!
    Love to find treasures growing in the woods!!!

  15. I've never seen such long leaves on a yucca. Maybe it has to do with the amount of shade it's getting. The little blue flowers look like bluets.

  16. Skeeter, Thanks for stopping by and checking me out. I just went skipping through your gardens with bells on. What a charming place you have and so many beautiful plants in your gardens. The little blue flowers you found on your walk are called 'Bluets', rightly named, I think. Your tree peonies are the loveliest. I'm jealous. And are you ever going to have a nice bunch of blueberries. I will be back. Thanks for sharing...looks like your visitor is loving his stay.

  17. Tina, 15 years is old for any dog or cat! Am glad that Brain has some time to spend with Link. I have been pulling some weeds and I think I just about have them under control in the Semi-Formal Flower Garden! Yippee...

    RainG, that is what is so great about dog sitting. We get to enjoy him then send him home after a while! We see him most every day as he comes over to visit when I am in the garden as well. He is a sweet boy…

    How it grows, It is a large yucca so must be an old one for sure. It is covered with shade from the surrounding trees. You could be correct with the wild flower being a bluets. They look like the ones I see on the internet with a image search…

    Dar, sorry to confuse you but “In the Gardens” Master Gardener, Tina posted about her peony tree. She has such a green thumb and puts me to shame in the garden. She posts on M-W-F while I normally post on Tues and Weds. Yep, Zip is enjoying his stay and all the attention he is getting from us. Although, he gets lots of attention when home with his mommy and daddy as well…

  18. They are the best buddies! Except when they find your shoes, veggie garden, or garbage!

  19. Rat reminds me a little of our JRT, who lived to be 20 and we lost almost 2 years ago... she loved to get under the covers. Some mornings she could end up at the end of the bed. You'd have thought she would have smothered, or gotten too hot.

  20. Lou Reed sang about walkin on the wild side - do do do do do do do do do do do do do do -

  21. Dirty GG, Luckily for us, Zip does not chew on shoes. He does however like to hike his leg in my garden, lol...

    Sweetbay, I am sorry you lost your JRT. They bring such joy to our life but unfortunately they do not stay with us long enough. You must have been a great mommy to your fur-baby for her to be 20. Zip is on fire every morning but he loves the heat kind of like our cats...

    TC, when writing that title, I thought of that song. I heard that one on XM radio recently…

  22. Hi Skeeter -Zip is looking like he wants to hide from Sheba -heheeh. Thanks for all your great feedback on furry babies and care.

    Hi Tina -probably too busy but it's all great when it's family -enjoy!!!
    Have a great night y'all. We are getting little sprinkles of rain today -just little -wish it would rain a bit more we moved the swingset and can't get the anchors in the ground -a little rain would help:) Ciao

  23. My Grand-Chihuahua liked to sleep under the covers. Even when she was sitting in my lap she had to have the blanket over her. Strange she only laid on my bad leg. Sometimes I like to lay the blanket over me when sitting in recliner. She sure got attached to me when they were staying here.
    I miss her. I think she is pg now.

    Anonymous, maybe it will rain enough that you can get that swing set anchored for the kiddos.

    Thanks for the ID on the little blue flower.
    Hope all have a good night.

  24. Zip is adorable. That peeking out of the covers is such a rat terrier thing to do.

  25. Zip is a cutie! How nice that he got to stay with you. It is pretty funny what we do for our pets. Our little dog gets her cuddling time after the kids go to bed, otherwise she follows me room to room with a toy in her mouth.
    Isn't that interesting to see those Yuccas in the woods, wonder how they got there?

  26. It does make you wonder who might have planted these yuccas. They do seem out of place in the woods.

    I do wish I lived closer to you, Skeeter--I know who I'd call the next time Hubby and I take a trip:) I know I wouldn't worry then about Sophie being lonely!

  27. What a sweet neighbor you are but I guess we would expect that from Skeeter.

    That is one huge Yucca!!!! BTW...Yuccas grow in Maine.

  28. Zip is just too cute, but he also looks a bit mischievous ;-)

    I love the tiny wildflowers peeking out in the woods. I do think those are yuccas that you found on your walk. I'm sure someone had to plant them there too.

  29. Sounds like the animals at Skeeter's house make out pretty good! That Zip is a cuite - I don't blame you for wanting to babysit!

    Interesting about the yuccas - fun to speculate why they're there and where they came from.

  30. Zip has gone back home now and we miss him but the cats do not miss him one bit. They are back to their normal routine and have enjoyed all of mommy’s attention. hee hee....

  31. Hi Skeeter, i have been commenting on this 3 days ago, but it seems our server doent want me to, so i am trying now, even if it really takes infinity to open blogs yet. I love your very clear photo of those miniature violet plants. You made it so clear and focused. But i am really amused of the happenings with the cuties. hahaha! the first photo under the sheet is really very cute.

  32. Andrea, Thanks, Computers are wonderful only when they work when we want them too. My hubby works on computers for a living and he even shakes his head at times with their temperamental ways, lol. Zip was a pleasure and so sweet to have around...