Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby Bird update

By SKEETER Chives blooming in my Georgia Garden...We had a really bad storm roll through our area last week. These were the same string of storms that left damage in many Southern States. Luckily, we had nothing more then 2 inches of rain fall on our thirsty gardens. The baby Bluebirds decided to leave the nest on the evening of the storm. The Saint and I noticed they could not fly upward so we picked two of the three baby birds up off the ground and carefully placed them on top of the Wishing Well. We lost track of the third one as night fall was upon us. This way, they were off the ground where the neighbors cats roam at night. Little did I know the storm was on the way.

At 3:30 in the morning, I was waken by the sounds of thunder and I immediately thought of the baby birds roosting on top of the wishing well exposed to the elements of Mother Nature. I jumped on the Internet and saw the storm was headed our way within a few minutes. With thunder all around me, I went outside and carefully placed the birds in the bucket of the well so they would be free from the pounding rain that was quickly approaching. I worry about the birds throughout the two hours of thunder, lightening and rain. I wondered if they would survive the nasty storm. The next morning, I spotted this little baby in the front yard next to a Crepe Myrtle tree. I have no idea if this was one of the baby's I rescued or not but he sure did pose for a picture as if to say Thanks for the lift last night... It amazes me how quickly birds hatch from Egg to flying Bird. Some, within 10-14 days! They start out these tiny naked things that only a mother could love. 9 days later, they look like beautiful birds! This picture was snapped on May 1. 2011. 1 Day later, the same birds! See how much they changed over night? Mommy and Daddy Phoebe are very protective of their brood at this stage.

Eastern Phoebe's are very clean birds and in this video, you can see how the parent's remove the baby's Fecal Sac from the nest. Bluebirds and Wrens also have this method of nest cleaning as we have seen them in action. We have enjoyed observing and learning with our front porch guests but we are so anxious to get our porch back to normal. Coming and going has been a challenge for us as we take special care to not disturb this family. As I was running laps with my lawn mower today (May 2) I saw all 5 of the baby's fly the nest! They left in the most perfect flock all at the same time. I was thrilled to witness the baby's going off into the big world. I welcome these BABY BIRDS, In the Garden...

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  1. Splendid photos! The baby birds are adorable. You were brave to go out in that storm. We didn't get any rain when it passed over us. I am hoping we get some this evening as the next spring storm rolls through.

  2. Skeeter,
    I see Phoebes all the time but have never seen them nesting. Guess I need to be more observant of them in the future. Bet the baby bluebirds appreciated your help.

  3. Fantastic photos, Skeeter! I think we human parents could learn a lot from the birds--not only are they totally devoted to their offspring when they need them the most, but they help them leave their nest when they're ready. How sweet of you to rescue the babies in the storm.

  4. I've heard that Phoebes fledge like that ~ flying and all at once. How nice of you to protect the fledging from the rain. The baby Bluebirds and Phoebes are adorable!

  5. Good Morning everyone. Humidity in the air today. Yuck...

    Karin, Yes, we too are looking for that rain…

    Randy, Phoebes nest on ledges so be on the lookout…

    Rose, we have learned a lot by observing birds and other wildlife around us. So rewarding to see this in person verses on TV…

    Sweetbay, I did not know Phoebe baby’s fledged together like that as we have never seen them fledge before. Learn something new every day…

    I have lots to do today in the garden and with house renovations so off I go…

  6. Wow! You captured that shot perfectly. Birds are so very clean and can be so attentive. Did you know Google is doing away with videos and switching strictly to YouTube? I believe they are going to delete all of them soon so you might want to look at that. They emailed me but I'm not sure if they emailed you.

    I think you are the best caretaker to go out there when a storm is coming in the middle of the night to move those birdies!! Lucky little birdies to nest there at your place.

  7. Those are really great pictures. You are just the sweetest lady and I do think that pretty little bird was giving you a very big thank-you


  9. Tina, When I load the videos now, I cannot view them as it says error. I only hope they load and they do. I also noticed a U-Tube logo on the bottom of the video. I assume they have already gone to U-tube with the way I load and all is okay. We will see in time. No email to me but I am doing blogging differently as you know. I hope to not loose video as occasionally, I get a good one such as this one…

    Jean, if I can do anything to help a living creature, I will do my part. I do think this was one of the birds I assisted and yes, saying thanks to me…

    Dawn, Long time no see girl! How the heck are you doing? I have a little something I picked up recently for you! I will get it in the mail soon. I MISS YOUR BLOG GIRL….

  10. Hello all.
    Good job Skeeter. Placing those babies in the well may have saved them. I didn't know the Phoebes flew away together like that.
    I enjoy watching them also. I don't know what happened to the eggs in the pot on my potting table. Maybe a neighbors cat as they run around here all the time.

  11. How wonderful that they chose your garden to live in and rear their young...such a wonderful spring and honor for you!!

  12. Hi Skeeter, I am so relieved that you are OK after the terrible storms. My US geography is a bit hazy so I wasn't sure which of my cyber friends might have been affected. I love the bird photos, and particularly the little video. cheers, catmint

  13. What sweet little baby birds! I'm so jealous of your chive blooms, I planted some seed a bit late and they are a no-show. :(

  14. Wow Skeeter, those birdlings are so cute! How lovely to have some of them in your garden. I have experienced it also in the past here, however that plant used by these birds succumbed to the last dry season. I wonder where they are nesting now.