Thursday, May 19, 2011

Discoveries from Renovating

By SKEETER Lilies are blooming in my Georgia Gardens. The Renovations of the Bathroom/Closet are on-going, thus my lack of Chatting with you on your blogs. When renovating, one Discovers hidden surprises not planned for such as rotting floor joist which puts a slow down on production. Many trips back and forth to Lowe's and we now have the sub-flooring, plumbing, insulation and tub in place. Hopefully, no more hidden surprises to get us off track again.With our many trips to Lowe's, I take advantage of walking through the garden center. I am not happy to make daily runs for supplies but am happy when I spot items on the Bargain Bins! 2 Sensation Sky Blue Salvia, 2 Blue Moon Phlox, 3 Giant Crimson Mandevilla and 1 Crimson Mandevilla. Each plant for a mere $1.00. The Mandevilla were regular priced at $10.98 each! Here you see 2 Lauren Delphinium @ $1.50, 2 Croftway Coral Princess Cape Fuchsia @$2.50 and Wave Petunia for .75cents. I do not like running back and forth to Lowe's each day but these are wonderful DISCOVERIES FROM RENOVATING. Now, to find time to plant them, In the Garden....

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  1. Skeeter,
    Pretty good deals I must admit. I found at Home Depot they do not do these bargain deals. Instead they roll the plants out behind the store and leave them to die or be picked up by who ever wants them. I got 6 purple petunia and 6 pink diantius all in gallons for free!

  2. Here's a little tip about Lowe's...My husband was the "Live Nursery Specialist" for our local Lowe's. He was authorized to make a certain number of "cull packs" when they had plants that were getting a little rough looking or they were expecting a big shipment of new plants. He would put together $200 worth of plants and sell them for $20. Occasionally, customers would ask for certain types of plants or a certain combination of colors and he would build a cull pack just for them. The moral of the story is...get to know your Live Nursery Specialist!

  3. Good morning all! I had success with installing a door all by myself yesterday! Look out Mike Holmes, hee hee....

    Randy, We do not frequent Home Depot as often as Lowes but I will be on the look out behind the store the next time I am near the area. Thanks for the tip...

    Stephanie, I am not sure how our Lowes operates but I never see the same person working in the Garden Center. I dont know if they rotate them to different departments or what but I will be more aware in the future of faces. Oh what fun to have a hubby working in a garden center...

  4. What a great haul! Makes you think about how much they must mark up these plants in the first place. Oh well, I'm happy for you!

  5. I just love Lowes for their bargain plants. That is the only place I buy my plants. It has served me well over the years too. I'd sure like to know Stephanie's husband so I could get custom made packs. That's a great idea. I do know our nursery manager. She has contacts in our MG association and sometimes lets us know when they mark their plants down. What a boon! I worked at Home Depot and Randy is so right. They destroy their old plants-mainly perennials. Such a shame. You got some great buys now to finish that room and go plant:)

  6. Nancy, Yes, I wonder how much they mark up the prices as well. And to see so many die from lack of watering them, freaks me out too...

    Tina, I will check out the back of Home Depot next time I do a run for supplies as Lowes is right across the street! I think I will get into the garden and plant today. Need to take a break from the house and play a bit in my dirt...

  7. I do hope you do not find any more hidden surprises during your reno...BUT, the plant discoveries are awesome. Score!

  8. Good deal and discovery. Hope your renovation will go smoothly and everything is back in order.

  9. It looks like the redo is coming alnog good now and a big congrats on the door Skeeter!!!

    You do get the good buys on plants and congras on that also. Another good place after the beginning of a spring/summer season to get good buys is The Christmas Tree Shops.. They do not have a big selection like a garden center but they do have gallon pots for a buck or 2 of what they have. So if you are near one, chen em out.

  10. Bathroom remodeling. Been there. The benefits though of going to the "hardware" store. All those plants to help your sanity during the process!!

  11. Yippee, I got the plants in the ground today! It was not easy as with no rain, the ground is really tough to dig in right now. I had to pull many weeds and spray for the bunny and deer as I noticed a few nibbles. I worked until the street light came on so a long day...

    Darla, Score indeed and strolling through the Garden Center made my day. The bargains were a bonus as just being away from the house (stress) was awesome...

    MK girl, I am so keeping my fingers crossed for good luck. I am anxious for this to be over and we do not need any more obstacles to overcome…

    Jean, How ironic, I was at that store yesterday! I don’t put many plants in pots but they do have great prices on them. I got suet cakes for the birds and also a small kitty cat statue. I saw more I wanted but would not spend the money. They advertised a wooden foot bridge in the paper and I went to get one and they were sold out. Just my luck as I have been wanting a little bridge for some time now. Oh well, I will find it some day….

    Sherlock, It was so nice strolling through the Garden Center yesterday! Very relaxing for me and took my stress away. I took my time and just let my eyes wander and my nose sniff the goodness in the air. My treat to me…

  12. Hello all.
    Great job on the redo Skeeter.
    That was a great find. Lowe's does have some good plants.
    I've been in the yard for days now. So tired at night. Some projects are getting done. Others are ongoing but will be finished soon.

  13. Lola, I am sure you have been busy in the yard trying to get all done before the heat of summer. The humidity returns here today and I am so NOT looking forward to it. The plants will love the heat though but with little rain falling here, I need to drag around the hose every few days. Humidity and no rain=Not a happy time for this gardener.

    Have a good weekend and don’t over do…

  14. Skeeter, have a good weekend. The heat will return this weekend. Having to water as rain from storm is gone.
    I hope all have a good weekend.