Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's Blooming

What is this blooming in my Georgia Garden?

We now have walls in our bathroom and closet! And the Sun room/Office is missing 2X4's and stacks of Plywood! We still need to mud, tape, sand and prime before painting. The purple paper to the mildew resistant walls is pretty though. LOL. We have both decided that installing Dry Wall/Sheet Rock is not for us. Next time, we WILL pay to have it installed. I am in terrible pain in my shoulder from sleeping so soundly after putting in an 11 hour work day. I am not doing much more then resting my body in the recliner. Even having my nice cozy office chair back in front of the computer is not soothing. So you will not be seeing much of me today...

Have you guessed yet as to WHAT'S BLOOMING, In the Garden...

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  1. Looks similar to garlic...
    hope you get some relief for your sore muscles...

  2. Yep I knew that drywall would be a pain to install, we are definitely hiring a pro when we redo our bathroom. I'm going with Darla, is your new bloom Garlic? :)

  3. Skeeter,
    Please tell me your not tiling the wall around the tub? It should be cement board if you are. At least Cement board would be better anyway, doh

  4. So good to hear from you, Skeeter. Randy's right. You're not tiling around the tub, right? Hardyboard is what you need. Massage, girl. You need a massage!

  5. Cool purple color! I think garlic or onions on the bloom. They are most pretty!

  6. Hmm, has anyone said garlic yet? ;) That looks like a tremendous amount of work. I've heard from watching home improvement shows on TV that most people prefer to hire someone to install the drywall, I guess that's true!

  7. Good morning all, I am still in pain so will keep this short...

    Dont worry about the tiling. We put 1/8 inch plywood to even the tub with the wall. We have the hardyboard laying on the sunroom floor and ready to work on that next weekend.Thanks for the tips though....

    Tina, you got it! ONION....

  8. Isn't a great feeling to get that type of work done? Even though it's a ton of work. We did the dry wall in a small bathroom many years ago, I still remember all the dust from sanding. It'll be worth it when it's done :)

  9. Wow on the onion, I don't ever remember an onion having that many flowers. I usually just get a couple or so. Very pretty.

    I hear ya Skeeter. When we built our house in 1983 we did EVERYTHING except most of the plumming and electric. The sheet rock was a real pain. We built a 24 x 24 area first and actually we had that built but did do some of it. We planned on living in that area while building the rest but ended up having extra people living with us so lived in most of the rest of the house while building. Guess what that meant? We moved piles of sheetrock, flooring and other stuff from room to room all the time. What a nightmare!!! BTY, our house, not countig bathrooms, hallways and laundry room is 9 good size rooms. The good part was that we were 28 years younger. Did you build the "stilts" to help with the sheetrock? Hope so cause they do help a lot. Well the worst is over now and you will enjoy it so much for a long time.

  10. Hello all.
    Your re-do is coming along fine. It is a lot of work. Wish I was able to do it myself.
    I was thinking onion on the bloom as I have one that looks just like that. I also have walking onion doing their walking. lol
    I hope all have a wonderful day.

  11. Popping in to say hey...

    The dust from cutting the drywall in the livingroom is awful but it was too hot to do that work outside. I sacrificed the dust in the house for the air conditioner.....

    Jean, we borrowed a contraption called "Third Hand" Telescopic poles with rubber hands and feet! Awesome job for us. Will also use these to hold plastic to the ceiling when we sand... I know what you mean about moving stuff from room to room. GRRRRRRRRRR...

    Lola, it is so hot here that I am not doing much in the yard. And Lord knows I wish I were younger while doing this reno. Too many aches and pains these days....

    Okay, off I go now...

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  13. Oh Skeeter, what a big job! Good for you and your husband. I know you are glad you are almost done.