Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hollyhock blooming in my Georgia Garden.
Now the big question. Who gave me the seeds for this beauty?
Tina, could you be the kind giver of the seeds? I am enjoying these HOLLYHOCK, In the Garden...

Note: Renovations continue so blogging is slacking for me. I will be so happy when our house is back to normal. I am sitting in a small chair while typing as the room is too cramped for my large comfy office chair. And supplies have moved into the living room which I said was off limits. Arggggggggg....

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  1. I didn't plant any hollyhocks this year...this one is a pretty soft pink..deep breaths, deep breaths...

  2. What a lovely, soft colored hollyhock.

    Hang in there and pretty soon things will be back to normal.


  3. Skeeter,
    Love the hollyhock! The renovation will be done soon enough. Yesterday I finished up the screened porch I'm building all but some touch up I'm doing today, so glad to be moving on.

  4. I love this plant because it reminds me of my great-grandparents. They had it planted next to their outhouse.

  5. My HH's will be blooming in a month or so, I hope.

    This one is a lovely shade of pink.

  6. Breathe in. Breathe out. The worst will be over soon. At least your car is clean, right?

  7. I did give a bunch of hollyhock seeds to friends so it is possible. I noticed just yesterday my hollyhocks were beginning to bloom but they are a darker color. I have several types of seeds that friends have given me. Aren't they the sweetest cottage plant?

    I hope your reno is done soon. What a mess I know you can't wait until it is all over!

  8. Beautiful hollyhock! Just love that delicate pink color.

  9. They are a pretty flower and I have never grown them. Not sure why as I know my mother always loved them.

    Just keep reminding yourself it will all be worth it and you will ejoy it for many years to come versus the few weeks of the messy part.

  10. See how quickly I forget. I meant to ask Tina if her redo was still happening. I figured it would be done by now cause I thought you said the workers were done with the dormmer.

  11. Beautiful! I can NEVER grow hollyhocks from seed and lost most of mine this year. Yours makes me want to try again. Happy gardening!

  12. So pretty!
    The renovations will be worth it.

  13. Hello all.
    Love those Hollyhocks. Sure need to plant some, maybe next yr. Getting a bit too hot here now I think.
    Must transplant this afternoon when it cools off a bit.
    Too many things going on just now.

  14. Hi Tina, The hollyhock is so pretty. Hopefully things will sort themselves out soon with your renovations.

  15. Good evening everyone. Blogger has not been kind to me today. I am just now able to get to comments via my personal Computer Wizard, The Saint.

    Tina, I planted these seeds last year when you and Nina gave me several packets of seeds. I lost track of what seeds from whom. I should do a better job of marking them but since I don’t really have luck with seeds, I guess I don’t waste time marking them. Thanks to you and Nina for the wonderful seed packets. When I do have luck with seeds, I give you two credit as you provide me with seeds every time I see you two. You encourage me to plant when I am ready to give up on seeds.

    I love the sweet pale pink color to this hollyhock and my first Hollyhock ever!

    Someone please send us rain, the yard is bone dry….

    Have a great weekend all…

  16. I like this flower. Very nice!

    I have a question though. I have a thing about fragrances and flowers, do hollyhocks have one?

  17. Hollyhocks are one of my favorite old-fashioned flowers. I never know each year where they will pop up. Last year my showiest one grew straight up from the compost pile:)

    We're having some flooring replaced next week and some other projects done; I'm not looking forward to the disruption in my routine either, but the results will be worth it, as I'm sure you'll be happy, too, once everything is done.

  18. We're in the process of a renovation here too Skeeter, it is a bit nerve-wracking. Hope we both survive the Pretty Hollyhock, I love them, need to plant some again soon. :)

  19. Looks like I am not alone with renovation projects. Good Luck to us all...

    ZZ, I did not catch a scent when snapping the pic so I dont think they smell. But sure pretty as can be...

  20. - Skeeter -

    This is very true!

  21. Love the Hollyhocks, but haven't grown them in years. I need to think about adding a few inside the fence next year.