Friday, May 27, 2011

Lillies and Lovelies For You; Or Shall We Say Tango 4 You?


With a name like Tango 4 U how could you go wrong? I love this lily! I purchased a few pots as a markdown at Lowes last fall and look what I got. I had to do a close up just to show all the speckles. This lily is a peachy pink color. Who would've thought there was a such a color? I love lilies and this year they are looking pretty good so I thought I'd display a few for you!

This is a longer shot of the Tango 4 U lilies. They are planted at the front of my new Non-Pool Garden. Behind them grows coneflowers along with some permanent flowers in the form of wine bottles mounted on rebar.

It's hard to show the context of the gardens in pictures so I always try to include long shots. Here we look past the coneflowers and lilies to the back of this large garden toward the hydrangeas. Oakleaf hydrangeas and mopheads are coming into bloom now. Since we did not have a late freeze this spring it is looking to be a fantastic year for most of the hydrangeas. Annabelles also grow in this garden and are also nearing their bloom time.

Back to our Tango lilies. Looking down the path we see these lilies glow. Along with the colorful foliage in this bed there is quite a tapestry here.
Not to be forgotten though are a few other lilies. In my gardens the lilies come and strut their stuff for about a month then slowly fade away into obscurity. That is, they go dormant after they bloom. I don't mind this trait at all because by the time they go dormant the summer perennials have taken over.
I have no idea what cultivar of lilies these ones are but they've been growing in their part shade spot for several years now. I'm always happy to see them come back because some lilies have not done well here. I believe most if not all of my lilies are Asiatic lilies. They seem to do well. It is the oriental lilies like 'Stargazer' that have not done well here. Unfortunately none of my Asiatic lilies have a scent.
But they sure do shine in the garden.

Not many plants do well with shady conditions but the Asiatic lilies seem to be an exception. This cluster is planted on the north side of my home and gets only a few hours of sun. This area is most challenging but the lilies and penstemon seem to do okay.


Here we have some daylilies and crinum lily flowers. I don't know the cultivar of this crinum but I purchased it at the Nashville Lawn and Garden show in the spring of 2010. This is the first year it has bloomed. I am hopeful the other crinum bulbs I purchased will also bloom this year. Also blooming are the St. Joseph's hardy amaryllis. The reds stand out wonderfully with the tango lilies.


Finally a new bloomer (just yesterday) and this is the first year this lily has bloomed. I asked the Jimster if he thought this was a pretty lily. He said it made him want some pink lemonade. A good thought indeed. 

There are more lilies coming including some Skeeter passed along to me (Tiger Lilies), some white lilies and of course more daylilies. They are all so sweet to tango with....

in the garden...

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  1. Lily season is my favorite time in the garden...well, next to tulip time, and coneflower time, and ...:) You have a lovely variety, Tina; I think you should take the Jimster's advice and call the last one 'Pink Lemonade.'

  2. Tina, Fun to see what is coming in my garden. I haven't planted many lilies because of the deer, but now we have a fence. Carolyn

  3. You have a lot of beautiful lilies! I especially like the deep wine-colored one and the bright yellow one. I haven't tried lilies in my garden because I figured they would be vole food, but I should anyway ~ the Formosa lilies have done well.

    I don't cut back the spent stalks of Carolina Bush Pea; I like the look of the seedheads. I haven't had a problem with the milkweed spreading. Instead I wish I had more!

  4. I thought that tango wasa real stunner and then I saw the wine/red one. If someone would not turn their head for that one, there is something wrong for sure. The lemonade day lily is also very gorgeous

  5. Lilies are a wondrous genus. Hybrids like Orienpets and Longiflorum/Asiatic lilies work really well here, some but not all. I've found it takes trying out different lily bulbs to find one that will persist.

  6. Afternoon all.
    Tina they look fabulous. I like the lilies. My Crinum lilies are blooming now, white & deep pink. I have the pink/white stripe that brother brought me but they are not blooming at present. They need separating bad.

  7. I loved looking at all the lilies! I need some more colors as I used to have a lot of them, but they faded away. My mom gave me a bunch of tiger lilies that I need to plant yet they will need their own special place as they like to take over. I think pink lemonade is a good name too!

  8. Ooh Tina, you have some lovely colors of Asiatics in your garden! I added quite a few new ones last fall because they do well here too. In fact we're on the same wavelength because I was putting together a post this morning about my Asiatics. lol ;)

  9. How ironic, I was out snapping lily pics today as well. Cloudy day so good day for snapping pics. We had storms all around us but we only had about 1/4 inch of rain, sigh. I will have to set up the sprinkler tomorrow... Oh goodie, cant wait to see the Tiger Lily!

  10. I love lilies and plant them en mass. But my asiatics are not happy with shade and stretch and stretch to the light. I moved them this year out of the shade of the peonies. You have some pretty varieties.

  11. Oh lots of lovely lilies and lots of beautiful colors! I have never seen the Tango 4 U lilies. Love the peachy pink color! Of your lilies, I especially like the yellow ones. They shine beautifully along with deep wine-colored ones. "quite a tapestry" So true!

  12. What a treat! Your garden is very lovely...surprises around every corner.

  13. Your lily collection is stunning. Take my breath away. I like how you re-use wine bottles in your garden, very interesting.

  14. Beautiful garden Tina. No. It's spectacular. I thought we had a really ugly spring. Cold Windy. Lotsa rain. Now the payoff as you said. The lilies and hydrangeas are the best looking ever here too.

  15. I have just fallen in love with lilies, and am glad to learn more. Yours are absolutely beautiful. Love the peach of Tango 4 U.

  16. Oh, how i love finding new gardeners that share the passion of Gardening! I host a garden party on Thursday's called Cottage Flora Thursday's...would love to have you come by & peek around & would love it even better if you'd link a garden post sometime? oxox,tracie

  17. I love the pictures of the wine bottles in the garden. I write a garden blog and I am doing a post on artwork used as focal pieces in the garden. I would love to include your picture of the wine bottles.

  18. Thank you simplescaping but I do not allow use of my pictures. You may certainly link to this post but please do not repost my pictures. Thanks. tina