Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wild Kingdom

By SKEETERPrimrose thriving from self seeding in my Georgia Garden.
With the missing Oak Tree and lack of shade on our patio, we erected a Canopy. We used this canopy in our German Gartenplatz while living in Germany. It has been in our storage shed for the past 9 years. Finally, we have a use for it. I am not too happy with the blue color as I would prefer green. I believe it would blend in with nature better then the bright blue. What do you think?
It did not take the squirrels long to check it out. I hope they do not rip a hole in the canvas with their sharp claws. Grrrrrrr, go to a tree you stinker!
I spotted our first Snake of the year last week. A Rat Snake so I did nothing more then snap a few pictures of this creature. Notice the raindrops on its head.
This Snake was keeping an eye on me as I in return. Even though not a poisonous snake, it has teeth and will bite for defense. Ouch, stay clear...

Here is a video of the snake roaming in the Butterfly Bush Island.This snake is welcome in my garden as it eats rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels. I am not happy that it will also eat eggs and baby birds, sigh. The Rat Snake is also known as the "Chicken Snake" because it eats chicken eggs and chicks. I do not like the idea of this creature being under my house! Snake skin found in the crawl space during bathroom renovations. Yikes, I hope it is not under there now. A Deer and Rabbit eating corn together in my gardens.

Such harmony between the two as if long time friends. Stay away from my flowers you cute little cottontail!Renovations continue in our house. Plumbing and Electric to be tended to then we can start the building process! Exciting but scary taking this on our self.

Sheba has enjoyed all the boxes we keep bringing home during this renovation process! In this video, she is chasing her tail while in her latest box. She is a mess and keeps me laughing every day with funny antics.

Lastly, Video of a little tree frog going to bed for the day. We have half screens on our windows and I keep them raised on windows we do not open for a clearer view outside. The frogs take advantage of the windows and sleep during the day behind the tracks.

Flowers blooming, House Renovations and WILD KINGDOM, In the Garden...
I have never loaded 4 videos at once and I hope they all worked for you today...
Words and Photos Property of In the Garden Blog Team, In the Garden


  1. Wow you do have many visitors in your garden. I think the blue canopy is cute. On rainy days, you can imagine sky above you while taking shelther and looking at your plants.

  2. You get many interesting visitors in your yard. I am not so sure I would want to see the rat snake though. The deer and bunny are cute together. The only video that worked was the frog. May be a blotanical issue.

  3. Your primroses are pretty, such a delicate shade of pink.
    You certainly have the animal kingdom in your garden. Cool pictures of the snake especially.

  4. All the videos worked well Skeeter. That tree frog was my favorite! I don't mind snakes here at all. I leave them be-all of them but rarely do I see them. Not sure why.

    I can't believe how much you all have done on the renovation. Wow-right down to studs! What a job!!

  5. Love the wild kingdom..the tree frog is cute and I like the blue is a soft subtle shade that adds to the garden...

  6. Good Morning all. Another cool start to the day and I am enjoying it so much. House renovations have us sweating our hineys off with work so the nip is welcome. Plus open windows to clear out the scent and dust...

    Malay, The canopy does not shelter from rain as it is porous. This one is made for shade and not rain proof. And yes, I do think of the blue sky when under it at the table…

    Greenapple, Hum, sorry the videos did not work for you. Maybe they will work later on today. Sometimes strange things happen with videos and blogger. I would prefer to not see the snakes in my yard but being surrounded by woods, I am glad to see a Rat Snake verses a Copperhead or Rattle snake. Yikes, those scare me…

    Janet, I am sure with you living in the woods and on the lake, you too have your share of wildlife. I have never lived on the water and it would be a new experience with us seeing different water critters. We would have to learn them as we don’t know much about water animals fowl and poisonous water snake are a mystery to us…

    Tina, the frogs are the cutest things aren’t they? We just love them and they put a smile on our face every time we see them. One larger one is living on a house plant I have on the porch. I don’t know why I have not snapped a pic of that one as it would have been perfect for this post. Oh well, too busy with this renovation. And yes, we are down to the studs and sub-flooring. We will replace some of the sub-flooring as it is rotten or splitting. We are going to install a pocket door, tile, tub, oh gee, the list goes on and on. This is a major process and the house is so unorganized right now! Stuff is everywhere!

    Donna, I was thinking that the blue added a bit of color but with the green chairs in the background, I was not sure of the contrast. Blue was the color in Germany as it is the color of Bavaria and that is where the Saints mothers family is from…

  7. Hi Tina, thanks for your comment on my blog. As I read through your profile I wanted to thank you for your service in the U.S. Army.
    My father was in three wars, my husband in vietnam. We have had two sons in the Army, one served in Aftganistan. I love all the animals on your blog, especially your window hugging frogs. :)

  8. Those canopies are great. I used to put one on our deck that is right in front of our kitchen which gets so hot in the summer as the sun hits it from before noon to sunset and it would lower the temp in the kitchen and the on the deck by quite a bit. After I got ac in the house I have not put one up but now, seeing that and thinking about the lower temp on the deck, I am rethinking that.

    That is one long snake!! I love seeing snakes in my garden as I know they are harmless and do some good but if I saw one that long I might not stick around to take the great pictures you got!!

    My parents had a tree frog on their RV that wnet from Florida to Maine for a couple of years and he was so cute. I always wondered why he did not die from fright traveling that far on the outside of an RV on all those highways.

  9. Skeeter, that snake would freak me out something fierce. I've never seen a snake where I live. I did see a vole the other day.

    The reno is going to be so rewarding... you watch. You'll just marvel at what you guys did and you'll marvel more that you stayed married afterwards.

    I loved your photos... the froggie was my fave. Good job on the videos!

  10. Your gardens are so crisp looking..the tent cover is cute just how it is...that squirrel could be a problem for it though. I am trying to leave the 'good' snakes alone here...boy is it difficult though.

  11. Wow, Skeeter! Your garden is a wild kingdom! I could do without the snake though! Carla

  12. Hi all.
    We have those little frogs here too. The lizards are funny also. One rode to the next town one trip.
    That redo is coming along great.
    Like those snakes but have to be careful as they could be the bad one's here. Don't like armadillos digging around as they uproot my plants.

  13. You have some visitors that I'm glad don't visit my garden. ;) Can't wait to see how the renovations go, we have a bathroom that needs a complete overhaul, it's a mess.

  14. Hello everyone! Thanks for your comments and I will try to keep up with your blogs. This renovation is taking its toll on my aging body so not into blogging much right now. The Saint will take half a day off today and we plan for some massive renovation work to get done this weekend. I am so tired of the house being in disarray that I am ready for this to be over. And Thus Far, no marriage counseling, LOL…