Monday, April 22, 2013

Jimmy Williams Tennessee Dixter Garden Tour Week

It is spring in Middle Tennessee so you know what that means for a garden lover and award winning landscape designer (more on that soon)? It means it is garden tour season! A season I look forward to all year long-of course one need not tour gardens only in the spring but the springtime seems to be the season. 

My garden club members (Beachaven Garden Club) and I recently toured a special garden located in Paris Tennessee. The garden is known as 'Tennessee Dixter est 1974' and is lovingly tended by the one and only Jimmy Williams. 

Jimmy Williams is a well known gardener here in Tennessee because not only does he do many speaking engagements in the area but he and his garden have been on Tennessee's very own TV gardening show called Volunteer Gardener.
I first heard Jimmy speak several years ago at another garden club's function. I was entranced because he is VERY knowledgeable about plants and enjoys sharing his wisdom. Many folks can be knowledgeable about plants and don't share that wisdom well so it was with great joy that I learned from Jimmy's talk. Ever since then I had planned to visit his fairly nearby garden (one hour from my home).
Finally, this year was the year and I was not disappointed. I am also very excited to have visited it this month because next month Jimmy will be speaking to the Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee. I've been a member of that organization since 2004 and enjoy it very much-mostly for the speakers who are varied and usually very good. I was honored when I was asked to speak to them last year and was doubly proud to hear my speech was one of the top three for the year. I spoke on Winter Gardening. You all know we can garden all winter in Tennessee right? Jimmy Williams knows that and he will be sharing his perennial border from February through December. I can personally vouch it is a lovely border.
Everywhere you look there is something wonderful to see. Jimmy and his lovely wife Peggy have lived in their home for nearly 39 years. Can you imagine living and gardening in one place for that many years? The garden is very mature and robust and happy.
When we visited, the garden was a patchwork of chartreuse, blues, yellows, and pinks. Conifers played will with sedums, grasses, perennials, wildflowers, and groundcovers.
Textures were varied and melded together nicely.
Structure was present so as to give the viewer some interest all year long.
Our visit was awesome! A good great thing about blogs is we bloggers can share as many or as little photos as we want. Unlike magazine articles and televisions you'll see a lot more of Jimmy's Tennessee Dixter. Can you by chance figure out where the name Tennessee Dixter came from? 

I'll share that in another post because there are two more posts covering Jimmy's garden....

for now I'm in the garden....
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  1. What a wonderful garden and I look forward to seeing more of it.

    Wow, reading this post, I see that you are quite the experienced gardener speaker. I am humbled.

    Thank you for sharing your photos, trips, knowledge and love of gardening.


  2. Hi Tina.....Jimmy's gardens are just beautiful!! He and his wife sure do a great job of tending their garden.

  3. Love all those textures! And I cannot imagine living in the same place for 39 years! That would be awesome... I was wondering about that name Dixter so will be looking for that posting next.....

  4. What a lovely place. I see a lot of ever greens. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Tennessee Dixter: he's translated it to the Southeast very well. Your photos capture the garden very well. I too look forward to the next installments.

  6. I love all the different color of foliage, and his use of boulders. How wonderful to have gardened in the same place for so long.

  7. My home town. Wow, never knew about this. Maybe should have stayed around. Will be anxious to see the other posts about this beautiful garden.