Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tennessee Dixter Part II

We continue the tour around the side of the house where we find an espaliered tree and small pond filled with goldfish. There are several water features in Jimmy Williams' Tennessee Dixter home.
Speaking of Dixter, have ever heard of the Great Gardens of Dixter? Jimmy and his wife took a trip to England years ago. When he came home he was all set to do some garden rearranging based on what he had seen in England. The end result is what you see here. You know gardening in Tennessee is very different from gardening in England. Jimmy has adjusted quite well I think.

Once you get past the long perennial border you enter into a woodland area. This garden was a favorite because of shade. Our new property has very little shade in the field where we plan to build our house. I have planted 4300 daffodils in that sun and I tell you the sun is kicking my b$%^. I will work very hard to get some shade trees going soon! I was most grateful for the shade in Jimmy's garden.

The garden through this wooden arbor is a mix of self seeders that include our friendly and prolific fleabane (the white flower) and ragwort. Isn't it lovely? Just those two flowers looked great! I never would've thought to let fleabane hang out in my gardens but after seeing this garden I'm leaving some in my gardens for interest. Normally fleabane is considered a weed. I am told ragwort can spread itself about quite a bit but since it is very new to my gardens I am hoping it does. Those sunny yellow flowers are a treat and bloom for a long time.
Native azaleas, rhododendrons, and other woodland plants such as sweetshrub, aucubas, and hybrid azaleas all played together well.
Just look at the color of this hybrid azalea....

in the garden....

Part III will finish out out garden tour week on Friday.
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  1. I loved this second part to this fantastic garden. It made me want to get out to work in mine some more.

    Thanks again for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  2. What a wonderful treat to visit this garden! I have been pulling more weed type plants this spring and with each one I pull, I cannot help but wonder if I should leave them in place. Hum, maybe a few shall find themselves staying after seeing this...

  3. What a beautiful and serene oasis your friend has created. Packed with plants and gorgeous views.

  4. Just beautiful Tina! I love, love, love the arbor. :0)

  5. Hi Tina....Such a beautiful garden. I especially like the short stone wall (I love stone walls) and the arbors with the stepping stones beneath them. This garden makes me wish my woods were closer to the would be nice to have a mix of sun and shade.

  6. I love the beauty of the garen and woodland arbor!! I really need my husband to make me an arbor like that!!

  7. Love the trellis and the woodland part of the garden. And the lush plantings with no visible soil. It looks so natural.

  8. This is such a beautiful property. I very much like the woodland walk.

  9. This is beautiful. It really feels like a 'secret garden.' You're going to have amazing space to do big things like this soon!

  10. I love the natural features of the pergola and the arch that use tree limbs

  11. Very beautiful. I figured it had something to do with England's Great Dixter, but didn't know what. I think he has done a great job. I like the espaliered tree and the pond. And that third photo looks like it could have come straight from a garden in England!

  12. Mature shade is something that doesn't just happen, what a glorious collection of azaleas, rhodies, sweetshrubs, and all the other woodland plants. Little by little my woodland garden is filling in.

  13. Wonderful flagstone path and rustic arbor and bench. I don't invite fleabane to my garden but it makes a lovely meadow, let me tell you.

  14. Walking through both gardens was great fun. I loved the detail, the contrasts, and the colors. It was amazing, thank you.