Monday, April 1, 2013

Sing in the Bok Tower & Giveaway Winner

Entering Bok Tower Gardens one can clearly see where the 'gardens' come from in the name of this tourist destination but where do you suppose the tower part of the name comes from?
Let's travel down the walkway and find the tower that makes Bok Tower and Gardens so famous. 
Ah, here it is! "This 205 foot neo-gothic and art deco singing tower is an experience like no other." says the Bok Tower Website. Inside the tower is a 60 bell carillon. Concerts are held daily at 1 & 3 PM. The sound is melodious and fills the garden with the song of the bells. This tower is the 'tower' part of Bok Tower and Gardens and adds a special touch to the gardens. 
On our way to the mansion; which I shall post on soon, we passed by some tropical plants. Not being familiar with tropical plants I cannot tell you what kind of plants these are but aren't they pretty? 
We will finish with a pathway to a special Mediterranean style mansion that is part of the Bok Tower and Gardens complex. I shall show you more of this mansion soon....

in the garden....

And for the moment many of you have been waiting for....the winner of the drawing for a 3 Jug Water Fountain is.....Junk Loving Girl! The number drawn from Random Number Generator was 23 (out of 1-25 not counting my comment). Counting down the comments we wind up with Junk Loving Girl. 

The prize I chose for you all was the Three Jug Fountain. Like you all I reasoned that for my garden perhaps I could not hang a hammock or have enough solar power here so I thought the Three Jug Fountain perfect for me so I was sure it would be perfect for many of you. 

Junk Loving Girl, please contact me with your mailing information so you can have your fountain in the mail soon. And enjoy! Don't forget to go say thanks to the good folks at Serenity Health and Decor for being so generous! 
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  1. Thanks Tina Great virtual tour of the Bok Tower Gardens. Congrats. to Junk Loving Girl on winning the giveaway!

  2. Congrats to Junk Loving Girl!!! This gift should be a great asset to your garden! I am enjoying the tour of the Bok Tower Gardens! Would enjoy sitting on a bench and hearing the tower sing out to me...

  3. What a nice giveaway! Congrats to Junk Loving Girl. The tower is so impressive! And I love the big giant urns in the last photo.

  4. Hmmm, heading to Florida in a few weeks, and maybe I need to see Bok Towers. It's only an hour and a half from my mom's house, she won't mind, right?

  5. The tower is beautiful; I hope you were there at just the right time to hear the carillion concert, too. Love that last photo--the walkway is lovely and makes me curious what is at the end of the path. Congratulations to Junk Loving Girl!

  6. Beautiful entrance and look at those huge snapdragons...