Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Enough Posts?

It is possible I may start posting more than once per day. I have more than a month's worth of postings in the draft section and more ideas coming every day. I hate to do it and I might not, but I wanted to get some feedback from you readers. I know of one who would like to see more posts and one who finds one a day is plenty. But with gardening season upon us once a day will not be enough and some things will get pushed back. Maybe I might post more than once a day only when I have something that can't wait, like now. Write and let me know what you think, or email me at ramseytina5@gmail.com.
The above picture was taken in Maine near a house my family once lived in. The tide is out as you can see. I used to go harvest mussels from this beach and still love mussels. Food tastes much better when you harvest it yourself, or catch it or grow it. Don't you think? For those of you who like the ocean smell, picture yourself by this ocean and try to remember the smell.

in the garden....enjoying this great weather before the rain comes.


  1. I can handle more than one post a day:) I am learning so much from alot of these posts. I am not much of a blogger but do read and I am happy to say I am the myrtle murder type --but I am learning so that won't happen anymore. I can't wait to have a little more time to get out there and make the yard look good. My kiddos/house are first --but I do LOVE a pretty yard:)

  2. I'm smell'n the ocean. Ah, memories of Pismo Beach dunes, Santa Cruz....My California family meets at Venice Beach on Super Bowl weekend for touch football, a huge buffet, barrels of beer and the ocean....ah...the ice plants, pink and yellow are amazing too....
    Blog as much as you are comfortable with. You absolutely can not give up garden time.

  3. Very nice picture, Tina. I do love the smell of the ocean....nothing like it. I must say that is what I miss most about working at the tank farm...that ocean smell along with gathering seaweed and pine needles for the garden, fishing, watching the seals play, swimming, among other fun things and all the while getting paid a fairly decent wage. But, oh the smell down there, out on the big pier or even at the small boat dock you were still out over a lotta water. If someone could bottle the true smell they'd be filthy wealthy. I can open my door and smell it also since the ocean is not far in front and in back of us but it is not the same as being right there and listening to the waves along with smelling it.

    Dawn has'nt been on huh? Maybe that is a good sign that the last work on the house is finally being done. Hope so.

    I was surprised to come to check on comments and see a different post. Thought I had really lost my mind. LOL. Once you are outside a lot you might not have time to do 1 everday let alone twice. Or if you get a job outside the home. But twice a day is fine with me. I have time to kill. Love you.

  4. I think I may post more often. I will not sacrifice time in the garden so I may not check as often as I have been, but will still check regularly. Right now, my computer has a bug so I have to use Jimmy's. What a pain!!!!!

    I am trying very hard to smell the ocean and think good thoughts but the computer is so frustrating.

    Anonymus, you are a GREAT blogger and I am glad you are here.

  5. Yes! The electrician came today, he got the main mounted and into the breaker box. Hope he comes tom.
    Tried to figure out where this picture is, must be on the ridge.
    Tina, you got the rain we had warmth today! Kids were taking their coats off at recess and I finally got rid of the last of my ice jam. If you blog more than once I might run out of things to say! Just kidding, I think its a good idea.

  6. Oh great Dawn. So happy for you and will keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow. It was 65 degrees here today. The news said it was 61 in Portland.

    My guess on the picture is from Stovers.

    Love you both. Nite.

  7. whoops....I forgot but I miss you Skeeter. Hope you are enjoying your inlaws.

  8. The picture is of Estes Beach! You all should know this as we used to live near there.

  9. Yup I should have known that as the bridge is too far to the left to be from Stovers.

  10. Whoops, I mean the war towers. I was thinking of the bridge as they are doing a major construction job on it. It will remain the same but sured up as it is in deterioating condition.

  11. I couldn't remember where estes beach is!!Then it came to me, 'least I was closer then mom!
    Musta looked at it for five years! Awful, just awful

  12. Tina, it is your Blog to blog with as you may! I dont think you will have a problem running out of stuff to chat about... As I, you have a lot to say! LOL.... I will try to keep up as best I can….

    I like the Ocean but more so to visit then to live at. I dont think I could deal with the constant wind and also the sand in the house would be an issue. It is hard enough to keep the sand out of my house now and we dont live any where near a beach but lots of sand here in the Augusta area…

  13. I'm going to play it by ear with the posts. As a minimum, once per day. Some may be too long so I may split them up to get the info out all together.

    The ocean in Maine is sooo nice. Not much sand, as it is very rocky in Maine. The wind does blow a lot but keeps humidity down. Don't you sometimes get a breeze from the lake? That may help cool you all down in sunny Georgia.