Saturday, January 19, 2008

Things Are Starting to Look Up!

I told you all I might just start posting more than once per day. It is starting to become a habit. Skeeter sent me this lovely picture of a creek running through her yard. She says, "Maybe the drought is going to go away in Georgia!" Let's hope so.
I hope the recent rains bode well for the upcoming year's gardening season. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!
in the garden....thinking about one inch of rain per week every week this year and hoping the drought goes away!


  1. very pretty and look at all those leaves to put in the garden.

  2. It is very pretty, I keep thinking of toadstools and fairies.

  3. WOW! Look at all those leaves!
    What kind of trees are out there?

  4. Very pretty, makes me want to clean the wooded area we have, but need it for a "buffer"

  5. Boy Skeeter, those are a lot of leaves and look lovely by your new stream. Is there where the wildflowers are growing-like what I think is cyclamen? And others you have talked about?

  6. The leaves stay put where they are. This is our front yard more or less. We keep it as natural as can be. The only thing we do is pick up the limbs as they fall. We dont want any fuel in the woods for a wild fire ya know! We have tons of leaves in our entire yard. I blow or rake them to make a nice border around my landscaping keeping a natural look. Everyone that comes to visit loves the look. The Saints mom took the idea home with her and has an area where she has done the same with their huge oak leaves… i spread Pine straw in the garden area...

    We have tall Georgia pines, Sweet Gums (hate those things) Poplar, Hickory, Willow Oak amongst other trees. I bought a few books a while back to help us identify the trees but those are the only ones we have been able to completely identify. Not too good when it comes to identifying trees. Some of the trees have poison Ivy on them too. Luckily it has not bothered us so we leave it alone.

    The woods were one of the things that attracted us to the house. (The rocking chair front porch was the other thing!) We have a circular driveway that goes around the woods and it is as if we are driving onto a campground each time we come home! I would like to make pathways and put a gazebo in the woods but that would only be more to maintain so we just enjoy our woods as they are in a natural state. Our next door neighbors (the good ones ha) keep their front yard as ours and we view it as an extended woods. The next two houses by them do the same… You can barely see our houses when the trees are full of leaves! We love our privacy…

    I want to build a bridge over the creek. We now have a plank that gets us across the dip. The creek is only a dry bed for run off water. It has been dry for over a year with the drought but has been running for a few weeks with lots of rain lately. Hopefully we are on our way out of this horrible drought…

    And yes Tina, right about where I was standing while snapping the pictue is where the wild cycalamen is growing...

  7. I want a picture of the cyclamen when it is in bloom! Mine in the garden is doing well-hasn't bloomed yet. But I think the houseplant you brought me is a goner. Didn't I tell you all I am not good with houseplants? Maybe my daughter can rescue it. She is coming to town to sell her condo soon-unlike some people in Clarksville, she priced it right! I will ask her for some help. She has a good touch with houseplants, more than her mom. She is good in the garden too.

  8. That is okay if it croaks Tina. I was gonna trash it anyway, just thought I would pass it along to a plant lover. Did not realize you are not into house plants. I kind of thought that with your passion for the garden that you would have a garden in your house too! LOL