Friday, January 25, 2008

Tip Day

I have been receiving lots of emails from gardeners with some great tips. I think starting next week I will try to dedicate Tuesdays to tip day from gardeners. Don't hold me to it on this specific day, but I will try. There is one good thing about not earning money from writing this blog-I can be my own boss and set my very own schedule! Do love that part of it and getting to know everyone!

Any gardeners who like to share with me through email and allow me to do a post on your tips, such as Lola did, just let me know! Even if you don't want a post on your tips, you are more than welcomed to share. It will be in the same similar format as I did Lola's post for great tips. I find gardeners not only want to share tips but stories (sound familiar) to go with the tips, so I will dedicate one post to one gardener. Sound okay?

in the garden....freezing but looking forward to some warm days coming up soon.


  1. Anonymus (lol), whenever i post more than once a day, i am always thinking about you!

  2. Sounds great, maybe I'll have some tips if we ever get out of the cold. I can get some beautiful pictures of wild forest flowers.

  3. Dawn with peaches, I love that name.

    Tina, I think it would be great to list tips for gardening form other garndeners. I may not have any tips to offer, but will be looking to see what the rest will have to say. I am in the learning stage so I don’t much to offer.

  4. Oh my goodness....dragon is here!! Welcome back. I see you on the pet blog but have missed you here. Loved the picture of Shadow "helping" you on the computer!

  5. Whoops....I got so excited that dragon was here I forgot to tell you Tina, I think that is a great idea.

  6. Mom, you are too funny! Dragon-doesn't it feel good to be missed?! As many trees as you have planted you probably have some tips. I hear you are the one who the Leaf did an certain article on a while back. Small world uh? Your hobby sounds so interesting. You should think of ways to use fans in the garden for know, old ones beyond saving.

  7. I will be definitely expecting some tips and pictures from you dawn with peaches.

  8. Thanks for thinking of me too:) LOL I had some computer problems earlier --it wouldn't let me post or read:( Glad it's working for me now. I will look forward to the tips --I sure need them:) Still thinking about the side garden and what will go there --must be low maintenance seeing since the kids are HIGH maintenance, rofl.

  9. anonymous I am rofling all the time on here as everyone is so funny and it sounds to me like you do a good job with the kids and garden.

    Dawn do you have Lady Slippers? I bet the woods down by the brook would be a great place for them.

  10. Hi Jean --I enjoy your daughters writing, she is amazing! I know you are an awesome mom too! I mean look at your girl --you know she had to get that from her mom:)Nighty-night y'all!

  11. It sounds like a great idea to me. I am always in need of gardening tips.

  12. Yes,we moved about 40 lady slippers when we moved here, they range from pale yellow to a deeper pink, we were digging and I took the chance they would come back, they did.
    I may not be on later, the appraiser is coming on tues and we will be hustling to get the small stuff done this weekend.
    Nikki has a majorette rally, clinic, and a b-day party to go to today-luckily she has rides to all of them-first time I' ve missed that stuff. :(

  13. What does rofling stand for? Anonymous, I will help you with that side garden but even without my help you will do well-just leave the pruners in the house until the right time.:)

    Looking forward to some pictures of lady slippers. I have fond memories of them growing up and so loved (and still do) wildflowers. I have quite a few in the garden and always looking for more. No lady slippers though.

    You guys were up late last night and early this morning! Wow! Finally warm here today and tomorrow. I expect I'll be in the garden but after I drag the teen out to do some exercise. Should be a battle-wish me luck!

  14. ROFL is a short version of ROFLAO...
    The first is Rolling on Floor Laughing....
    the longer version is;
    Rolling on Floor Laughing (rump) Off.....
    Come on Tina, you need to get this computer Lingo! I think it is funny that Mama Jean knows the Lingo better their daughter Tina.. Too funny. Dont feel bad Tina, I am sure Mama Jean knows a lot that I dont either! I must ask the Saint at times about Computer lingo to keep me straight.....

    Dragon and his little Shadow are adorable! Saint is jealous that our babies have not struck that pose with him yet!

    Tina you are wonderful to Foster two doggies! I just dont know where you find the energy you have in your body! I must get more active, you are putting me to shame girl....

    Tips are always helpful when passed along! Great idea….

  15. thank you skeeter. i had no idea! i should use more of the acronyms since it saves time. i only just learned lol and the jimster and i still argue about what exactly it means. he says laugh a lot and i say laugh out loud. i don't really think it matters too much though.

    i am waiting on an email from pet people about the fostering. depending on how they do i might take more than one. thought i'd hear back by now but it is ok. should be fun. i just love goldens but not too keen on puppies but for two-three weeks should be ok.

    how was the saint's early day off? and are you surviving the cold? it is warm here. i bet you two can't wait to get that boat out on the lake-soon!

  16. Brett (B) is the one spear heading the Fostering of the dogs in Waverly. He is always at Cats R-Us on Saturday mornings til noon or so to help clean cages, refresh boxes, food water, and what ever else needs to be done. So he may be a bit getting back to you. I vouched for you on the Blog just a few minutes ago and I am sure that once he gets time to check in on the Blog, he will get with you.... Pet People will take all the help we can get when offered..... Also Sandy is out of the loop now with computer problems at home and today as well as yesterday are her day off from Leaf. So she probably does not know the details either… B, should get with you at some point once seeing the offer…

    You probably dont have squirrel problems due to the dogs keeping them away...

  17. Ops forgot other stuff you mentioned.... Drinking hot coffee under the heat vent to stay warm. LOL and that means Laugh Out Loud, so you win the prize for that one!

    Saints early day was nice. We ran some errands in town and also had late lunch which was nice... Walked Lowes to work out a plan for the woodshed roof replacement and tried to look in garden center but too darn cold! They still had a worker out there at a cash register! She was keeping warm with a propane heater behind her counter! Poor thing was all bundled up like an Eskimo!

    Yep, the boat (Liquid Asset) is calling my name but the lake is still 13 feet below normal pool so until she rises at least 7 more feet, we will not launch her! Bring on the Rain!!!

  18. Thank you very much anonymous but, trust me, I was not always a good mother and I am sure my kids will all tell you that except one that won't admit it. My kids (proud mamma here) are all honest, smart, happy, well adjusted, self sufficent adults but by the Grace of God and maybe good genes from their grandparents and they DID NOT get their smarts from me. Now, I am a painfully honest person and like to think I am well versed and have common sense so they did get some good things from me. LOL

    Tina is a GREAT writer and in 1990 (or whenever the first Gulf Was was) Tina was over there as an air traffic controller and since her kids were were us she wrote to us very often. She also had written a letter to our local paper to the editor and it was never published. Well after the war started our local paper started publishing "Letters From Home" They were actual letters people over in country had written to familes left behind. One day a lady called me as she had been going thru old stuff and saw the letter Tina had written to the editor. She wanted to know if she was still in country and if I still had her kids and if she wrote letters home and would I mind if they published some and if I would drop some off at the paper. Next time I went to town I did. The next day they were in the paper (with real personal stuff left out). At the end of the day the lady called and wanted to know if I had more and I told her I had many more. She said their phone had been ringing off the hook about Tina's writing! It was just what they were looking for as she talked about the country and life over there and as we all know she paints a pretty picture when she writes. Well she said she'd send a courier to get the letters. They came and took pictures of us for the paper, had a color half front page photo of Tina, met her at airport when she got home, took pictures of her and MrFixIt when they got married for the paper and an article about returning home to get married. For two weeks straight the other poor folks in country never had a letter in the paper as it was all Tina's. Ever since then I have encouraged her to write a book with no avail. I really thought she should have written a book on the war when she got home. Things were very primitive for them and people do not know that side of the first war. I know this is very long and I do apologize but it just had to be said. LOL The devil made me do it!!!!

    Dawn you are lucky with the Lady Slippers as they are very hard to transpant and have to have just the right conditions.

    Skeeter I really did'nt mean to put the ing on the ROLFL and I usuall do ROTFLMFAO. LOL I know the terms cause I play games....canasta, spades and others and you learn them in the game rooms. Your guys put your time to better use. About the lilac Skeeter (someone already pointed out) they do not smell as good down south. Not cold enough I guess to do whatever the cold does to them.

  19. Tina tell Jimmy that he is wrong about LOL. Skeeter is is laugh out loud. Joanne and I disagree on brb. In the game rooms it means be right back and Joanne says it means bathroom break. She is also wrong cause when I first started going to the games I searched it all out. I wrote them down and would check my paper till I got them all down pat. In the game rooms they also do not use caps....all small case letters and no puncation. When I first came here I did that and noticed you guys were so proper so figured I could be proper also. LOL

  20. mom, I was under the idea that when you use lol as a sign off it meant lots of love.
    I think its the content of use. One of my techs said its laughing online.

  21. Skeeter, Brett emailed me. I sent him my number. I am standing by. The Jimster will TRULY be able to play some puppies out. Poor BJ is all played out now. Sorry about my disparaging comments about Linky. It is all true what I said though! I was talking to his rightful owner (my oldest son) today and Stinky oops Linky was on my mind. You know I love all of my zoo animals. Poor Mr. Fix-it. Should've seen his reaction when the Jimster told him we were getting some puppies. NO! Poor guy, everytime he turns around we get a new pet it seems. Really more like new plants.

    Mom, Now that you have about told my whole life what is left?! Nothing I hope I read on here. Just kidding. Someday that book will come. Maybe from my writings on this blog. It is okay to be long winded on here. People can read or not and it is so much better than talking the story right? Where people can't leave? That is the way I feel.

    I have no clue about these acronyms. I am trying my best to use correct punctuation and not make mistakes and so on without learning new things as it is. You ALL know I make many mistakes on here but hey, it is only human nature. I try to go too fast.

    Dawn with peaches. Did the appraiser come yet? I hope they appraise the house for more than you spent to build it. My friend down the road spent SO much on building her home then it was assessed and appraised at MUCH LESS than what she spent. She was not happy. So many things go into appraisal. That is still my wish, to become a certified real estate appraiser. As each day goes by I am leaning more toward that. It has been a goal for several years now. Should get a move on it! I would say I would appraise your house but each state has its own rules. Anyhow, I think you are right about the context and the acronyms can have all sorts of meaning. Before this blog the only places I ever went on here were the bank, email and garden sites.

  22. Hi Tina and Jean --you are both great writers and keep this mom highly amused:) I am serious about a book --you'd do great Tina. See, your mom said so:0)