Friday, January 18, 2008

What is in a Name?

What is in a name? A name is the one thing you have your whole life that is yours. It can never be taken away from you. It is up to you what you do with it, and what you make of your name. You can have a good name or a bad name. I have always told my children their name is something that always starts out good, and they need to make sure it stays good. They have done a great job at living honorable and good lives, and I am proud of all four of my children. (Even the teenager though he doesn't always think so:~)

The year I deployed to Iraq was my first year visiting the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show. I have since attended four more times and I have enjoyed each and every trip, but the year 2003 was a very good year for visiting this show. While there a vendor had a bunch of iron letters. I searched for what seemed like an hour or two and had HIM search for all of the letters of my name. I was very fortunate he had them all in stock as these letters are made of iron and came from a foundry which has since gone out of business. I am sure you could probably buy them online, but I haven't checked to see if that is so. I have my entire last name and I love the name Ramsey. These letters are prominently displayed on my Wisteria arbor/Privacy wall (I will do a post on it later) and remind me every day of the good name I possess. This year's Lawn and Garden Show at the Nashville Fairgrounds is going to be 28 Feb-2 Mar.

Jimmy, the teenager in the house, has a hard time understanding good names. Two summers ago he went to western North Carolina to spend quality time with his paternal grandparents. While there they took him to the mountains where the Ramsey family originally came from. Jimmy was in awe when he saw a whole cemetery filled with Ramsey family members. He couldn't believe his name and family were so important until he saw the full breadth of how families and generations just seem to go on in perpetuity with the same name. Treasure your name always as it is as uniquely your own, as is your garden.

in the garden....


  1. Okay, I must contradict one thing. A name is not something you keep all your life. I have had several names in my 44 years of life! Maiden name, married name, back to maiden name and now the Saints family name! Wow, way too much money spent on name changes at the DMV, etc... LOL… I was not as proud of my first married name as it was such a common name. No, not Smith, but pretty close! I love my birth name due to the rarity and the Saints family name gets lots of comments by being so unique also….

    Love the iron letters! I have been known to hunt in binds for hours looking for the perfect thing! Just after Christmas I was at Michaels craft store digging through bins hunting for matching floral picks at 75% off! I must have spent over an hour and believe it or not, I found enough matching treasures to do the project I am setting out to do…. Saint would say I am crazy, I say I am determined!

  2. Looks great --as usual you have some really cool ideas Tina! My hubby wouldn't allow me to display our name -lol. He is a quiet kind of guy and semi-private. Heck, I had a hard time asking to put our name plate you made us in the front yard, hehehe. I guess it's his line of work that keeps him so skeptical:)

  3. The Saint was home today at noon! Poor-Poor pitiful thing... I made him a fire in the living room yesterday thinking he would turn on the TV and doze off and on as the TV entertained me. No such luck! He lay on the couch and snored his head off while I tried to be quiet. I picked up some old magazines that my mom past on to me and read 4 of them from beginning to end. Have yall ever heard of Country Magazine? More pictures then reading but beautiful scenes of all around America with lots of back country pictures.... Was kind of nice to sit by the fire and take a good look at my beautiful country!

    Today when he came home, I decided I was not going to sit around and listen to him snore so I got a grocery list together and ran to town. I am sad to report that I spotted 7 different business landscaping that had committed Myrtle Murder! One place cut them below last years cuttings! Looked so stupid like a stick tree with only 3 large sticks coming from the ground! I wanted to rush home and get my camera and run back to snap a picture it looked so stupid but decided to stay home and tend my ailing man instead. He has his belly full of homemade chicken soup compliments from our neighbor! What wonderful neighbors we have! He is off from work the next three days so he should be well after a few more days of sleep and driving me nuts! LOL... We had such plans for this weekend. Tend to the two downed trees in the front woods for one thing! They may rot before we get to them. Oh well, the termites will enjoy them… LOL…

  4. See Skeeter the snow IS pretty and can bring a happy evening! Ours was all gone till the first of the week and brought us about 5 inches. Then last night and today we got rain and most of that is gone :(.

    Hope the Saint is better quickly as we all know that men mosty are big ole whimpy babies when sick.

    Sorry to hear about your leak. Always something!!

    My trip to the city was not really much of a deal. Its just that my body does not tolerate much. I have a good friend that has MD and is in a wheelchair and has to get a new one about every 4 years or less and he had to go in for a fitting for a new one. Then we went out to lunch and to a few stores for shopping. Then when we got back to his house my husband was waiting for us and we went to 3 different stores in town. It is a lot of walking and getting in and out of the van for me. When we go to Portland we take my friend's van as he has a handicap van with a ramp and can't get in my van as I do not have a ramp. He is not able to stand at all. His van is very hard to get in and out of as it has a built up section on the drivers side from when he was still driving and used the wheelchair to sit in for driving. I was for the most part on my feet from 7:00am to 9:00pm. Too much for me nowdays.

    Dave I like your work bench also. I also really like recycled items. They really do give the best satisfaction.

    Dawn, GREAT WORK on the outlets. So happy you are on the home stretch. Not so happy that I am Tina's MOM. LOL Haven't heard that one for years. Made me chuckle. You guys are so funny!

    When I finally got settled last night my 2 daughters that live outta state had called so I called them both back. Then I was so worn out I could not sleep and then I got charliehorses so today I did nothing. The kids (Christy, Nick, Brian, Saha and Josh) were coming for supper and I did'nt even wanna cook. So my sweet granddaughter brought KFC!! Had not seen them since Christmas. Josh has grown so much since then but he still remembered me and I think he missed me cause I got at least hundred kisses and hugs without even asking. He gets up on his feet now by himself and will soon be walking. Christy had Alice on her shoulder and was holding Josh and he kept putting his finger to Alice's mouth. What does a bipolar cockatiel will do? BITE!! She hurts when she bites but was gentle with him and he laughed. This is soooo loooong but had to make up for yesterday and just now got the gumption to write. I did read the post this morning but did'nt have it in me to be longwinded then. LOL

  5. I can't comment on my last name, its to common, more or less.

  6. ps Mom, we got a additional 6 inches of snow, no rain, then bright warm sun from about 2pm on. Days are longer, no more 4 o'clock nighttime blackout.

  7. Dawn, Your are so darn funny. My quiet daughter that no one ever knew. Can't believe it OMG!! What a sense of humor and play on words you possess. Tina called that one rather quickly!!

  8. Hey guys,
    Good morning. I would've commented yesterday but the Internet was down, now my computer is down-same problem as last time. It will be fixed today (I hope). I am using Jimmy's now.

    You are so right about name changes. Been there done that. It wasn't the money so much as it was the time it took! Very lengthy and in depth process. I am staying with Ramsey now forever as I know you are staying with your cute name.

    Sorry the Saint is still sick. He really needs to rest and the next few days will hopefully do the trick.

    Please, if you are able to take some pictures of the crepe murdered crepes, please do and send them up. I have not been able to get pictures of the butchered ones so I haven't yet prepared the post yet. I do have a picture of a great crepe where my friend only cleans it up. It is the type which naturally grows into a tree form.

    You are also a very private person too. I am so happy you have joined in with commenting since you have been reading all along and I just didn't know it!:) This way we can somehow communicate each and everyday-right?

    You and the Hunter make a great pair. Is that a good nickname for him? Or maybe Fisherman? Or maybe we can combine the two somehow? Can't figure out how and make it sound good. Some people in their line of work need to be private and it is fine. I was tickled to see the name I made you in the front yard. I will find those stands somewhere so it can set up better.

    Thanks for the update on your big city trip. I saw Portland's name in an Organic Gardening magazine which said it is one of the best "small cities" in the country for recycling. Isn't that neat? Did a little write up with a picture too.

    I know you were tired and I am glad you got your 'gumption' to write a bunch. Christy knows you are sometimes too tired to cook-what a sweetheart to bring KFC. And thanks for the update on my grandbaby. Babies grow and change so fast. Brian kept begging me to send pictures of the garden while he lived in Cali. Now he only needs to log on. Have you told him? I told him but I don't know if he has had a chance to look at the garden here in Tennessee while he is Maine.

    Days are definitely longer. I always know when winter solstice is so I can look forward to spring. DDs, tulips, crocuses, and hyacinths are up. Perennials are showing signs of new growth. That is why I have to stomp the ground down-voles are enjoying the new growth.

    Well, gotta go post. Waiting until Mr. Fix-it wakes up so he can fix my computer. Fortunately, I upload pictures in advance-otherwise I'd be taking a break from this blog. Yesterday it was about killing me I couldn't check the comments and respond with the Internet down. But I did get lots done in the garden in the meantime.

  9. Dawn,
    Forgot to say above, your name is so common that sometimes it is easy to be anonymous with a common name. But it is a good name.

  10. Saint is feeling much better today! Yeah, less snoring on the living room couch! Raining and calling for possible flurries this afternoon! Hope to see some. A good day to keep a roaring fire in the fireplace and snuggle up with my cats as we watch TV....
    I will try to get you a picture of the Myrtles Tina. Surely the Saint will be ready to get to town for a bit tomorrow. Am sure he will have Cabin Fever by then! Sometimes, if you do nothing while being sick, I think it prolongs the sickness. Makes it too easy to do nothing buy lay around so think I will get him up and out for some fresh air. I will take the camera with me then....

    Jean, I enjoyed hearing your big city adventures and family fun. Thanks for sharing them with us…

    Dawn with Peaches, I hope your last name is not Smith and I somehow offended you with it... When I said common, I did not mean in a bad way. I have a bit of an odd first name and hated it when in school. I was really shy and that name got too much attention from the teachers on the first day of school. I wanted to be a Cindy or Debbie so badly! Now as I have aged and finally crawled out of my shy shell, I have come to enjoy having a bit of an odd name. Hubby has a common fist name and when it is called in public, it drives him nuts. He does not know if he is being called or someone else...

  11. So good the Saint is feeling better.

    Don't go out of your way to get the pictures. I have been reluctant to stop and ask homeowners if I can take a picture of their murdered crepes, as I don't think they would appreciate it too much. Some might not mind though. Who knows.

    I haven't really looked at the businesses though I am sure the murdering will start soon. And it is landscapers doing the job. There is a reason for it-the tree gets too big so they want it shorter or they want to encourage branching and bloom. Still, not the way to treat plants.

    Don't worry about Dawn with Peaches. Her last name is not smith but is still common. It also happens to be our grandmother's maiden name. How is that for coincidences. I like her last name and I am sure she will tell you the same thing when she gets on here. I think she must be busy either shoveling snow or moving to her new house.

  12. Tina are you talking about Nana's madien name? I never thought that was a common name. I very seldom hear it. Maybe it is a southern name then.

  13. I was confused mom. But yes, I think nana's maiden name is common-maybe a southern thing.