Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Making of a Wheelbarrow

Wintertime is the time I like to accomplish some projects. I never know what project I will do until I am ready to begin one. I am usually a planner but moods definitely hit me differently since I have retired from the Army.

Mr. Fix-it and I spent a few days in the garage. I am no shrinking violet when it comes to woodworking, but I have a hard time visualizing how to get to the finished project in the simplest and most logical way. I usually take the long way around. Very counterproductive. In the case of my wheelbarrow, Mr. Fix-it was a reluctant partner.

We both worked on the project but he did most of the design work. I hammered a few nails and told him how I wanted it to look as he went along, but he built this wheelbarrow himself. I am sure he is still wondering how I conned him into building it on his days off during the holiday. Actually, it just took him about eight hours to build it, and he really didn't have much to do on his must do list, so it worked out for me!

I have a little small farmer's cart I purchased in Germany. I used to use it for flowers until it literally fell apart. I am trying to repair it, and if I am successful I will wisely place it under the covered porch, instead of in the elements. This wheelbarrow Mr. Fix-it built will not be harmed by the elements and will take the place of my little cart from Germany. All wood is pressure treated and it is stained with a good outdoor stain. I plan to use it for some potted houseplants and annuals for outside color in a front garden.

I pick up old wheels when visiting flea markets. I happened to have two decorating the garden. One was the perfect wheel for my 'new old' wheelbarrow. I just love reusing and repurposing items. I have had some wheels for years and only just now came up with the idea they would work so great in a wheelbarrow. If you have some wheels decorating your garden, they too might work for a new wheelbarrow. The rounded rails on the top of the sides and front are salvaged pieces of our broken split rail fence. The rails were cut in half and notched so as to fit over the side boards nicely and shelter the plywood edges from the rain.

I thought the finished wheelbarrow looked a little too plain for my tastes, so I painted a few designs on it. Starting with a big R in front (for Ramsey) and finishing with some shasta daisies on the two big sides. I hope the designs hold up well outside but I have my doubts. I would post a picture of the painted product, but alas, my computer bit the dust and is out of commission for a few days. Jimmy is kind enough to let me use his, which works for the Internet, but little else.

Maybe not a relic from Europe, but a relic in the Ramsey household none the less.

in the garden....


  1. Very nice and it will hold much more than the largest one you can buy. Love you.

  2. Quiet today. That is a good sign as far as Dawn goes and Skeeter's inlaws must still be visiting.

  3. No, Jack of all Trades said the electrician is done all but the grounding rod...we are doing the second phase. Thank god I found my permit papers for him to sign yesterday! You know the power company, at the mercy of them now.
    Tina wanted to ask you if the color is because you wanted a older appearance or for outside green? When I took the hoosier apart I was astonished to find it was originally this color, Have a tea cart of the same. EEEEEWWWWHH for inside funiture, reminds me of the powder blue dressers. What were we thinking and aren't woodworking projects fun?

  4. Nice work on the wheel barrow! How heavy is it? It looks pretty sturdy.

    Also I goofed on reading one of your posts about the Plant of the Week on my site! Sorry about that. Did you ever find that other snowbell you mentioned? Not the Strax but the other? Just curious. :)

  5. Hi Guys,
    All is fine here. Mom, everyone is still resting or recuperating from a cold right now. I have a feeling I may be getting one soon. Yuck! Forgot my coffee today and got a caffeine headache-which is still with me. I hope you are doing fine.

    Dawn, Great on the house. Keeping up with permit papers is a pain and I am glad you could find them.

    I paint everything hunter green as it ages well and hides dirt and moss and what not. It matches the shutters on the house and the fence and fades into the background. I love the solid oil stains. Can't imagine a hoosier would be that color inside. Fads come and go though. Outside it is easy. Inside fads can be more jarring.

    I will find that type of plant. I purchased it at the Nashville Lawn and Garden show and it is a great plant. The lady did not know what it was but called it something which now escapes me. It is semi evergreen and roots soooo easy from cuttings. Blooms in the winter. Has a funny name. I am intriqued about your plant. I looked very closely and it now looks like a juniper of some sort. I guess you will reveal when ready. I will check in, that's for sure.

  6. Forgot to say. The wheelbarrow is very heavy but the wheel is metal and strong. It is built to last and will work out great for some ferns and coleus. It costed absolutely nothing to build as we just used materials we had on hand. This is the best type of project-free!

  7. Loved that wheelbarrow --great looking! And, thank you for the tree help today. I can happily say it is planted in the yard. Sorry two of my boys were so wild while you visited. Alas, what can I say ....boys will be boys :)

  8. Your welcomed for the help. Enjoyed it very much!

    Now you know those two boys were just as cute as can be! I thought it was funny how mad the little one was and quite surprised when he couldn't be dissuaded from his chosen course of action! You have your hands full.

    Talk to you later. You did so good to get the tree in the ground already!:)

  9. The in-laws have come and gone and taken the dog with them! Thank goodness the Saint, cats and I have our house back to normal. Within 5 minutes of them being gone, the cats were in their bright sunny sunroom soaking up the warm rays! I open the windows and thought their little black noses were going to fall off with them sniffing the fresh air!

    Love the wheel barrel Tina! And yes, free is the best in my book too! Still trying to get the Saint to check out Freecycle but no luck as of yet... But I do usually win in the end!

  10. Welcome back Skeeter! My mom missed you, as did we all. It is so fun talking. I know you are happy Minnie the scaredy dog went home. Company is nice, but nicer when they leave?:) We are getting swamped here. Warm but too much rain, too fast. Though, it is not a hard rain so I suppose it could be worse. The Internet and cable have been going out all day. Did I mention I have an Internet phone? Internet is out, phone is out. Urgh!