Friday, January 11, 2008


Viburnums are a wide ranging species of hardy and adaptable shrubs for this area. This ten foot shrub was planted as a one footer five years ago. Despite my best efforts at killing it by moving it around and letting the dogs get at it, it has thrived and rewarded me each year by growing taller and more fuller.

This year the fall color, like so many trees shrubs, was extraordinary. This particular viburnum pictured growing in my garden is a Mt Airy Viburnum. I like it very much as it is a trouble free shrub and rewards me with reliable foliage, blooms in the spring, and great fall color. The birds love this shrub as well.

I have other viburnums in my garden, but not the one I would like, the Leatherleaf Viburnum. The Leatherleaf Viburnum is semi evergreen. There are several nice plantings of the leatherleaf around town. I especially like the planting at the Peachers Mill Road entrance to Heritage Park.

Viburnums are not picky growers. Most prefer full sun, but this one does fine on the north side of my home in part shade. They are fast growers and reward the gardener with not only great fall color, but specatacular spring flowers (which usually have a very distinct odor that will not be to the liking of everyone), and berries. This viburnum doesn't seem to produce many berries. Some varieties are better at producing berries than others and the gardener should do some reseach before planting a viburnum if they want berries. Even some varieties that advertise great berries fail to produce so be forewarned. Not producing berries is not a major issue and should not stop the gardener from planting a viburnum, unless that is the only reason the gardener wants a viburnum. I will post about some shrubs that do great producing berries for birds in a future posting.

I do have January's Community Garden of the Month nearly ready to post. Look for it later today or this weekend. This month's garden will be a surprise to some, and different to all.

in the garden....


  1. Morning all,

    Dawn was not on yesterday so I hope that means she is very busy moving.

    Very pretty shrub.

  2. Viburnums are great! I put in three this year (two of them bargain rescues). You should see if the people who have the leatherleaf variety you want will let you take a cutting. I think they root pretty good, although I have not tried them yet! One of ours is the arrowwood viburnum and the others are the old snowball type I think. One of them did not have a label nor did it have leaves when I got it, but for $1.00 I'm not complaining! Great shrubs for birds!

  3. We have the Snowball Viburnum in the driveway island clustered with a Pink Crepe myrtle and Nandina (pictured in your "More Winter color, Red" topic) and two Pink Azalea's. I hate that it was planted there by the previous homeowners as it gets too large to keep in scale with the other plants so I must clip it back about two times per year. I dont have any particular time I snip, I just do it when I think it needs a hair cut! Some times I am great with my timing because the thing has bloomed as often as three times a year for me! Is that normal to bloom so many times a year? It has tiny blooms on it now so I fear I clipped it too late in the summer this last time for a full ball effect in spring...
    Tina, I will send you my favorite picture of it in full bloom with the azaleas in bloom also…

  4. No, just very busy with getting caught up with my job. I spoke with the power co. said it will be 10 days out from the time they get the permits, and thats the earilest. I,m on late today 'cause the kids had another snow day and Zack is downloading music.
    Got my first catalog yesterday, lots of new stuff, daisy tree? Only hardy to 40 but said it makes a nice potted patio plant. Be looking for the blog on shrubs, hope it includes mock orange and sweet almond

  5. Darn CMP. They are so independent We got all rain here. Took all our snow, what little was left. Still some in the woods buy more on the way next week, so they say. Well, while you are waiting you can get a lotta stuff moved in and put away. Probable even get things on the walls. Just keep what u need and you will only take another day to move. Guess you will not be completely in for my grandsons, birthday. Love you

  6. Hey Guys-another busy day in the garden and boy am I tired. Wintertime is a slow time so when I do get in there and really work I feel it for a few days.

    Dave, Viburnums are great. I think there would be no problem with me taking cuttings. I never thought of that. Duh. I could've had some already rooted and ready to plant out, now it will be another year. I wouldn't complain about a $1 shrub either!

    Skeeter, I love the picture of your snowball. I will post it when the time comes. It is a very nice bloom. I am thinking the previous owners of your home were gardeners. They will be so happy you too are a gardener and good keeper of the plants.

    Dawn, Too bad on the snow days. We down here hope for snow days. The weatherman says maybe next weekend there is a chance for some accumulation! I enjoy snuggling up in the house with some hot cocoa and just watching the birds. Anyhow, you can start moving. It is not like you have far to go, but it will take a while. Shovel a big path.

    I have a mock orange and sweet almond in my garden. I love them. I will post on them. Like I said when I started the blog I think I could post three times a day for a year and not talk about the same thing. Sometimes it is too much I want to talk about then I get overwhelmed with it all. Oh, woe is me. Here I am still typing.

    The mock orange doesn't smell as strong as I thought it should, but it is ok. Last year I had two almonds on my flowering almond. I will try some cuttings for you. Are they hardy there?

    Mom, aren't you glad you don't live inland? You don't really want the snow to come and stay for four-five months do you? Treacherous driving and getting around and boring seeing all that white mixed with dirt after awhile. Even if you do want the snow, you have to admit it can be dangerous at times. Dawn, I hope you and Jack of all Trades stay at home when you have snow days.

  7. Yes, yes, send me some cuttings but not til it warms, they are hardy here and I have wanted both, I have the perfect place, lining the driveway.
    No, Jack of all trades doesn't stay home, he does well when he takes his truck (not mine, learned that the hard way) People still need heat, we had ALOT of sleet this am, all the other schools around us were called off early. we got the notice @6:30.(I think out of shame) Zack was 10 minutes from getting on the bus.
    We are starting to move things, exciting! Maybe cmp will be here on monday. Not!!!