Monday, January 7, 2008

More Winter Color-Red! Red! RED!

Skeeter sent me some pictures of her winter color in Georgia. Nandina is a great shrub for all season color and Skeeter really likes the way the red of the nandina shows up against the white of the crepe myrtle trunk. I love it too. Crepe myrtles have a great structure and color. Just look at that RED!

The second picture of a fern on her porch has some special color in the leaves with a message. It is saying, "I'm cold!" and finally done for the season. The recent cold spell really has done in most plants that have managed to stay somewhat green and growing up until now.
The third picture is of a butterfly bush in Skeeter's yard. Buddleia davidii is the botanical name though most people simply refer to it as a butterfly bush. These bushes are very common and are absolute butterfly magnets. Most butterfly bushes are showing a good amount of foliage this winter, much more than is normal for so long. You want to leave the foliage and branches alone until around March-April, then cut the whole bush back to about the heighth of your knees. Butterfly bushes bloom on new wood and while leaving the foliage isn't absolutely necessary, I have found it works best in my garden.

Great color Skeeter, and I am looking at those pine needles with longing because I am still not done with mine!

in the garden....


  1. Tina, I had no idea you would post so many of my pictures! Wow what a sight to my foggy eyes this morning! Dont know why but as the daylight appeared, the fog started to roll in. Hummm maybe the ocean air is pushing the cold north air around a bit... Calling for mid 70's the next few days! Wow and to think just a few days ago it was in the 20's.... Gotta love this southern stuff....

    Need to run now. The Saints parents arrive today from their Winter Vacation so the house needs to be cleaned and dog happy when they arrive. This will throw a new spin on the girls as they are getting use to the routine we have balanced the past 10 days, now change again… arggggg…

    Have a good day all and I wish some of this warm weather upon you in the next few days as it heads north…

  2. Good morning all,

    Hey Skeeter, The 20's? OMG, I know from when I lived in Georgia the temptures feel very different and 20 down there feels like our 0 and I have yet to see 0 here this winter. Right now it is in the 40's with what snow we have left melting and water running every where. It won't hit the 70's but we will be in the 50's tomorrow. That is not so bad.

  3. Dawn....Here's hoping the electrician actually shows up today as promised. Let ua know. Hope it goes well and quickly. Love you.

  4. Hi Skeeter-got word both the Mannings are still in the race, I'm told also that if the Pats loose, we are out of it. I don't want to jinx it, so I won't say it. Better N-T be the one game this season!
    Yes, for a Dragon to birdwatch and wait for the four legged friend to attack,can't be all that bad to think ahead. What'd he want to do? Incinerate it? Just kidding. Here's to hoping Dragon is not into firebreathing, my moms watching......and probably my son.
    Good luck with the cats and btw nice color-my yard is still green and white no matter what.
    Mom, the electrician has not shown yet, started work on the hoosier last night, running out of things to do. Later

  5. After all the work you guys have done, it is hard to comprehend that you are running out of work. Well my hooiser could also be refinished so you can always come here for work. Also my Larkin really does not need to be refinished but I would like a lighter color on it. I hope the electrician's ears are hurting him cause they should be from my cussing at him. LOL Love ya

  6. hey guys,
    Been in the garden today and getting some pictures of my January Community Garden. I planted a bunch of daffodil bulbs-an experiment to see how they do. I think they will do fine.

    Skeeter, love the pictures especially the last one. I have had a bunch of questions on pruning crepes and yours is the way i like it so i plant to do a post on that-your picture came in handy. Do you prune it? Or was it pretty much like that when you bought the house? Have fun with the Saints parents and I hope Minnie is very happy when they get there.

    Dawn, I am surprised Jack of all Trades doesn't wire the house. Mr. Fix-it did his garage. He is so talented as I know nothing about electricity. I know you will be happy when it is done. Yeah!

    Mom, you are just having so much fun on here and I am glad to be able to talk to you each day. Now you can visit my garden without even taking a walk outside! I think we broke records here today-very warm and unusual for January. I have a new bush blooming and the dd's are seriously up in my garden. Can't hardly believe it is a new year. And an election year too! Talk to you later.

  7. I forgot to say, I got two new parakeets from freecycle today. Mr. Fix-it doesn't know yet:0 They bite like crazy-ouch! I am spoiled with Pippy who hasn't bit in I don't know how long. Jimmy has them but I am sure he will not be able to tame the "girls" because they are so attached to one another. Named Rainy and BB and I am happy as they are much easier than rabbits! No more rabbits though I see them on freecycle quite often.

  8. Hi Tina,
    The entire house is already wired by Jack of all Trades, the entire house is finished now, ready to move. One side has electricity off the mobile home the other has just overhead lights pig tailed to the circuit breakers. We are waiting for the main to be installed from the telephone pole (we bought) to the house and then second phase it for the other side. Don't think Jack of all trades can do that. make a long story short----I sit in a finished house waiting after 3 1/2 years of work. All this time I thought I would always be scrambling to finish, now we are done and waiting.....He did leave a voice mail on the truck phone. Is going to be here tom. morning, we'll see. btw-did I mention we put underground conduit day before vets day? On vets day Zack and I spent 3 hours filling it back in, we had to use ice picks, loose soil had already froze. Its been 2 months. I might reduce his bill just for a annoyance credit.

  9. Nice pictures Skeeter! The nandina's do have good winter color. Our butterfly bushes are hanging on stubbornly to their leaves also. I actually had to re-pot 7 butterfly bush cuttings today. They wanted out if their little pot. (I'm keeping them indoors to get a head start in the spring)

    Crape Myrtles are great trees when allowed to grow into a tree form. My parents have one outside their house as tall as the garage and its bark is really neat to look at in the winter. Too bad so many people butcher the myrtles. I believe the common nickname is "myrtle murder."

    Your myrtle looks good Skeeter!

  10. Hey Dawn,
    Congrats on the house-can't wait to see it! I know you are happy. Finally lots of elbow room. Organization and a new orchard!

    Hi Dave,
    I never heard it called myrtle murder. I love it. I call it crepe murder. I am going to do a post on pruning these favorite small trees of mine as people around here don't know how to treat them. Is it the same by your area? Do you like them tree form or shrub? I am a tree person.

  11. I think the tree form is the best. Of course that's really just an opinion. Around here most people clip them down to stubs around 4-5 feet tall and leave them like that. That will cause more branching I suppose but makes it turn into a shrub and steals the natural appeal from the tree form. Maybe it is because people haven't seen the beauty in the tree form. I would prefer to leave them at about 3 trucks and prune back the suckers. That'll let the three remaining trunks or branches to keep growing strong!

  12. Oops typo! It should say "3 trunks" not "3 trucks."