Thursday, May 8, 2008


This time of year we gardeners all anticipate with joy and glee the first opening of our flowers. It doesn't matter what type of flower-just that it opens! The flowers with the largest buds pique our interest in a big way.

Rhododendrons, irises, and peonies are flowers that have large buds. So large and so 'pregnant' with beauty that the anticipation is almost too much to bear. I picked one of the peony buds to force it open. My plan really did not work well. I guess I will just have to live with anticipating the opening of these flowers just a bit longer.

I have a confession, I am cheating since all of these buds have already opened by the time I am posting this post. But it ok, as you all UNDERSTAND the feeling of anticipation-don't you?!

What do you anticipate the most? It does not have to be something in the garden. For me it was always my retirement date from the Army. Now that it has come and gone, it is now my husband's retirement date from the Army, and visits with families (few and far between unfortunately). Buds are neat but not as neat as the flowers themselves. What do you anticipate the most in your life?

in the garden....


  1. Hmmm, the thing I anticipate is bittersweet...I anticipate the day when I don't have 4 to 5 loads of laundry to do a day...but then that would mean that the kids have moved on to their own lives.

  2. I anticipate getting to this stage! Off to food shop. Later.

  3. That's a major question! For the short term I anticipate my cuttings all rooting (including the catmint 'Walker's Low' I got yesterday), the rain falling to water the garden, and for the very short term my second cup of coffee. Hmm good idea, I'll go do that now!

  4. Good morning all! Ah, the anticipation thing. Myself I am waiting for my first cup of coffee! Jillybean-less laundry and housework is ALWAYS good even with missing the kids. Dawn, Spring is near...

  5. Cute Dave!!

    Spending time with my kids, grandkids and my 3 precious great grandkids.

    Did Dawn mean spring or the house and kids.

  6. Tina, that is a tough one, in the garden and in life. In the garden, it is the anticipation of every flower, I cannot pick one. I'm not good at narrowing things down to one of anthing. In life, going to see the grandkids is up near the top. Every day has anticipation of some kind, doesn't it?


  7. Tina,

    Right now I am anticipating my son's visit in a few weeks! RI is so far away, another world...New England. Well, I am looking forward to the peonies opening, mine have a delicious fragrance!

  8. Frances you will have to get a muzzel for Hazel so you can pick the beauties that you have.

    Glad your son is coming Gail.

  9. Such a remarkable post --it is true we all anticipate something. I guess that would be me everyday waiting for the big yellow school bus to come with my girl model, lol. I do get very excited waiting to see what will open in the yard --it's like a present when I see something open up --all new and exciting. Now, we are enjoying the iris and roses. Sidekick said the roses smell like cake --so yummy. Just for the record they don't really smell like cake it might be me saying they smell good enough to eat that makes him say that, hahaha.
    We ran some errands with hubby today, ran in the rain --had a cover over sidekick, checked for the lizard in the rain, stopped by the library and made a stop for some new line and tackle for daddy. The boys will be home soon --have to get a snack ready. See you all later --stay dry.

  10. Mom, I don't know about Dawn but I am thinking since she is in the house maybe she can't wait to get to the bud stage? Mom, do they make muzzles for cats? You know most cat lovers wouldn't put them on. We watched our Orkin kill a vole this past weekend. Jimmy was beside himself. Couldn't deal at all. She did it ever so humanely though. Unfortunately, she also took a cardinal out in the morning. What is wrong with her? She is well fed. My baby robins are still alive and intact! I really thought the owl would eat them. Seeing my first owl in the wild I can now truly appreciate your awe with yours up there. This was a BIG owl.

    Frances, You are SO right, everyday has its anticipation. Anticipation is SO much a part of our lives we sometimes don't realize it.

    Gail, You have a good visit. When we go to Maine we usually travel through Providence RI, such a nice state. Lots of gardens too...Have a great visit.

    Anonymous, Soon no school bus as all the kids will be running around the swimming pool! That will be fun. What on earth are you going to do when they grow up? Methinks the oldest would need to make you a grandmother BEFORE sidekick leaves the house. Good luck to hubby on his first competitive fishing tournament. He'll put all the other fishermen to shame. I have seen him fish and he is good!

    Hi Skeeter-Lola-Christinelynn and Nina! Hope all is well. It is super here with the light rain. Good for plants. ttyl

  11. HELLO ALL.

    Anticipation---Waking up in the morning & seeing if everything still works, half-way anyway.

  12. I don't know if they have muzzels for cats or not. I know I would not put one on my cat, I was just trying to be funny but if I had such a nice garden as Frances I might consider it to bring some flowers in the house.

    Well if the buds is what Dawn wants she now has it. Early things are going by and others budded out.

    Glad you got to see an owl and they are big and when they fly off with the wings spread they are really almost as good of eye candy as an eagle.

    It is just instinct with cats. Rascal is well fed as have all my cats before been well fed but they all hunted. I don't mind so much when they drop a mouse by the door for me to see but hate to see a bird get it.

    Cute Lola and a good one. Us of the golden years probably all feel that at times or most of the time.

  13. Lola, you are too funny, tell ya....some dazes it feels so good just to KEEP my rearend in bed and wait til the parts wake up on their own.
    Yes mother, I meant buds, plans have changed fifty thousand times today, the way it looks now, you guys can come here and since its pizza nite, we'll get pizza. Survivors on.

  14. Once we are done anticipating that which we anticipate, we find something else to take it's place. Currently I am anticipating getting out from under that other house as well as the growing and blooming of all of the sloth-like growth of my plants.

  15. Was really nice to sit and enjoy the yard yesterday, We sat outside at the patio from 12:30 until dark. Four deer came into the yard as we chatted away, we never fazed them at all! That was a real treat to our friends...

    Was tough to sit at the patio and look at the weeds surrounding me! The Saint was laughing at me saying he knows it was killing me to see the weeds and me just sit. But "I done Good" and did not pull one weed while company was here! LOL...

    I sent our company off to the airport with full belly’s this morning, and then I took off to the yard. I added yet another pathway with the left over bricks from stealing from the planter! Planters are all new now with the perfect amount of stones per the Saints guessing! Dang, he is good! Need three more bags of pea gravel then I am finished with pathways for this year!

    I put all flowers in the ground but some marigolds. Tomorrow (weather willing) I will take the truck to town for pine straw and then I get to start the fun of spreading the bales.... One year I spread over 120 bales! Don’t think I will be spreading that much this year…

    Calling for rain tonight and tomorrow morning and I really hope we get it as we missed the last forecasted rain…

    My Peony's are blooming! They smell so good! I did not stake one well enough and it fell over breaking the stem. As I pounded bricks into the ground, the Saint took it off the bush and put it in the house. It is so pretty with several blooms! I just hope the cats done find it! Where is that cat muzzle? LOL

    Tired and going to bed early tonight…

    My anticipation would be to get all my yard work completed soon, really soon so I can sit back and enjoy it… I anticipate the day we get transferred to TN….

  16. Skeeter, you are one busy lady.

  17. All of you all are funny!

    Cinj, Have faith.

    Skeeter, You are almost done-then relax and enjoy it! Someday you'll be back here.