Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Stable Fern

As I drove down the woodsy driveway and approached the Rocking Chair front porch, I knew this was going to be our house! This Southern gal was finally going to have a porch with rocking chairs, a swing and hanging Ferns! Ah, the relaxed feeling of a Fern while sitting on the porch.

I found out quickly that four hanging Ferns on the front porch were not relaxing but instead trouble. I was sweeping up the fallen mess each and every day that entire first season in the house. With 2.5 acres of land to tend, I did not have time for such nonsense!

The second year, I went with a different approach. Spider Plants which grew so long they touched the porch floor by the end of the season. To this day I still get baby Spider Plants in the planter below from the dropped sprigs!

I enjoyed the neatness of the Spider Plants but truly missed my Ferns. So as always, I must make a compromise. I call these moments Plan B and they do seem to happen more often then not!

We had a bad storm which left us with two damaged trees. We realized they had to come down. So the Saint and I got out the chainsaw and went to work. The Saint wanted to cut them to the top of the soil but I had a better idea. I had him leave them tall enough to become a stand for Ferns. I always say everything happens for a reason and I think Mother Nature was giving me back my Ferns!

The Ferns led to other ideas such as a fire pit.

I enjoyed the Ferns for a while but then the squirrels started knocking them off and the hurricanes and tropical storms started hitting the southern coastal areas. We live far enough away from major damage but do experience the high winds and heavy rainfalls. The wind was constantly blowing the Ferns off the stumps and onto the ground. At times damaging my beautiful Ferns.

My mom gave me the perfect solution. She said to cut the wire hanger at the top only removing the hook portion. Then to hammer nails into the stumps, then pull the three wires down to the sides of the pots and wrap around the nails on the stumps thus securing the ferns in place! How simple is that? Duh, cannot believe I had not thought of that one myself! I think those were her words to me!

That is a simple solution except for one little problem, I have not found Ferns with wire in some time as they seem to have plastic hangers! Ah, another solution but takes a bit more work. Remove the entire plastic hanger and replace with floral wire! I went a step better this year and found spools of twist tie wire. I found two spools for $1.00 at Dollar Tree! What a bargain...

Once I secure the Fern to the stump, the foliage covers up the wire and cannot be seen to the eye!

I also put the Ferns into plastic plates to hold the water therefore, I don't have to water them as often. I spray mist them occasionally but don't really do much to them and they flourish on the stumps in the shade.

Everyone always compliments my beautiful Ferns and look at how large last years Fern became! I am a complete Southern gal again with my Ferns!

Now if I can only figure out how to keep the squirrels from chewing on the plastic trays. Always a squirrel issue in this yard but a Stable Fern they nor the wind can knock over!

Remember the Ressurection Fern I showed you during the Masters Series? Well here is an example of it during the dormant state! This is the sprig in our backyard. It is attached to the tree and we have not had a good rainfall in a while so it appears to be dead. It will ressurect back to life with a little rainfall or if I water it.

I have two sprigs of the fern beside one another.

One piece is attached to the tree while the other has rooted into the ground. The ground still has moisture in it thus, that sprig is fully lush and looks alive! The other sprig only looks dead but I assure you, it too is fully alive!

A Strange but interesting Fern...


  1. Have you heard of those ferns that they are supposed to be "making" (for lack of a better word at the moment) that aren't suppoosed to burn? They are supposed to be able to withstand the sun. I have heard little bits and pieces about them a couple of years ago, think it was in a SOuthern Living magazine but I have never seen them for sale anywhere

  2. No Jillybean, I have not heard of those ferns. Sound very interesting though. The only ferns I have ever seen seem to be in mostly shady areas. But then again, I am not the professional just a hobbyist, we will have to see if Tina has heard of them.. What say you Tina?

  3. Good morning all! Skeeter, I am glad you showed pics of how to secure those ferns. What a good idea-duh! I probably would be trying to nail the pot to the stump as I sometimes don't get it either. Cool ferns in the yard too.

    Hi Jillybean, I am not sure exactly what kind of fern will withstand sun. Some do better than others but I haven't heard of any that would really hold up. Will keep my eyes pealed!

  4. Tina, before my mom gave me this idea, I WAS thinking of nailing the pots to the stump! Great minds do think a like but sometimes not so great ideas! LOL

  5. Good morning to all you folks out there.

    Skeeter, good for you to keep the stumps. Stumps always make great plant stands and what an absolutely great nook for the little guy. Looks like a great place for a nap. Love it.

  6. What a wonderful idea! the ferns on the stumps remind me of the lush pillar plants that are on stage shows everywhere. How stately! I've tried Boston ferns as house plants constantly, never seem to have the trick, got one the other day and have it in a glass house terrrium, hoping for success. Your yard looks lovely Skeeter, nice place for enjoyment.
    One other thing to say, I know this isn't the forum but with everyone feeling for the rights of animals, I HAVE to be on my high horse, pun intended. I know the money it brings to the area and don't mean to make enemies at all. Why don't american horse people have a large safty commitee acting on behalf of racing? The only filly racing in the derby yesterday broke both her ankles and had to be put down on the spot. How truely tramatic it is for us who don't understand why its good for big buck people in seer sucker suits sipping mint julips (noted by the news, not by my experience) to gamble on racing for what? More big bucks.
    Okay, enough, sorry to damper, sending well wishes to this majestic animals who work so hard.

  7. Dawn you are so right. I know it is a "free?" country but....first some background. As a kid I was brought up around horses, race horses! And even today I am a person that can enjoy a good horse race. However I disagree with putting them down the way they do. The man that owned the company that my father ran owned 3 race horses and one of them was always called my horse. Another was called my brothers. The other was mean and nasty and was just there. Mine, Rusty, was a great horse and won many races but was so gentle we used to ride her bareback! My brother's, Commander Bill, was also fairly gentle but when at the track where they were kept, when we would visit and spend time with them we had to hook the sulkey up to him. When I was about 13 Rusty broke her leg and was put down. I don't think I ever really got over that. As you know in our big barn there was even a horse stable. Well I thought since she was "my horse" I felt she should come live with me. Did'nt happen. As an adult I know it is part of life and animals
    of all kinds do get treated good and bad, just part of life. I do believe that the race horses do have a pretty good life and are treated pretty good and they do, for the most part, enjoy racing. That all being said, I really have a BIG problem with the news people. Why do they have to keep telling us the horse had to "be put down on the spot". It is horrible, horrible, horrible. Now I have gone on a big rant but it sure hit a sore spot with me.

  8. I am taking it easy today. Still haven't completed all the housework but at least I got my papers read! I read about Eight Belle this morning. So sad. The paper didn't give much info. Mr. Fix-it wanted to know if she finished the race with the broken legs or did she break them at the end. So sad. The Derby was subdued due to the loss. I did note the winning horse won over 1.4 million!-or should I say his owner. Wow!

  9. Tina, she came in second and broke both slowing down, understanding not being pushed. She started to slow going around the track, and that was noticed. The news reported the ankles are constructed like ours, holding 1100lbs, muscles must of got tired, she was only three. My point is....can't a criteria be made law by a group of knowledgable people? Pull her out. Two years, one for Barbabro (sp). I know everyone was dismayed and saddened, esp. the owner (crying inconsoulable (sp again!) as the news featured that also. Mentioned engineers trying to work on a synthetic track to prevent future dips and gullies. Come on.

  10. Ah, so she broke them slowing down. So sad. I don't think anything would completely prevent this from happening though.

  11. Me neither, unless they shorten the track for younger horses and have a measureable amount of ankle size, and require certain training. It was both front legs, they felt she couldn't be taken to the hospital because of not being able to support any part of her weight. To sad...alright, no more.
    Lighter side...trying to get a better photograph of my female redpoll, may send it shortly. Got her flight! One big blurr~~~~~~~~~~~~twice! Too smart.

  12. skeeter, This is a great post, I never thought of using ferns that way and how clever to secure them in the manner you have. How far are you from the coast and storms?

    Hello to the rest of you!


  13. Hello all, I have been away from the puter and in the yard. Sorry for the absence on my posting day but duty calls!

    Jean, the little elf was Saint approved! I have yet to sneak the gnome into the garden. I am waiting until I get my pathway finished them slip him in somewhere beneath a plant. LOL I call my little Elf friend Pedro and fuss at him all the time for doing nothing but sitting on his rump while I work mine off....LOL

    Dawn, I totally feel like you where the horse racing is concerned. I do not like the idea of animals used as our entertainment but then again, I fish and some frown upon that. We are not into horse racing but we always pick a horse on Derby Day. I picked Eight Belles due to my father always telling time in bells (ie: I got up at 5 bells, ate lunch at 12 bells, etc). We did not see the race but heard of the tragic happening afterwards. I was shocked that my filly went over the Rainbow Bridge with the lost ones. In my opinion, I think they put the horses down as an easy (money) way out! At least Barbaros owners did try for about 8 months or longer or did they only keep him around to collect specimens for breeding females? argggg. I just dont know enough about horses to know if they can heal from such pain or not. Anyway, awfully sad.... Oh and last year, I had picked Barbaro as the winner of the derby then she was hurt at the Preakness…. I don’t think I need to be picking any more horse’s. I don’t bet on them just route them on….

    Gail, We live 2 hours drive from the GA coast and 2.5 drive from the SC coast. We pay higher homeowners insurance due to being in the area of wind and rain damage. As close as we are to the ocean, we really should get there more often then we do...

    Okay, I have had a bite of food and am energized so back to the garden I go....

  14. Oops, forgot to share this on birds... We spotted a flock of Cedar Waxwings attacking a swarm of bugs in the yard! I ran inside to get the binoculars because we were not sure what kind of bird they were. I thought a flock of Phoebes but never seen them in a flock before. I could not believe my eyes when I realized they were the waxwings! I knew they ate berries but did not know they ate bugs too! That was a treat to us and a nice little break from our sweaty work in the garden.

    My Saint has been true to his name today. He dug out my pathway trench for me to embed the brick border! He used the pick ax and I cannot do that as it is too heavy and awkward for me.

    Okay, back to work now....

  15. I hope everyone had as much fun today as I did! Ha, I worked my rear end off, but its still there! LOL... Finally got the last of the brick border in the ground! Tomorrow I go to Lowes and get bags of pea gravel to fill in the pathway. What you bet I will get the wrong number of bags? LOL... No matter how many I get, I will be two bags short…

    I am cooling off while eating one of those Butter Pecan ice cream bars that someone told me about, Think that was Anonymous. Good Stuff...

    Sleep well all, I know I will...

  16. Hey Skeeter, making me hungry, think I'll go have a brownie, both kids in bed...sunday night, time to relax. See ya all tomorrow.

  17. I wish I could say I was in the garden all day. Nope, had to clean bird cages (two now that the Jimster gave his up) and I made a half hearted attempt at dusting and vacumning. Yay me!!! I'll finish tomorrow and maybe get to the garden. Skeeter, glad the Saint is living up to his name. Dawn, sounds like an early night. Gail, I am going to try to come visit soon. I'll email you. Where is everyone else tonight? In bed early? I am heading there too. It is a Desperate Housewives night and Brothers and Sisters. I like tv maybe a bit much? It ok. Mom, Dawn and Christine, you all did not tell me Dad came down for Joshua's party. That is so good! He had a good time. ttyl

  18. Hi a little late in the day but it was busy here today. I am so happy you finally tried those Butter-pecan ice cream bars --those are DELICIOUS!!! Defintely not being shared with kids type ice cream:0) lol

    I loved the posting on the ferns in the tree stumps --I love that look. I'm still trying to coax my petunias to crawl down my tree stump:) They just need to get a wee bit bigger and they might:)

    Sidekick and I planted his second watermelon plant today and a few dill seeds --they smell good --so hope they grow.

    I better get off here another busy day ahead of us --Sidekick starts his first year of t-ball tomorrow night --should be INTERESTING:) And, girl model has baseball at the same time --thank goodness for Boy number 1 not wanting to play this season. He will be designated child watcher of the girl while I watch sidekick.

    Yard is growing faster with all this rain. Tina --we went down by the Fairgrounds today after church --it was a mess. Wow, we had 4 tornadoes on Friday night or very early Saturday morning if you look at the time just after midnight. Too scary --I want a basement!!! Night --Hi everyone!! Lots to do and kids are in bed --

  19. Now that it's late again. Hello All.
    I like the idea of ferns on the stumps. My first thought was to nail the pots to the stump too. Duh. Wire a much better idea. Now they can be taken in when the time comes without damage to the pot. ingenious.

    Where do you find the butter pecan bars? My favorite of IC. Bar would be much better.

    Fixed the space for oldest ggs to plant his corn. That's about all I got done in garden today. Was a very lazy day. My body will just not move at some point. Tomorrow, another day for more work to be done. Getting rather dry, will have to water a little or start losing things. Too early in season for that to happen.
    May play with my new toy tomorrow & see if I can do anything with it. Maybe try for close up of burgundy rose.

    So sad about the horse. I favor horses. So sad for any of God's creatures to have to suffer. But I can understand the agony the animal must feel. They just can't talk to tell us what hurts. They have horse farms south of here. Beautiful animals & they are well taken care of. Heated barns & all. Beautiful farms also.

    Very late. Tomorrow.

  20. Skeeter I bet you will find just the right spot for your gnome and the saint will approve of it.

    Can't believe you have to pay extra for homeowners. Wow!!! I live on a narrow peninsula with the ocean not far from the back and the front of my house and we do not pay extra. Must be because you guys have the toradoes and hurricanes and we don't. We very rarely have a flood from the ocean.
    Around here if there is a flood most of the time it is around a lake or river in the spring caused from ice jams and heavy rains before the snow and ice has all melted.

    The cedar waxwings are pretty and the flocks can be pretty massive after nesting time and they LOVE to eat and will eat till they get sick.

    Anonymous it is funny that so many people do not have basements in the south and almost everyone has one in the north and we don't get tornadoes. However I do think more people are having a basement in the south than used to.

    I will also have to look for the butter pecan bars. My #3 daughter and I both used to buy butterfinger
    ice cream bars and can't find them anymore. They were GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!!

    Lola have fun with your new toy. I still have not gotten one. I look at the sale flyers every week
    and sometimes, no, actually all the time my head gets so jumbled up that I just give up and say to myself that I will wait till next week. That has been going on for so long I think I have given up for now. My #3 daughter and her hubby will be here for July 4th and he is almost a genuis when it comes to things like that so I think I will wait and have him help me with getting one.

  21. Well I did sleep well that is until the back had me up at 4:00 argggg. It feels okay now that I am sitting. I think I will go to the recliner from here...

    Tina, I would much rather be in the Garden then cleaning bird poop! LOL. Hope you had a good relaxing evening in front of the TV, maybe I need to watch more TV and do less back breaking work...

    I found the BP ice cream bars at our Bi-LO grocery store. Yum they are rich and creamy and hit the spot as a good snack. We dont usually keep stuff like that in the house but got them for the tonsillectomy and a few are still hanging around...

    Anonymous, be sure to have your video recorder ready for Sidekick's T-Ball game! I love to watch the little ones playing T-Ball; they are so cute and too funny. You never know what they are going to do. So girl Model plays baseball? Most girls play softball instead of baseball it seems. Does she play on an all girl team or mixed with boys too???

    Lola, we are still in a drought and tonight the weatherman was saying we are already behind for the month and year again! Lake still 8 feet below normal so we need lots of water. Maybe one of those Tropical rain storms will pop up this season. I dont wish any harm to anyone or damage but that is what got us out of the last drought. Our boat is covered with Pollen and we need to get her uncovered, cleaned and to the lake but just cant with the low water level... Oh do play with your new toy and get a picture of that burgundy rose! Sounds pretty...

    Jean, I would think with you living so close to the ocean you would need higher insurance too but maybe as you said, it is more for the tornadoes then anything else down here... I am not sure why we dont have basements in the south either. I know that in our area we dont have them due to all the rock and clay dirt. Too difficult to dig them out. Atlanta area has them but we are 2 hours drive east of them and we dont have them. My mom always goes to her next door neighbor’s basement during storms. My crazy dad sits on the screen porch and watches them like the nut he can be sometimes...

    Going to be a big day today with pea gravel, planting flowers, getting new planter stones, etc. An old friend from Texas called to let us know he is in town on a TDY to Ft. Gordon so we will meet up with him at some point. I forgot to tell ya, I ran out of bricks so I stole some from my two planters. Y’all ever do that when working on a new project! I took the entire top row from each planter! So now I must get new stones to replace them. I am not sure if I want to go with brick or a fancy stone so I will have to decide while at store. I am taking the truck tomorrow and will let the Lowes guys do all the lifting for me. I will take it easy once the stone is spread, planters redone and plants in ground. We have Cinco De Mayo plans and I am thinking a margarita is in my near future. Bet that will take the pains away... LOL

    Okay, off to the recliner I go...

  22. I woke up at 3AM this morning thinking about the ferns I read about. They are called Southern Shield I think. Something to that effects. The article was in a Southern Living magazine a couple of years ago and I think it was titled "Ferns that don't burn". When I get time I will have to research it some.

  23. Anonymous, I saw that pavillion in the paper! What a shame of it all. Have fun with the sidekick and be greatful boy 1 bowed out to give you a bit of a break.

    Lola, Did you know butter pecan is America's favorite brand of icecream? Neapolitan comes in second. Hubby loves bp too.

    Skeeter, Did you get lots of pics of the waxwings? I bet that was awesome! Lucky you!

    Mom, Joanne is coming up? Great! I doubt we will be able to with Mr. Fix-it's job. urrrrr! His one week is this month during the period Jimmy should finally complete middle school and go thru that rite of passage to high school. It will be a busy week and not long enough! Get lots of fireworks.

    Jillybean, I did see that article. There were two types of ferns mentioned in it. The Southern Shield was one and I am not sure of the other but it was also a shield type fern. I have never seen those in stores -maybe nurseries would have them. Not sure. Interesting.

  24. Skeeter- While reading this post I was at my boyfriends and he was reading along with me cause I loved your yard!

    He made a suggestion of cutting a hole into the stumps to put the pots in. I also think that there is something that you can get that eats at the wood and empties out the stump...not sure though. I think I heard about something like that before.

    Either way love the ferns they look so natural.

  25. Jillybean, I want people to enjoy my Posts not loose sleep over them! LOL... I have never heard of a Southern Shield. I have spotted a really nice fern growing wild in the woods and am thinking about digging it out and putting it in the yard by the stumps...

    Christinelynn, I think that rot stuff takes a long time to work but I have heard of it. One stump has a knot hole in it and I put a small ivy in it. I did not think to get a picture of that. Duh... Maybe on a posting about ivy some day...

    Tina, I was not able to snap a picture of the Waxwings. They were fluttering around catching those bugs using fighter jet aerobatics! They would not sit on a branch but for about 2 seconds then off to the next bug and branch. I must have at least 10 good seconds to zoom in and get good clear shot... Oh well, maybe in the future...

  26. Skeeter we also have a lotta of rocks here in Maine due to the glaciers goung thru here. You musta heard of the "rocky coast of Maine" Well living here on the narrow peninsula we have a lotta ledge and quite often people have to blast to get a basement. We did not blast to put our basement in but went with the lay of the ledge so do not have a full basement. I can stand straight up in it all but under the kitchen but hubby can only stand straight in part of it. We got lucky as we thought we would just get a crawl space as we had to blast to put in the septic tank. So it can be done.

    I do not blame your Dad as I think Mother Nature's furry is pretty and used to go outside to watch thunder and lightening storms. But the older I get, I am not as brave!

    Yes Tina, Joanne and Gary are taking 2 weeks but are also going to Gary's mothers and are driving so they will probably only get 5 days at most at each place. Last year Gary went to him mother's and Joanne came here and they flew so had more time. Joanne came for 3 weeks here and musta picked up something on the plane cause Samone got sick a few days after they got here and then we all got it, including Terri-Lynn and girls. We were sick the rest of the time as it was the Noro virus.

    Oh Christy I was gonna say to chip out a hole but then thought her Mom's idea was probably more secure.

  27. Oh Tina I forgot but we will have plenty of fireworks. We usually have at least an hours worth. We have quite a few from last year and we stayed at the motel at South of the Border on our way home from down south last summer so we got some there. I will check on what we have before long and figure out what else we need, make my list and head for New Hampshire and get the rest. I like to go go by the first of June so I don't get caught as they start watching the cars by the middle of June. One year I did'nt get there till the night before the 4th. Sandra went with me and was about 14 and thought it was cool to smuggle fireworks into Maine with her grandmoter!! I know you don't care since you do not like fireworks.

  28. Jean my new toy is an inexpensive little thing. Just something to get me going so I can learn how to do all this stuff--take pics, transfer to puter. Boggles my mind.

    Didn't know that was favorite IC. Don't doubt it tho. It is so good.

    Skeeter look in second pic of you post & you can see where you put a small plant in knot hole in stump. That is a neat idea.
    I picked up a pack of ferns called "Tennessee Ostrich". I hope they do ok. Also got a Clematis called "HF Young". Anyone know this name? Looks as tho it might be a light lavender. Next question--where do I put it?

    No basement down here---water table to close to top of ground. I've seen where too much water pops vaults out of ground. Not nice at all. Turns headstones over. Nothing 6' here.
    Years ago most all homes had a basement as they stored their veggies for the winter. I can remember my Grandfathers basement. Dark but same temp most times. Sadly when people started to buy more food & not raise it the cellars {as they were called} began to faze out. Oh, sometimes for the old days.

    Hope all had a great day.

  29. I dont know anything about clematis so I am of no help there Lola. Sorry. I have been noticing strange names on plant tags this year. Wonder whats up with that...

    Jean, the Saint and I had to laugh at you stopping at "South of the Border".. We want to know if you got any of that famous Mexican food while there??? We love Mexican food and I had the Saint stop one time. The signs got my curiosity up and just had to stop. Worse non Mexican food I ever put in my mouth! We laugh every time we pass the place and ask each other if they want to stop for some good food! I bet everyone that travels that route has stopped at least one time! Too funny...

  30. Oh, they could blast here too Jean, it would cost way too much money for the average homeowner...

  31. Skeeter, I never stopped for awful food there. Course, I don't like fireworks so I just keep driving.

  32. Yes Lola I have also called them cellars most of my life but notice on here everyone said basement so I went with the flow. LOL Most people here have a full cellar with the floor being concrete but I remember the cellars people stored veggies in and a lot of them had a dirt floor and were called root cellars.

    We did'nt even eat there, Skeeter, just spent the night and went in the shops for fireworks. My hubby is a very picky eater. Straight meat and potato so I pack our food and we eat in the van or at a rest area most of the time. Donuts or dunkin sticks, coffee and juice in morning at motel. He is no fun!!

    It did not cost us much to blast, but then again my hubby did all the holes with a rented jackhammer
    (15 hours of shaking) so we only had to pay a guy to do the actual blasting. We also put the sand on top ourself. Been so long I can't remember what we paid the guy but I do not think it was over a hundred dollas. Not much when you are building a big house. See my hubby is no fun at eating but good at some other things.

  33. Lola, It looks like HF Young is a group 2 clematis and will need only minimal pruning. It will probably get quite large and heavy. Why don't you put it on your arbor? Or on the chain link fence by your gate? I tried the Ostrich fern once. Not sure if it still growing or not. I do have some ferns coming back. It seems a lovely fern.

    Mom, Your hubby is good at many things. Picky eater he is. I still think it funny he thought that steak I cooked was so good but didn't know I had seasoned it, even though I had to wash it off at your suggestion. You know I do not like fireworks but I am glad you enjoy them so much. Tennessee allows them. I don't like it one bit.

  34. Jean & Lola, my great great Uncle use to store there food in an opening the hillside down in Waverly, TN. Kind of a cave or cavern. Now that was a real root cellar!

  35. Thanks Tina for the info. Think I'll put it on arbor by back gate {pic I sent you} as my black berry is not doing too good there.

    Yes, root cellars is what I'm use to it being called. Now a cave of sorts is good too, just keep varmints away. Springs are another thing. Water stays same temp. Mother used to put butter {hand churned} & milk in spring & it stayed cold. That was before we got an ice box. Not refrigerator, ice box. Had a hole in floor for water to drain from melting ice. That's where I liked to play as it was cool & shaded until a neighbor {Mr Burch} told me not to as snakes liked places like that.
    So many memories, so many good times gone forever.

  36. Oh my goodness Lola. I remember the ice box, but had not thought of that was years. I really do not remember it being in the house but I guess it was before they got a fridge and then the ice box was in the barn for a few years and I do remember that. I also remember the man going thru the neighborhood with the big blocks of ice and the big tongs to move them with. That also makes me think of the mild in the glass jars that the milkman left on our doorsteps. And all that good cream on top that Mamma would make things from!

    This blog is a great memory maker along with all the pretty flowers and knowledge that we gain from it.

    Tina I do not know what prompted you to do a blog but I think we are all most greatful!!!

    Oh guess what is on the radio RIGHT NOW!!! BLUE ON BLUE. LOL Should have yesterday.

  37. Skeeter, Root caves would have good humidity for the foods I would think.

    Lola, You are welcomed. I know it will do well on your arbor. Just put a stone or some low growing plant at the base of it so the roots are shaded.

    Mom, You know why I started the blog. The Leaf wanted some bloggers and since I love to talk and garden I thought I would get on board. Sooner or later, even without the Leaf though, I was bound to blog. I had visited some garden blogs prior to starting mine. Ilonas Garden Journal, and Calendula and Concrete. I never really pursued it though as I couldn't see myself sitting on here all day. Now it is nice. We all talk and get to know each other and I made some new friends. I was explaining to Vonna how it works on here and I think folks who don't play on the computer have a hard time understanding. The more you talk the more comfortable you feel and the more you know of one another. This is how relationships are developed. You get a history. Even in person relationships are like this when you really think about it. It is not only what you know about the person but the fact you share in it in some way. Blue on Blue has been in my head all day.

  38. Oh Tina I don't know what got into my head as I knew why you started the blog. Just another senior moment!

  39. BOY OH BOY, don't you just love those senior moments. lol Mine keep getting closer & closer. lol I for one really enjoy this blog. New friends & get info for flowers & veggies. I sure learn a lot from Tina. Hope she never quits.