Monday, May 19, 2008

Not Seedlings-But Cuttings

Dave and I have more in common than just being Tennessee garden bloggers. He is a big cutting fan, and so am I. I have this awful thing about not throwing away anything. Plants need trimming during the growing season to stay bushy and compact; which leaves me with many trimmings-perfectly viable and live plant material. I decided to save the trimmings, stick them in some 'Rootone' hormone and plop them into seedling trays or window boxes. About two months later I have a plant ready to be planted out in the garden. Now that is the problem. Where shall I put all these plants??

These are certainly seedling trays, but there are cuttings in these trays. My poor deck looks like a nursery! I really hate it that I tend to get it so cluttered during the growing season, but the deck is the most convenient spot for both me and the cuttings. The deck is ideal for me because it is handily accessible to a water source from the kitchen, and the plants like the deck because it is in partial sun to mostly shade. Cuttings don't do well in full sun for me.

Some are destined to be given away, but most will go in my garden. I want the full, very full effect so all of the plants are used.

Good plants to propagate from cuttings are: mums, veronica, cleyera, sedums, helenium, Russian sage, salvias, and others. Some of the others I have tried include things like helianthus. I don't like doing helianthus though because you can easily divide these perennials in order to make more. I do cut them back but leave the cuttings where they fall.

I simply cannot take a picture without my dogs in it. I understand the dogs think I might get lost without their constant company, but urrrrr-it doesn't make it easier to swallow when they ruin a picture. This little gal in the first picture is CeCe . Her name is comprised of my twin daughters initials doubled for the twin aspect. BJ's name is comprised of my sons first names initials.

The last picture is of more clutter on my deck rail. Sigh. More plants of course. These are callas and one pot of my tuberoses Nina gave to me. They are all growing nicely. The window pictured is my kitchen window so I get a good view of the flowers and hummingbirds which like to visit these flowers.

in the garden....


  1. Tina, there is nothing wrong with a pet in a picture! LOL. Shows you are loved by them as they follow you around...

    The only thing I get new plants from would be the Philly house plants. They grow so long on the front porch that I cannot bring them into the house for the winter without clipping them. They would be too long and cats would eat them, thus barf them, etc. I put some in water and they root then I plant them into new pots. Some, I just stick into the center of the removed plant and they usually root in the pot!

    I also dig out the spider plants that keep coming back in the front planter. I had them hanging on the porch and small pieces would fall into the planters below and take root on their own. Wandering Jew keeps doing this also. I make new hanging plants each year from their return. As a matter of fact, I plan to dig some out and pot them today!

  2. Good morning all!

    Skeeter, The animals are sweet but tripping hazards and ever so annoying to always be under our feet. I am really not sure if they are worried I'll get away or they'll fall to pieces without mom in their view! What is it with these pet? The cat is so much better but she can be a tripping hazard too as you know.

    Cuttings are SO easy! Phillys are great from cuttings. I didn't even think of houseplants but I do them too. That is why those silly things keep multiplying though I give them away. Why is it cats think they must eat plants? Then vomit? Yuck for them and us who have to clean it up. Everyone have a nice day!

  3. Tina,

    One thing I noticed on the tour Saturday is that all gardens have clutter...most of us don't have large potting sheds or greenhouses so we work where it is convenient! If I want to hide my mess I could work behind the carport but too many mosquitoes lurk there with their buddies the ticks!

    In case you have any plants that are orphaned and have no foster parent...sign me up!


  4. It's just hard to throw away that plant material isn't it! Like the mums. You have to trim them back over the summer for fall but when each trimming can bring you more mums why not root 'em! I need to pot up some more Russian Sage soon. I think I have about 14-15 of them that need pots. I can't get enough of that plant for some reason. A couple of my 'May Nights' have rooted. I started some Aster, Annual Verbena, Homestead Purple Verbena, Euonymous fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety', and more mums the other day. Spring is so busy!

  5. Mom-Though I don't have a yard for gardens you know I love plants...lost most of mine when I moved into the apartment due to lack of sunlight from all the shade around. The only that survived are my cuttings from Christmas cactus that I got from a customer who had them in every color! And my snake plant, Heather had part of it from when it was huge, I also almost lost that one, had to let it sit in water to get new roots, doing great now in the only window that allows plants to grow, with the cactus's!

  6. Good morning to all on this fine day (actually any day if fine if I wake up and manage to crawl out of bed). LOL

    Cute post Tina and I always like to see my granddogs in a pic but I know as big as they are, they are a problem for tripping!

    I have always had very good luck with making new plants by just putting cuttings in plain ole water till they have roots and then in potting soil. Right now I have Seven Sisters Climing Rose, A thornless Climbing Rose, Lilacs, Hydrangers and Crown of Thorns all in water from trimming the plants. They all have some roots. But I am thinking I should get some rotting hormone and just use the dirt. I also put some Seven Sisters in plain ole dirt and have new leaves emerging beside the stems. The house plants I always just put in dirt as they all seem to root very easy.

    All the talk about cats eating plants in several different posts I always laugh as I have never had a cat that ate plants untill now with my present cat and she only eats the Aloe. But oh boy, every cat I have had liked, no, loved to drink the water if there is any around.

    Folks if you wanna see some great plants go to Dave's blog and go to the comments on Sunday's post on Sedums and click on the pic of a commenter named titania. She lives in Australia and has the most awesome plants. Sure wish we could grow what she grows.

  7. Mimi- My cats ate all your spider plants that were upstairs...Right down to a numb.

  8. Geez, wondered why I did'nt have any spider plants left as I have always had them. Bad kitties!!
    Tell them Mimi loves em anyway.

  9. I found my hydranga rooted to the ground in three places! Didn't know they did that, guess plowing 1/2 of it under worked!
    I have a cat that insists on eating plants and then puking. Why? Don't believe he does it outside, too much going on.
    My dog......has decided to protect me for the duration of building this house, worried I'd get hurt, more tramatized about breaking my leg than the kids were! He's not far from me and when I manage to sneak away. He figures I'm in the house than whines at the door til someone tells he where I'm at. Finds me and comes booking full speed at me like I haven't seen him in a week. He's the middle child!

  10. Now that is a cute pet story Dawn. Tartarus loves his Mommy!!

  11. Good Evening All. Great blog Tina. I love to make more plants when I prune. Cheap that way & you always need to put the same plant in different places in your garden. Got tomatoes rooting now from the larger one. Makes for having toms later in the yr.

    Skeeter have you got trouble with spider plants too. They are everywhere in the back now their trying to take over the front. Like a conspiracy. A shame can't give them away. OH, if you bought a pot, dug up the plant, put it in pot with fertilizer, then take it to them they might want it. I've about stopped trying to give them away.

    Gail, you want some spider plants?
    Jean how about you? I agree with you about making sure all things work before crawling out of bed. Notice I didn't say jump out of bed. Have to pinch all parts to make sure that it has feelings so to move. lol

    Cute story indeed, Dawn. Most times if you lay a limb down on ground it will root there, then just cut it from mother plant---you got another plant.That's how I get more azaleas. I need to fill in but after I prune. MORE PLANTS.

    What's with the animals eating the plants? Are they missing something in their diets? Cats I can see as it's a way to get rid of hair balls--but dogs?

  12. Hi Y'all --busy, busy day with the kiddos. This was a great post --my mom is a clipping type person. She would always ask the older ladies in our neighborhood growing up for a piece of this/that and then make it grow. I was always amazed and still am:) My mom brought a sprig of a plant that was her mom's down here from PA --think riding in a car for 14 plus hours and made it grow into a beautiful plant. It is so huge now she wants to put it outside for the summer. She also did the same thing with a piece from her sisters lilac bush in PA. I on the other hand had hubby purchase me one, hahaha. I think it is great when you can make stuff grow like that --maybe one day I will get the knack --if not --I'll be okay getting mom to start them and maybe plant it my way:) Hahaha

    Another wild day tomorrow --Awards day for all three school age kiddos. Soon, we will be done!!!! Yeah!!!!
    Have a great night --catch you soon:)

  13. Hello everyone!
    Yep, cats eat greens to assist in the fur ball process. Dogs eat grass also then barf, I have heard it cleans their system out.. What ever…

    Lola, I had no idea that spider plants and wandering jew would return but it does every year in the planter. I have not had a spider plant hanging above in several years as I went to the Jews a few years ago. With those funny tuber roots, I see why they spread so easily. They remind me of the monkey grass roots.

    Deer got into the garden and ate the blooms of 7 Sedum! They also ate a entire sunflower all but the stalk! This is near the veggie garden and now I worry! I thought it was the bunny or a squirrel until we found deer tracks in the dirt... arggggg...

    Another long day in the yard. I potted two full Wandering Jews from fallen pieces in the front planter. I also dug out all the Spider Plant and transplanted it around one of the Fern Stumps in the backyard. Then I dug out weed with my hand shovel while bent over. Back loved that. Then I spread 27 bales of pine straw! I removed some old pine straw that I did not intend to remove but yall know how that goes… LOL. I found two snakes but the little cute ones that look like worms.

    Once the Saint came home from work, I had him fill holes with all 20 bags of dirt. We found a hole in the driveway island that was like a mini cave! Had these strange round balls of mud that had hardened and when we crushed them, these huge red and black creepy crawly thing with lots of legs came out of them! I see those bugs all the time but had no idea they were breeding in the island! Took 3 bags of dirt to fill the hole! Strange but neat discovery. We need 10 more bags of dirt to complete the Butterfly bush island then we are done whether enough dirt or not! We need more pine straw to finish my mulching job. Then I am calling it quits for the yard work then must get the house clean for parents to visit me!

    Worked until dark and my feet are killing me! i have the weather on while typing and they say it was 88 degrees today! No wonder I feel so worn out! I have a Farmers tan on my arms too! LOL

    Good night all...

  14. Too funny Skeeter, have the farmers tan with the sock line on the feet? Those are nice.....

  15. My hand is up Lola!! Too bad we live so far apart...but I'll steal some when I come down next year.

    Anonymous I don't think Tina has ever come for a visit without taking some different kinds of plants and/or cuttings back to TN.
    Now that is at least close to 24 hours and that is without stopping for a nights sleep. I bet 95 - 99% of them all live in her garden today.

    Have fun at school tomorrow.

    Skeeter I think the way you use straw and dirt you have OCD!! You are keeping the garden stores in business!!

  16. Mimi, I saw a house yesterday driving back and forth to where I am house sitting that looks like they are getting rid of a whole lot of perinannuals. That is spelled wrong but I just can't seem to get it right, nevermind, you know what I am talking about! Do you want to pick some up for you? They have a whole bunch and I am sure they are real cheap if they are selling them.

  17. Gail, I am SUCH a clutter bug. That is a fault in my gardens too. Too much clutter. But it makes me happy. When it gets to be too much, out it goes. I am always happy to share orphaned plants and not so orphaned plants! Come visit! The door is always open and I still have your stone. We'll get together soon. Once things settle down, I plan on taking some tours down there. So much fun!

    Dave, It is so hard to throw away plants. I hate doing it but have come to a point I need to do so. I sometimes advertise on Freecycle, come dig your own. We'll see. There are always takers. I love the Russian sage too! Great, super plant. I have learned an awful lot from you on cuttings-and will continue to do so.

    Christinelynn, I know you and your siblings all HAVE to have the gardening bug. You come by it honestly. You do a great job with your plants-all of them. Glad the cats don't do too awfully much damage.

    Mom, I have always thought you were a good gardener. You may think I get it all from Nana, but you had a big hand in it. Glad you have another seven sisters started. And remember you promised some of your crown of thorns? Cuttings-free-sounds like a deal! I will have to check out titania as it sounds impressive.

    Dawn, Chop off those rooted hydrangeas and more plants! You don't even need to do cuttings on many mature plants. They sucker so easily or root. Tartarus is a sweetheart. I always liked him and I am not much of a dog person.

    Lola, You are a very experienced gardener and I bet you have tons of plants from cuttings or rooting. The first tomato of the season is always best. I think cats and dogs are silly and just need to eat and puke. My dogs eat grass for some silly reason. Yuck!

    Anonymous, The Jimster's school has NO kind of ceremony for the eighth graders. I can't believe it. I hope all of yours don't conflict and I bet you'll be beaming from ear to ear for all of your hard work! Ok, the kids too. lol Have fun.

    Skeeter, Yup, you got it perfectly on the critters. Dumb animals. I had a rotten turtle still in the shell Jimmy found and what is it the dogs HAVE to crunch it up. Ewwww! Those creepy crawlies sound very interesting. What the heck are they? I hope they don't bite.

    You all have a great day! Will check in as I am able to.

  18. Jean, the Saint says I have OCD with the pine straw also! LOL. I spread it in the spring and fall as mulch and fertilizer. I dont fertilize much of anything and just let the pine work for me by being pretty and adding nutrient. The Saint has not complained one time with all the spreading this year and has even helped me a bit. I think he feels sorry for me with the surgery and all as I normally have it done in March and now having to do it all in the hotter season and working so hard to get it all completed for my parents visit next week.... I dont always take out the old stuff each year. Just do that every other time as it will mold and disease plants if you continue to layer it...

    Dawn, I actually have a tan line from wearing my working gloves! It looks so funny. At the tailgate party on Saturday, I was trying to get them tan and everyone was joking with me about it… LOL

    Tina, I have no idea what those bugs are but they are really pretty and neat looking. I will try to get a picture of one some time... Have good time...

  19. Mom-My cats only seem to like the spider plants and I don't have any of those. Plus the only window that I can grow in is so full the wouldn't be able to get up to eat anything! Esp. Fat-ass!!!

  20. Tina, lets me honest. I am not really a gardener, just dabble at it over the years but as you know, I have done nothing for years. YOU DO GET IT FROM MY MOTHER!!!!

    You can have enough crown of thorns for you and Elizabeth as I forgot to give her some before they left. She wanted the whole darn thing! It is very huge. I can just barely move it but I do put it outside in the summer. on the deck. It is an awesome plant and has blooms on it pretty much all year. They just keep on coming and going all the time.

    Yes titania's blog has awesome plants. Very exotic looking and very different like ones in America. Reminds me of Frances's orchids. Also she takes good pics like Frances does.

    You never have been a dog person Tina. That is why it amazes me you now have 3 dogs with 2 of them being so darn big and you do love them so much.

    Skeeter if someone you have never even met says you have OCD over something that your hubby has already said it about, there must be something to it. However, that being said, I bet it is worth it when someone looks at your yard!

    Oh Christy, come on, he has lost some weight and looks pretty good now!!!!

  21. Yes Jean, the praise I get from visitors makes up for my OCD ways in life... ROFLOL

  22. Mimi- I know he has but the vet says it is not enough. It affects him in like everything!

    Everyone-My Mom let me know that no cussing is suppose to go on here so I just wanted to say sorry for the bad word that I used. I did it without thinking because that is what I call my cat-Aires is his actual name-. It was not meant to offend and I am sorry if it did and I will not make the mistake again.

  23. Ah, the wrath of mom... tee hee... no offense taken here...

  24. Hi all,
    Mom, you are a gardener.

    Christy, It is OK!

    Skeeter, You are so sweet!

  25. Christy, it took me alittle bit to figure out who you were taking about-he is a bit chubby.

  26. Jean, what color is you Crown of Thorns? Red or White!!! I have both. I had a real nice red one a few yrs back but it got taken off my little porch with 6 other plants. A couple that had been sent to my husbands funeral. Now that really got me upset. Between midnight & 5:30 A.M.
    Reported it to local law but nothing ever came of it. One was in a pot so big that it had to take 2 people to move it & it was sent to my brothers funeral back in 89. So you see some people will steal anything. Makes me so mad.

  27. It is red Lola and I just love it.
    I do move it from one table to the other whcih are close together but I pray when I do it.
    When it goes outside for the summer I need help. That is terrible. There are some terrible folks out there, just have to think about all the nice folks.