Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New England Wildflowers

Hello Everyone. I am Tina's daughter. I was thinking of my mother and her blog this weekend while on a hike in the Camden Hills State Park. We were going rock climbing in the area, and had a mile hike to get to the site. On the way my mother was all in my head because I kept seeing such beautiful little wildflowers growing.

I took several pictures that I thought she would like to do a blog on, I got dubbed to do it instead.

We walked downtown Camden after the rain made our climbing no longer something we could do safely. While in Camden I bought a great book to help me identify the flowers that we saw on our hike.

The top pictures are of common wild violets. These certain ones are white and yellow. There aren't many yellow ones in the wild here anymore so it was so nice to see some on our hike.

This beautiful maroon flower was so interesting. There were a ton of them out there but only this one was in full bloom. This is a red trillium, I could not remember the name when talking to my friend Margaret about this flower but she knew exactly what it was. They are also called Wake Robins because they bloom just before the Robins return from the South. What I found to be really interesting about this plant is that EVERYTHING about it grows in threes: leaves, petals, sepals, pistil, and stamens are all in threes!
This next plant, though not a wildflower, caught my eye because looked similar to a hydrangea, but the leaves were woolly and growing on old growth. It is a Hobblebush and is in the Honeysuckle Family. Not the greatest looking thing, a bit straggly, but the flowers are nice and I am sure it will look better when it is more filled out!

This here is a Yellow Clintonia or Blue Bead Lily (for the blue berries that it gets when the flowers have gone by). Being part of the lily family and not seeing lily of the valley in quite sometime, that is what I thought it was when I first saw it, but knew that they did not have such large leaves. The flowers are going to be small cream or yellow colored bells and lily looking when they open.

This next flower is called Wild Oats or Little Merrybells. Aren't they cute? They are also part of the lily family and are a type of Bellwort. These grow in clusters , as you can see from the first picture. The book says they do smell, but because of the droopy flower it is hard to get a good sniff.

Knowing that we all love irises, I hate to post these without the blooms, but I do believe that they will prove me right in being such. I believe that these are Blue Flag Iris. They grow on stream borders and in marshes, or anywhere wet. As you can see these are actually growing in the middle of the stream. I will be going to the area often enough that I hope to take more pictures when they are in bloom.

Knowing that my mother is such a tree person, I thought that showing the ability of a tree to grow just anywhere would be fun. This photo did not come out well, but is of the the root system of a tree. Hanging in nothing but air. This tree had grown so that it was in the cracks of the rocks that we were climbing. The root grew to the bottom of the crack and out of the underside.

The next picture is of the larger root that is growing along the crack. It is actually a very good picture and the contrast of color is really nice.
The last picture is very bad, but if you look closely you can see that the tree is alive and starting to bud. Remember up north this far our growing season is well behind that of where my mother lives.

Thanks you for having me. I hope that you all enjoy the flowers. I hope to get out to the area again soon to take more pictures and hopefully find more wildflowers as the spring, summer, and fall comes upon us. Maine has many beautiful wild plants that grow here.


  1. Very good post! I love wild-flowers!

  2. Great post with lovely flowers and good information. Isn't the Trillium wonderful?


  3. Good post!
    Wildflowers are one of natures beauty's...

    Everyone have a good day...
    It is going to be a busy one for me, ha, that’s the normal lately! LOL

  4. Very nice pictures Christine, but I still think that hobblebush looks like a wild hydrangea. I love the trillium pics. It is so red!

  5. Mom-Like I said that is what I though it was too. But hydrangeas grow on new wood and do not have furry leaves. Look up hobblebush. I am pretty sure that is what it is.

    Thanks everyone for reading and enjoying. Nervousness comes with writing anything!

  6. It looks like you had a fun hike. I enjoyed hiking through the Smoky Mountains when we lived out there. The trillium is a neat find. Also that Hobblebush is a type of viburnum. One of my favorite shrubs! Good post!

  7. Love the wildflowers! So pretty!
    Thanks for stopping by and helpin to socialize me! Looks as if I need it!

  8. Good job Christy and I bet later on over there you will find some Lady Slippers, lots of them!!

    Camden is such a great place and is where Peyton Place was filmed.
    Also the summer camp that I went to (St. Thomas) and the one your mother went to (Bishopswood) are right outside of Camden. When I was too old to go as a camper I went for 3 years as a coucilor and we had 1 night a week off and would go into either Camden or Rockland. They have a really great outdoor thearter there on the ocean. Did you go in the Smiling Cow?

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  9. Good post Christy, I have the trillum, the blue beard lily and the blue flag in my garden, glad you had a good time hiking.
    Nervewracking trying to get everything huh! And your mother does it everyday.
    Mom recital is at 7, Nikki needs to be there at 3, going to see if I can get someone to take her.

  10. Wow 4 hours ahead, on my goodness.
    We were talking about it on our way home yesterday and figured we would want to have supper before we go to it. So I can get some pizzas and we can eat at your place, you can cook supper, we can meet someplace and have supper together or David and I can just have supper before going to your house. Up to you as I don't know what all you got going on...let me know what I am doing.

    Christy I will not be here Firday as I forgot I had talked to Dawn last week about going to Nikkie's dance recital on Friday.

  11. See Christine, I never heard of a hobblebush so interesting! I see them all the time on Ft. Campbell and thought it to be a hydrangea-now I am wondering...

    Dave, My daughter is the hiker, snowboarder and rockclimber. To be young again!

    Gina, Anyone who homeschools has to be socialized despite the common misconception you are not!

    Mom, I didn't know Peyton place was filmed there. Cool. Such a pretty city.

    Yup, Dawn, everyday in one form or another. It is a lot of work that any blogger will tell you takes time and effort. I have always been the type of person who lets others hands on in my teaching methods. You and Christine can now see how it is. Skeeter had been blogging for a long time, so she already knew. I appreciate you all helping out. Have fun at the get together. We are up to tick count of 8. I am wearing shorts now so that helps me find them easier so they are not such a shock. Gotta go. ttyl

  12. No, I was wrong 3 tommorrow for the dress recital, she needs to be there at 6 on fri., so we need to be done with supper by 5. I'll talk to Jack of all trades 'bout what to do, I don't mind cooking.
    Just found out chorus concert next week and I was surposed to sign, she never got the paper, I'll have to get one today'cause it needs to be in by tom. Ahhhh, they get so busy this time of year.
    Tina, I have a idea for another post but need a few hours to find it in the woods, think you will like it. No peeking. Just kidding.
    Gotta run and get jazz pants.

  13. Christine, thanks for taking us along on your hike. I was just pining for Maine wildflowers and those red trilliums are extraordinary. Camden is such a great place to hike.

  14. Christine, a very nice post. The trillium is my favorite!

  15. Christy, I did look up the hobblebush and it looks very neat. Good job! You'll be a super gardener once you can spread your wings in a house! Love ya!

  16. Hu Nina...How was your weekend with your sisters? Hope you all had a great time and you sister got results of test and things are okay.

  17. Oh darn I meant to ask if you and Tina had a good lunch today. Wish I were there!

  18. Hi Jean, Yes we had a lovely visit and I got lots of good suggestions from Tina. Now if the back will let me do some more digging and rearranging, I'll follow through on some of her suggestions! Your Daughter is quite special, but you know that, right?

    We had a great weekend. We spent several hours at the nursing home visiting with my Dad and singing. Some of the residents joined in with us. Then on to the park inn. My sister won't get her test results until next week. A two week wait is very stressful on her. I'm hoping she was able to free her mind for a few hours anyway! Thanks for asking and I'll keep you posted.

  19. Oh Yes Jean, wish you could have joined us also. Hoping we will get to meet this summer when your down.

  20. I am a very lucky mother Nina as I have 4 very special daughters and I thank God for that EVER DAY!!
    But then again, I might be a wee bit prejudice.

    I really does sound like a great weekend. How sweet to sing for the folks, I bet they all really enjoyed that. I will keep all of your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Nina I hope I am not down there in the summer. LOL We only went in the summer last year to go to her graduation. Because of going them we did not go this winter as we would have if not for the summer visit. Hope to go next winter but may be sooner, depends if my granddaughter gets married before that. I do hope to get to meet you whenever we go and also hope to hook up with Lola.

  21. Oh and posted too quick as I also hope to meet that cute Anonymous.

  22. Good post. I love the trillium. They are so pretty. I use to look for them in the Smokeys when we were up there. It's amazing how strong some plants or trees are for the way they grow. Some practically on nothing. Pretty wonderful.

    Hope all had a lovely day.

  23. Hi Tina --loved these pictures --like mother like daughter --excellent descriptions and writing. Busy, busy days for us with the end of the school year closing in on us and of course the little extras the kiddos do.

    Hi Nina --hope you left Tina get a picture today --we snuck out last time without a picture:)

    Hi Jean --you know I can't wait to meet you too:) I'm telling you the summer would be nice here:) Think swinging on the swing with a sweet tea and swimming:)

    Hi Lola --hope you didn't go too wild today --I know your trying to keep up with those young'uns and doing a good job of it.

    Hi Skeeter --hope the visit went well. It's nice to take a break and with all the back-breaking lifting you've been doing you more than earned a few days off.

    And, thank you all about the snake advice --I have to watch sidekick. He looks for things that move --anything living and he finds it. He checked on the lizard again today but I'm still a little worried about what else lurks deep down in the stump. As long as I stay close by him we'll be fine:)
    Another wild day ahead of us tomorrow --it's all good. Soon enough the school year will end and we'll be looking for things to do:) Nighty-night y'all
    I did clip some iris and brought them inside to grace my table --I had to --they fell over from the wind and it would be such a waste to let them lay there --they look pretty standing up on my table.

  24. Mom, Uh, YES, you are a BIT prejudiced toward your daughters, as would any mom.

    Nina, Loved your garden and seeing your beautiful home. The food was delicious and the afternoon was restful. I was especially pleased to meet Gene who is a delight!

    Hey Lola, Everytime it gets hot here I worry about you down there. It is starting to here. Very muggy today. I bet the same wildflowers grow in Maine in the smokies that grow down here. I got the info on the hummingbird plants and will prepare a post. I have about 20 going now so I have queue them. lol

    Anonymous, You missed out on a good time today! But you and Nina have met already so that is delightful. And yes, I got some good pics and I will be doing a post. I think it only fair we all know who we are talking to. So far all except you, my mother and my sister have been on here. Even Geri has been on here with Gail! Skeeter has been on here-what a good sport!, I have of course and Christine has her photo on her profile. Did I miss anyone? Anyhow, hope to get you on here along with mom and Dawn. You all will eventually meet but with the diverse locations it may take awhile.

    Those irises are so gorgeous this year! It has been an awesome spring so let's hope for a greater summer!

    Hi Sarah and our other readers out there! New members always welcomed as we love to talk! Maybe a bit too much....gotta go. Goodnight all.

  25. You guys would NOT believe it but I was sitting here updating the blog when I heard my little robin family cheeping in alarm. I looked out at the nest and saw a HUGE owl sitting within four feet of the nest. I went to snap a picture but it turned and looked at me and both it and the robin flew off! So cool! I hear the owl each morning but had never heard it. I hope it doesn't eat my baby birds-the voles-yes!

  26. Great job, Christine. Those are some lovely shots of the wildflowers. Like Dave, I believe the hobblebush is a type of viburnum, they have those fuzzy leaves and flowers like that. The trillium is lovely, we have tried to grow them here, but the drought did them in. Wake Robin is a cool name and thanks for letting us know about everything in threes. Math is all around us, isn't it?


  27. France & Dave- I am not sure what a viburnum is but the book I bought says it is in the honeysuckle family. Will have to do some research to better knowledge myself. Thanks.

  28. Ok here is the research I did on the Hobblebush. We are both correct! Here is the link to the website that I found on the bush.

  29. Christine, You did a good job! I also looked it up and it did say viburnum too. I learned something new from you young lady! And I will look for it in the woods where I walk.

  30. Great job Christy and after I go read all my many daily blogs I will check out the link.