Monday, May 5, 2008

Marker Stones

No, you all are in the right place-In the garden, though the Faire Garden sign may confuse some. A friend of mine (Vonna) and her daughter (Aleesa) visited recently to help me make some marker stones and make a few of their own. I love sharing these stones and find it to be a good craft for the kids. I also thought my Tennessee garden blogging friends might enjoy their own stone, hence the 'Faire Garden' stone for Frances. Frances has been ever so kind to invite me to visit her garden and I am so looking forward to it!

It didn't take us long before we had several stones made up. A special one was due to be made as I am going to lunch at her house on Wednesday and wanted to gift Nina with hers in person. She will just have to wait to see hers as I will be bringing it with me then! (Let's all hope I don't forget!) Lola, I sent yours today and all of the others on here should already have their own stones or are due for one and I may be making it soon.

This last stone is for Gail over at Clay and Limestone. She wanted it to be a sort of a memory stone marking a special tree planted in honor of her late mother. Dave, let me know what you would like on your stone and I will make it up as I still have a few more I must make soon.

Thanks Vonna and Aleesa for a lovely visit and helping me to make some stones! And allowing me to post your picture!

in the garden....


  1. Wow, a late post. I lost the marker you made me due to plowing, the guy next door found it in his driveway! I thought it was at the end of my driveway and maybe mixed in with the soil for the septic, nope, next door...still have the stands though.
    Skeeter needs to tell the saint to make his next project installing a jacuzzi tub for her. Everyone should have one, never look at a shower the same.....
    Night all.

  2. I still have mine and i think it has been on the deck railing for 3 years, maybe 4 years. I love it as it is daughter made it for me!

  3. Tina, I am looking forward to seeing you, and the stone will be proudly displayed. Thanks!

  4. Hi Tina, what a lovely surprise to see the faire garden marker on your post. I am looking forward to meeting you and showing you my garden, hope it behaves itself and has lots of blooms. Thanks for being so thoughtful. The markers are all wonderful and will look so good with a little mossy patina in a prominent place.


  5. Mom-I came across mine the other day going through all my junk from storage. Getting rid of alot stuff I have no need for. Second or third round of that over the past few years. Not as sentimental as I once was I guess.

    Rode my bike all the way to work today. Well, walked it up two big hills. Yippee for me! I did it finally.

  6. Those look great Tina! I've been thinking on what to put on it and I think maybe putting

    "Grace's & Olivia's Garden"

    would be good. The girls will get a kick out of it. Or at least the older one will! Thanks Tina!

  7. Dawn, Yours is on my list to make you another one. Same thing as it said before? And what color are the stands? If it doesn't match perfectly it will be ok. I still need to get anonymous some stands though she insists she doesn't need them.

    Mom and Christy, Glad you both still have yours. It tickles me to see them in others places almost as much as when I see my plants growing in others gardens.

    Frances, Told the hubby we need to stop by and that will give me an EXTRA incentive to go visit his parents. He liked that.

    Dave, I'll get it done and maybe Gail and I can convince you to come to Nashville to the PPS this month so we can finally meet you and give you your stone? Jenny-little help? Should be fun. They have LOTS of free plants there each month. I have gotten many good plants including 'The Fairy', Sweet Autumn and columbine to name a few. Hope to see you but I'll make your stone up.

  8. Tina,

    Thank you, it is perfect and my mom would be tickled pink to have her
    name on a marker.


  9. Tina I love my stone but I think you know that due to my surprised reaction when you gave it to me upon our first face to face meeting!

    In case y'all dont know, I use my 16 year old cat's name of Skeeter. Since the Saint and I were not blessed with human children, our pets become our kids. Skeeter was an only child for 16 wonderful years with us. The most perfect pet one could ask for! We lost him soon after moving into this house and it devastated me. He and I had been through so much together especially when the Saint had to leave us for 10 months to support the troops in Bosnia. Anyway, Tina put “Skeeter” on my stone and I placed it above his grave in the back yard. It will be hard to take the stone off of him if we ever leave this house. But the stone will be my forever reminder of my baby boy. So this stone will always be special to me! Vielen Dank, Tina…

  10. Dawn, we have been talking about a Jacuzzi tub ever since we moved into this house. But so far, just talk! LOL... My mom and dad think we should put a hot tub in the sunroom but the smell of chorine would kill me! But I guess the house would always smell clean! LOL… I take hot bubble baths and they do me wonders but the tubs in this house are the small ones from the late 70’s era. Not sure we could get a large tub in the doorway without taking door facing off… argggg… We notice that all tubs are installed into new houses before any wall boards are up!

  11. Skeeter, our hot tub is in our sunroom. I have never had any problem with a clorine smell. As a matter of fact I must refill it, emptied it last fall to clean it and just haven't taken the time to refill it. They are really great to have for the acky body!!

  12. Thanks a lot Tina for the marker. It will be put in an appropriate place of honor.

    I agree a jacuzzi would be great but I have no room for one. Replacing the bath tub is totally out of the question. I couldn't get into bathroom with my walker even, had to leave it outside door & hold on to sink. Old houses are not convenient at all. Never mind emergency people trying to get in & take out a person. Had a dr tell me that I needed to do exercises in water. Less strain on joints & muscles. Get better results. That would be good but it is nearest hospital. Not good.

    Have a great evening all.

  13. My neighbor two doors down has a cool hot tub. Never noticed a smell either. There is something called bromide that might work instead of chlorine? Not sure. Mr. Fix-it wants a spa in the worst way. I see them on Freecycle every now and then, but you never know what you get with them.

    Lola, Let me know when you get your stone. I wrapped it well and included a few lambs ears in a ziploc. Hope they all make it.

  14. Wow, I like those! Care to post directions so the kids and I can make some this summer? It looks like a wonderful project for us to do together.

  15. Hi Cinj, These are pretty easy. The hardest part is mixing the concrete vinyl patcher. You need this type of concrete so that there are no stones in it. You need the kit. I purchased my kit, complete with the press in letters and molds from Pinetree Garden seeds for about $15. There are two types. The whimsical type shown in my pictures, and the formal type I use mainly for nameplates. They are great fun and I know you would have fun making them plus have a lifetime keepsake! I am surprised more people don't make them. Good luck!

  16. I guess they have come a long way with the chlorine smell... We once stayed in a hotel room in the suite with a hot tub. The thing was so strong with a chlorine smell that I could not sleep that night. I have a very sensitive nose... LOL...

    My dad goes to a health club to do his exercises in an indoor pool. He has had both hips replaced and the exercise helps him. Afterwards he gets into the hot tub to relax. He goes M-F and loves the way it makes him feel...

    Wow, Tina the kits are cheap! I am like you, would think more people would make them! Great project to do with children!