Friday, May 16, 2008


I don't know where all these gorgeous irises come from and can't tell you one single name of them, but I am sure enjoying them. I thought I'd share them with you all. Rather than bogging down the GBBD with this pictures, I had this post already prepared and thought I'd post it the day after.
The yellow irises are my favorite. They are planted by some neighboring irises, and backed by a mock orange just beginning to come into bloom. It is splendid this year.

This yellow iris is a kind of muddy, subdued iris. Not sure about liking it so much. Geri and I traveled to Nashville to see a lovely iris gardener (Bernice) who was selling trays of irises leftover from the Iris Society sale. Bernice kindly labeled the 10 varieties or so, but I lost the info and even if I found the names, how can I ever match them to the plants? It is a really good thing gardens grow without needing to know their names.

This gigantic white iris may have been a pass-a-long from PPS two years ago. It is planted in my foundation bed. Last year I decided to go to all perennials here, with white being an anchor color. The irises look good nearly all year, with or without the flowers, and fit in well. These flowers are truly big.

These two irises are really a surprise! Where did I get the pink and bi-colored one????? Any of my friends recognize them? They can't be from Bernice because they are planted in other locations and in multiple locations.

This truly lovely red iris was on the property when we moved here. There were exactly five perennials here; sedums, irises, lily of the valleys, hostas, and daylillies. I love this stunner. Along with this red iris, found on the property were the purple irises.

This very dark, deep colored iris has to be one I purchased from Bernice. It is just now blooming after growing in the garden for two years. I find it funny how some irises can take over, and some are slower to spread. I don't know enough about irises to know why. It may have to do with hybridizing versus open pollinated.

Now I do know where I got these lilac irises. My neighbor shared some with me. They were planted in her yard many years ago by two or three past owners. I sure wish I knew this gardener as the effect of her hand is still visible after 17 years.

This is another dwarf iris. The ones I previously posted about were early bloomers. It came from another unknown source. It is sweet but I am having difficulties finding a spot for it.

These standard Tennessee irises were already here when we moved in. I did not know what they were and were impressed when they began growing from a few rhizomes in the middle of the lawn. I moved them to a garden and all offspring this color are descended from the few irises found here when we moved in.

No idea where this pale blueish/lilac came from.

These 'brown' irises were given to me by a daylily hybridizer on the north side of town. She said I could take all I wanted. They were not in bloom in July when I dug them. She told me they were purple and all I could envision was the Tennessee purple irises. I was not enthused but never refuse free plants. I was pleasantly-can I say extremely surprised when they turned out to be something different. The magenta bi-color is neat. They are faithful bloomers and a mainstay in the garden and have spread abundantly.

One last picture of a rogue iris. I spotted this one short iris and don't know why it is so short! It is of the same variety as the tall one right next to it. Has anyone ever seen this? Is it possible the stem was broken and it regenerated another one-a short one?

I am still in the process of collecting irises. My friend Geri dug me a huge bunch of her yellow and white irises. Another gardening friend (Lola E.) has promised me some white ones with vivid purple falls and edged all around with purple. I will never know their names, but I will remember where they come from and try to be better in the future with remembering where all my new plants come from. I so want to give the gardeners credit for gifting my garden with their splendor. The only irises I ever bought were the 10 starts from Bernice. Those costed a mere $5, a steal. All the rest were gifts or already here so I truly feel blessed by the gardening community.
Thanks all and if any of you recognize some of these irises or where I got them from-feel free to let me know what their names are so I can also know and properly thank you for my lovely display this year.
in the garden....


  1. Gosh, these are beautiful!

  2. I love Iris blooms!! My walking Iris just bloomed yesterday and is alrady gone today!! Great pictures!!

  3. Good morning all! Dawn, have a great free day!

    Lets plant, Welcome. Walking iris are not hardy here (I think). I see them at the Lawn and Garden show each year and keep wanting one. Do you have a picture up? I'd love to see them.

  4. A nice variety of Irises Tina! We need more variety in our gardens. Great pictures. :)

  5. I had no idea there were so many different color's of Iris! My grandmothers only had the Purple ones so until this day when I think of an iris, I think of them being purple. Now I shall view them differently...

  6. Thanks so much Tina!! I am actually in Florida. Here is a link to my walking Iris post ( [url=]Walking Iris Pics[/url] ). If link did not work it is located in my April posts. I think the blooms are so pretty!! Thanks for stopping by too!!! Have a wonderful day!!

  7. Hi Tina --great colorful pictures of iris. I always saw just purple when I was growing up but being down south I've seen so many colors of Iris --very, very pretty.

    Is Jean going down to the baseball game? I haven't seen her --although we've all been a bit busier with this nice "rainy" spring weather, lol.

    Hope you enjoyed your day Dawn and I'm sure little Nikki has some great pictures from her trip.

    The boys will be home soon --gotta get the pizza out --I was smart today made two from scratch --they seem to eat one up so fast lately.

    I might try to mow tonight --the back is still so wet from all the rain. I know I can push mow the front, rofl. But, I feel like riding red beauty.

    See you all later!
    Hi Skeeter --hope you've slowed down some --with gravel/straw and dirt by the truckfull --I'd be ready for a break:)

  8. I think I just stumbled into iris heaven :) You've got an amazing collection. Irises grow well for me - one of the few plants that can love the heat and dryness. I need more!!

  9. Hi Tina, your irises are so lovely. I have more that are unknowns than the known ones, including the brown one. They seem to be having a good year. We will be out of town until Sunday evening so we will await you on Monday, looking forward to it.

  10. I only have two different Iris the deep purple/blue that are very early and the lilac colored ones that are finishing up right now....just cut all the scapes/stalks off this afternoon. They survive because they tolerate less sun...

    I have to enjoy other people's Iris and I have thoroughly enjoyed yours...must admit the whites are very attractive as are the deep yellows that one occasionally sees.
    Like the first one just opening that you have.

    I am not crazy about the muddied colored iris either. Tina, you have some very lovely Iris, Gail


  11. Dave-Thanks so much!

    Skeeter, All the colors of the rainbow they come in! Too bad their bloom doesn't last longer. Bring the truck and I'll share. ;)

    Let's Plant, That link did not work. I will come and check out the blog and look for it. It looks like you posted it in April?

    Anonymous, You are always much fun on here and that pizza sounds DELICIOUS! Jimmy eats me out of house and home. Oh how he loves homemade pizza. He is whitewater rafting with big sister this weekend and next and will be hungry I am sure. Are you cutting your grass every three days like me? It is unreal! What color are your irises? I don't think you said? I saw the rhodies I know you have some irises too? And how about those crepes? Coming in nicely?

    Amy, You are too kind. I know we have visited before but I really thought you were out west. Are you really dry and hot in BC? Isn't that in Canada? I might be showing my ignorance here but I am just not sure. Thanks for the compliment!

    Frances, What is it about irises we don't know their names or sometimes even where we get them from? We are planning Monday for sure. I mapquested it no problem. The right exit and all. Will let you know about what time when we leave. The early or mid afternoon for sure. See ya then!

    Gail, I cut most of my scapes this morning. I was thinking-"What was I thinking with so many irises?!" That is a job and the scapes leak water all over the place. You must cut them though and I am diligent at that. One of the chores I like in the garden best. Deadheading and handpruning, then raking. Dividing, and digging-no. Weeding, ok. Next the bright yellow irises and pinks, I love my lavender too. I wish I knew where I got it from. I'm betting at PPS. Are you going Tuesday? Should be fun. I wish I was but I'll be back to the meeting in July. The June picnic is too far for me to drive for a picnic. Have fun!

    Where is my loyal mother today? Hi all! Tremendously awesome day here in Tennessee!

  12. Humid in GA but front coming through as I type. I could feel the air changing as I watered a few things. Yep watered, since all we had was 1/10 of inch of rain yesterday. Arggg we need rain so badly down here. Send us some Tennessee!

    Took it easy and caught up on a ton of emails today and met Saint for lunch at our pizza place! How ironic you had pizza too Anonymous. I could eat the stuff everyday, ha, and the hips show it! LOL...

    I made cupcakes for the first time in ages! Had all the stuff then preheated the oven and went for the little paper cups and only had 7! Arggggg. Off went the oven and back to town I went! Made 4 dozen for a friend’s birthday. 2 dozen too many so I called the kids next door to come over and I sent them home with lots of yummy cupcakes! They were tickled as could be. Too bad I dont like their parents but the kids can’t help it.... 8 year old child told me that their cat is expecting babies and that daddy said he was going to drown them because he hates cats! Dont know how true because kids do say strange things... She no sooner told me that then said she was going to be baptized at church. I wanted to ask her if she was going to be baptized before or after daddy murders the kittens. But again, kids, ya never know.... Arggggg....

    Put bunny stuff out again since we had a bit of rain. Found bag for sale $3.00 each and regular $9.00 so I got all they had at Tractor Supply store! So far it seems to be working as the Hosta and everything else has not been touched. As we came home late yesterday, we spotted two nibbling on grass in the yard so they are around just not messing with my treated stuff. I must not forget to treat it after each rain fall…

    A second Cana is popping its head up! Yeah, I was excited to see that and hopefully more will surprise me in days to come…

    We spotted the mommy and daddy blue birds with 4 juveniles. They still want to be fed as they all went nuts when mommy and daddy got worms from the tray! One baby went to the feeder and was begging for worms when mommy would not feed it, it finally got a worm by itself. I snapped a picture! They are so cute with little spots all over them looks like a child with freckles!

    Headed to Atlanta to celebrate a birthday with our friends tomorrow. We will be going to Country Fest and seeing Travis Tritt perform. Not a big Travis fan but the Saint is. We are taking the grill and going to do the tailgating thing. Imagine that tailgating at a music event. They do in Atlanta at Country Fest! Looking forward to the nice weather and kicking back with our friends. I will be handing out cupcakes to passer bys and striking up conversations too! Should be fun….

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  13. Oh forgot to say, the sweet smell of Jasmine followed me all over the yard! It is in full bloom and smells wonderful. Nothing like the Jasmine scent in a bottle!

  14. Skeeter, It is literally cold up here. What a delight in May! It is coming your way and what a shame you got so little rain. We had over 2 inches. Maybe things will turn around and surprise us?

    I am sure the little girl was kidding. Too bad-more unwanted kitties. My neighbor took her two pit bull mixes to the pound. Such a shame. Hubby told her they had to go. Six dogs! I asked her what she was thinking? She wasn't. Now she is down to three.Two are outside ALL the time, still barking. Sigh. I know how it is with the poor animals. Believe me, I feel the same way. Hopefully the kitties will find homes and they will spay mommy.

    The cannas are kind of late. I hope they keep coming up for you! The bluebirds are a joy-for sure. They love your mealworms.

    Have so much fun tomorrow. Those cupcakes would come in handy up here as I have a sweet tooth. Bring plenty of sunblock and be safe. Take some pics too. ttyl Sure wish you could bottle that jasmine smell and send it here. Sounds heavenly.

  15. I just sent you an email Tina...

    Good night all and have a great weekend and get out and enjoy this weather while it is here!

  16. HELLO ALL, I loved the iris pics. It will help me decide what colors to get as I am planning on making an iris bed out by my flag pole. I think it's the right place for them. Maybe I'll put a couple cannas for back drop. The iris will be closer to my view. That is the property line so have to watch just where I put them. This will be in front of azaleas toward road. At least I have time to get it ready.

    Have fun Skeeter. You need a day to kick back after all you've done. And after having surgery!!!!

    Dawn you will have to do a post on Nikki's trip pics & all.

    Anounymous hope you got to ride red beauty. That is so cool. Machinery--love it.

    Ft. Pierce not far from here. Ran across your blog Lets Plant. Enjoyed it so will be back.

    We finally got some rain today. Hard & windy but welcome. That was after I had watered some container plants that was in dire need. Tomatoes, peppers blooming. My Peach Cantaloupe is growing like gang busters. Am anxious to see what they taste like. New seed was sent to me with an order. Need to do repair on lattice so I can start to train the runners up on that. Maybe the fruit will not have to touch the ground, even if I have to put them in panty hose & tie them up. Bush Beans did good for so small amount of plants. Will have to remember to plant that early next yr. Jasmine still in bloom--so nice to sit in swing now. Carpenter Bees are about to eat my table up that I have there to sit my grill on. Keeps the grill out of weather as it's electric--had it for yrs. Maybe some time this summer we can have a cook out. We'll see.

  17. Tina my computer crapped the bed last night!!! I tried and tried to get it going and could'nt so unhooked and hooked up Christy's old one and then could only get to read the blogs, no commenting. Gave up after hours and went to bed. Still could not do anything today so when Terri-Lynn got home she could not get anything else so, I don't know what she did....something like getting rid of all programs and reformatting. I don't know but I now can do everything but the font is small, small, small.
    I have to get right on top of screen to read the coments. Not just here or other blogs but EVERYTHING IS SMALL!! We can't find any numbers for the font, just small. large and xlarge. I saw her put it on xlarge 2 times and it still stays the same. Will get my Dell in the shop first of the week and hopefully it will be something minor and I will have it back soon.

    What is handies?

    Skeeter I am sorry you have rotten neighbors but so glad you do not take it out on the poor kids. Sad thing is they will probably be the same kinda adults. The baby birds sure do sound delightful! Have a great time with the music and friends!

    Tina I bet the kids are not kidding as they usually speak the truth. Sad. They must be the ones that Skeeter has talked about before and would not spay the dogs.

    Nina I am so sorry to hear the news of your sister. Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers for a sucessful ending. I think that is a pre leukemia(correct me if I am wrong) so it is early enough that there is good hope for good sucess. A persons outlook on it is half the battle so I am sure you and all the other girls can help her keep a positive outlook.

  18. Skeeter, Got it...

    Lola, Great to hear from you! I am so glad you are finding other blogs on here too. Rusty has a good one where he shows all his hard work with pics.

    What color of the irises did you like best? I wonder what would go best with your azaleas? Maybe white or purple? Would love to hear what color you are leaning toward. That jasmine sounds heavenly, as does the peach cantalope. Carpenter bees-urgh! I have them too. I hope you got more rain than Skeeter. I know you all need it with the fires and all.

    Mom, So sorry about the puter! It happens. I hope you get it figured out! Glad Terri was able to get it up at least where you can use it. It is so not like you to not be on here. Handies are...drumroll please....cellphones! EVERYONE in Germany-Americans included-call them handies. It hasn't caught on over here and we had to stop calling ours that. It was a hard habit to break. Anyhow, it is late, lots going on. ttyl and I wish everyone a peaceful night.

  19. All of your irises are pretty, but I think that my favorite is the deep red one that you "inherited" with the house! What great color there. :)

  20. What a beautiful array of Irises you have! My favourite is the Lilac looks so delicate!
    Happy Gardening

  21. Blackswamp Girl, That red one is a special iris. I keep moving it but it keeps coming back. A real survivor. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

    Green thumb, Thank you so much! I loved your garden too. All the way in India. Such a nice blog and posts. The lilac one is cool. It actually blended with the purple pretty well. I was lucky. Enjoy your day!

  22. My azaleas are a lavender base but show up as a pink, kinda on the dark side. So I'm thinking along the dark purple, lt purple & white. I think my sis-in-law is planning on sending me a yellow & lt lavender. No sure. But of course I like all colors. My cannas are red, orange, cream & maybe pink. I'm putting the red & cream closer together. Then the orange & maybe white. I'm trying to color coordinate my plants now. I have so much green & no flowers. I want more flowers.

    Nina I will pray for your sister. Hope she will be mush better in no time.
    I got GOOD news for a change. My little 5 yr. old cousin is in REMISSION. She has been taking chemo since last June/July. Even tho she's in remission she will continue to have chemo as surgery is not an option at this point. She sure has been a brave little girl through all this.

    Jean sorry about your puter. These things can be mind boggling. Missed you.

    Skeeter sorry you have such lousy neighbors. Mine are not so hot either. Cops always there. Boy with drugs & in front of the kid. The kids gonna wind up being a druggy. It's a shame.

    That Peach Cantaloupe sure has my interest peaked. I hope it makes some fruit.

  23. Thanks Lola and I am so glad you got some good news!!!! You sure are due for a long string of good news.

  24. Gorgeous Irises. I tried to plant some once and not one of them came up in the spring. I was so annoyed! I figured the squirrels got to them, naughty critters.

  25. Lola, Happy your cousin has had some good news. I hope for a continued recovery. I have no idea what type of plant that is you have blooming. Maybe send me a pic and I might can help? Your cream canna sounds awesome.

    Hi Mom,

    Cinj, Thanks! Those squirrels are naughty! They are eating all the baby bird eggs here.

  26. Tina I forgot to say but after looking at this post I wanted to tell you that Currier McEwen would be proud of you and I can't help but wonder how many of them are thanks to him.

    Also once you said cellphone, I remembered that from when I was over there but could not figured it out on my own. Should have.