Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Greenhouse Resident

Many of you will recognize my little mother here sitting on her nest. She is a wren. I have no idea what type but wrens are common in my garden. They are probably common in your garden too. Skeeter chronicled wrens in her picture taking in a post I prepared last year. Many of you are photographing birds and I know they all bring you joy.

I was zipping up my little plastic greenhouse when I spotted this bird flying around. I said to myself, "I wonder if she has a nest in here and then I hoped it wasn't a huge nest like Frances found in her shed." I looked around and immediately spotted her nest in a flower pot. It is built differently from most nests I have seen, as it is enclosed all the way around. Only the hole for entry and exit is open.

I went to get my camera and came back to check on her. She was sitting pretty. I got distracted then left without taking the picture. Came back and still she was sitting pretty. She did not mind me snapping her picture at all. If I had not known better, I would think she would let me pet her, but then I remember she is a wild bird and best left alone. What a sweet little resident of my greenhouse, and I am glad she moved in. She more than earns her keep by eating insects in the garden and I will be sure to look out for her needs while she is the greenhouse resident.

By the time this post is published I will have visited her many times and also brought friends to visit. She does not mind at all and even talks to me. Her babies have all hatched and are happy little babies. What a sweet little mom bird. Not like the two devil parakeets I have inside who will bite anyone to pieces! I do have one good one though, and he is sweet though he doesn't sing much since the devil parakeets scold all the time. Maybe I could switch them with this wren? Sure like her better as a resident.

What kind of residents do you like to have as neighbors either in or near your garden?

in the garden....


  1. The photo is adorable, I love up close pics of wildlife...although, she is more semi-wild life!

    Love the birds who live in my garden, raccoons and possums also reside here....I don't mind the snakes as long as they stay away from me. I suspect that the coyotes visit...we haven't as many chipmunks as we once had. I saw a rabbit and he was in my sunny bed....we must put a stop to that!

  2. Good morning all!

    Thanks Gail. She is so sweet and not bothered by visitors at all. The babies are adoreable. More so than the bluebird babies we presently have. Looks like you love all wildlife in the garden-great! Me too.

  3. Your Wren is probably a Carolina Wren as they seem to be the most widespread of the wrens. I do like the wrens as they dont scare off the nest easily. I had one fussing at me for taking out a partly built nest in the hanging fuchsia. I have to water them so often that I fear of drowning the babies so I dont let them nest in the hanging plants if possible. I dont mind when they get into the box of ivy on the porch though and wish they would go there. It is fun to watch the process from egg to adult...

    I have such a long list of Garden visitors that I am making a posting about them. Look for it soon...

    I spotted a chipmunk on the front porch yesterday. Now we know why all the large holes in the front yard. We were blaming the mole but thought it could be a chipmunk. Cute but can be destructive to the land...

    Off to Lowes for dirt and then for what I hope is the last of the pine straw…

  4. Skeeter, Those wrens are sweet! You did such a good job chronicling their nesting and I am looking forward to seeing your wildlife post too! I hope this is the last of the pine straw. My goodness-so much work! It will save work when it is done though.

  5. Hmm, I'll trade you a mockingbird for your wren! We had a few of them around until the mockingbird chased them off. Maybe once the nesting period is over the other birds will return.

  6. Dave, I saw your post even before I came to my blog this morning and thought it pretty cool we garden bloggers have much the same going on in our yards. This is the time of year for flowers and birds for sure! Mockingbirds are always welcomed too. Blue jays and robins and all-even with the chasing. This momma doesn't mind visitors though.

  7. How neat is that to have a wild bird sit for you to take a pic!!
    As you know I love birds and have 5 of my own. None of mine really bite except for my baby Alice and she really does not bite but will open her mouth and threaten to. She can be sitting on my shoulder all happy and then threaten to bite my neck. She is so funny. I am a little confused here as I know you have Pippy and then you got Jimmy what I thought was 1 parakeet. Does Jimmy have 2 parakeets. It sounds in your post that you now have 3.

  8. We have a Raccoon. He flips the lid off of our garbage can most everynight to see if he can find himself a snack...and one time he broke into my mother's house, she woke up and there he sat in her bedroom just looking at her. He drives us all crazy, but he is cute.

  9. Aww, too cute.
    I have a upset bluejay that yells at me everyday. He is too big to fit on the feeder, although he trys.

  10. Hi Tina --very cute birdie picture. We've had the crazy little titmouse bird who wanted in my house so bad:) He has now found my neighbors house and she can't get rid of him --he whacks his poor little head off her window now, lol. I told her nothing a little artwork can't get rid of:0) He was very cute though!
    Hi Skeeter --you're busy as usual and that lil white frog would be scared if Sidekick got ahold of him, rofl. His last toad escaped into the tree stump and now he's had two pet lizards --our pets don't stay long --we release them back outside after a day or two with close observation in his carrying cage:) Just long enough for him to enjoy them but then set them back out where they belong.
    Hi Jean --I'm sure you are enjoying lilacs now or anyday.
    Hi Lola --so glad to know my kiddos aren't the only ones picking me the beautiful dandelions:)
    Hi Dawn --my two youngest would wish for daddy on those dandelions when he was in Iraq --something I will never forget --them fighting over the fluffy flowers to make a wish for daddy to come home. Still tears me up.
    Last field day today --only a half day and they are finished up for the year. The big kiddos field days are really not as much fun as the elementary kids. Alot of football and hiding in the shade, lol. Yardwork has been taking a backburner with all the end of school year activities but will pick back up come tomorrow afternoon. Baseball and t-ball tonight --oh the fun --Sidekick loves that dirt and gets his shoes filled with it. See you!

  11. That is the cutest little momma & so patient for you to take her pic. I tried to pull some of the jasmine down to my height for later pruning when to my surprise there was a nest in the top of if. Must have been Mocking Birds as they were gone. The nest was not that little. I saw my male Cardinal the other day. Wonder where his mate is or if in fact he is the one that lost his mate!!! I had 2 pair but on lost his mate but he seems to stay around where the other pair is. Need to put more seed out. Those pesky squirrels will take the top off & hang down in the feeder to eat the seeds & I have food out for them. You would have screamed with laughter if you had witnessed the other night at the big box store when I asked if they had compressed corn. The look on all 3 of their young faces was to die for. Young'un busted out laughing. One of the kids worked in the pet dept.
    In the winter I have some very small birds {probably wrens} that get in my hanging pots down in the flowers. That's where they stay to keep warm. Always find the little hole where they sit. Now since I cleaned where my swing is I can sit & watch my hummers. So cute.

  12. Mom, We got two parakeets, BeBe and Rain, from a fellow freecycler. They are so mean even the Jimster will not mess with them. They bite HARD! Not much fun like our little Pippy.

    Jillybean, Raccoons are SO cute! The adjacent property owner had one for a pet for a while. I would see him looking out the window. It was a doll. I don't know whatever happened to him. Be careful.

    Dawn, Try some peanuts for the bluejays. I love mine here. They have a nearby nest and I enjoy their antics each day. Why is he upset?

    Anonymous, I am SO relieved school is about out! Half day tomorrow for sure. Then the Jimster is going whitewater rafting with big sister this weekend. Great start for the summer! That little titmouse must truly have some issues after all this time and still trying to get in. Poor thing. Maybe it needs to find a mate and move on? And not with its reflection.

    Lola, I love finding nests. I am trying to figure out what to do with them? Something artsy? Skeeter says no way because of bugs and it is true, very many mites. Best left alone I guess. Those squirrels ARE something else. Pains! Compressed corn is a good food for the critters? Did you find it? Glad you can watch the hummers now. I haven't seen any in a while. Wonder why?

  13. No, I haven't found it yet. May have to order from net. I have the same 2 come back every yr. I have learned how to tell them apart. They will fight over the feeder. If you have any in your area they are feeding from flowers now. Have to watch real close. First time I saw mine this yr he streaked across the back yard.

    I love to empty sand from little ones shoes don't you Anonymous?

    Dawn, try a tray feeder for the larger birds. They like it. Then you have the ground feeders, like Doves.

    Jillybean watch that Coon. They are prone to get rabies. But I must admit they are cute.

    Hey Jean, Skeeter & Dave. What do you guys have planned for tomorrow? Surely it's more gardening. I need to get the bed ready for the Iris & Canna & whatever else my sis-in-law is sending. She sent it out today so that doesn't give me much time. Gotta get crackin' in the morning, early.

  14. I spread 22 more bales of pine straw and now I am finished in the yard! That makes 72 bales total! The planters and the landscaping look so beautiful now! All pot holes full of dirt too! Mowed and trimmed the grass and washed the truck...

    Tomorrow I start my house cleaning and moving us upstairs. My parents are coming for a week to visit and my dad has had both of his hips replaced so to keep him from walking upstairs to the guest bedroom, we let him and mom have our bedroom downstairs. I did most of my major cleaning a while back so just the normal dusting, vacuum, moping, bathroom cleaning, etc. Moving us upstairs is the hard part as I hate walking up and down those stairs and it takes about a hundred trips (so it seems) to get it all up there... Oh well, more exercise I reckon...

    Next plan to get the boat cleaned up and on the lake. A friend told us about a ramp where we can get the pontoon in the water. We will just have to avoid coves and stay in the deep channels... Looking forward to kicking back and cruising on the lake. So relaxing for us…

    We saw the Hawk flying with about a 2 foot snake in his talons! He landed in the woods and we watched him chow down on fresh snake for dinner! Was really interesting to witness such a thing today. We went out for burgers as the snake did not appeal to us... LOL...

    Night all...

  15. Lola, Do you have a Rural King in Florida? They may have compressed corn. Not sure. I like them for neat feed.

    Skeeter, You are one busy lady! 72 bales of pine straw is a dizzying amount of pine straw. But now it is done. Kick back and relax and enjoy your family's visit. Hope you get the boat going too. Sound fun.

    G'night all.

  16. Skeeter, The snake would not appeal to me either, burgers sound much better.

  17. Skeeter you have been one busy lady. Don't know how you do it. I am wore out just reading what you've done. Don't think I'd like the snake either. I'll go for burgers also.

    Tina, Don't have a Rural King down here. I googled & found nothing but nuggets. Will have to keep trying as I'm about out.

    More sad news. Don't think it's gonna stop.

  18. Great picture. I love to have the birds hanging out in our yard. We have a beautiful hummer visiting right now.

  19. Putting final touches on a Posting so still on here...

    Lola, when does it stop? So Sorry.

    I get our compressed corn cobs at Tractor Supply, Lowes and Wal-Mart...

  20. Tina, my bluejay is upset because the little finch feeder doesn't hold his weight, think I'll put a tray, like Lola said and put peanuts in it. The jays are used to a house like feeder which they would hit on a fly by and empty it out within 3 days. Done with that, they became such bullies!
    I preregistered for a esty store tonight, guess I'll have to get all my crafts unpacked, good thing the front yard is done!
    Need to still move some things around but most of it is done.
    Sorry 'bout your news Lola, seems as though it comes in doubles...triples and quads sometimes......I'm reminded of the patience of Jobe, anything is better than festering boils!
    Visiting my father-in-law tom. hopefully he'll be out of the hospital soon.
    Tina, I'm waiting on one pic for my next post, let you know when I'm done. Nite.

  21. Racoons are so cute but they can destroy a place. Can't believe someone had one as a pet!! Very unusal. They also are usually very mean. So those people were lucky. I used to feed then dog biscuits. They were so funny to watch. I would put them on the deck railing and they would climb up on it as they are very good climbers. When the babies tried to get up, it would take them a couple of nights to get up there. Had to stop feeding them as they would also use the deck as their bathroom. I miss them as I used to enjoy watching them.

    Anonymous, would you believe I picked Lilacs today. I met Dawn in Lewiston Sunday, which is about 30 miles from here and the lilacs were just right for picking
    there but it is inland. Slower here on the coast. They are just starting to come out here but in the water they will probably be out good by tomorrow and they last much longer when picked like that.

    Those were great wishes from the kids. So many kids have to endure
    the pain of daddy's and mommies being overseas.

    Lola the hummers are an amazing bird and great to watch. Yup I will be outside tomorrow. Only can stand it about an hour and can't get much done that way. Then I came in for an hour or 2 and take more pills and go back out.

    OMG Lola, can't understand why you keep getting bad news. So sorry.

    Skeeter I don't think the snake appeals to my hungry tummy either but I bet someone would probably say it tastes like chicken. LOL

    Dawn, hope Gene gets to come home and does well. How is Judy holing up or I guess I should ask you how you are holding up?

    Have you tried the gloves? I saw some in wally world for a lot more money and not long like those. In wally world they were green. I love them.

    Hope everything is okay with Nin, she has not been on for quite a few days. Have you heard from her Tina?

  22. That is amazing! They find nesting places in the most unusual spots don't they? I have just posted pictures of the Great Tits who are nesting right next to my greenhouse, come have a look!

  23. Hi Tina, I didn't realize you were posting while you were out of town, and blotanical is messed up so I missed your posts. So sorry, must get caught up. Your wren nest is like the one in my shed, with the small hole opening, and it was a carolina wren. They are very unafraid of people. They are one of my favorite birds. Yours is a little doll.

  24. Lola, If no Rural King, maybe a Tractor Supply Company?

    Aunt debbi/Kurts Mom, Being in Texas, do you have several varieties of hummers? I think we only have the ruby throated so I was wondering about your visitor.

    Skeeter, Those postings take time don't they?

    Dawn, Is an esty store a craft store online? Good luck! Peanuts are supposed to be good for the jays. I have never had a problem with them eating at my feeders. The birds do eat out of the compost though and that is funny.

    Mom, I think raccoons are definitely destructive but cute. They get huge up there but I haven't seen any as big down here. I have not heard from Nina.

    Matron, Your great tits look a bit like titmouse. Is this the same bird? You got some pretty good pics.

    Frances, It is no problem at all! I like the schedule feature and have some obsessive notion I must post each day. Vacation or not. lol
    I think my wren is a carolina wren.I am pretty glad she did not make such a big nest like yours. Thanks for showing it to us. I love that potting shed!

  25. Yes, the store is for hand made items but I noticed a place for seeds and edibles, check it out. It will keep you busier.