Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Grandson!

I couldn't be at my grandson's first birthday party, but was very happy he was able to spend it with his extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins and his Mimi and Papa in Maine. Hard to believe Brian is a father now. How time flies!

Thanks Dawn for sending the pictures, and Zack-thanks for taking them! I love this shot best.

Happy Birthday Joshua!

in the garden....


  1. Hi Tina --and my what handsome boys:) I know one is the dad but he is your boy. I just love those curls on baby Joshua --hard to believe he is one already. It seems like I just saw his picture as a newborn and now he is onto the next phase toddling. Very nice!!!

  2. Yes Anonymous-that is right! You did see that picture of him and Jimmy last fall when Josh was a newborn. Now look at the big boy! And my handsome son too....I'll have to get the lovely mother on here one day soon.

  3. I think Josh's face states it to dance. Later

  4. What a beautiful head full of curls!
    Proud looking handsome papa too!

  5. Oh the Daddy is sooo proud as we all are. Josh is a real cutie and so happy. Runs all over the place, gives many kisses, laughs a
    lot, says a lotta words and is a real gem that is so handsome!!!!
    Can you tell I am a proud Great Grandmother or what??!!!!

  6. BEAUTIFUL PIC. & just look at those eyes. What a gorgeous little boy, curls & all. I know you are all so proud of him.
    Being a Great Grandmother is the tops.

  7. Hi Tina, I haven't been on here too much lately with all the stuff the kiddos had going on. But, I do read when I get a chance --today I am trying to play catchup on the posts --so I'll let you know that hubby did cover both lilac bushes and they both did excellent --still full of pretty purple flowers minus the oh, four vases full that I clipped:0) Love those guys --smell so yummy I wonder if I could eat them?? hahaha Today I had to be at the school for 0715 to Proctor again --when I came home took sidekick out running and walking around the yard to count the tulips too:) To visit the cows again so he can perfect his impersonation of a cow mooing.
    Hi Skeeter --the Nashville Zoo is where we went yesterday. The animals are great --not all caged up they roam about and some are actually very hard to spot because they are smart and hide in the landscaping --trees/bushes etc. Very nice setting for a zoo --but like I said maybe they haven't worked on the garden aspect just yet. We only saw a few nice patches of flowers --mostly flowering bushes in clumps --I took a few pictures by the few flowers we saw --they do seem to be doing alot of construction to the zoo --lots of digging and blocked paths so maybe they are upgrading something?? The cougars were absolutely amazing --they were sitting up on a bridge over water in there area --they were magnificent. Like I said my two small kiddos liked the indoor exhibit of frogs --they are serious frog lovers. Hi Jean --sorry about your delay and trip yesterday but glad that you are safe and sound and got everything done. Hubby's family shops at a BJ's --very similar to a Sams Club if I'm not mistaken. I think they might actually have better prices. Hi Lola -hope you are doing well and enjoying the sweet smell of jasmine --this is a wonderful time of year for wonderful smelling flowers --and some high pollen counts up here in TN for us --lots of congested/runny nosed kiddos at the school where I proctored today --soon enough the summer heat will be here to scorch us so I'll manage with a little pollen and lots of pretty flowers to look at. I really need to run the wild kiddos down the road before bath time. Ciao!

  8. Hey all, Hopefully IE will not quit on me!

    Good to catch up with everyone with spring here it is SO BUSY! I have a field trip tomorrow, will post about it. Should be fun.

    Dawn, Before long you will be a grandmother. Just watch.

    Skeeter, Great to catch up with you. I read your post. Nice ode to your mother and especially your dad. I also read B's, seems there are some issues with the new system? Change is hard. Really. Enjoyed your baby's picture and how the two cats are so different. I hope no one teaches Orkin that trick! With all the "rats" she is beheading lately it should not be a problem with hunger-and I do feed her too as a bonus! lol

    Mom, Brian had turned out to be a great dad. I am so proud of him and Josh is a doll with all that curly hair and huge eyes and huge smile! Guess I am out of the loop on BJs, good anonymous knows what it is. I don't shop at Sam's so not into big discounts too much. But still I would've heard of it?

    Lola, Nicholas and Anthony doing well? Do you know I have some carrots in the garden? Just thinking of that huge turnip the boys pulled and the corn they grew.

    anonymous, You are such a mom! Proctoring-running marathons-cutting the grass-and going to the zoo? Super Mom comes to mind....

    Lilacs are still lookin great! Can't believe it as this is the first and best year since I've lived here.

  9. Lola he Josh had really big eyes from birth almost so don't think he will lose them at this point. He will be a heartbreaker for sure.

    Tina super mom came to mind to me for Anonymous a long time ago and she just seems to take everything in stride and is so cute about it all!

    I just checked in at Gail's blog to see if there was any news on her mother. Gail had left a comment from the hotel computer a few hours ago and her mother is not doing well so we all need to keep in out thoughts.

    Going to bed now as I wanna get up early. Sandra leaves for Italy in the morning for 8 days so I want to see her off. It is a trip thru the school and she has been paying for it for 3 years so it is a big day for her.

    Hope everyone has a peacefull night.

    Wonder where my #2 daughter is tonight.

  10. Sams, BJ's and Costco down this way. We dont have the Costco yet but Atlanta does and so do the Saints parents in VA. We are hoping Costco will be here soon as we prefer them. Let our Sams membership expire several years ago as we no longer happy with them...

    The zoo sounds nice so we will have to check it out some time on a trip to TN...

    With all that energy with those young kiddos, I am sure it rubs off on mom too!

    I do here that being grandparents is funner, then being parents! LOL...

  11. Mom, Tell Sandra to have fun! She is so much like her mother and will cherish the time over there. Italy is so nice as anyone who has visited will tell you. Tell her to get her mother some porcelain.

    Skeeter, I don't really know if being a grandparent is easier or not, I don't get to see Josh too much. I know having any baby around and not being the parent is easier though. lol I don't have to run to stop the crying or temper tantrums. Now my son and his wife do this. Definitely LOL. Grandparents jobs are to spoil them then send them home.

    Don't care for Sam's either..

    auntdebbi/kurtsmom, he really is a cutie. I love the curls but little does he know now, someday he will hate them. Straight hair seems the rage. Mine is obsessed with straightening his hair every morning with his straightener. Gee, I hope he doesn't mind me telling....Your son too?

  12. He loves to have his hair brushed! At night before we sit in bed or on the sofa and I just brush his hair, it must feel really good cause he gets all still. It is really longer then it appears!

  13. We also have a Sam's in Portland but I am happy with BJ'S but it is like any discount place, you have to know your prices to get the deals. However if you know your prices there are GREAT buys to get.
    I am so glad it was BJ'S that is going to build in Topsham.

    Yup you sure hated your curley hair when you were a teenager Tina and spent time trying to get rid of it. Oh how I hated it when you did that. Such pretty red curls down the drain. But I do also remember as an adult years ago you said you then realized your hair was your (and in your words) "greatest asset". Well your hair has always been a good asset but far from the greatest!

  14. What handsome boys you have there Tina!

  15. Tina, by the time that little guy is a teenager; the style may be curls again! Remember the days of the men getting perms in the early 80’s? Now that was a scary era of my life when two of my brothers went for the fashion! I like to look back at the pictures for a good laugh! LOL...

  16. christinelynn, good thing he likes to have his hair brushed. it is so long and curly and sweet.

    mom, curly hair is good. But now my hair is completely gray (has been for years) and not such a great asset at all. Still slightly curly but not so much anymore. boo hoo.

    thanks jillybean! i am still trying to smell some barbeque sauce and every now and then i think i may catch a hint...

    skeeter, i am hoping curly hair comes back in style soon! are you talking your brothers were in the afro mode? the jimster jokes alot from the 70s decade. hears it at school. never remember men getting perms, but i sure did. funny guys. ill tell jimmy.

  17. Tina, Boys are fine. They are in Tn. In fact I think they were at the zoo the same day as Anonymous. They plan to head home tomorrow.

    We have Sam's & BJ's here. Don't much like Sam's. I too let my card lapse. Never been to BJ's. Must try it one day.

    I think the baby likes his hair brushed as it is calming & relaxing. Gets him ready for bedie-bye

    I remember when men got perms. I thought it looked ridicules. Natural is best. Teasing--another log on the fire. Fads, boy what we go through.

    I think the cool weather has slowed the Jasmine down. It still smells just as good but have to be closer to get the smell. Will have to take a pic & send to Tina. I don't know how to post pics.

    Jean, little one will be a heart breaker for sure. With those looks he will have to beat the girls off with a stick. Look out Mom & Dad. lol

  18. Tina, I'm surprised you don't remember the guys getting perms, I do. Right about the time they wore clogs too. Course, the crocs are the same thing, I guess.

  19. Mom...Dawn pointed out the other day that I will be completely gray by 30! How rude! lol (I am joking Auntie).

    I am getting more and more grays everyday though...thanks for the bad genes! Only 26 years old.

    Sarah's father made a comment to her about Josh's hair and said that if they think they are bringing that boy to visit with long hair they better not. Rude huh? What is wrong with her family?!?!?

  20. Lola, Glad boys are fine.

    Dawn, I don't remember. Must've missed it dealing with three younger sisters who all wanted their own perms.

    Christine, The family will adore Joshua no matter how long his hair is, don't worry. He is lucky to have his Aunt (you!) around, as are Brian and Sarah.