Friday, August 21, 2009

Garden Friends Visiting in Maine in the Garden

My mother, Jean, (that's her in the wheelchair) recently had a special visitor to her garden in coastal southern Maine; it was a special treat for both. Barbara (she is standing), a friend of mine and garden coach client who happens to live in Tennessee, traveled all the way to Maine for her vacation this summer and look who she looked up! My mother was delighted to meet someone from Tennessee and I must say isn't the world a small and mighty fine place? It is so nice to be able to go on vacation and meet a 'local' to sit down and talk and relax and reminisce. I sure wish we could visit in Maine this summer too but perhaps next year. Barbara and my mother had a great time visiting....

in the garden....

Mom, the two plants are: sedum and anise hyssop (blue flowered). Your garden is looking most full and beautiful!

Happy Birthday to you today!!

And to Heather!


  1. Very sweet! I always love the personal side people share on their gardening blogs.

  2. yes --What a treat! And Happy Birthday to Jean.

  3. how nice...happy birthday tina's mom.

  4. How nice! Happy, Happy Birthday Jean! From Central Alabama--Randy

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom, Tina. Her garden is looking very pretty, the blue and yellow look great together!

  6. Happy Birthday Mom!!!

    Have a great weekend Tina!

  7. How sweet of her to drop in and say high to your Mom.

    Tina's Mom, hope you have a wonderful birthday and your birthday wish comes true.

  8. Happy Birthday Jean! You are the best and wishing you the best.


  9. What a nice visit for your Mom, Happy Birthday to her as well! :)

  10. Good morning all! THANKS for all of your Happy Birthday wishes to my mother! I forgot it was also my niece's birthday-a special day in our family all around. I added hers in a bit later thanks to my sister for reminding me. Everyone have a great day!!

  11. Mom told me about the visit, how nice of her to come! HB_Day mom and Heather!

  12. How lovely for a visit from a friend from Tn.
    Happy Birthday, Jean. May you have many more.
    Happy B-day to Heather too.
    Love your garden.

  13. A Great Big Ole HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Ms Jean all the way from Georgia! How wonderful to have a visit from one of Tinas friends in TN! That must have been such a treat!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Heather as well! Hope your day is filled with wonderful surprises!

  14. Happy birthday to Jean. Hope you have a great day!
    What a nice gesture for Barbara to stop by and visit.
    Tina you're right, small world wonderful place.

  15. Happy Birthday Jean! Hope you have a great day. Nina

  16. Yes folks it was very sweet of Barbara to visit me and I enjoyed her very much but I must say I was very ashamed of my gardens as with the month of June and July giving us only 5 sunny days and rain ALL OF THE REST the gardens have suffered. Everything is stunted and then I lost my 20 tomato plants as the got late blight and I got very discouraged and have neglected them a lot. Knowing what Tina's gardens are like probably poor Barbara thought she would see a show place and in the best of times my place will not come near to touching Tina's. She gets her love of gardening from my mother, not me. I enjoy it but do it on a very small scale.

    Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes and Nina, so good to see you on here. I know you are there but never see you in the comments. Miss you.


    What a lovely day it is today and I hope you have lots of great fun and surprises. I had a surprise visit from my mom today -yeah! She was able to take home about 8 cucumbers and 5 peppers from my now almost finished garden. It is really at the end of it's rope-hehehe. It was a very good year here in TN -flowers and weeds alike just grew like crazy. I'm sure it will be better up your way next year. We had our year of no rain two years ago -I guess we all take turns getting the good summers:)

    It sure was nice that you had a visitor from TN --that was really cool! I have to get ready to walk for the two little ones. It's been another fast moving day here --they fly by so quickly.

    Happy Birthday to Heather too! Have a super day:0)

    Jean one last birthday wish from Lil Bundle -he sends a drooly wet kiss -he has become quite the drool baby lately -hehehe. I'm sure teething is just around the corner.
    Have a great weekend Tina and Skeeter --
    Hi Lola -hope you are doing good--
    Hi Nina -we sure have a good start to the weekend here:)

  18. That is great, gardening really seems to create a special bond between people. Your mother has a very pretty garden! Happy Birthday!

  19. I am trying to catch up some. The fresh veggies all look so good. I am sure it was nice to see the photo of your mother sent to you by somebody else. They look like they are having such a great time.

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  20. Happy Birthday Jean! How nice to have a TN visitor. I'm sure she was more interested in seeing you than your garden, and equally sure she understands how the whims of nature can thwart even the greenest thumb.

    Happy Birthday to Heather too!

  21. Happy Birthday to Tina's Mom! She should be a very special person, since she is a Mom to such special daughter! Aloha!

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  23. The nice thing about gardeners is, you know them well as soon as you meet them! :) Glad your mom enjoyed her visitor!