Monday, August 3, 2009

Virginia Lake Beauty

By Skeeter

Yesterday I showed you the Saints parents yard in Virginia. Today we will get on their boat and take a cruise on the lake that sits in their backyard. Well, we must first stop and say hello to Mommy and baby Ducks.
Young Mommy Duck started out with about 6 babies but over time lost them to the cruel ways of nature. Hawks, Eagles, Snapping turtles, etc. Mom B fattens them up with Cracked Corn until they are a safe size. Sadly the day after the Fireworks were shot over the lake celebrating the 4th of July, Mommy only had one of these cute fuzz-balls remaining. Sigh... We loaded up the boat and set off for a nice cruise around the lake.
The Saint's father is the Captain of the ship while the Saint keeps his sister doggie, Minnie in his lap. She is a medium sized doggie that thinks, she is a lap dog. Okay, she knows she is a lap dog!
Mom B took control of this adorable Beagle named Scooter. They are Foster parenting him until he over comes his stress related skin condition and finds a Forever Home. He is a sweetheart and we fell in love with him the minute we laid eyes on him. Sorry Scooter, our cats would kill us if we brought you back to Georgia with us! I know of a lot of people which do not like Willow Trees. Tina and my dad being two of such people! My dad has one and he moans every time the wind blows as he knows he will have a mess to clean up. But if I lived on the lake, you bet I would have one just as this one hanging over the waters edge. They look so happy and beautiful on the water don't they?
This is only a sample of what being a landscaping business owner can get you in your yard!
Such a pretty colorful garden at the bottom of these steps.
We see lots of grasses along the waters edge as well as Butterfly Bush.

I would also have a Beach Themed planter on my lake front property. Heck, I have one in my Georgia Garden and I am way from the water. Well, the water spigot is by that planter. Ha ha.. See the Topsy Tomatoes hanging from the deck? I just noticed them!

Such happy plants along the waters edge. Here is what I have been anxious to see. From this far off, it does not look like much but lets move in closer to see what is filling this peninsula.
Lilies, that's right hundreds, well maybe thousands of Lilies of different types. Here you see the woman responsible for this beautiful place on the lake. She is a reclusive and no one knows much about her. She was sure to keep her head low as we circled the area taking in the beauty of her hard work. No invite to step off the boat for a closer look and I was so tempted to use my Southern Charm for an invite but instead, I respected her privacy. So we had to rely on the Zoom of the camera lens for the view. But what a view it was to my eyes. Lilies galore and so full and beautiful.
Sorry for the glare in this shot but I still put it in as I wanted you to see the many different types. These have been in place for many years and even though a mystery Gardener, she speaks volumes with her magic touch for Lilies.

We were lucky to have such wonderful weather while in Virginia. We actually slept with the windows open a few nights in July and that is so not normal for July.

But made for a wonderful little vacation and such VIRGINIA LAKE BEAUTY, In the Garden...


  1. Can you tell us what lake this is?

  2. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I bet the temperature was nice too. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. WOW, gorgeous! That weeping willow is perfect, although I like them anytime!

  4. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. My father-in-law lived on a lake and had a pontoon boat and I enjoyed these kinds of cruises!

  5. Wouldn't it be great to have lake front property. I know from my Dad's experience that river property is often troublesome.

  6. hahaha Les beat me to the question, guess we Virginians want to know! Lovely gardens along the water.

  7. Beautiful gardens. I don't blame you for not wanting to see those lilies. What a touch! No willow trees here and I don't blame your Dad, however, they are pretty by water for sure.

    Everyone have a great day!

  8. Thanks for taking us along on your cruise down the lake, Skeeter! I thought at first the one garden was a lily farm; wow, what a garden! She may be a recluse, but she certainly has a bevy of beautiful friends.

  9. Good Morning everyone! Another dreary cloudy day starting out here in Georgia but I do see some blue up there...

    Les and Janet, This lake is called "Lake of the Woods" (LOW) It is a gated community located west of Fredericksburg. A lot of weekend homes from DC workers. Was once pretty much a week-enders spot out in the boonies. A lot of growth all around and now no longer considered the boonies. A lot of people have retired there bringing the community standards upward. The Saints parents moved here from Fairfax after retiring.

    Meadowview, The temps were wonderful. One day it was only 70 degrees and no humidity! A big plus for that area in July. And with us coming from hot and steamy Georgia, we were eating it up. lol

    Lzyjo, I too like the Weeping Willow but I dont have one so I can say that. lol, My mother wanted one so badly so a brother of mine got her one as a gift. Dad cringed that day and continues to do so since it has gotten large. It drops limbs with any small wind. He hates the thing even though it is beautiful...

    Monica, We try to get out on their lake every time we visit. We even went out with blankets in the winter one time with mild temps. lol. Something about the water is so soothing to the soul...

    Marnie, Our dream is to live on a lake. It is a bit troublesome to haul our boat to the lake every time we want to take a cruise. It would be so nice to just pull out of a slip and take off any time we wanted to. My brother takes his boat to the river and it is much different then a lake. Lakes are more calm and peaceful then a river with barges coming and going...

    Janet, LOW is the lake as I mentioned above. This is just a small sampling of the beautiful gardens along the lake. Most people's "front yard" face the lake while their street side yards are bare. Too funny.

    Tina, I know how you feel about Willows as we have talked about them several times. :) But they are beautiful on the water for sure. I think that is where they belong. The pictures do not do justice for the lilies. They are gorgeous and to think, no one seems to know anything about the gardener responsible for all that beauty. Kind of sad to me as I know most gardeners enjoy visitors to their gardens. I was so tempted to call out to her and I know you Would have! LOL

  10. Rose, I agree. If you dont care for people, what better friends to have then Lilies? They were so stunning to the eye.

  11. Beautiful, Skeeter! There is something calming about a lake, less of course your fishing and nothing is biting! I want a willow badly, I planted a corkscrew willow when my daughter was born but over each year I lost more and more of it. I planted it in a dry spot, they like water.
    The lilies are beautiful, I'm guessing the reclusive owner must be independent wealthly, to be a recluse that is...ah, money, does it everytime.

  12. What a gorgeous place Skeeter. The willow looks beautiful by the waters edge. I never thought too much about having one. The lilies---something else. The gardener---that is her life & seems she doesn't want any interruptions. She is happy & content.

  13. Oh Skeeter thanks for a gorgeous, calming tour with great photos.

    Unlike my daughter, I am with Lzyjo and love a willow at any time. I have one that I planted as nothing more than a twig and it has gotten very big but then it started to downsize and is about half the size it once was but I still enjoy it. Always loved them, even as a kid.

    The eyes go and then the memory goes....I meant to tell you yesterday and forgot but up here I am not sure but I don't think anyone has either milkweed or queen anne's lace in a garden as it is considered a weed here but fields are full of both. Also, did you know that milkweed is eaten and tastes like fresh peas.
    You have to pick it when the flowers are very small, just coming out. You can eat it all but the flowers (in my opinion) taste the best.

  14. What a dream to live on a lake like that! I'd have a weeping willow just like that too if I lived on a lake.

  15. looks like a lot of fun on the lake...we have dogs who like to go with us to the lake...alas our boat needs fixing.
    love all the daylilies...perfect place to be a recluse.

  16. Oh my goodness, those daylilies! I have never seen them so densely planted with so many blooms anywhere! That fish fertilized lake water must be just the ticket for them. Thanks for showing us, Skeeter. How nice to go garden touring from the water too. :-)

  17. Those daylilies are gorgeous. Wow.

  18. Such a nice and relax lake view!

  19. Dawn, My mother and I were talking about that last night. And we came to the same conclusion! Maybe she is someone that was famous at one time in her life and now wants to be left alone to live her life in peace. She sure does enjoy the lilies though. When we are on the lake fishing, we say it is a bonus if we catch a fish as we enjoy the nature around us while trying for a fishy. lol...

    Lola, I do believe the Lilies make this mystery woman very happy. She was sure to not look at us so she is happy with her life. And ours to respect. I cant help but wonder what her story is though.

    Jean, There is just something about a Willow Tree that gets me every time I look at one! I love my parents and enjoy it while my dad moans at the mess it makes. I do think they belong on the waters edge. There, they look perfect! So I take it you have eaten Milkweed before. Sounds interesting if tasting like peas. Hum, Dawn sure does not need any with her pea crop this year! :-) It grows wild down here also but I refer to it as a wild flower instead of weed as it is so pretty. It should be Virginia’s state wild flower as the state was full of it...

    Catherine, I too would have a Weeping Willow tree if I lived on the lake. But as messy as they are, that would be the only way I would have one so the limbs could fall into the lake and not the yard. lol...

    Marmee, The dogs love the boat rides. I forgot to mention but that was Scooter the foster dogs first boat ride! He loved it and was so happy on the boat. That is a perfect spot for someone to live that wants to be left alone. She can enjoy her lilies in a tranquil setting for sure...

    Frances, I knew you would enjoy the lilies with your love of them! I have never seen any as beautiful as these before either. Not sure how many years she has been working on them but the 9 we have been going up there for sure! The properties are becoming more upscale so it has been fun to watch what was once a fishing/hunting cabin/trailer type places being transformed into McMansions with lush gardens. It is so much fun to take a ride to see the gardens on their lake. Our lake is more nature with few homes on it...

    Sweet bay, I wish you all could see them in person as the pictures do not show the entire picture, so to speak. They are stunning with the sun shining on them!

    Vuejardin, We do enjoy the relaxing rides on their lake. The gardens are really something to enjoy while on a nice cruise...

  20. Would love to see the daylilies in person. They are so thick. I thought my husband planted them too close.

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    Photography By Leedra

  21. Leedra, These are really close so i doubt your lilies are too close. Such a wonderful hubby to plant lilies for you!