Monday, August 17, 2009

Round Planter has Changed

By Skeeter
I was recently saying how I don't have much color in my Georgia Garden and look at this! I believe I do have more color then I had originally thought. It is amazing what some sun and rain can do to transform a dull area to a spot of beauty...
Here is how I transformed the Round Planter this year. I took out all the Periwinkle (Vinca Minor) from last year but am still today pulling seedlings as they pop up from reseeding them self. If you look closely, you will see a few Periwinkle that I did not pluck, blooming in the color of Pink.
To the back of St. Francis, you will see 2 more of the 12 Serena Angelonia bargain plants I picked up in early summer. You will also see Dusty Miller mixed in with Purple and White Petunia. There is one more Serena planted elsewhere and you will see that one at another time. I am waiting for a certain item to bloom for me.

As with yesterdays planter, I like the way in which the ROUND PLANTER HAS CHANGED, In the Garden...

We all want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Boy #1 and to my great niece Samone!


  1. Yes, a little rain and magic happens. I thought this would be a big year for daylily re-bloom because of rain but it was too cool and cloudy after.

  2. Top!
    Sorry, my English is very bad...
    but I say: T O P!!

  3. Was that accidental or on purpose? Whichever it was, that dash of pink looks really nice blending with the whites and purples.

  4. What a great garden area!!!! I love it....Happy Birthday Boy #1!!!

  5. This is beautiful color in your garden Skeeter! I see that you have an Angelonia too. This has become one of my favorites!

    Happy Birthday boy #1!!!

  6. This is a beautiful garden, Skeeter. I remember when you first showed how you created this space; it's good to see it again, this time in bloom. Angelonia has become a favorite annual of mine, too.

  7. Beautiful beds Skeeter! And much more color than what we have up here. Happy birthday boy #1!

  8. Skeeter,
    That is such pretty formal garden you have created. I love your style! Rosey

  9. Skeeter, Your garden is looking most wonderful. I do really like the formality of it and how full it is. Looks great. I kind of like the vinca showing itself too!

  10. Skeeter, I like your gardens. I like the way they flow. Lovely cool colors with warmer tones blended in. Rains can certainly make a garden pop. It's raining here now so things should perk up and look fresh again.

  11. Your gardens look fantastic Skeeter. That garden has filled so wonderfully. The colors are calming yet there is a little pop.
    Yes, a little rain does lift one's spirit providing the much needed moisture to help such lovelies.
    I hope everyone has a lovely day.
    I'm off for surgery on remaining eye.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Boy #1.Hope you have many more.

  12. Skeeter,
    You have so many more blooms than us right now, it ain’t even funny. Everything looks great!--Randy

  13. It all looks great Skeeter!!

    Happy birthday to Boy #1. He shares a birthday with my second great granddaughter. Would'nt you think she would have waited 1 day to share it with her cousin.

  14. It really looks great. I love the planter with St. Francis in the middle, he always seem perfect in a garden.
    Happy Birthday to your son and niece.

  15. Oh wow Skeeter -lots of color -yikes and you saw my weed beds here, lol. I promise they don't usually look so bad -hehehe. Next year I will have Lil Bundle out pulling weeds with me:0)

    Thanks for all the Birthday wishes for my Boy 1, so hard to believe how fast they grow -just know my garden is waiting on me while I hold and enjoy my Lil Bundle -they grow faster than any garden weed/flower I know:0)

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

  16. Yes indeed, you have some lovely color in the garden.

  17. Your pics prove that a lot of planning, hard work, and hardscaping are required for that beautiful, formal look. Great job by you and the Saint!

  18. Beautiful work. Your garden looks lovely.

  19. Hello Everyone! I am back in Georgia after a rainy drive yesterday. I have spent most of the day getting things back to normal (laundry, mail, emails, unpacking, etc) and making my fur babies happy with me again. One is sleeping on the desk as I type not letting me out of her sight today. I think she fears mommy will leave again. LOL.

    Saint says we had 2 inches of rain while I was away and the yard looks great with him mowing it for me. Blooms galore with the rain falls and I wish you could see that banana tree Tina! I must snap an updated pic as it is huge now!

    The round planter looks even fuller with more blooms and I am happy with how everything looks for now. I do believe I need to pull a few weeds but so humid that my air conditioning feels to good to leave it!

    Anonymous, Did boy one get those keys like he wanted? hee hee, I know he did not but is sure to be happy with his gifts. He is such a sweet young man and a wonderful sibling to the kiddoes!

    Happy Birthday to Samone and hope you enjoy your goodies on this hot day....

  20. Happy Birthday Samone!!! I hope you have lots of great treats and suprises.

    Skeeter -Boy 1 didn't get keys yet, hahaha...oh wait do housekeys count? rofl

    He received something his daddy likes too -a game console PS3 --I don't even play those but more free computer space if my gamers are doing that, right? My backyard is really needing a mow --if lil bundle sleeps I will get out there before we get all that storm rain from the gulf. Ciao!
    Tina are you ready for these boys and permits??? So soon it's scary:0)

  21. Nah, I figure another year or so. Both Boy 1 and Jimmy are way younger than their peers who are already turning the big 16. So we can hold them off for a while. At least Jimmy sees it our way.

  22. Beautiful arrangement of plant companions!

    I'm jealous that you can keep silver foliage plants going this late. In our humidity, I'm lucky if there are any silver plants that haven't blackened up and required cutting back.


  23. Cameron, we have had our share of hot sticky humid stuff but the Dusty Miller is doing well and no spots as of yet. I dont water it too often as it seems to do better with little water. Now we are getting some rain so may not last too much longer. We will see...