Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Post for Birthday Boys

What are little boys made of?

What are little boys made of?

Frogs and snails

And puppy-dog's tails,

That's what little boys are made of.

in the garden....


  1. That critter must be on a mission, it's moving so fast, or was there a hungry robin nearby?

  2. Now, I've seen it all in blogland, LOL....

  3. Tina ... EEEUUUUWWWWWW !
    That was a snake pretending to be a worm .. I just KNOW IT !!!
    Joy ;-)

  4. Joy has expressed my sentiments exactly!!!


  5. Happy Birthday to Jimmy. I see the worms 'running' every time I open my worm bin!
    Snips and snails..... :-)

  6. Happy Birthday, Jimmy.
    That worm sure was in a hurry to get somewhere. Maybe not to be put on a hook.
    So hot & humid here the worms are dieing on the drive way.

  7. Hmmm.... Reminds me of our worm business we had as kids. We would collect the nightcrawlers @ nite and sell them to fishermen. Made enough to buy an ATARI!
    Funny video, btw

  8. Good morning all! I just happened to have my camera when this snake like worm decided to really move out. I had never seen one move so fast!

    Les, No robin nearby, just me and it was set to get the heck out of the way while I was moving plants.

    Darla, Oh yes. Just about anything goes here...

    Linda, Thanks!

    Joy, I agree as I first thought it was a snake too!

    Frances, I know it is a bit unusual and a bit ewww.

    Janet, Snips and snails indeed!

    Lola, It was in a big hurry and I don't know why. I never even slowed it down. Hang in there fall is on its way.

    Rosey, Now that takes us back! Atari and I have to smile. What fun!

    Dave, Fastest worm I've ever seen!

  9. That worm is bookin'. You must look like a giant worm eating bird to him;)

  10. That's one speedy worm! Any I've ever seen move more like slugs (or not at all!). :)

  11. He was moving alright - I agree I don't think I've seen one move that fast!

  12. Durn it! The video/picture did not come thru on my laptop? I'll have to turn the ole' dinosaur on to see what everyone is talking about! Happy b-day, Jimmy!

  13. Marnie, yes indeed!

    Monica, Ewww on the slugs. We are innudated with them here. I'd much rather the worms.

    Linda, He was a quickie. I could hardly keep up with him!

    Dawn, Do check it out. The kids might enjoy it. Do you have wireless for your laptop? If so you'll really be up to date as you can sit on the couch and blog or whatever.

  14. Worms don't gross me out...but, slugs, do! gail

  15. Yes, ewww! That is a worm I hope. And yes we have wireless but I still sit at the table, go figure.

  16. First a big HAPPY BDAY TO THE JUMSTER!!!

    The video....I love it, it is too funny. I also was thinking that it was big enough to be a snake and was amazed at the speed. Awesome.

    Skeeter and Anonymous, thaks for the wishes for Samone and I am impressed that you remembered her name. Just one problem, Samone was 5 on July 1st. Yesterday Carmen turned 2.

  17. LOL!

    Wish Jimmy a Happy Birthday from Charm and her peeps!


  18. Happy Birthday to the Jimster from his Georgia Pals! That is one fast moving worm you have there Tina! I bet it would catch a wonderful fish or in my case, feed a fish. hee hee...

    Jean, that was Tina's doing as she added it in on my post. LOL, I think Tina has way too much going on so it is only normal for her to make a goof every now and then but we still love ya Tina girl :-)

    Another hot and steamy day and I dont even want to be in the yard at all even after being away for a week! I sure do love my AC…

  19. Gail-me too!

    Dawn, yup a worm for sure but a speedy one. Great on the wireless.

    Mom, yup, it was me who goofed on the great grandkids birthdays. It is just not something I really can keep up with. I don't even keep up with mine so how can I keep up with all the family members? Sorry to Carmen and a belated Happy Birthday to her. Can't believe she is two but I guess she was born a few months after Josh.

    Cameron, You bet I will!

    Skeeter, Yup, I goofed. Much going on for sure and I've been busy. Going to Gail's for dinner tonight and I am looking forward to it and PPS. It will mean a break from the house!! Not to mention a visiting with a fun garden buddy.

    You all have a great day.

  20. Happy Birthday to the Jimster!

    Looks like we have dodged the rain out this way this morning -hope it stays away until after school lets out:)

    I weeded the mailbox garden area this morning -Lil Bundle said it looked much better when I finished, lol.


  21. Okay Tina you have been wrong for your turn this year. LOL. At first I wondered if you had said something due to them knowing the name but then I figured no because I was at your house when Carmen was born and Papa and I left your house to go to FL in time to see her while she was still in the hopspital. Guess I should have gone and checked the post. I never go back to them once I have read them as I just read the rest of the comments in my gmail. Guess I'll go check it out now.

  22. I added it in at a later date after your comment. It is easy to do. Sorry for the change.

    Anonymous, Thanks!

  23. If that's a little boy worm, he must be running from some mischief that he created.

  24. OMG! OMG! You really captured the slippery slimy texture of the worm!!! This is fantastic, I hope he/her found a nice place to tunnel back into the ground. I used to put worms and slugs in my pockets, my mom would get furious. I still remember washing and washing and washing slug slime off of my hands. LOL! I finally realized it wasn't
    ladylike to play with worms and bugs, so I abandoned those playthings in trade of a fear of them.

    Happy Birthday to your son. (right?) It was DH's birthday last Tuesday.

  25. That worm looks perfect for the end of a hook. Or in the garden....

  26. Happy be-lated Birthday to Samone for 7-01 and Carmen 8-17. They sure grow up fast.
    By the way, doesn't someone else have a special day on the 20th?
    Hi Anonymous, I bet Lil Bundle did like the flowers without the weeds. lol It won't be long till he will be helping you.
    Skeeter, better stay under the AC for a couple days. Till it cools off a tad.
    Dawn, get in that recliner with that laptop. Never mind sitting at the table.
    How's your garden doing Jean? Hope you got some good veggies this yr.
    Did you have a good day Nina? Hope so.
    Best slow down Tina. Don't over do.
    We had another shower today & you could feel & smell the Fall in the air. It sure felt good.

  27. Happy birthday to Jimmy. That is a fast moving worm!

  28. How funny! And perfest to go with the poem. Happy birthday to the Jimster!

  29. Hot and sticky here Lola. Send us some rain to cool things off a bit for us will ya...

  30. Sure wish I could Skeeter. We just got another shower but it is 90º.