Monday, August 10, 2009

Plant of the Month-August 2009

From In the Garden
I simply adore yellow in a garden. All yellows are sunny and bright and sing to my heart. They make me happy no matter what is going on. As such it is not surprising I have a lot of yellow in my garden. I never realized I liked yellow so much until friends would drop by and say, "Hey! Guess what I got you for the garden? A nice yellow....." So it has become a bit of a cliche that I like yellow in my garden. That being said though does not mean I chose rudbeckia as my August Plant of the Month simply because it comes in a multitude of yellows. No, I chose it because it shines! Oops-isn't that what I said about yellow? No it is not-I said yellow is sunny. Slight difference here:) Okay, maybe the two are linked, but you have to admit rudbeckias are the IT plant for August, at least in my garden. Even though I had to work hard to thin them out I don't hold that against rudbeckias at all. They can't be beat in the summer garden!
Pictured above is just one of the many types of rudbeckia and also a new addition to my garden. I purchased two clumps of 'Autumn Sun' Rudbeckia lancifolia from Dr. Matthews during the Montgomery County Master Gardener Plant sale in May. This plant shines! The yellow is like a siren. The plant is over five feet all and has made itself at home. I simply adore it, as do the skippers and bees. It has been blooming for about three weeks and shows no signs of letting up. More blooms just keep coming and coming and the older blooms still look fresh!
Not to be outdone by 'Autumn Sun', Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm' is shining as well. Can you say Tiger Gardens is really shiny right now? Goldsturm is so shiny it had to be toned down in the form of a thinning day. The thinnings were relegated to the far back garden behind Mr. Fix-it's garage, but there are still plenty of clumps growing in other gardens. The above clump is growing in my Perennial Garden.

These clumps are growing in the 'Heuchera Garden', 'Greenhouse Garden', and 'Woodland Garden'. Goldsturm is a plant that does well in the shade or sun. While the blooms are a bit smaller and the clumps spread a bit slower in the shade, Goldsturm is not picky about light conditions. Surprisingly enough it is also not picky about soil conditions. Rudbeckias are pest free and beloved by butterflies and birds alike. This is why I chose rudbeckias for my August Plant of the Month.

What would be your choice for August's Plant of the Month in your garden?

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  1. My vote is also for Rudbeckia. I have Goldstrum. They are one of the only plants that is surviving the Texas heat, plus additional west sun from losing the tree. Yay for my Susans!! :)

  2. Excellent choice Tina. I don't know anyone who doesn't love rudbeckias. They provide a lot of beauty in return for very little time and care.

  3. Happy Birthday, Tina! I have to go with the Susans too! -- Randy:-)

  4. Hey Birthday girl!
    I love these Rudbedckias, such a carefree flower and I don't have a one growing in my garden. Shame on me. Nice post and I hope you have an excellent birthday!
    My flower of the month of August is the Sunflower.

  5. Hi Tina, Happy birthday! Hope it's sunny YELLOW! :) I also love yellow and rudbeckias (and coreopsis and sunflowers and grey-headed coneflower and...). But guess what I got in the mail yesterday? A brochure about the 2010 All-America Selections and one of them is a yellow gaillardia, 'Mesa Yellow'. At first it didn't look "gaillardia-y" enough to me (I admit I'm a slow adopter of new hybrids), but it's really growing on me. Noogie!

  6. Hi Tina, and Happy Birthday again. Yellow is one of my favorites also, just a thread behind orange. I am taking notes as I read about your rudbeckias. I thinned out my dazzling clump over the weekend and now have three spots of "shine" to enjoy.

  7. Happy Birthday! Rudbeckia is a good choice for an August bloomer. I can't think of much else that is blooming as profusely right now! I have some golden rod that you would love since you love yellow though!

  8. Happy Birthday, Tina! All those sunny yellows look like birthday candles on your cake--well, maybe not quite that many candles:) This is the first year I've had any Susans, can you believe it? I have a couple of the "Goldsturm" and some unnamed annual Rudbeckias I found on sale at a garden center. I'm hoping they all re-seed themselves here. I started out gardening with mostly pinks, purples, and the occasional blues, but yellow has found its way here in many places over the last few years. You're right--it's so sunny. I don't know if I could pick a plant for this month--the cosmos are certainly striking, and the zinnias are just beginning to bloom; it's a hard choice!

  9. Hi All, Blotanical accidentally let out some info I was assured would NOT be let out. Hence the little problem today. I do want to tell you all thanks for your well wishes. Everyone is just so kind.

    Linda, I knew they would be a good choice for your area too!

    Marnie, They are simply magnificent this year!

    Helen, Thanks!

    Jamie and Randy, Thanks! Great choice for sure.

    Rosey, Thanks! You don't get much sunnier than with sunflowers!

    Monica, Thanks! A yellow gallardia sounds wonderful. Love the yellows!

    Kathy, Thanks! Those yellows simply are great in August.

    Dave, I do enjoy goldenrod for sure. All yellows are so shiny.

    Dawn, Thanks! The info went out by mistake. Bad thing.

    Rose, You are going to love Goldsturm as it grows and matures. It is so fun! As are all the flowers this month.

    Everyone have a good day. I have work to do so better get to it.

  10. Hi Tina, I love this plant, good choice for plant of the month. Ours is the species R. lancifolia and is 12 feet tall. A good companion to the nearly as tall Joe Pye. The goldfinches devour the seed heads of these, a sure sign of fall.

  11. I love the 'Autumn Sun'. I was just looking at all the Rudbeckia varieties yesterday at the nursery, no Autumn sun though or I would've bought it!
    I knew this post was coming up and had been trying to think about my August plant of the month but I can't decide now. I think it might still be dahlias for me since I have quite a few that have just started blooming. I'll have to keep thinking about it.

  12. Happy birthday, Tina!

    Great choice for Plant of the Month. The whole page is glowing:) And the first!
    For me the choice is Sunset Bells. They add that touch of orange-yellow brightness to an otherwise mostly-green yard.

  13. Love the Black Eyed Susans! They are a great plant of the month. I always love the pest free part. Happy Birthday to you.

  14. Yellow reminds me of the sun which has FINALLY come back to Maine. I’ve been offline enjoying it. The bright splashes of gold in your garden are lovely. My favorite plant in August would be my wild blueberries, even though we only get a few.

  15. Frances, I love that lancifolia for sure. I never even heard of it until at the plant sale and boy am I ever so glad to have purchased it.

    Catherine, You can't beat those rudbeckias. The dahlias are mighty nice too.

    Kanak, Thanks! Sunset bells, hmmmm, now that sounds like a cheery sunny plant too!

    Teresa, Pest free is super good! And Thanks!

    Sarah, So glad to hear the sun has returned. I hear the weather has been great so you are so right to enjoy it. Blueberries-yum!

  16. I like 'Autumn Sun'. It is quite a delicate, floaty sort of flower. The list of plants I would like to have gets longer and longer!

  17. Hi Tina, Happy late Birthday. Hope it was wonderful for you. I don't have any Rudbeckias, guess I should work on that.
    If I wouldn't have lost all of my Dahlias they would be my flower of August I think. I bought about 12 new ones but only one blooming so far. More have come up so maybe there's still hope!

  18. I've never cared for Goldsturm, but that Autumn Sun is terrific. Thanks for the post.

  19. Happy Happy Joy Joy Tina! Great choice as Tiger Gardens sure are full of yellow glow and so beautiful...

    It sure is hot here in TN today. Whew, Air Conditioning only keeps one cool if they stay in it :-) Sticky, sticky ick....

    Anonymous, how does that pool feel today, I know the kiddoes must be in it splashing around...

  20. Easygardener, Blogging will definitely increase our plant wish lists-good thing or bad thing not sure but it is fun!

    Linda, What one earth happened to all your dahlias? That must be disheartening. The rudbeckias are quite reliable. You'll love them.

    CommonWeeder, It is the most awesome flowering plant in my garden right now and makes such an impact. I can't believe I've gardened without it. Glad you like it.

    Skeeter, Danke schon! Nice and sunny for sure and oh my-a bit hot too. But hey, let's enjoy it while it's here as soon we'll be in winter.

  21. The first shot is beautiful. My plant of the month would have to be lantana. I hope you have had a great birthday.

  22. Yes, rudbeckia is the obvious choice for August. Like you, I am enamoured of yellow flowers of all kinds. They are like adding sunshine to your life! I may have to keep my eyes peeled for the Autumn Sun version. Do you have the double Maya like I do? It's fabulous.

  23. I really like those flowers. I need to see about growing some here.
    For August my Lantana & cannas are about the only ones blooming.
    So hot & humid here things are at a stand-still.
    Skeeter, Anonymous, Dawn, Jean & Nina I hope you all had a wonderful day.
    Happy B-day to you Tina. Not another yr. older just another yr. wiser.

  24. Add me to your list of birthday well wishers too Tina. Sorry about the leak tho...

    Rudbeckias are a great choice for August. I think my plant-of-the-month would have to be Joe Pye ~ it dominates my garden this whole month.

  25. I love Rudbeckia too. 'Autumn Sun' looks beautiful.

  26. Les, Lantana is a great plant! I'm enjoying it for sure. Another birthday to enjoy. Not so much. It simply means I am another year older:( Too many years now.

    MsRobin, I don't have Maya. I thought when you mentioned it that I did but it is a different double. I'm posting it on bloom day and hope someone can identify it. Maya is beautiful though!

    Leedra, Glad you like it!

    Lola, Okay I'll try to remember that new year as being wiser instead of older. It is hard though! The bones feel it after a long day but such is life. Thanks!

    Kathleen, Big leak indeed. I am slowly getting over it but only very slowly. Joe Pye is fabulous! You must post some pictures of it for us all to see. I know your butterflies are happy too.

  27. SweetBay, Rudbeckia rocks this month for sure!

  28. Lovely, lovely look for the garden! I love sunshiny yellows too. They really brighten up a garden, dont they?
    Perfect choice, Tina.

  29. Autumn Sun looks beautiful. It's purer yellow makes it stand out from the more gold versions of rudbeckia.